Monday, August 31, 2009

Bush Twin Jenna is a Reporter: Breakfast at NBC's

-Breakfast at NBC's with One-Half of Bush Twin, Jenna B. Hager-

-Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn-

Breakfast at NBC's

(Special Thanks to Huey Lewis and the News)

Washington – Congratulations to the former First Daughter! This news might hurt the head, and however classy, sassy or crassy -- it's time to embrace American royalty.
Glenn Greenwald at Salon reports that one-half of the Bush twins (Jenna Bush Hager) has taken on a new assignment at NBC's Today Show as a “reporter.”
The Salon article highlights that it's time to embrace American royalty, and although our downsized and sacked friends from Medill are positively reeling over NBC's latest addition, nepotism in and about the news room is nothing new. If we can endure Maria Shriver (OK, I'll admit – Shriver at least studied the field and delivered good gravitas), Meghan McCain and Luke Russert to cut in line to the cameras, why not Jenna? Just because her father was practically the worst POTUS in history ever is no reason to believe the former first half of one Bush twin couldn't do a better job than trained journalists with years of experience who are eating cat food and living in their cars.
Greenwald offers the following send-up about NBC's latest hire where Atrios observed
"If only the Villager values of nepotism and torture could be combined somehow." The American Prospect's Adam Serwer quicky [sic] noted that they already have been: "Liz Cheney." Liz Cheney is really the perfect face of Washington's political culture, a perfect manifestation of all the rotting diseases that define it and a pure expression of what our country has become and the reasons for its virtual ruin. She should really be on every political TV show all day every day. It's almost as though things can't really be expressed thoroughly without including her. Jenna Bush as a new NBC "reporter" on The Today Show -- at a time when every media outlet is firing and laying off real reporters -- is a very nice addition though.”
Others are wondering what the 2009 NBC Christmas Party scene will look like after Rachel and Keith extra-spike Jenna's eggnog and get her all chatty...
Good Luck, Jenna!

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