Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Muslims Arrest British School Teacher in Sudan for Naming Teddy Bear Muhammad


 "Don't worry, Mrs. Gibbons. I'm coming. Between the cowering entertainment and technology elites who really run this country and the doorpost, your guess is as good as mine as to why our troops or Britain's just don't storm those bastards and airlift you out of that Sudanse slammer."
-Michigan Avenue Mel Toast

Hey, Sudanese Muslims: Were You Born an Asshole?

If this doesn’t piss you off, you’re an asshole. 

What IS it about Muslims and the long since dead prophet Muhammad that makes them want to jail and wail a devoted schoolteacher for allowing her pupils to name their class teddy bear Mohammed? You think they’d be flattered. But nooooooooo…

Mrs. Gibbons, 54, a teacher at the Unity School in Khartoum, Sudan, was arrested on Sunday on “suspicion of insulting Islam's prophet” after a complaint was made to Sudan's Ministry of Education. She was actually charged under article 125 of the Sudanese Criminal Code as there is obviously, in the Muslim religion, no separation of church and state. If Mrs. Gibbons is found guilty, she could be given 40 lashes, a fine or a six-month jail term. 

Is anyone coming to this poor woman’s rescue? Check out the only thing that the wimpy, one-eyed trouser snake wanker Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s spokesman said:

"We are surprised and disappointed by this development and the Foreign Secretary will summon as a matter of urgency the Sudanese ambassador to discuss the matter further." 

"Surprised and Disappointed??" That's ALL? Huh? Isn’t this why God created bazookas and cannons if not to rescue innocent people from batshit crazies? 

Note to Muslims: better not try to pull this shit here in the good old U S of A because we have plenty of guys packin’ heat over here with names like Gomer and Spike and JoeBob who would not be afraid to rip someone a new one for throwing a helpless schoolteacher in jail for such horseshit. Even if Dubya flips us the bird and tells us the Constitution is only a piece of paper, we still take separation of church and state seriously …civilized people do not do this shit. Get a clue or clone a civilization gene. And get a sense of humor and layoff the Danish cartoonists, dammit.

Where is Oprah or Condi or Angelina or Mia or Madonna or Al Gore any fuckingbody in the first world to storm this Sudanese jail and deploy an elite private paramilitary force of around, say, three hundred soldiers and four or five attack helicopters when you need them? And where is the voice of the Muslim mosque world (Imams) that are supposedly civilized to demand that Mrs. Gibbons go free right now? And why isn’t this story plastered all over the HuffPo? Oh, right. Political correctness doesn’t allow for standing up to a bunch of cretins. Check. 


Losing the War on Humor was spawned by yours truly after reading about the scary and unreal, actual threats and a fatwa against some Danish cartoonists in 2005.


Marty said...

Great post, my friend. These people are crazy, one-dimensional, and determined to eradicate the "infidels."

2Truthy said...

Thnx, Marty.
Oh yeah, picking off the infidels over there so the Chinese can do it over here with all that tainted food and shit. We're fucked.

And just where the hell is Don Cheadle and Clooney to weigh in on all of this? Where's all the Katrina styled pass-the-plate rallying around this goddamned country over the fate of this poor woman?