Sunday, December 2, 2007

Fred Thomspon and Jeri: Larry King Interview

Remember when Scarborough asked "Does Fred Thompson's Wife Do the Pole?"

Anyway, Fred Thompson and Jeri showed up for an interview with Larry King here and I have a couple of questions:

Does good 'ol boy Fred Thompson have ANY body tension at all? and
Who wears the pantsuit in that family?

Two guesses. But does Jeri look like she's gonna blow a gasket when Larry asks all about who's running the campaign and what Jeri's role is in it??

I mean, it's not like everybody in town doesn't know it's Jeri and how the staff is maybe all worried they're gonna get fired because she *maybe* acts like the boss of that campaign and stuff...if that wasn't bad enough, then Fred really blew it when he DIDN'T say

"Why yes, Larry, Jeri is a hot, hands on and strategic little thought leader and plays a pivotal role in blah blah blah" or something...

Noooooooooo. Instead, Fred had to tell us how Jeri is the mother of a one year old and a four year old and how could his precious little babysitter/boss of the illegal nannies and househelp possibly find time to actually use that pretty little brain of hers and all...GAWD, does Jeri look embarrassed and pissed and like she's gonna withhold the pole dancing on him forfucking ever or what?


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