Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Playboy to Sack 55 Jobs

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Chicago, IL
Playboy Enterprises Inc. disclosed Wednesday that upcoming cost-cutting measures over the bottom line will include eliminating 55 jobs at the Chicago publishing and entertainment establishment, famous for its promiscuous old men in velvet smoking jackets chasing around pneumatic blondes inside the gates of an imposing Beverly Hills Gothic Tudor.

Chairman and Chief Executive Christie Hefner cautiously explained during good times, there is a humping economy where everybody comes out on top, but that now

"Unfortunately, the changes will also mean the elimination of about 80 positions in the company, 25 of which are currently unfilled."

LWOH hasn't scooped which 80 positions will be eliminated, nor did we ask.


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BF said...

During this down economy, Playboy brings new meaning to being laid off.