Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ision-Vay Ystems-Say Roup-Gay In-Day Ictment-Ay Exands-Pay

Ouble-Day Ision-Vay

In what has been described as the largest H-ay-one-bee fraud case ever brought by the U.S. government, federal prosecutors filed a new, expanded indictment last week against Ision-Vay Ystems-Vay Roup-Gay Inc., a Ew-Nay Ersey-Jay services firm it alleges fraudulently used H-ay-one-bee visas through a scheme that delivered it millions of dollars in gains from the importation of cheap foreign labor which displaces American workers. This week, investigative journalist extraordinaire  At-Pay at U-know-who-world explains that the investigation earlier this year into the alleged, H-ay-one-bee hiring practices against the company have now grown to 18 counts, expanded from 10 counts originally in February.

The alleged scheme involved hiring foreign workers to allegedly fill high-tech jobs that were listed in the corn fields when, in fact, the workers were sent to the East  and West coasts while being paid the lower prevailing Iowa wage rate. Among the other issues that the alleged perps will have to address in its defense are government allegations that  H-ay-one-bee  holders were "benched," or not paid. These workers were allowed to live in a guest house with other “benched workers” (code for living in less than desirable, crowded flophouses.) 

The new government report claims that this latest enforcement push will ask the court to approve $4.9 million in forfeited assets, which is reported to represent the sum of total gross proceeds obtained as a result of the insourcer's crime. That amount, however, is a reduction from the $7.4 million the U.S. sought from the alleged perps filed earlier in its initial indictment. No explanation has been given in court documents to account for the reduction.

The article's author also cites that the U.S. believes methods used by the alleged perps and by similar companies " have substantially deprived U.S. citizens of employment “ as  H-ay-one-bees now outnumber unemployed professionals.

But Ision-Vay Ystems-Say Roup-Gay is not alone, as our complicit politicians sponsored by the Pooh-poo lobby  have blood on their hands in assisting or paving the way for this Old Colonial style kick American workers to the curb sentiment for outsourcing/insourcing companies to exploit.

The author further explains:

"In January of 2009, the total number of workers employed in the
information technology occupation under the {you know who} program
substantially exceeded the 241,000 unemployed U.S. citizen
workers within the same occupation."

In addition, an earlier Eweek article also noted that the most patriotic, venerable, honorable prosecutor Att-May It-tacker-Way said at a Feb. 12 press conference that the shit was about to hit the fan,  and that these findings were "just the tip of the iceberg" when it comes to U.S. visa fraud:

"This is an enforcement effort that points to a significant vulnerability in our visa process, and we're trying to close these loopholes and to take away the incentive to conduct these fraudulent schemes."

Great start! Now, how about investigating Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Intel, AT&T and the entire cast of corporate trough characters including Congressional donors, politicians and government appointed “officials”  and working to stop discrimination against white collar American professionals?



Melvin Toast said...

Go get 'em 2T!!! These criminals need to be hung from the nearest lamp post. Thieves!

2Truthy said...

Mel, prosecuting US Attorney Whittaker says this case is "just the tip of the iceberg."

Either the Good Jobs Fairy is finally coming to the rescue of American unemployed and underemployed college grads who are being kicked to the curb for imported workers US corps clearly do not need
Bill 'Give me Infinite H-1B Visas' Gates & Co. are up to no good with some kind of 'new and improved' fast-tracking system to replace it and really crank open the floodgates - you know, this leery "open borders passport" thingy or other...

Anonymous said...

From Moira Herbst's article

"Whitaker says that in investigating the five companies involved, his office, along with federal agencies, found that supposedly high-skilled tech workers bound for Iowa on H-1B visa often wound up working in another state, sometimes for a third-party company and other times for an entirely different type of business such as a fast-food restaurant or a gas station. Whitaker says the prevailing wage in Iowa could give employers a "30%-40% discount" on worker pay. Whitaker says the investigation into all five companies is ongoing. "We are continually working to clean up this very serious problem," he says."

How "ongoing" is it and what is being done about it?

Seattle said...

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Anonymous said...

never mind the shortage of jobs for americans, which should nix the whole scam of importing corruption...why are all the h1b's from india anyway? where are the europeans? fishy.