Tuesday, January 5, 2010

'Clueless' and 'Ignorant' US Spies in Afghanistan

(Photo credits/special thanks to Nick Fury Gallery)

Marvel's "Fury" from their MAX line may have been controversial, but Robertson's drawings of Fury were hands-down awesome, even awe-inspiring. Here's a great shot by Robertson of Nick with his trademark cigar - check out the cool lighter he's using with the US flag on it. One Nation under God..”
-Nick Fury Gallery

The Scene at the Forward Base in Khost, Afghanistan

CIA Agent #1:
Say, whaddya think ol’ Abdu wants us all in here for together? More o’ them A-rabic lessons, heh-heh?

Jordanian Double-Agent (Abdu):
Meester! Meester! have beeg new for you a-bout O-sama! You sit here. That’s it. All of you. That’s right. Close to the window . . . and the ammo boxes. .Good. Now, I tell you.

CIA Agent #1:
Yo! Abdu! Watcha got yer hand down yer pants again fer? Ya scratchin’ yer b . . . KABLOOIE!!!

“Clueless” and “ignorant” US spies in Afghanistan are “marginally relevant”, according to a top Nato intelligence official. The CIA suffered a deadly blow to its operations on Dec. 30 when a suicide bomber killed seven CIA employees along with a Jordanian double-agent intelligence officer inside Camp Chapman, a high security base in Khost province in eastern Afghanistan. (click on link for video.)

The people we had in there during the waterboarding days were ignorant enough. But now that our forces have actually been ordered to TRUST Muslims who don't want us over there, how can we not expect more of the same? Someone needs to show these guys The Battle of Algiers, as the people we are invading will stop at nothing to defend their turf and kill us. They don’t want us there. But their “leaders” will gladly take our taxpayer billions. With our “leaders” being stakeholders in profitable military industrial complex businesses, (h/t Chris Floyd) will these old-colonial wars ever stop?



NOTR said...

Truth is Afghanistan has become superfluous in our war with Islamic terrorists. AQAP, Somalia, Nigeria, and Kenya are dynamic proof.

Intel folks have been hammered for years for no HUMINT. Now that they have some, we're gonna take hits. It's a real damn war out there doggies! Perhaps if some of the "officials" in Clinton's time had made different decisions they wouldn't be facing the same problems today.

2Truthy said...

"Intel folks have been hammered for years for no HUMINT."

I agree with your assessment on Afghanistan, but would add that it is curious that while China is routing around there and other places like Congo peacefully and diplomatically looting their precious rare earth minerals, we are going around with killing machines to do the same thing. Stupid, stupid way to embed successful HUMINT ops and results, is it not?

It is not so much the "lack" of intel but the lousy and bungled "quality" that pose far more adverse consequences to national security. Could it be that this recent incident serves as a shining example of why HUMINT is not optimal? When it comes to spying and counter-spying, where do one's loyalties *really* lie? My post deliberately references the word TRUST for a reason.

This much, perhaps, Clinton understood.

Do you forget who disrupted the Millennium plot? Not only did Clinton take the issue of terrorism seriously (it doesn't take a stroll down memory lane with Sibel Edmonds to revisit the dozens of ignored warnings prior to 9/11 under Bush's watch) Clinton also transformed FEMA into a highly credible organization because he believed in good government (hey, look how Katrina worked out..)

What specific decisions do you think Clinton might have made then to make them love us now?