Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Obama's Five-Star, Dickless Wonder Award: Copenhagen, Jobs, Health Care & War

Yes, (Mayor), It's True. This Man Has No Dick”

Obama's “Dickless Wonder” Five-Star Test

Who's this country's leading Dickless Wonder? ONE guess...Let's put the top four assaults on US taxpayers in order to enrich the Neo-frat boy corporate welfare state to the Peter Venkman “Dickless Wonder” five-star test.

1. Obama's Health Care Bill. Health care professional Helen Redmond explains in her superb article entitled Yes, This Health Care Bill Really is Worse Than Nothing where she takes AlterNet's Joshua Holland to the woodshed for his deceptive six-degrees of suck, status-quo pandering. Helen writes:

In a piece posted on AlterNet November, 24th titled, “Is the House’s Health Bill Really Worse than Nothing?” Holland attacks Dr. Marcia Angell, author, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine and a leader of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP.) Dr. Angell opposes the House bill and believes it’s “worse than nothing.” For that she earns the disdain of Joshua who just can’t accept there isn’t something in the bill worth supporting, even though he agrees with her trenchant criticism of the bill’s gaping defects. He claims she ignores the “primary thrust of the legislation” which for Holland is “the fact that the House legislation would do quite a bit for millions of real Americans struggling through a very real health care crisis.” “Real” Americans, a “real” health care crisis? The insinuation is Angell, and by affiliation PNHP, isn’t operating in the real world of real suffering if they don’t support whatever bill Congress delivers to the Oval Office for a signature. That’s interesting. An organization of 16,000 doctors that conducts research on major aspects of the health care crisis and have been on the frontlines for real reform for decades doesn’t understand what’s real?"

*****Five “Dickless Wonder” stars – One star for Obama and four stars for Joshua Holland for peddling such deceptive and flagrant, status-quo suckitude under the faux guise of “progressivism.”

2. Obama's Copenhagen Climate Change/ Cap and Cave Summit. Quickly, someone show me the porcelain bowl...The banks are cooking up market derivatives contracts to enable their client companies to hedge price risks over the long term and to sell all kinds of exotic carbon footprint financial products to investors. Elaine Meinel Supkis once again explains it all for you in her fine article entitled Copenhagen Incompetence: Hot Air For Global Cooling.

*****Five “Dickless Wonder” stars – Four stars for Obama for being such a transparently money grubbing Manchu, and one star for Al Gore for continuing to suck US taxpayer subsidies into horribly hubris driven VC ventures to mitigate such man made disasters INSTEAD of using his and his global billionaire BFFs combined pool of gazillions of dollars, rupees and yen to foot them.

3. Obama's Jobs Summit “Job Plan.” No surprise here, there really ISN'T one as it comes up short. Read more from Rob Oak as he itemizes Obama's plan that sodomizes middle class Americans – a plan that provides no real jobs for educated American professionals that were stolen by his Indian BFFs that INSTEAD gives TAX HOLIDAYS to all of his man crushes from SV to the subcontinent to the WH:

Instead of a payroll tax holiday we get....a capital gains holiday. How many small businesses in the United States need a capital gains break? But do hedge funds? Sure thing they do. Do start-ups about to go IPO? How about the investors sitting with Pre-IPO stock? Are they classified as small business, yup. Needing modifications in accounting? Small business? I don't think so. Your basic Mom & Pop operations are not about accounting methods, they are about revenues and the need to make hiring cheaper to generate revenues. See any subsidies or tax cuts for direct hires? No.”

*****Five “Dickless Wonder” stars – Two stars for Obama, who never fails to deliver empty, hollow blather about his soulless lack of concern for Americans “clinging” to their lives he so deplores and two stars for every outsourcing/body shop/insourced cretin(s) who continue to suck jobs out of the US, and one more star for Al Gore - who just keeps popping up EVERYWHERE like Where's Waldo when it comes to playing the God of Hubrisites in this war on America's educated middle class. And because he is so much fun to rip.

