Sunday, July 26, 2009

Obama Police Brutality: KEGGERGATE

The Steps of America's "Best and Brightest" Harvard University

-Harvard Victim of KeggerGate, Professor Henry Louis Gates-


Obama Invites Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley to White House for a Beer

Staggering News

WASHINGTON (Coors Light) - Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Congress were up late last night debating whether the president made a huge mistake by inviting Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, and police officer Sgt. James Crowley over to the White House “for a beer” after saying that the Cambridge police “acted stupidly”. (Stereotype alert: Since Sgt. Crowley is a white, blue collar dude, the president wisely made sure not to invite him over for a glass of Cristal.)

Losing the war on racial controversy is underway as “Skip” Gates and Officer Sgt. Crowley should be headed to the White House soon for a beer and plenty of humor with the president in an attempt to defuse tensions. The racially charged arrest incident in the words of David Axelrod, “developed a life of its own” after Obama “stupidly” commented about Sgt. Crowley being called to the Harvard professor's home to check out a suspected burglary. Professor Gates was later hauled off to the police station for allegedly getting really pissed off about being suspected of breaking into his own home, and loudly accused the officers at the scene of “racial profiling.”

(Note to Professor Gates: making unflattering comments about a police officer's mother is usually not a good way to avoid arrest.)

One high-ranking, former Senator under conditions of anonymity explained how Obama's invitation to Gates and Crowley was a stupid mistake and offered his recommendations here:

As if having a beer is going to defuse the situation, for crying out loud. Professor Gates probably doesn't even DRINK beer and Sgt. Crowley is going to be the ONLY white guy there - one without an apology. I'll tell you something else - by the third beer, that son of a bitch will be busting up furniture if the president doesn't say the "A" word. Besides, everybody knows that the president's preferred buzz mode is a mirror full of Bolivian Marching Powder and some rolled up herb growing out there in Michelle's “organic” garden.”

On a more outrageously speculative note, Joe Biden's daughter Ashely, might even be tapped to supply the party powder as Obama could have staffers prepare invitations to the entire Congress, the Cambridge Police force, the press corp., Bono and Sgt. Crowley's mother over for a “kegger” and an all-out out evening of drugs and hugs to “knock this thing out” for at least "24/7 straight.“

Meanwhile, Cambridge cops are demanding an apology from President Obama over the arrest and release of Harvard Prof. Henry Louis Gates. President Obama, however, has yet to apologize to Sgt. Crowley for saying he stupidly arrested Gates for his irrational behavior towards the Cambridge Police. When asked about his refusal to apologize to Sgt. Crowley, the president had this to say about the Gates/Crowley incident:

This still haunts us”, said Obama, who enthusiastically maintains that the arrest was about racial profiling in America and not about class. “Insulting white, blue collar officers' mamas has got to be a teachable moment for us all!”

Representatives for the Cambridge Police Dept. insist that Gates was not arrested for breaking into his own home, but for his disorderly conduct and belligerent behavior in response to their follow-up to investigate an alleged “break-in” which they ruled out.

This incident isn't about being black or white. It is about being American in this country whose corporate and political elites are waging war on America's MULTI-RACIAL middle class and about a WELL CONNECTED, HARVARD ELITE PROFESSOR and a POTUS who both know it. The black Professor Gates had no more right to “overreact” by insensitively and aggressively invoking Crowley's mother than some old white guy down his street would under the same set of circumstances. 

America's middle class has become globalization's loser. One would expect more from Harvard's privileged “best and brightest”, and alums Gates and Obama are guilty of playing the race bait card by stoking this incident's flames with racial profiling. But as Chris Hedges has written, the best and brightest have led America off a cliff. Is Obama's refusal to apologize to Crowley and the Cambridge Police Dept. an assertion of his belief that black people get to play by a different set of rules than white people when confronted by police officers? I call “elitism” and for Obama and Gates to get over themselves.

We don't need the POTUS to fan flames of racial tensions amongst our country's diverse population when American citizens of all parties, creed and color need to unite more than ever against these elitist thugs and their corporate and political enablers in high places. (h/t Matt Taibbi.)

The whole incident is unfortunate for both Gates and Crowley, yet all Obama seems to want to do is identify with and bleed for the elitist, black Professor Gates while he extends a hops-soaked olive branch to good 'ol white cop Crowley?

Only when Obama apologizes to Crowley for saying he “stupidly” arrested his friend under the auspices of “racial profiling” will there begin the missing dialogue in this war on America's multi-racial middle class. 

This is the least any honest and smart, democracy upholding POTUS with decency could do.



prezdumas said...

It seems like racism (or at least elitism) for Obama to invite the Boston cop to the White House for a beer.

A BEER? How about a summit on minority entitlements? Or Harvard affirmative action admissions? Like Obama AND Gates?

Sounds like Harvard "educated" blacks stereotype white cops from the Boston area:

"These stupid, uneducated lugs will do anything for a beer. They're big drinkers. They'll even get on a plane and travel for several hours for a beer. Even if they have to hang with snooty, condescending blacks, like us! Hell, we're sacrificing: we can't handle drinking anything that cost less than $100/bottle!"

Melvin Toast said...

I LOVE it! A kegger with congress! Great job 2True!

2Truthy said...

Prez and Mel,

Now Gibbs is saying that the cop is the one who 'suggested' having a beer at the WH. It could happen:

Barry calls up the cop and says "hey, what should we do about this pr thing?" and cop says "dunno, how about a beer?" and Barry is all over that.

So this means that the cop extended the hop-soaked olive branch instead of vice-versa.

Anonymous said...

I thought Colin Powell, who knows Professor Gates well, summed it up best:

Obama goofed by getting involved and for only criticizing ONE side (the police); Gates goofed by going postal; Crowely goofed by taking the bait to arrest him for disorderly conduct.

The WHOLE INCIDENT WAS STUPID. (I'm a little surprised that the officer went to Washington without an apology, although Obama did say he "regretted" his choice of words so I suppose that counts for something.)

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