Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Obama Tells American Workers to Go to Hell

-Fascism You Can Use-

Why Obama Wants to Outsource American White Collar Job$

For Immediate Release

Obama's Goldman Sachs “Advisors”, the NYSE, Softbank and Cisco Heart India and Hate (Non-Elitist) Americans

Warren, MI – This week Obama told the citizens of the greater Detroit region to basically get over themselves as he and his Goldman Sachs pals, Softbank VCs, and Cisco Systems and the NYSE have cooked up a scheme to funnel American jobs to Indian workers and line billions of dollars into their insider pockets and political enablers.

How insulting and degrading and fascism wielding is this? King Obama graced the residents of Warren, MI this week to announce his flagrant disregard for American workers, and the Mayor of Warren, Jim Fouts, wasn't even invited as he couldn't pass a so-called security check! Hello, America?

Fouts has been justifiably critical of the Obama administration and feels the president “isn’t doing enough to keep auto manufacturing jobs in the U.S.” And how could Fouts possibly agree with Obama's disingenuous and cynical “goals speech” for training American workers, many who already hold undergraduate and graduate degrees from this nation's finest universities:

"Job retraining is kind of a joke if you're going to retrain people for jobs that no longer exist. If you're going to retrain jobs for people in Michigan related to the auto industry, those jobs have already been hijacked by the fact the federal government has allowed them to move to China or Mexico," Fouts said to WWJ Newsradio."

Oh! Job retraining will be the "change we can use!"

The Obama administration hearts Indian workers so much more than American citizens enough to tell American workers to go to hell. This week, he broke the wonderful news to the people of Michigan, a state with an unemployment rate of 15% and rapidly climbing. Obama deceptively suggested that they all go to (hell) school – to community college – when local community colleges, which are not calibrated to absorb the massive numbers of corporate sponsored visa holders are already overcrowded, forcing citizens to be wait listed due to U.S. corporations like Microsoft importing contractors from India and their families, courtesy Joe Taxpayer. Corporate America is hell-bent on ditching Americans and importing the caste system over here:

A little-noticed measure passed by the Legislature and signed into law by the governor will extend in-state tuition rates at Washington state colleges and universities to foreign professionals at companies such as Microsoft and Amazon, as well as to their children and spouses.

Under House Bill 1487, which takes effect July 1, the foreign workers would qualify for the same tuition rate as state residents if they have been in the state at least a year on certain kinds of temporary work visas, such as the H-1B.”

Softbank btw, is the Sugar Daddy to the so-called “progressive” blog the Huffington Post, which coincidentally never, ever mentions the real reason behind disappearing American white collar jobs. Why is this? By now, Kool-Aid addled readers should already know that if it were not for greedy corporate America's steamy lust for cheap Indian outsourced/insourced labor and rigging the NYSE to get it, our Economy would not be in the shitter today and white collar Americans would be working and not heaped on the Slagheap of History. (h/t David Sirota.)

The Cash Cow of Indian Outsourcing is what's preventing white collar, middle class Americans from contributing to the prosperity and growth of this economy. And don't count on reading about it from Arianna's Kool-Aid dispensery at HuffPo, as this new HuffPo Managing Editor selection would suggest a personal stake it keeping this global elitist, cash cow secret hush-hush...

In 2007 a “consortium” including Softbank, the NYSE, Goldman Sachs (remember Obama's GS Economic Advisory team pals, Geithner & Co. not to mention Paulson and Kashkari, etc.?) and Cisco Systems, a tech company that has not only replaced the bulk of its former American workers with cheap labor from India but is now “offering” its employees to dig their own graves ala Hitler style or move to exotic India, it is no wonder that the HuffPo is primed to be the exclusive One World Propaganda Arm by and for greedy corporate elites:

NYSE-led Consortium Buys 20% of India's NSE
The New York Stock Exchange, Goldman Sachs, General Atlantic and the Softbank Asia Infrastructure Fund each bought a 5% stake in the National Stock Exchange of India. The 20% stake was sold by several Indian bank and insurance companies that backed the formation of the NSE. The 5% is the most that any single foreign investor is permitted to own in the exchange, according to rules set by the Securities and Exchange Board of India. The NYSE said in a statement that the deal would allow it to participate in the NSE’s growth and encourage Indian companies to list their shares on the NYSE. The NSE ranks among the largest equity derivatives markets in Asia and one of the fastest growing derivatives exchanges in the world. Goldman Sachs already owns 7% of the National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange, one of India's largest commodity futures exchanges. General Atlantic, a venture capital firm, is one of the top five investors in the NYSE and bought 10% of the New York Mercantile Exchange in 2006. The Softbank fund is a joint venture between Softbank, a Japanese investment company focused on technology ventures, and Cisco Systems, the Internet networking equipment company. The fund invests in technology, media and telecommunications companies operating in the Asia-Pacific region.”

Now, I don't know anyone in the greater Detroit region (other than my old pal CC) but Obama's terrifying and shameless speech to Michigan about ditching the U.S. worker neglected to mention how he and his GS, Softbank, Cisco and NYSE insider pals and pols fabulously profit by kicking American workers to the curb and this has to make any non-sociopath in the U.S. feel for their neighbors and local economies. Where is the community indignant outrage?

If Obama's shameless edict against the American worker isn't a wake up call for Michigan residents (whose "official" unemployment rate is at 15% and climbing rapidly towards 50%) and all U.S. citizens, what is?

In an economic depression such as this one, now is the perfect time for Obama to seize the moment and tell the India lobby where to shove it. Either Obama is a fabulous person yet a hopeless, clueless tool of a politician, or he is a diabolical figure on the national stage of the burgeoning U.S. fascism that's shrouded in happy talk that hates the non-portfolio class American.

Which one is it?

This country has had it's fill of divide and conquer under the banner of failed “globalization” that has capsized all boats except for a few sociopaths.

Even the Pope says globalization is not working out for anyone but the likes of Obama & Co. and it has to stop. So what does Obama do? He goes to Detroit anyway and tells Americans to EAT GASKETS.

This war on America's white collar middle class is not one of race, ethnicity or creed or gender, but of class.

It's time for the Kool-Aid addled, PC Dems to wake up and wean off the dope blogs and quit supporting the One Big Money Party.

Obama promised “change” for Americans – so far, it's looking like change of the elitist, sociopathic 'haha' persuasion. “Change” to Obama = 'Go from thriving to dying, American white collar middle class! Me and my tech/beltway lobby homies got slaves from India, suckas.'

Still down with that?



Marion T. said...

It isn't just the auto industry where this is happening. Where is the responsible leadership from our government? Telling US college graduates to go back to school after they've already invested in their educations and careers is unacceptable. Where is the support of our president when corporations and other institutions like healthcare refuse to invest in training programs for the people they layoff and/or downsize pay/benefits because they complain those workers are "unqualified"?

Where is our government leadership to dispel the BIG LIE that there are nursing shortages?

2Truthy said...

I think the quote about retraining educated workers from Mayor Fouts sums it up best.

Your nurses link spells out the problem of the "big lie" regarding American worker shortages. From everything I've studied across U.S. industries ranging from blue to white collar, there's a personal money spigot in our corporate and MSM sponsored Congress tapping into imported third world, cheap labor. To say they "hate" U.S. workers is tangential to their short sighted, personal profiteering. One would, however, hope that if not for the sake of our citizens, that Obama would at the very least want to preserve his presidential legacy by not going with that flow.

QUINCY said...

I miss citizen carrie.

Duha Cutter said...

How come the US keeps giving foreign "AID" to countries when middle class Americans need aid from corporate whores in the form of jobs and health care benefits? What is up with that people?