4. Obama's Afghanistan Strategy. This one's easy: A few Indian companies with waaaay, way too much money keep buying off every last member of the unscrupulous US Congress to sell American manufacturing and white collar jobs to the people of THEIR country. But India's neighbors over in Pakistan don't like them so, India, being the American leech that it is, naturally wants the whoring US government and its even more whoring corporate sponsors to foment religious war ideology to send our troops into their dark caves and kick ass for them. So that's why Obama has no problem killing innocent people over there, since he's doing A-Okay on his war against America's middle class with the three previous items stated above. (UPDATE 12/9: Does Al Gore understand this? He believes that placing more troops in Pakistan is "counterproductive.")

*****Five “Dickless Wonder” stars – All five stars belong to the commander in chief who has no conscience, soul or balls or dick to walk away from this HOUSE OF WHORE-ORS known as “globalization” that has destroyed the US economy and kills the lives of innocents. Oh hell – make it Six. Throw in ONE more star for Hillary Clinton, who never knew  a white collar American job that didn't have a pricetag on its back and an eager South Asian suitor to come with it.

So there we have it. Four neatly convergent points (health care, jobs, war, and climate change) that global elites - mostly headed by an insider SV and beltway partying pack of poofters use to wage war on American middle class taxpayers. Instead of doing the right things, like halting immigration to take jobs from Americans, pulling out of Afghanistan and Iraq, enforcing existing pollution laws and creating new ones to fine wealthy corporate polluters and expanding Medicare for all (Single Payer), this insider band of sociopaths persists on spinning fatal solutions to real problems here at home that only benefit a few insiders.

When it comes to winning the five star Dickless Wonder Award, so far, Obama just can't seem to help himself while he continues to show us how happy  he is with the cred and how he is most deserving of it. Of the four, jobs should be Obama's JOB ONE. As Thom Hartmann has come around to finally start articulating, it's not hard to be a job slashing, pension-grabbing CEO – if you're a sociopath.

Hollywood is down with this guy. I wonder if Peter Venkman is, too.

Party on, plebs!



J Holland said...

Go shove it up your ass, moron.

Redmond's column was the weakest, most idiotic hit-job I've seen in while -- on par with the dumbest attacks I've gotten from right-bloggers.

Melvin Toast said...

"shove it up your ass, moron"

Spoken like a true patriot, if not a proctologist on crack. What's more, the shoving of some inanimate object, such as the dying healthcare bill, up one's ass, will only incur futher unpayable medical bills. Unless you're an illegal Mexican using the ER as your "single payer" source . . . moron.

Mentok said...

Hmm, I used to read Alternet for some type of balance against what was the dominant power at the time.

Now I see why it's turned so LameScream now that the libs are 'emboldened' by the 'Audacity of Dope'. Ginned up and all that.

So, if I put this Holland chap in my /killfile do I get old Alternet back?

2Truthy said...

"...the weakest, most idiotic hit-job I've seen in while -- on par with the dumbest attacks I've gotten from right-bloggers."

J, 'Roid rage? Bullying and name calling? Is this what devotees of the One Big Party of Money with the "L" on their caps do these days to cultivate a distinct brand of hate-mongering which puts the likes of Limbaugh sporting the "R" caps to shame? (At least the "R" caps don't pretend to know what they don't know.)

You write "Redmond's column was weak, idiotic and a hit job"? Au contraire. Her column cut to the chase, and for you to go on the offensive and call it a "hit job" when you yourself took Dr. Angell to task for her position on Single Payer is not the pot calling the kettle black? I have great respect for people like Ms. Redmond who works in Social Services in a health care setting, helping some of the poorest, most desperate people in the city of Chicago (Stroger Hospital, formerly Cook County) and those without seven-eight figure portfolios. These first-line responders, if you will, see the for-profit health care industry (that your dear leader supports) fallout, waste and negligence all around them as people struggle to get health care for themselves and their families without losing their homes.

Redmond's succinct column was fair and accurate - two words I once even used to describe AlterNet's editorial bent. Forget point-counterpoint - or be bullied and called names, eh?

And who are you calling "right -bloggers"? Your presumptive comment would indicate that you are ignorant of the fact that people who support Single Payer are NOT from the right. They (myself included) are typically former Dems with brains, social civility and a healthy sense of anti-sociopathy.

By now, you may have read Chris Hedges' latest "Liberals are Useless".
You couldn't have been the inspiration for the title?

Go write him a thank you note.

Chip Coltan said...

Have a look at this comment from the Chris Hedges article. Sums up yours.

