Wednesday, September 17, 2008

FDA Blocks Imports of Generic Drugs from India

With Wall Street’s hot economic meltdown clouding up the financial landscape like a five alarm fire at a bacon filled smokehouse, you’d think this election cycle would be the perfect time for the Democrats to open up a dialogue about what this sorry ass of a country can start making around here again. How about drugs?

The FDA announced today that the U.S. government is blocking imports of thirty drugs by an Indian drug manufacturer at two of its sites for “failure to correct significant problems” that could pose potential health threats to American residents.

India’s “giant” drug manufacturer Ranxbary Laboratories has failed to correct “significant manufacturing problems that could lead to allergic reactions or other problems.” No mention was made of which specific drugs were being blocked or what kind of “other problems” loom at large. The FDA is, however, allowing India’s Ranxbary Laboratories to “continue selling medicines made at any of its other factories.”

Of particular note is that upon doing a Google search for the "giant" “Ranxbary Laboratories” to learn more about its facilities and other factory locations, no website exists for them and only a total of three vague links to their name displayed with references to other Ranxbary drug recalls, such as Fentanyl drug patches.

Good for the FDA for taking these measures. Although this article doesn't tell us much, it does pose a few boring questions such as: How many more drug manufacturers are in a similar position? And why are so many American pharmaceutical companies laying off people here? What happens to them? Maybe it's time for a beefed up FDA payroll budget and they can pick them up. At the very least, it would be as a good place to start.



Citizen Carrie said...

Insurance companies should allow people to pay generic prices for name brand drugs if the only generic available is made in a different country.

perry said...

What do you mean?

2Truthy said...

Yep, people paying generic prices for big pharma's overpriced brand name drugs would be a good place to start.

American pharmaceutical companies should focus more on their own R&D and make this stuff "generically" over here. In addition to trimming the fat off of their legendary golden parachutes and other bonus/stock/company perks, they could cut all those gross tv print ads and skyrocketing international shipping charges and just have doctors keep prescribing the medicines as they are already doing.

A mad dash to cut costs and increase profits for a few executives is the reason behind the tainted generic drugs, just like the melamine tainted dog food and children's milk by Chinese manufacturers.

whippersnapper said...