Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Christmas Crotch Bomber" ties to Israel, FBI, and India?

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Burning Pantsman's Potential Ties to Israel, FBI, and India

Other than the initial "Christmas Crotch Bomber" (yours truly prefers "Burning Pantsman) reports and the following  strange behavior from the authorities to the very competent eyewitness account of  passenger Kurt Haskell, this Online Journal article by author Jeff Gates raises a few questions about  the official story which include:  intentionally not enough kaboomie in the dude's underzone to render major damage, the guy who went on to Miami, the well-dressed, fiftyish  Indian man with an American accent in Amsterdam, Michael Chertoff's evil venture to irradiate airline passengers with his full-body scanner promoting business where "the stock of body-scanning firms soared $3 billion in value after this latest “terrorist” incident". I don't suppose there could possibly be any ties to India Inc. investment money in full-body scanners, although GE - one of the manufacturers -- is clearly bringing some good things to light with this U.S./India civilian nuclear pact said to undermine U.S. national security. 

It is important to understand that Rapiscan Systems, a "global"  backscatter X-ray systems manufacturer with its head office office in Hyderabad, is also owned by OSI, a subsidiary of GE who brings MORE good things to light with U.S. taxpayer ARRA funds:

"Rapiscan is in the process of filling a TSA order placed before the attack for 150 scanners, and the agency has inquired about the company's ability to increase production. The 150 Rapiscan devices were paid for with federal stimulus money."

Now, author Gates adds another  cup of soap to the smudgy "official" storyline about Nigerian Burning Pantsman's wealthy "banker" father who was said to have alerted the C.I.A. about his son's  jihady-like tendencies and Israel's money laundering machine, Nigeria, here:

"We were told about his father alerting the C.I.A. station chief in Lagos However, we were not informed that his father, a banker, oversaw a Nigerian defense firm that hired Israeli Defense Forces personnel to train Nigerians -- in security. Nor were we told that, for decades, Nigeria has been a central hub for Israelis laundering the proceeds of their transnational organized crime. That’s not all."

Gates' article does raise more questions: Could the Indian SDM (smart dressed man) that Haskell described have been an executive or investor in the backscatter business? Do Israel and India have a specific geopolitical interest in getting easily duped U.S. taxpayers to foot the bill for screening their perceived Uslim-May threats? What better day to resurrect rekindle (Christmas, for Christ sakes!) such threats, and  over the city of Detroit - Detroit --  a blighted, empty  decimated city  with miles of abandoned buildings with which to stage the false flag scare should something possibly go awry  in order to drum support for Chertoff  and friends' cancer causing full-body scanning industry. Gates asks:

"Recall our belief in Iraqi WMD? Iraqi ties to Al Qaeda? Iraqi mobile biological weapons laboratories? Iraqi yellowcake uranium from Niger? Iraqi meetings in Prague? All were false. All were traceable to Tel Aviv. Are you still having trouble connecting the dots?"

But "connecting the dots" is something that, as Gates says, MSM gatekeepers do not want American citizens to do. Many say people in this country are "angry" over the well-coordinated loss of American jobs to India, Inc. via disastrous work/study visa programs and the loss of affordable and accessible health care. Where is the collective outrage?  Time to ditch this deadly One Big Duopoly Party of Money? How can we  expect  the clueless teabaggers on the right and the  fleabaggers on the left who smugly bleat and moan - yet STILL are content to identify with the aggressor -- to unite anytime soon against corpofascism? To them, it's just all football, political football, all the time.


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