Friday, July 24, 2009

India Widens Climate Rift with West, Hillary Clinton & Bill Gates Widen Best Sides

-A Mel Toast “Whose Your Favorite Whore to India” Exclusive-

East is East
by Jamshid Waggajacka

(copied from the Hindi-slam poet, Dipti Chit)

We pollute, as we suck our cheroot.
Only a dodo, would say yes to Kyoto.

So give us more H1B
And polyunsaturated ghee

And we will show you American bastards who’s boss!

As we steal from thee.

There Ain't No Glaciers On Me, India (Rooters) -- The Financial Times reports that Indian environment minister, Jairam Ramesh, accused the developed world of needlessly raising alarm over melting Himalayan glaciers as the country's “best and brightest” make young naked Indian girls parade around fields with ploughs “pray for rain.” The article noted that this is India's “most trusted social custom” and that they “vow to continue this practice” until they get more rain. He dismissed scientists’ predictions that Himalayan glaciers “might disappear within 40 years as a result of global warming” and insisted that “science has its limitations.”

As India widens the climate rift with the West, this nation's biggest brothel buggars to the India/tech cheap labor lobby, Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates, visited India and graciously widened their cheeky best sides in their uncontrollable, unstoppable lust to sell out American jobs in return for other kinds of jobs and favor$.

Just in time, too, for next month's U.S. jobs sellout fest when the India lobby goes-a-begging to Washington to open up the flood gates for MORE cheap labor from India and kick MORE American workers to the curb.

Thank the Seven Wonders that we actually have a president who is anti-discrimination to ever, ever allow these two treasonous 'Americans' to harm our working citizenry and economy in exchange for personal wealth and favors.


Melvin Toast


Tunnel Rat said...

Get rid of all the H-1B slumdogs and we will see 2 million+ jobs. Check out the data at and

Support the Durbin/Grassley Bill S.887, which will end the H-1B/L-1 scams as we know them.

2Truthy said...

TR, thanks for the links.

I am hopeful that the bill passes, as it would be a good place to start to end this scam. As you know, importing cheap labor has been disastrous for our our technology, healthcare and financial professionals as well as to our economy. This has been responsible for the overall decline in corporate labor standards including product and service quality. But it also has bad for many of India's workers who arrive here only to find they do not have the jobs or wages that hustling visa immigration sponsors and body shops sold them. All of this needs to stop.