Saturday, January 23, 2010

Manchurian Candidate Football

Manchurian Candidate Football

"The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office. People are angry, and they're frustrated. Not just because of what's happened in the last year or two years, but what's happened over the last eight years.” 
-Barack Obama 

The only thing worse than voting for a duopoly sponsored, Manchurian candidate is to witness its party's insufferable “follow the crowd” feather-brained flock of sycophants. This week, Republicans are reveling in U.S. Sen.-elect Scott Brown's victory, believing they have discovered the secret sauce for ALL GOP candidates to win in upcoming elections against the shifting balance of Congressional Democratic power and against its fading president. By focusing on opposition to the policies Obama was elected on, downplaying “overtly political Republican ties” and embracing bi-partisan voter anger with “populist appeals” to ride an ant-establishment wave, the lies and liars from BOTH parties have never enjoyed a better roll. While liberals - who have devolved into a useless lot-- claim to support the working middle class and mouth anti-war sentiments, they nonetheless throw their support behind candidates who smugly defend the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the importation of cheap labor to take their jobs and those of their neighbors and their kids - and for more wars. In reality, BOTH parties serve the Neo-Frat boy corporate state, divided into two camps which vye for the electorate's exclusive, suckered seal of approval. The unspoken rule being, of course, that these duopoly candidates never be allowed to address and then deliver upon the real issues affecting the lives of our citizenry and to advocate for the greater good of our local communities.

And who exactly IS this new “representative of the people” of Massachusetts, Scott Brown? For that matter, who is Martha Coakley, who doesn't know from Curt Schilling? It doesn't matter.

Viewing the two-party duopoly (with all of its ignoramus infighting) in play is like watching firefighters pump gasoline from their hoses into a burning building. This deadly U.S. two-party duopoly is the ultimate plebeian sport, delivering its periodic bromide of “victory” with each election cycle. Seeking to identify with the “winner”, political, megaphone-clinging bleacher bums maraud about the media square. These bread and circus infotainment media clowns and wannabes along with their kissing first cousin, sports enthusiastas speak the very same dumbed down, agenda driven language, rumbling the same old, familiar mantras of “hope” and “progress” when all along, the rules of the game are pre-defined to benefit a select few.

Like Lucy and Charlie Brown playing football, where Lucy keeps moving the ball further and further away from Charlie Brown's kick, in our corporatist sponsored, two-party duopoly elections, Lucy is the Shadow Elite and Charlie Brown is the Manchurian Candidate. And the football? Yeah, baby. It's us.

In his article entitled Manchurian Candidates: Supreme Court allows China and others unlimited spending in US elections, Greg Palast breaks down the Manchurian Candidate phenomenon where this week's Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission opens up the flood gates for other countries to FURTHER buy our elections and to outsource our own government, military and corporate jobs to third world workers. US candidates only make it to the ballots after they have passed the corporate sponsored Manchurian sniff test of greedy multi-national lobbies who MUST rule America. Congress, the White House, and as we have now witnessed this week, the federal judiciary are captive impotents in the Neo-Frat boy's deadly embrace of corporatist greed. There is no government of the people for the people by the people but only the rule of perverted, anti-citizen and inhumane private interests who seek to quash America's right to free speech along with their jobs.

The last, smart democratic president to hold office, Bill Clinton - who I voted for -- comes to mind. Although yours truly hasn't yet read anything about Bill and Hillary's thoughts about this week's Supreme Court decision that openly, transparently takes the gloves off the Neo-Frat boy corporate state's fight against America's educated middle class, their profiteering motives/collusion with the India lobby and support for the importation of cheap workers to take jobs from Americans is so disappointingly legend. Where is their apology and re-direction against their role in kicking America's middle class to the curb? If these two are down with it, what does this say about the soulless hole of this Democratic party? And given the fact that Obama's economic team is basically the same, former Clinton government now propped up by Paul Volcker as a fleurette on this rich cake called the Obama administration, I'm inclined to believe that this court ruling is yet another sanctioned outcome by the duopoly of Bush-Clinton. Which is not to say that the Obama administration's choice of Volcker this week isn't a very good one, but is it merely window dressing, or corpora-turfing?

OK, sports fans, don't get up. Back to watching the Manchurian Football game, where YOU, dear plebeian reader, get to STAR as the football in this perpetual game of “hope” vs. “The Neo-Frat boy corporate state.” But don't worry. Look at the bright side: The day Obama removes his Manchu mask and tells the insurance, pharma, military-industrial complex and the American jobs sucking India lobbies to ALL go to hell is the day, when, well, HELL freezes over.


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