Friday, September 5, 2008

Hillary to take on Palin?

Hillary and Bullwinkle to take on Sarah Palin
-Special thanks to Portugal. The Man-

Breaking News

Rumors are buzzing that Hillary has been dispatched by Obama to take on Sarah Palin.

No sooner does Hillary gracefully exit stage right when, according to unconfirmed sources, she gets a 3:00 am phone call from Axelrod requesting her services on behalf of the Obama campaign to counter GOP veep candidate Sarah Palin, the gun toting, moose shooting, holy rolling, polar bear hating, mooseburger chomping, anti-choice rookie Alaskan governor who spent 15 million on a new sports center in the valley, leaving the small town of Wasilla, Alaska $22 million in debt . (That’s 22 million more than the debt she took on when taking on this lovely playtime as mayor.) 15 million just for a new sports center. A sports center! In the middle of the pristine Alaskan wilderness! Don’t these hippie Alaskans get enough cardio dogsled mushing and seal clubbing?

Although there is no confirmation back yet from Hillary’s peeps, Bullwinkle has signed on board to do whatever he can to “keep that Alaskan gunslinger from ever being near any nuclear triggers."



Citizen Carrie said...

Bullwinkle was actually running for president in the early 1960's, but bowed out of the race when JFK was shot. Bullwinkle's creators wisely decided it was time to wrap up the joke.

Could you imagine what Jay Ward, June Foray et al could have done with this election as inspiration?

2Truthy said...

I do remember when Bullwinkle was running! I wanted Bugs Bunny...

But hey, Ward and Foray would make mooseburgers out of Sarah Palin, completely eliminating the need for Axelrod and Plouffe.