Monday, January 29, 2007

Hillary In the Nude

"Change Your Message, Or Your Campaign Is A Bust"

Hey Hillary,
Do you really want your old bedroom back?

Say "TATA" to TATA and Hello to America!

Memo to your handlers: Get those soundbites to include the reversal of disastrous "free" H1B trade agreements that Bill inked during his White House ride that are responsible for putting millions of tech, medical and journalism (and more) professionals out of jobs. No Democrat, with the exception of Dennis Kucinich, is doin' it yet, Hill; not even John Edwards, who so far, has the very best curb appeal. But if you cover the economically divided middle class (Barack is only foolin') you might have your french toast again served to you in the buff, just like the good old days lolling about the Big House.

Kicking the middle class to the curb is the sweet spot affecting so many bleeping voters this time 'round that you had better either open your eyes and/or hire a new campaign strategist, as your website alone has that horribly boring "hey everybody, it's all about me" overtone that is enough to put your peeps-a-packing. And there is not even a list of issues, but then again, the whole point of your website is to ask voter to vote for you and then, come November in 2008, if all goes well, they will...

Back to the issues. Everyone knows that Iraq is a hotbutton issue, and it is now en vougue for the Republicans to jump on the pulling out of Iraq bandwagon. But Iraq AND sound Immigration policies go hand in hand. Now, we both know that neither party represents the middle class and yet, somehow, you're gonna have to scare up at least 150 M of them to land you smack dab in your old room with the view.

In both Republican and Democratic administrations, Congress has passed and sustained billions of dollars in royalty payments and subsidies to big oil companies; pushed through a corporate-written, consumer-crippling bankruptcy law; embraced the death of the estate tax; approved every free trade deal brought to a vote; and supported H1B immigration for the sake of cheap foreign labor. Where are your votes going to come from, Hill?

BTW, do you actually know the names of all those lobbyists by heart yet -- all 34,000 of them (remember back in 1968 when there were only 63 measly lobbyists in Washington?) Ahh, the Yale years, when studying law almost meant doing it with the expressed goal to go into politics to make the country a better place for its citizens...not just the well-connected trust fund C- football bullies with crooked smiles and names like "Dick" with pals like Dubya...not that the healthcare stint you tried in the early 90's wasn't ambitious, but, it's gonna take a little more elbow grease this time around for the middle class to cough up those votes, Hill, because according to the nonpartisan Center for Public Integrity, from 1998 through 2004, lobbyists spent nearly $12 billion to not only influence legislation, but in many cases to write the language of the laws and regulations -- in large part the tech lobby. So, are we fucked yet or do you think you can turn this outlaw of a corrupt beltway into an honest man?

As for Al Gore: I heard he packed the Taco Bell Stadium with over 10,000 Mormons in Utah last week while skiing and stomping for his movie. He's got the whole celebrity showcase thing down, no small thanks to Arianna Huffington, whose HuffPo is a major mofo force behind "all things Al Gore" which is not surprising since Al, as you know, likes the Hollywood media celebrity scene much, much more than Washington. Gore is also a major corporate whore to the high tech lobby (not that you and Bill haven't been spotted on the sycophant circuit but, then again, neither one of you invented the internet.)

So Hillary, don't underestimate the power of talking the right talk to the vast majority of upwardly mobile can cover the repubs and the dems BOTH if you play to what is really killing the middle: trading our jobs for mangos.

Just one more thing: We would have to believe you. And then, you would have to do something about it.

Or, we can all do the right thing and stay home on election day or vote for an Independent.

Say "TATA" to TATA and Hello to America!



manomano said...

The twofer, Hill and Bill, are looking better all the time.

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