"By scotttpot, December 7 at 3:09 pm #

Similar to the Mafia wife who would rather not know what her hubby has to do to keep them living the high life , Americans prefer to live in an illusion of a righteous and just America that serves as policeman and aid donor to the world."

Hedges sounds like he is as sick as the rest of us with all of the "defenders and apologists" on the Left that the author writes about in her opening sentence:

"Already defenders and apologists for the Democrat’s health care legislation are busy at work. In the next few weeks they will be working overtime to persuade, cajole, shame and ruthlessly attack if necessary, anyone opposing health care legislation."

Joshua H said...

I honestly thought anyone with two brain-cells to rub together would see that Redmond's screed is a whiney, baseless ad hominem without a single substantive criticism (at least none directed at the right party).

I enjoy and am challenged by serious criticism, especially from those who claim to be liberals or progressives. That wasn't it. There wasn't even anything to which to respond. She ignored what I actually wrote, put words in my mouth, misrepresented the legislative landscape quite brutally, and in the end said nothing that rose above cheap rhetoric.

Fun for dumb ideologues. But sad that people don't think critically.

Melvin Toast said...


OK. It's time to take the gloves off, and take Joshua Holland to the woodshed and reveal to him, with the business end of a birch rod, the disingenuousness of his not revealing to his readers who he really is and what his agenda is. First, his a look at his employer:

AlterNet. It is a piece of some shadowy group called Independent Media Institute, AlterNet describes itself as "progressive" and "liberal," whatever those terms mean. But one could probably be fairly certain we are not referring to the classical liberalism of Edmund Burke, the British school which gave particular emphasis to the sovereignty of the individual.

From their own website, AlterNet's aim is "to inspire action and advocacy" and "to stimulate, inform, and instigate."

That sounds so awfully pushy to me.

AlterNet's Mission Statement drones on: "Our editorial mix underscores a commitment to fairness, equality and global stewardship, and to making connections across generational, ethnic and issue lines."

They should have stopped at the word "mix." You can't be all things to all people. AlterNet shills for Big Government. Plain and simple.

On and on they go: "AlterNet has developed a unique model of journalism to confront the failures of corporate media, as well as the vitriol and disinformation of right wing media, especially "hate talk" media."

There is plenty of "hate" to go around on both sides. There is no monopoly of it among conservatives. Hating America has been a liberal tactic since at least the 60s. Jane Fonda in Hanoi comes to mind. But never mind.

Finally, there is Mr. Joshua Holland himself. Here is his vaunted rubric at the AlterNet website:

Corporate Accountability & Workplace
Editor: Joshua Holland
Economics, immigration, worker rights, and the global economy.

Looks like Mr. Holland has his work cut our for him! From illegal aliens to more H1-B visa for Indians . . . he certainly has his journalistic work cut out for him--advocating FOR the American worker one hopes!

Look, I would love to add to this pile-on party but I frankly don’t know which way to go. I know the “funny” way but I don’t know the “smart” way, and funny without smart is like Burns without Allen.

Melvin Toast said...


From where I sit, at 55 with a job with benefits (not like congress or even teachers who get the best, but good enough) I think healthcare is pretty screwed up. I think doctors are getting screwed. And I think the Big Insurance Companies and the Big Drug Companies are doing the screwing and many of their CEOs should be strung up from light poles in town squares all across America, right alongside the greedy asshats who caused our economy to almost collapse.

But . . . changing the system to give 20 million illegal aliens full coverage on my dime (which they ALREADY get now that I pay $200 per emergency room visit which is where Rodrigo and his wife go to have their bambinos.)

The system is broken. And it needs some fixin’. But I am afraid these politicians are going to screw it all up.

Thieves in DC. We need to throw the bums out. Who are these entitled mandarins we allowed to inhabit the walls of the Capitol dome?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could elect men and women who were either:

1) incorruptible and truly good (which is asking far too much of these egomaniacs)

or (making it a little easier on such depraved gadgets)

2) morally corrupt (think, a hooker or a con artist here and there) but totally and completely upfront about it, yet still fiscally conservative and pure in the conviction that stealing tax payer money is unconscionable (and also willing to repay all those $1000 visits to the Escort Agency)

I don't know what the answer is to fair and affordable healthcare.

