Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Republicans Want to Sell Our Ports to Terrorists...Why do they hate us?

How about this battlecry for an asleep at the wheel Democratic Party lacking any slogans at all right now? Or for all of us. Not even Chester, Festus, Doc, Marshall Dillon AND Miss Kitty (hey, she was tough and would make a great president today - note the slight resemblance to Hillary) from Gunsmoke could save us now. The Wild West of yor looks like a walk through the Magic Kingdom compared to what we have to look forward to. Why, Dodge was a good place to live. Law and Order. Drama and romance. Healthcare available to everyone. If only we could go back in a time machine, but then, we would have to give up our computers (how could I let it all hang out?) and probably our telephone service (scary thing). Tough choices.

Anyway, the trouble is, Democrats are doing that whole Republican thing, too.* The wholesale OUTSOURCING of anything (our jobs, healthcare, safety) from ANYONE in our country (politicians of any stripe, corporate welfare mongers and the like) to any of our globalized neighbors means money in someone else's pockets but our own. Every man, woman and child for themselves. Isn't that the Republican way? The Democratic "party" is over. Look at the Hurricane Katrina tragedy and who gives a &^%$? We have been picked dry of our abilities to produce our own goods, create our own jobs (and keep them) and protect ourselves from environmental and political harm -- all in the name of the prophet. profit.

REAL SECURITY- As Rob Cottrell describes, The Republicans want to secure our country by actively promoting democracy in the world, at the point of a sword if necessary.- The Democrats want to secure our country by better patrolling our borders, stopping illegal immigration, and strengthening international ties.

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