Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Al Gore's Secretive Preacher Past

Al Gore’s Preacher Past—
After Five Years of Secrecy,
Trans-Species Marriage
Finally Revealed

Alan Young (Wilbur Post) and Mr. Ed, pictured above in a 1967 publicity shot at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, were secretly married for over a dozen years.

Records have recently come to light that Mr. Ed and Mr. Young were joined in matrimony in the first-ever trans-species marital union in California in 1968! Adding to this already shocking news was the fact that the ceremony was performed in secret by a then little known Justice of the Peace from Carthage, Tennessee, named Al Gore, Jr.
Although Mr. Young is now elderly and disabled, and Mr. Ed has been deceased for more than two decades, Mr. Gore, former vice-president and former U.S. presidential contender turned venture capitalist and wealthy pro-Obama/pro-NAFTA/pro-outsourcing American white collar job killer/supporter has denied any involvement in the affair, citing political enemies who seek to destroy his twin campaigns of promoting the global warming hypothesis by importing as many H-1B-toting, methane-emitting Indians as he possibly can.


Citizen Carrie said...

2Truthy, don't you realize that by attacking Al Gore you're attacking the one thing that will permanently eliminate poverty in the U.S? The Green Economy?

Citizen Carrie said...

Depending on how you check the comments you won't be able to read the entire link. The last part of the link after the "2008/05/30/2036/" part is


2Truthy said...

Thanks for this link, CC. This is, of course, noble in its simplicity which is not to say that yours truly disagrees with Foster in that a green energy growth sector is a "good place to start." I have been keeping up on Van Jones and the Apollo Alliance and yet, there is no mention of wages or anything about white collar workers (suspect that those will be few and far between.)

However: Isn't it great to know that the "guys standing on street corners" will be employed while the one hundred million plus white collar demographic whose jobs have been handed to imported workers from the third world will take their place?

2Truthy said...

To the rabid groupthinker and "catty" ilk who have tanked the Democratic Party: this post is not "rumor" but "spoof". Comprende?

As IF Gore even KNEW Mr. Ed...

Get real. You make the Republicans look like a pack of Einsteins.