Wednesday, December 10, 2008

FBI Investigates Norm Coleman Connection to Money Scandal

-Laurie and MN GOP Seated Senator-in-Contest Norm Coleman-
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Minneapolis - We all know that Chicago is the Corruption Capital of the Country, bar none, but now it appears Minneapolis wants a piece of that, too! And these guys always consider their wives, just in time for the Holidays.

The Twin-Cities/Pioneer Press reports that MN GOP State Senator Norm Coleman, is under federal investigation for ties to a money scandal involving at least one "ally." Norm also happens to be that guy who could be allegedly trying to swipe MN Senate Seat votes from our Al Franken (who should be the REAL Senator but has been forced into a hotly contested recount where Politico reported that Franken held a 4 point lead on December 5th and the Minneapolis-Star Tribune), also reported that 133 ballots were missing:

"Federal investigators are looking into allegations that a longtime friend and benefactor tried to steer money to U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman. Houston is where the first of two lawsuits was filed alleging Nasser Kazeminy, a Bloomington financier, tried to steer $100,000 to Coleman via his wife's Minneapolis employer. The second suit, filed in Delaware, alleges Kazeminy initially tried to get money directly to the senator.”


2Truthy said...


In Minnesota, pay-to-play is decidedly "Blo & Go".

Politicians wives it seems are the new gre$n -- black, depending on the color of the jumpsuit.

In late October, 2008, Coleman was listed as a beneficiary of activity in a lawsuit filed in Texas by Paul McKim, CEO of Deep Marine Technologies (DMT) against Nasser Kazeminy. Kazeminy is a longtime supporter of Coleman's husband Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) and owner of a controlling share of DMT. [2]. The petition alleges that Kazeminy used DMT to funnel $75,000 or more to Laurie Coleman through her employer, Hays Companies, in order to enrich Senator Coleman. Exhibits filed with the petition show what appear to be multiple Hays invoices for services to DMT in amounts of $25,000 each. McKim states that Kazeminy threatened to fire McKim if he did not go along with the scheme. Neither Coleman nor her husband are named as defendants in the suit.[3]

On Friday, October 31, a related suit was filed in Delaware Chancery Court by minority shareholders in DMT. The Delaware suit also alleges that DMT was used as a conduit for unearned funds to Laurie Coleman through Hays Companies, at the behest of Kazeminy. As in the Texas case, the Colemans are not named as defendants. [4]

Laurie Coleman did not immediately speak publicly about the the allegations. She did appear in a campaign ad in which her husband denied the allegations and blamed them on his opponent in the 2008 senate race, Democrat Al Franken.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Uh, er, I'm running out of file space. Y'all suppose we could just start highlighting the politicos who haven't been involved in crooked shenanigans?

Citizen Carrie said...

Good for McKim and the minority shareholders for filing the lawsuits. I can't help but wonder what kind of controls are set in place at DMT that would have allowed those payments to be made in the first place.

Peter, that is so true. One can't help but think that you can't even be nominated by your Party at the lowest levels without being involved in some sort of corruption.

2Truthy said...

PoLT, SO true!

CC, I guess that's why we have a separation of Church & State -- all the 'Sunday school teachers' are persona non gratis when it comes to holding public office, hey?

This Coleman thing is strange. What does the Hays Company do? Why funnel through Laurie's company? What's the connection there? At least the former ballerina turned First Lady of MN has a knack for inventing blowdryers, which is more than we can say for most:)