Thursday, September 3, 2009

Man Bites Finger Off of Healthcare Protester


R.I.P., Civility

Add “incivility” to the list of the top ten little known items in Obama's “public option” health care plan as protesters on both sides of the “debate” unmask the face of U.S. fear, loathing and gluttony. And ignorance and hate.

First, a disabled New Jersey woman in a wheelchair was heckled at a townhall healthcare reform meeting by Republicans (watch above video.)

Now, in this latest twist of all ironies, a pro-health care reform protester BITES A FINGER OFF of a 65 year old anti-health care reform protester who luckily, happens to have Medicare!

There's a war on for morons and hate appears to be the prize!

See what happens to civility when the rabble try to hang onto dwindling crumbs from the feudal lord's table? If there were ever a time for massive protests to just deep-six the insurance and tech lobbies, wouldn't it be now?

Although it is not yet definitively clear just exactly what Obama has in mind on a 'public option”, it looks likely that the Democrats are prepared to ram a mandatory insurance plan through with GOP support that will force millions of the currently uninsured to dig deeper into their eroding or disappearing budgets and meager savings accounts to subsidize the insurance and tech lobbies. Such a “public option” plan also has the support of so-called progressive sycophants who are fine with any “Democratic” victory with the words health care next to the' D' even if it is only half-a loaf that feeds the merchants of death known as the insurance industry.

What people on both sides of this so-called health care “debate” seem to forget (or are too lazy and ignorant to grock) is that the vital need to replace the U.S. insurance industry with universal coverage via expanding Medicare for all would be a moot point if our government wasn't actively selling off our jobs to the third world. After all, none of this would matter if citizens had good jobs to pay for healthcare – which is not to say that universal coverage shouldn't be enacted...

Single Payer Now!


  1. Reusable tongue depressors.

  2. Free colonoscopy with oil change.

  3. New drive-up window for prostate exams.

  4. Breast implant specials: Buy One Get One Free.

  5. Free hot dogs with every in-office vasectomy.

  6. Barney Frank to become new Czar of Prostate Exams.

  7. Haggling over the price of surgery will be encouraged.

  8. Anesthesiology optional on ALL surgeries!

  9. Genetically Modified sperm ONLY available (unless accompanied by a note from your candy-ass Insurance Lobbyist.)

  10. Swine-flu patients (who survive) are eligible for exclusive Pigs Don't Kill People 2009-2010” tattoo featuring a signed photo of LWOH celebrity guest blogger, Quincy.

  11. Incivility - unless Single Payer is enacted.



Paul said...

My pinkie, my pinkie, my kingdom for a pinkie but I guess he has that terrible Medicare a “Single-payer health care insurance” what a hypocrite. Did the little pinkie cry "Wee-wee-wee!" all the way home? It real should have been his right pinky finger that would have been a better story. They are haters not debaters.

2Truthy said...

Hilarious! Paul!!!!!

"My kingdom for a pinkie"... oh, this is good!

All that wee-weein' goin' down and stuff, keeps a man wealthy, and wealthy with lies!

What's next to be bitten off in this mixed-up, muffled up, shook up world of"DEBATE" why, I shudder to think.