Monday, September 22, 2008

How Oldsmar Got Global Influence

Photo credits St. Petersburg Times

How Oldsmar got Global Influence

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In addition to Florida’s jobless rate climbing to its highest since 1955, a little town in Florida called Oldsmar wooed a company, Nielsen, which is firing its local employees and replacing them with cheap, imported workers from India. The only thing worse than the fact this is legal is the free pass the Democrats, like the Republicans, are giving lawmakers to ensure that the U.S. continues its sociopathic race to the bottom.

There are so many things inhumane and wrong about “globalization” and job outsourcing which are detrimental to the health and well-being of our society that it is a wonder why Americans haven’t risen up to unite against the Neo-Frat Boy corporate welfare greedsters and their media whores who perpetuate this whole Great Labor Shortage Myth. Why is the Department of Homeland Security now in charge of eliminating white collar jobs for Americans?

Have you ever wondered why and how cities and corporations legally get away with kicking American citizens out of the workforce and why so-called progressives are down with that?
This article in Sunday's St. Petersburg Times describes how the Ratings company, Nielsen, the largest employer in Oldsmar, Florida, is a prime example of how the ruse of a Great Labor Shortage Lie is ruining the quality of products and services along with the lives of Americans. In addition, this great labor shortage lie is responsible for displacing and disaffecting the lives of the foreign workers whom corporations import to the United States to take jobs from American white collar workers. The St. Petersburg Times article above is an absolute, must read.

In 2003, the city of Oldsmar contributed to the tax incentives package that was supposed to encourage Nielsen to create jobs at its new location, but here’s the kicker: no one ever said the jobs had to go to Americans. So what are these Americans who invested heavily in their college educations supposed to do for jobs?

“Nielsen Web developer Duff Campbell, 34, of northwest Hillsborough County, came to work and was laid off by his boss, who was crying. Within days, Nielsen signed an agreement with Tata Consultancy Services, a huge Indian information technology firm. The deal was blinking-neon big: 10 years, $1.2-billion. And a few months after that?"

Oldsmar council member Janice Miller explains:

"If you're going to have a factory in India, employ Indians. If you're going to have a factory in America, employ Americans; if you're going to have a factory in France, employ French.
"When in Rome, you know?"

Does Neilsen’s well paid CEO, Mitchell Habib, care at all about the lives of American citizens or what happens to them?  Habib said: "It shouldn't matter where you work. You shouldn't care about where they come from or where they are."

As the writer of this article counters, “except people do care.”

Well, Mr. Habib, when in Rome, you know?



prezdumas said...

This Nielson outsourcing is listed as 12BILLION dollars over 10 years! That's 120 million per year. Perhaps that's inflated by Habib to make himself look important. However, at $50,000 per employee (a guess), that's 2400 jobs. That's more thatn the total of all the jobs that Nielson "brought" to this small town!

prezdumas said...

OOPS! I am wrong by a power of 10. It's 24,000 jobs at $50,000/year or 48,000 jobs at $25,000/year!!!!!!

2Truthy said...

Thanks prez for doin' the math:)!
Note how verrrrry little was mentioned about that Tata deal. How can this be legal?

Now, if every department of commerce in America had a special friend at TATA to negotiate legalized CHEAP labor to kick our citizens to curb from India and China, just imagine what our homeless population will look like over the next 2-5 years!