Friday, December 5, 2008

Free Ted Kaczinski

A Mel Toast Bunker Exclusive

FLORENCE – (Reuters) Supporters of Ted Kaczynski lined up outside the Super Max prison facility in Florence, Colorado to demand the immediate release of the man whose bombs killed three and injured dozens of others and known for almost 20 years as the Unabomber. “He’s a real smart guy” pleaded Phil Gorman, who drove the 180 miles to Florence in his late model Ford pick-up. “Hell, they’re always lettin’ the dumb guys off. Hurricane Carter. Mumia-Abu Jamal. OJ. Smart guys shouldn’t be in prison. They should be president.” Placards carried by the demonstrators included messages such as “End Techno Terrorism”, “Techno Equals Porno” and “Surrogate activities bore me.” Vendors set up displays nearby hawking one-eighth scale “Angry Loser” Montana cabin souvenirs and 14K gold pipe bomb pendants. As long as the demonstration remained peaceful, authorities said that they had no plans to intervene.


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