But there is one thing I do know, Mr. Holland's obsession with BRAINS is troubling. He is constantly mocking people for not being as "smart" as he is. Smart is obviously good in Mr. Holland's universe. And that's fine. But what ever happened to goodness? It's easy to find ten, a hundred, a thousand extremely intelligent men and women.

But how easy is it to find just ONE good one?

2Truthy said...


No way, man, will I take that last horribly misguided bullet about “brains” or lack thereof about “right bloggers” and the site you refer to as “right” leaning... other than to point out that ANY site which publishes columns supporting SINGLE PAYER (remember SP, that dreadfully SOCIALIST plot from a bunch of smart doctors and people, such as yours truly - to destroy the nation?) would not tend to end up on a straight “right” site. As long as you are labeling, here's a handy refresher: “right” (ex: all kinds of people including hardworking, decent conservatives to jack-booted idiots to Palin addicts – oops, redundant...) with “liberal” (ex: simpering, overeducated blowhards to jack-booted idiots Single Payer, anti-war supporters). Whats more, implying that moi or anyone else is stupid for reading a subjectively defined site deemed as “right” is a fools errand. That is tantamount to you telling me not to listen to David Sirota's radio show in Denver next month while I'm there because it's on Clear Channel, that evil-doer “R” airwave or that quoting from an article in the Christian Science Monitor or an occasional, noteworthy insight from Pat Buchanan (occasional) makes me a retard. Stay classy, and all that.

Now, if you believe the author of that article put words in your mouth, I can understand your displeasure. If you will let me know which ones they are, I'll be happy to address that. Plus, if you apologize about that last “brains” crack, I'll even remove one star. But you know your horse is going down in ALL FOUR POLICY AREAS I have written about in this post when the Divine Ms. Stassinopolous starts ripping O and his administration a new one, which is the whole point of this post.

And about the whole outmoded, unsexy speaking truth to power thing: When it comes to busting these insufferable blowhards, frauds and sycophants, I'm just the baddest motherfucker to ever work the room. Count on it. Even if I don't look like Dr. Huey P. Newton.

p.s. No insulting “right” or 'right baiting” allowed on my site. I have friends and readers that span the spectrum from L to R to Independent to Zip who believe in honest, intelligent discourse. None are VERBOTEN.

p.s.s. When I read the title of your article “Yes, This Health Care Bill Really is Worse Than Nothing
I was first impressed, thinking that, based upon the title - you finally got the memo on how badly Obama's insurance/medical complex payday disguised as 'health care” really is.

prezdumas said...

To Melvin Toast (Part 2)

Commenting on your second option that legislators be:
2) morally corrupt (think, a hooker or a con artist here and there) but totally and completely upfront about it,

Let me give you two thoughts:
a) My test for the difference between a Democrat and a Republican: A Democrat is a hypocrite and ashamed of it. A Republican is a hypocrite and proud of it.
b) We should so lucky as to have legislators with a "heart of gold."

prezdumas said...

I'm trying to make sense of J Holland's indignation. I have read his article. This article itself is a reactive piece to an article written Marcia Angell, a lecturer at Harvard Medical School.

I haven't read Mz Angell's article. Maybe later. However, let's assume that J Holland has the cred to take Mz Anglell to task, which on the face of it is a stretch.

What does he do? He falls right into the semantic trap laid by the insurance industry: conflating health care with health insurance.

Let's be clear. There are four possibilities: {GOOD or BAD} health insurance vs. {GOOD or BAD} health care. However, J Holland only is interested in everyone getting health insurance COVERAGE.

Will that COVERAGE be GOOD or will it be BAD? The law doesn't care. Will they get GOOD or BAD health care? The law doesn't specify. Private, for profit, insurance companies are required, by stockholder mandate, to maximise profit, which absolutely requires BAD health care (spending zero on actual health care would completely optimise shareholder value).

That is, everyone will be required by law to buy BLUE CROSS, but what is BLUE CROSS required to do in return?

Not much. No less than the GAO was confounded by this new federal requirement and could find nothing in Congressional law (or the constitution) to correspond, except possible the draft.

OK, let's get to the central tenant of J Holland's screed: it's better than nothing. Hmm. Guess what: the insurance industry--after making great use of our coin operated legislators--agreed not to oppose this legislation if it required all of those "scamming the system" (those not paying $1.5k/month for health insurance) to buy coverage.

