Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sappy New Hampshire Primary Results: Billary Wins and Obama BLOWS!

The Molasses State Delivers Blow to HOPEbama

Throw Out the Aunt Jemima, Y’all! Montpellier Syrup Rocks!”

Unofficial Clinton Campaign Strategist “Snakey Boy” on Hillary’s NH Victory

And a SAPPY time was had by all…Hillary won the New Hampshire primary the old fashioned way. With a little bit of elbow grease (gin and tonics) a lot of money from Rupert Murdoch (and who knows what one has to do to curry such favors) and plenty of insider support from years of backroom deals (you don’t really think payola had something to do will all this “support?), all Hillary had to do was change out of her trademark pantsuit and into a dress, sit down with a table full of girls in a NH coffee shop, put on a surprisingly convincing Lee Remick impersonation, kind of start to cry (but not really), and HOPE that the women at the table felt her pain. And guess what?

It worked!

Hillary kicked BLOWbama’s ass last night, defying pundits’ predictions and yet, despite it all, John Edwards is the only candidate of the three that is suited to confront corporate greed and be a change agent for the majority of the population.

Now that
Snakey Boy aka James Carville is sort of onboard the Clinton campaign (but denies it), will Arkansas politics deliver a steely BLOW to the HOPEbama campaign and reinforce the message of New Hampshire:

Throw Out the Aunt Jemima, Y’all! Montpellier Syrup Rocks!”


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