Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blood Sucking Medical Leeches

These aren’t just swamp leeches, these are highly trained medical leeches. These are not just some low level scavengers; we’re talking high level blood suckers.”

-Demi Moore

Elites Survive, American Middle Class Doomed to Dark Shadows

Bloody Hell News (AP)

Transylvania, USA – Did you know that leeches detoxify the blood? In this David Letterman interview, actress Demi Moore explained her cleanse trip to Austria where she imbibed in an exotic form of medicinal leech therapy. Bloody fun. (It would be my first guess that Demi Moore would also advocate for Single Payer, as would yours truly if it were on the table.) But for many Democrats following the current health care debate who truly want to see a health care delivery system for all with teeth, the thinking follows that if Single Payer HR-676 is off the menu, then anything else the Democrats cook up must be good, right?

The Lakoffian framing of the Democrat vs. Republican paradigm in the corporate wealth care sponsored health care debate is as diseased as the ambulance it rode in on and the I.V. drip, administered courtesy of Goldman Sach$ is deceptively full of One World pathogens.

So what's the cure? Bring on the leeches!

Let's call this so-called health care debate the Barnarbus Collins of delivery schemes, as elitist One World leeches are coming to an insurance provider near you. “Ill be with you always” is their motto. For underneath the epidermal layer of “health care for all Americans” lies the blue-blooded, deadly truth: the bipartisan insurance/tech lobby are sucking mightily on the blood of what's left of America's middle class, and their antidote for elitism's survival is to export America's health care. Today's AP report explains it all for you as Insurance providers want to send middle class Americans to the third world for medical treatment by creating a have and have not health care delivery scheme. Clearly, driving a stake through the insurance lobby's heart is the only way to avoid a lifetime of doom being stalked by these damned vampires and leeches.

The article explains how insurance companies and their corporate customers are working together to locate third world health care providers for Americans to receive care by taking polluting flights to the third world instead of seeking care from local practitioners. In this day and age of climate change protection, who would think this viable? It is expected that the medical tourism industry will pick up as more health insurers offer the option "as more people wind up with high-deductible plans" and their only affordable choice will be to travel to third world countries, such as India, to receive health care:

Health care costs for employers who offer insurance to their workers were projected to rise 9.2 percent this year and another 9 percent in 2010, according to the consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. That could mean double-digit percentage increases for employees through higher premiums, deductibles or copays.

Overseas care can lead to price breaks of more than $40,000, not counting travel costs, for procedures like knee replacement surgery or heart bypasses. Insurers, or employers who provide their own insurance, can save between 50 percent and 90 percent on major medical claims.”

Feeling better now?

While you looked the other way, the insurance industry has delivered its have and have not “global” leeches treatment plan: to ship your physician and dentist seeking, worthless carbon footprint derrière out of Dodge for (substandard) healthcare. That's right. The insurance/tech lobby complex is working 24/7 for low-level scavengers (read middle class Americans) to take highly polluting airplane trips to the third world to get your substandard health care. (Maybe Al Gore can help nix this. He is, after all, the Nobel prize winning, anti-pollution crusader who sits on the board of Kleiner Perkins and Google, one of the biggest recipients of the $30 billion AARA taxpayer electronic medical records (EHRs) subsidy. How could he, after all, support such an anti-local, polluting and leechy scam?)

For those who still believe the current “health care debate” is framed around putting the health of you and your family above insurance industry profits, here comes more proof of the sanctimonious One World push: the insurance industry and its U.S. corporate customers are now heavily promoting Medical Tourism to third world countries like India. If the good 'ol U.S. insurance/tech lobby sponsored, blood-sucking Democrats keep up their “compromising”, America's “swamp leeches” otherwise known as the middle class will be stuck with third world, swamp leech providers while privileged elites secure exclusive rights to local U.S. physicians and dentists.

Why should U.S. taxpayers subsidize the insurance industry/health care medical complex only for insurance companies to then turn around and tell them they can only afford to go to their own local doctors and dentists? During this unprecedented U.S. economic downturn, aren't we supposed to be looking for ways to bolster our own local economy by supporting physicians and dentists at home?

Why should middle class Americans be locked out of health care delivery by local physicians and dentists?

There's plenty of thanks to go around to the I Got Mine Democratic Fat Cat leaders like Tom Daschle and others, for once again (never mind the fact that we are still in Iraq, Bush Cheney got off scott free, etc., torture is still de rigeur, etc.) betraying America's white collar middle class by unleashing the rabid, yet oh-so en vogue “let's all hate Whitey and Jesus” faux-progessive, One World, helium think-tank gassed up, grass-roots PR campaign under the “pro-India” 24/7 PR media banner. One would think that Democrats wouldn't suck up to divide and conquer...

Thanks also to moronic Republicans, for blindly insisting that anything with the word “government” in it – like a government sponsored and delivered health care program such as Kucinich's Single Payer HR 676 – couldn't possibly perform as mightily as the failed and corrupt, current debacle known as the hallowed U.S. insurance industry. While BOTH bipartisan party leaders are sucking the life out of America's middle class on behalf of the One World tentacled insurance and tech lobbies, the final thanks goes to the idiots who voted for this latest incarnation of G.W. Bush.

As Matt Taibbi so illustriously described here, Goldman Sach$ is one mofo bloodsucker, but it didn't just stop at Wall Street with “jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.” It's tentacles are also hooked into health care via the insurance and tech lobbies, leeching onto the cash cow of Indian outsourcing to exploit cheap human labor and compromise U.S. universal healthcare for American citizens. The GS advisory team on Obama's health plan is behind the unnecessary giveaway of $30 billion AARA tech lobby subsidies as LWOH reported in Pizza Order 2012 and Your Healthcare.

Maybe this is where Middle Class Czar Joe Biden can help. He was in Chicago this past week as he visited Mt. Sinai Hospital to promote the taxpayer funded electronic health care record tech lobby payday. The bipartisan goal of this health care debate is tor rope in the tens of millions of uninsured expressly to increase insurance and tech industry profits by forcing a mandate of unnecessary and costly insurance and technology subsidies instead of applying those funds on the much needed expansion of health care delivery by hiring more local doctors, nurses, dentists and their infrastructures.

As Steve Lendeman explains in his excellent analysis entitled The Obstacles to Real Health Care Reform, a public option is moot without Single Payer and without it, is nothing short of a corporate welfare enabling giveaway to the insurance and tech lobbies:

It's a scheme to ration health care, enrich corporate providers, and leave a broken system in place. It's a patchwork idea to repackage failure and claim success. It's a corrupted way to sacrifice real needs on the alter of marketplace medicine by doing too little and leaving growing millions out in the cold, on their own, and at the mercy of for-profit predators. The solution is everybody in, nobody out under a universal, single-payer system. It's time has come, and no one should accept anything less or politicians who won't provide it.”

So, America – when it comes to your health care and local economy, what's it gonna be? Low-level scavenging, swamp leeeches or highly trained medical leeches?



Chip Coltan said...

Anything less than a Single Payer outcome would be Draconian.

The Obots and their persistent push for a "public option" when universal healthcare coverage is off the table and nobody knows what's in it is nuts. Their "public option" is means for a give away to insurance companies.

Great Post!

2Truthy said...

But Chip --- If Obamacare says everybody has to pay insurance companies for healthcare so they and the tech lobby profit instead of paying providers directly (single payer), why should the plebes be privy to such pesky details as what the "public option" even means? Uppity merkins.