Monday, August 11, 2008

Why Barack Obama Will Not Win by Stephen M. Warshawsky

Flying Too Close to the Sun?

"And this man believes he is "the one we have been waiting for"?
Obama may be considered a "rock star" by his supporters, but the kind of superficial glamour and excitement that this terminology suggests is not what most voters are looking for in a president. Heartland values, not Hollywood values, still define what most voters want in a president. Most voters want a president whom they perceive as loyal, courageous, hardworking, and fair. Someone who commands the respect of others through the strength of his character and the wisdom of his actions. Someone who is prepared to fight to protect his home and country from invaders. In other words, someone who appeals to voters, on a psychological or emotional level, as the kind of person they would want for a father, husband, boss, or comrade-in-arms."

"Rock stars may be fun, but they do not fit this image. Neither does Obama. His life story, while unique and interesting, bespeaks little more than an ambitious and opportunistic young man, still wet behind the ears, with an unhealthy fascination with his own ego - and potentially unreliable when the chips are down.
The American people are not going to entrust the security and prosperity of the country to such an immature and unproven man. "

-Steven M. Warshawsky-

If only Democratic supporters could realize that the Democratic Party does NOT represent the interests of the American people any more than the GOP. Poor Barack is left with little more than the hopes and dreams of millions of people projected onto him during this unprecedented downturn in the economy, and still, he remains faithful only to the corporate overlords who ply him with all the stock options he and his family can blow through for more lifetimes than the average cat.

All this messiah stuff was good again, for whom?

Who cares. Certainly, not the asleep at the wheel Dem supporters. Or Obama. Read more about what author
Steven M. Warshawsky has to say on why Obama will not win the election here.


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