Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustav turns Big Easy into Empty GOP Convention: An Act of Allah

Breaking Gale Force News

St.Paul, Minn. - Tearing a page out of their own playbook, The Grand Old Party is declaring Hurricane Gustav an Act of Allah.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Hell hath no fury.

Retaliation plans involve moving the delegates via an elite fleet of Gulfstream G650 private jets to the evil caves of Afghanistan where they shall feign a relentless search for the darkest force in the universe, OSB, who has been dead for years.

Cindy will join her other-half from Georgia, supplying the Stolichnaya Gold. Former criminal Martha Stewart is rumored to be on hand to serve up a delightful, custom spread from her time honored “Don’t mess with this Shackled Bitch” menu consisting of tofu-ham appetizers, an assortment of Turkish kebob entrees, mouthwatering desserts from four continents and delicious insider stock tips.



thetownliar said...
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thetownliar said...

Well done. Leave it to a water twister with a Tyrolean name to save their asses. For maybe a day.

2Truthy said...

It looks like New Orleans dodged a bullet and so did the GOP with Bush skipping the big bash.

Anonymous said...

Twister, thy name is "Bristol."