Sunday, November 8, 2009

Obama's 'Courageous Health Plan' Passes, American Jobs D.O.A.

If Congress and the president want to fix health care, then it is time to start over.”
-Wendy Button

Massachusetts resident Wendy Button is a health care speech writer for Edwards, Obama and Clinton and is without health insurance. Please read her story in full here.

I want health care reform. I need it, but I want Washington to start over. It doesn't make me "un-American" or "astroturf" or "racist." I'm a critic because what Washington is talking about doing has made health insurance unaffordable in Massachusetts.”

Yesterday, the House passed a $1.1 trillion, 10-year plan to overhaul the nation’s health care system. Like 46 million others, Wendy's lack of insurance coverage hinges on a lack of affordability exacerbated by an increasingly hostile U.S. corporate climate towards white collar American workers, whom they have chosen to replace with cheap, imported workers and labor arbitrage. If Congress and the Senate really cared about the economy, they would declare a moratorium on cost-prohibitive and mandated health care "reform", cap-and-trade legislation, and U.S. job insourcing. This administration's punitive attitude towards non-elitist citizens without access to health care and good paying jobs is a major factor in our continued recession. They have intentionally stoked this unprecedented unemployment crisis to elicit support for this health care “reform” to rally the welfare base into falling down on their knees over the perceived “free health care” ride that will be footed by struggling, over-educated, underpaid or unemployed middle class citizens whom the bottom and the top no longer have any use for. (If they won't hire Americans, they can always import millions more foreign replacements to make up for the difference.)

The lack of health care access is intrinsically linked to the causes responsible for the lack of jobs for Americans. Why isn't Obama demanding that Congress place import duties on products to stimulate more demand for U.S. workers? His health care and U.S. job killing policies via importing H-1B and green card  holders appear to be specifically custom made to make unemployment worse. Does he want Americans  to be unemployed until his mandated health reform passes to garner support from the rapidly expanding welfare base? Never mind the phony, bipartisan arguments about tax cuts and tax credits.

War on America's Middle Class. This bill is so much a license for the insurance/medical industrial complex to print money... I would love to have a business where the federal government said “buy my product or go to jail.” The GAO said this health care bill was an unprecedented personal mandate  like no other, comparing it to the U.S. draft. Nothing like this has ever happened before.

As it looks now, Democrats are the patsies for the insurance companies. Leave it to the insurance industry to publish this WellPoint study ONE WEEK prior to the Congressional vote. The study reveals the actual facts about how bad this bill really is for the middle class. Damn, the GOP is gonna loooooove this, and they BOTH are getting their cake and eating it too. The insurance companies have pulled an astute political move that the Democrats don't appear to understand. 2-3 years from now, the Democrats will look like the evil-doers while the GOP does a righteous “I told you so” over Obama's Lucifer-ish deal with the insurance industry to not to run Harry and Louise commercials in exchange for his promise to throw people in jail for not buying their craptastic insurance policies.


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