Friday, December 11, 2009

Moira Herbst and the Neo-Frat Boy Corporate State

Neo-Frat Boys Run Ruin Technology Sector

The ever industrious Moira Herbst at Monkey Business BloombergWeek informs us today that despite this unprecedented unemployment rate for American workers, the hit job on our country's educated middle class MIGHT, MIGHT, MIGHT  roll on.  As usual, she refrains from naming names, opting MAYBE instead to briefly dish and feature a  token Microserf communications worker.

In her article entitled "Still Wanted: Foreign Talent -- and Visas" Herbst makes this doe-eyed pronouncement:

"With the U.S. jobless rate 10%, continued hiring of workers from abroad may stoke controversy. (emphasis mine)"

The last time I checked, the unemployment rate is kissing 20% - but ignoring her conservative estimate, you at least have to hand it to  Moira for her compassionately clinical observation: the rising number of unemployed, highly educated American technology professionals being kicked to the curb by an insufferable cadre of corporate Neo-frat boys is, by all means, going to "stoke controversy". And even when corporate America, particularly the tech sector - got hijacked by this body wave of bean counters and investment bankers from some of the finest fraternities in America, what would we do without the media gatekeepers to guard such greed and sycophancy?

Although her article is otherwise incisive, as most of hers are the best part not to be missed is the comment section. Yet, when it comes to this war on America's educated middle/upper middle class,  I can't seem to get enough of journalists who cling to their delicate, upstairs, ivy lace-curtain English.

I don't suppose that interviewing a few high profile VCs and executives with old-colonial complexes and feudal lord fixations would  impress the new Bloomberg overlords - this  is, after all, the same propaganda machine that CANNED HAMM, he of "Bangalore Tiger" fame and Moira's former colleague. I'll bet that plenty of controversy was stoked since he was "laid off abruptly",  and that his words, once inside the private confines of his vehicle were a whole lot more colorful, too.

Ah, well. You know the the old faux journo adage: starve a story, save your ass and all that.

Happy Friday, Loserettes!



J & M Horse Poop said...

Silicon Valley: No home for true scientists. Too much MBA spreadsheet driven crap disguised as "innovation" is, well, starving true innovation. The only thing SV has managed to produce of late is a dump of "cloud based" peeping tom sociopaths.

2Truthy said...

Point being that she is a good writer and when it comes to America's educated citizenry and unprecedented unemployment figures under the guise of a "skilled labor shortage", we need investigative journalists.