Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tom Friedman: Former Billionaire Meets Slumdog Millionaire

Oscar Night! Slumdog Millionaire Meets Former Billionaire

U.S. workers are a bunch of “losers” who leave Tom Friedman with

“the sick feeling that we are subsidizing the losers and for only one reason: because they claim that their funerals would cost more than keeping them on life support. Sorry, friends, but this is not the American way. Bailing out the losers is not how we got rich as a country, and it is not how we'll get out of this crisis.”

Oh really, Tom? Who is the “we” in the aforementioned sentence above of which you speak? The NY Times article Why bailout dinosaurs when innovators are looking for capital? explains why “journalists” with a stake and options in techno-elite start-ups like Fisker Automotive are falling down all over each other to deliver the head of Boba Fett to the corporate overlords who profit handsomely from this war on America’s middle class.

“Mouthpieces for “The Cause.” With a new wave of Kool-Aid drinking journos and bloggers vying for Tom’s and Cokie and Steve Roberts’ place in line next to the tech lobby sponsored, One World award journalism at the trough, I head off for a Red Carpet Oscar Ceremony Gala in SF where we shall revel in the pre-determined Oscar winner, Slumdog Millionaire as we weep for Milk.

Happy Oscar Watching, Loserettes!



Citizen Carrie said...

Next we'll be hearing that the U.S. wouldn't be producing Oscar-worthy films if it wasn't for the Indians.

2Truthy said...

Since Americans just suck, at like everything, that's why Hollwood got outsourced to Bollywood.