Note to Mr. Holland: many, many personal bankruptcies in the US are for people with overwhelming health care bills. Of those going bankrupt, many had health insurance. Let me repeat that: MANY HAD HEALTH INSURANCE.

So now, we are going to be required by Federal Law to pay, Oh say, $16K per year to BLUE CROSS. But we still might go bankrupt paying the out of pocket costs, and Oh by the way, your life might still be cut short because some weasel accountant in Bloomington, Illinois denies your cancer treatment.

The insurance industry are SO, SO good at politics: after paying off Congress, they turned around and published a study saying that health insurance costs will skyrocket because of this legislature. You bet your ass they will! If we are required to buy what they are selling, they can charge whatever they like!!!

You got to love it! The insurance industry gets to screw us, but they will blame their bitches in Congress!!!

But the worst part of J Holland's delusion is that "It OK if this bill is flawed, it will pave the way for future fixes," (I am paraphrasing--sorry about the words in the mouth thing.) He obviously can't even buy a clue about how politics works: you can concede the battle but win the war.

Here is what will really happen:

1) This legislature will be widely recognised as a failure;
2) The insurance industry will be widely recognise as warning of the failure;
3) Ergo, the whole enterprise will be abandoned.

BuelahMan said...

Alternet, Kos, C&L, and many other bigger self proclaimed "progressive" blogs are just the doppelgangers for the Redstates and Little Green Footballs and Malkin site.

I see virtually no difference between a Bushie and an ObamaManiac (all Partisan Party Clowns... TM). They fall all over themselves trying to run elbows with power... trying to notch out some little piece of the system they can call theirs and "truth" while the best for America be damned.

These sites (and Joshua Holland is as guilty as anyone) are guilty for first simply ignoring all the evidence and facts the man, himself, gave us about his intentions in Afghanistan (and many other issues 2Truthy so very well points out in this piece) and then helping usher in this man as POTUS, or for protecting the O Man and not taking him to task for his lies and purposeful ignoring of the American public to ensure the rich are ok and the wars continue (altho I will say that Alternet is a bit better about the war cheerleading than some of the other Clown sites). Soloman has been solid on Afghanistan, even tho he is weak as a Viagra-less penis when it comes to the reason we are there.

These groups fall all over themselves propping up the bogus "two-party" system (either thru ignorance or on purpose) and will STILL continue the meme to this day.

They should be ashamed, but they won't be. Because then the money shuts off and the elbow rubbing stops.

To the Partisan Party Clowns, it is better to prop up this travesty than address the reality of how it controls everything this country does. But instead of addressing that issue, they try to keep it going.

Truth to power, unless you are owned. And these sites ARE owned by the Dem Party (not "progressives").

(PS: I love the video clip)

BuelahMan said...


I am one of those who, as a small business owner, spent $23K/year out of pocket (including BCBS premiums) for about 4 years running (and just a little less the 8 years before that). I was on company insurance before starting my own company..

They kept denying coverage and to this day, several of my wife's doctors refuse to accept BCBS (so we are forced to pay full charges, unless they are cool enough to negotiate with us... most were).

The Hollands of the world are so far removed from this that they jump on the Dem Party bandwagon, no matter how stupid and failing the system they are prescribing is.

Yes, I filed bankruptcy this year. Primarily due to health care/insurance costs and the fact that my work is selling automation systems to factories that are shutting down and moving to Mexico or Asia.

Maybe Holland would want to interview me before he starts explaining how just kowtowing and paying the insurance companies is better than nothing.


2Truthy said...

Drunky, could the folk at AlterNet merely be on a Mission from G_d? Or Allah. Or the Buddha. Or Yahweh? Or The One? (another youtube video featuring Dan Akroyd.)

Mel, I would turn your attention to B'MAN's excellent comments below that sum up the urgent need for this Dem sham bill to be scrapped or for them to hammer out single payer (as in hahaha, as if...) Yes, with your job perk that includes health insurance, you and your daughter personally needn't worry about the fact that single payer is the most cost expedient solution (which you know) to provide for all - including all those dreadful "illegals" whose feudal slave lords game the system by importing them for cheap labor. THEY should be paying through the rim for their workers' healthcare -- "illegal" and "legal."

