Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Naked Guy Stiffed by Authorities for Making Coffee at Home

Naked Guy Makes Coffee at Home, Gets Arrested

Springfield, VA – New Rule: Do NOT make coffee in the nude, especially in your own home.

Eric Williamson was arrested this morning for MCWN (making coffee while nude) inside his own home at 5:30 am on charges of indecent exposure. The arrest was made after a woman and her young son had cut through Williamson's yard during the wee, dark hours and witnessed the alleged one-eyed trouser snake assisting Mr. Williamson with his morning java ritual.

Questions are looming large over the arrest. For one, if people can't make coffee in the nude inside their own homes for fear of arrest, where can they? And why were this woman and her son peering inside Mr. Williamson's private property at his private parts?  Most notably, who imported this neurotic, bizzy body Nanny State to the USA?



Butch West said...

The lady was trespassing on private property (The path runs behind his house, and she cut through his yard), and is a peeping Tam. That's how it seems to me. If he were cutting through her yard from a path he would be arrested for being a peeping Tom. The male gets arrested regardless.

2Truthy said...

Right. You'd think since she was trespassing on private property, the cops would say WTF? and move on. Don't they have terrists to round up? Or perhaps the long "do" the perp sports spooked the woman into profiling him as one of the 'bad guys' more than, you know, his accomplice? All three?

Also, about that gender business... I'm finding it hard to imagine the circumstances working out the same way if gender roles were reversed.

I mean, how many men are out there who would call the cops if they saw a woman making coffee at home in the buff?

Melvin Toast said...

Find the low, sniveling, man-hating virago who surreptiously drank in this man's innocent nakedness, (and probably spent a blissful, nostalgic moment remembering a time in her own youth when she actually liked men), before she called the police in a hysterically theatrical rage for the sake of her own timid son who now has no choice but to grow up gay.

Find her, strip her naked, strap her to a chair and make her watch "A Streetcar Named Desire" over and over and over again until she comes to her senses.

2Truthy said...

WARNING: 2Truthy Channels Her Inner Feminist

Mel, Yeah, this whole incident is totally nuts. Is it all about the gender victimization card? Did this woman actually see herself as the victim? Crazy.

I'm looking at the mindset that prompted this woman's behavior. You refer to her reaction as "man-hating" and this could be. Or has it evolved from a psyche of "man fearing" into retaliation against male oppression? Women have been subjected to all kinds of atrocities and abuses under the powerful patriarchal pledges of male dominated societies. Look at our perpetual war culture, our male dominated corporate board rooms, and the rise of the police state. This is all predominantly male stuff, Mel - stuff based upon fear and control. (There are many women out there who have been assaulted and are on "the look out" to report "anything suspicious" ala the Nanny State rules that instruct us not to trust our long-haired neighbors, not even one nasty bit.)

This gross imbalance is as overboard as this woman trespassing on the man's property who THEN called the cops because he was naked in his own home. This incident makes the woman the victim? NOT. (Give me a break!)

I have no time for people of ANY gender incapable of common sense.

The point I am making is that it is men who *overwhelmingly* commit sexual assaults on women and kids and take advantage of their comparatively lesser physical strengths and social standing in our society. It's much easier for a woman to consider herself a victim under such cultural conditions, and when it comes down to a gender 'victimization' contest, women will win.

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