Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Will Unemployment Sink the Obama Agenda?

Freedom's just a stupid superstition.”

(Special thanks to Jim White)

Obama has got to get serious about this.”

-John Nichols

Is Unemployment Sinking the Obama Agenda?

The Nation's Washington, D.C. Correspondent, John Nichols, explains in this video how the rapidly rising rates of unemployment could “imperil” The Obama Presidency (h/t Rob Sanchez at JobDestruction News). So here's the solution: Instead of Obama telling American workers to go to hell, he needs to halt the practice of exporting U.S. jobs and importing cheap foreign labor.

Nichols looks at the political risks of joblessness, and discusses the need for a second stimulus, stating that it would need to be spent on jobs creation. The trillion dollar bailout question is this: Would those jobs, if created - go to U.S. workers or to imported workers from India, which is the cause of U.S. citizens' skyrocketing unemployment? There is no better time than NOW for Barry to tell the Tech/Indian lobby and its evil twin, Wall Street, where to shove it.

Obama could put the kibosh on rising unemployment if he told the cheap labor lobby to take a hike. Will he? If not for the people of America who elected him into office, does he at least care enough about his own legacy to do the right thing and stop importing foreign workers during a time when every unemployed American needs those jobs? American unemployment continues to rise as U.S. corporations continue to hand over jobs to imported, cheap labor from India and ship manufacturing jobs to China. Meanwhile, our elected officials and their cabinet appointments are NOT REPRESENTING THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY but instead corporate elites here and abroad. If Obama has a hard time quitting smoking, imagine the great difficulty such a smart decision like quitting his frat-boy corporate towel snappers who serve as his advisor$. Indeed, here lies the rub...

Witness Hillary Clinton's recent visit to India as she hinted at all kinds of stealth “unofficial” backroom deals with them to sell off what's left of American white collar jobs to India under the banner of “trade agreements.” Now, it couldn't possibly be Hillary's intention to help Obama's legacy go down in history as the lousiest U.S. president who put foreign workers first and told American citizens go to hell, could it? (Nah...the Kool-Aid media and bloggy wannabes have conditioned all good liberals and mealy mouthed patriots that American citizens are nothing but hillbillies and have no rights to jobs and healthcare.) Without jobs to pay for the pro-insurance industry healthcare "reform", the two-headed elitist, HilBama, could get a twofer – wipe out the health of America's whiny, needy middle class and plump up their wallets by pimping out our jobs for fun and insider profit! Way to go, Democrats!

Let's help Obama go down in the history books as the best president in history evah and DEMAND our jobs back and Single Payer!


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Anonymous said...

So, what exactly is the Obama "agenda"? I don't trust anything from the Nation.

The real Obama agenda is to relieve US American professionals in the middle class from their fucking jobs. The Obama administration's supposed plan to reduce unemployment would not involve throwing out millions of all these guest workers who took jobs from Americans. The only way he can get rid of these middle class Americans from the workforce is to "make available" shit jobs for shit wages. What kind of jobs will those be? SHOVEL READY.

Just watch. There is no Obama "agenda" other than to make the US middle class poor.