Sunday, January 6, 2008

HOPEbama: Dick Cheney’s Cousin

HOPEbama: Dick Cheney’s Cousin, Barry Hussein Obama is "Hope" for DLC/Republican-lite

Populism? WHAT Populism? Barry HOPEbama is a bipartisan greedster’s corporate welfare queen dream come true.

The Rich Old White Guy (ROWG) formula captured by the “Oprah Effect” is working out just fine for Barry. The audacity of status quo supporter HOPEbama -- who had the nerve to proclaim himself an agent of “change” when he is not only the Democrat’s DLC poster boy for War on the Middle Class as usual, but also a smooth mix of Republican-lite with powdered sugar on top just took Iowa.

I will never fully understand what is so hard about the struggling “values voters” in flyover country not getting the fact that the economy is tanking courtesy of greedy corporate welfare queens and politicians. But “hope”?

Hope is for free.

I don’t want Barry’s “free” hope. Politics is about POWER, and I want Barry to give me power to be able to get health insurance, to have meaningful employment worthy of my degrees, to have a fully funded FDA to insure the safety of my food and childrens toys, a supreme court free of conservative, snoopy judges, no googly wiretapping and maybe world peace.

But after all we have been through with the Bush administration, how ANY citizen of this country could trust anybody related to Dick Cheney to take the White House proves that America is brain dead on arrival, a country – no, a CULT of entertainment/internet soaked followers who make sheep look like a bunch of bulls on a Pamplona run.

Early on in the Obama campaign, black Americans questioned whether Obama was “black enough” to win the black vote. When Stephen Colbert asked, “then why doesn’t he just run as a white guy?” who would have thought he’d do just that by channeling his inner Rich Old White Guy? So how did Obama pull off Iowa?

By being black. By being black and garnering free media publicity wherever he went, a super-size-me entertainment industry push from Oprah with a sprinkle of green media internet money coming from those with a grudge against the Clintons and presto! Obama takes the Iowa cornfields!

Democratic Iowa caucus goers proved that their number one choice for “change” and “hope” was not in fact the populist voice for Democratic voters, candidate with a conscience John Edwards, but the corporate welfare enabling candidate, Obama.

Whatsmore, is the great Orator “O” with the celebrity of that other “O” Oprah, morphing into a Republican voter siphon?

Is it possible that ROWG channeling Obama registers with republicans and independents, too
by recognizing that Bible belt voters know they have been used and pandered to by Republicans? Does the Obama campaign strategy recognize that the only way to win the Bible belt is to replace fundamentalist rhetoric with plain English words like “change” and “hope” for everyone (Democrat, Republican, Independent) to appeal to core, fundamentalist, churchy values and then win them over by preaching “change” and “hope” instead of FIGHT THE FUCKING POWER which would be not only be the true message of any authentic black candidate but also the message of the media blacked-out populist candidate John Edwards? Hmmm, wonder why that is…

And why does Arianna Huffington heart green-backed Obama instead of populist John Edwards? If pal Al Gore endorses HOPEbama for president, that would explain it. Barack Obama is winning over tech-industry supporters.

Eric Hippeau of Softbank Capital, a venture capital firm which is backing HuffPo may provide one answer for Obama’s Iowa success:

"We think the news of the future will look like the Huffington Post."

Other reasons for Obama’s Iowa success? Writers Guild hating political consultant Chris Lehane cites the “Youtube Effect” and asks:

"Will Obama be the Google of the presidential campaign and redefine the model?"

Oh, and let’s not forget the Oprah Effect. More on that later.

Clearly, the Iowa caucus goers proved that elections can be influenced or bought by entertainment industry celebrities, internet elites in the mainstream media and bloggysphere who suck up to the biggest pigs at the green money trough. Listening, anti-populist HuffPo and AlterNet?

While the economy tanks, students and middle class Republicans and Democrats are increasingly sharing the sentiment that they are tired of insulated, elitist, latte-swilling liberals hogging their CO2 footprint. So take abortion off the table, toss the lattes and just think green and we have a miracle! A whole, shiny, happy people NEW brand of Democrat -- NOT with a populist agenda at all, but with a green-backed ROWG passed off as black, there is no stopping the bipartisan corporate welfare entertainment/internet queens behind him --except of course, an uprising.

And where are the so-called investigative journalists to tell us who these beasts and chihuahuas are? Political journalists are keeping a tight grip on the swinging gates in hopes of keeping an income stream along with the occasional ride on the private jets of has been candidates. Wow.

Obama puts the “O” in orator. Period. End of story. Aside from his dazzling speaking skills, this man has no business leading the United States at a time when the middle class is rafting down the River Styxx without a paddle on its race to the bottom, courtesy Obama’s backers.

HOPE? Barry Hussein HOPEbama is the greatest ROWG HOPE the Democrats have in this War on the Middle Class.

Onward Kool-Aid Drinkers!


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