So what if "illegals" (and "legals") use the emergency room when they get sick because they are not being paid enough by greedy feudal NEO-FRAT BOY overlords to even afford routine health care for themselves and their families? So what??? Now the middle class has to join them there, too, and with this BOGUS BILL FROM THE DEMS, the middle class will be bankrupted to pick up the tab for rising health care costs of millions of imported, cheap workers who DO NOT NEED TO BE HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE SINCE Guys like B'MAN, who did all the right stuff has lost his job to cheap labor and can't afford insurance.

Under the banner of CORPORATE WELFARE, now look at what our DEMOCRATIC CONTROLLED CONGRESS AND WHITE HOUSE are doing to B'Man and his family and tens of millions of others just them? These dickless wonders this week continue to bleat about how doing "something" is better than nothing which is bullshit, as author Helen Redmond explains very, very well in her article.

B'Man, it is cold comfort for you to have lost your job under the LIE of a US skilled labor shortage so that a few fat cats here can get fatter. Now that they've sold your job, that isn't enough for them; now they've come for your health, and with your bankruptcy, they'll eventually want your house, car, etc. Thanks for your excellent comments, B'Man, and I hope your story helps J. understand better what is really at stake with the passing of this Dem scam bill to bankrupt the middle/upper middle class. But wait- like Mel, if he is insured by his company, there's a tendency to not worry about it if it's not you? But jobs and healthcare are basic needs, you know, and I always think about the old "Do Unto Others..." proverb. Keep the faith, my friend, and I'm NOT talking about in The One;(

2Truthy said...

prez, "coin operated legislators" and O hate the citizens of this country.

Remember when O gave his speech about health care and he explained that the bill would be paid for by all those American middle/upper middle class "folks" who currently refuse to buy health insurance, the ones he said are "GAMING THE SYSTEM"?

You know, the same "folks" he and his bffs are working on selling out MORE jobs to India, Inc. to so said folks HERE don't have money to pay for it and have to go bankrupt, like B'Man?

BuelahMan said...

What is interesting is that I think of myself as a progressive thinker (differentiated slightly from a "Progressive"). I watched as textiles left the USA. I watched as PCBoard manufacturing left the USA. I watched furniture manufacturing leave the USA. I watched as American automobile left the USA for Mexico and beyond and now the basic demise of that business sector in America.

I have a meeting with the lead facilities engineer at the new Toyota plant in north Mississippi today. We are going to discuss the mothballing of this brand new facility that never made a car.

Yeah, things are looking great, aren't they?

Before my time was food production and any number of other shit that Big Money took elsewhere in search of even more profits, to leave America hanging.

But aren't those few who have found a comfortable niche for themselves with health coverage and nice perks in for a tremendous take down?

I was one. I was regularly making over $150K/year and in about the last two years dropped to less than $20K in commissions.

But insurance costs never go away and take it from me, each and every person, insured or not, is just a medium medical situation away from poverty and death.

This is a fact and this bogus bill will not help... us. It only gives the asshole insurance companies MORE profit.

Sherrod Brown was a pussy on Olbermann last night. They all (with the exception of about 3 or 4) SUCK.

Connecticut voters should hunt that wormy asslicking fool (you know who I am talking about) down and do away with him.

But, in many ways, I have to agree. The bill is atrocious, but that isn't really Droopy Face's problem.


We are all 6 months away from being screwed anyway.

None of this will make any difference come the end of this next year.

finefroghair said...

Does Obama love this country
It hardly even shows
Look at what's transpired
And how it really blows

The banks are given bailouts
While main street's sucking tit
The richest mother fuckers
Demand more and will not quit

The President is always obliging
To the lobbyists and their whores
While the poorest of our people
Crawl around on shit stained floors

It is said we're rushing head long
Towards our stupid reckless doom
And now this President is complicit
It will be emblazoned on his tomb

We thought we elected a leader
And now we've been proved wrong
I guess we will wait forever
Until a real one comes along

2Truthy said...

finefroghair, thanks for the great poem!

Of all of his many 'crises' served up on a post two-term Bush platter, stopping the flood of imported workers here when there are not enough jobs for our own citizens ought to be a no-brainer for him to keep things rosey for Dem candidates in 2010. You know, the good paying kind of jobs US citizens used to have before Congress figured out they could SELL them all off to foreign check writers and kiters. If we don't have jobs, who pays for these unaffordable mandated premiums?