Monday, February 22, 2010

Wipro 'Fraudster' Committed Suicide - Two Months Ago

'Fired' Employee of Outsourcing Giant Wipro Died Two Months Ago
The Business Standard reports today that a Wipro employee who was fired for allegedly committing fraud by embezzling $4 million had committed suicide two months ago. Why is news of this man's death only now starting to make the media rounds? In addition to the media delay in reporting his alleged suicide, I guess they have their own way of doing business and handling crime in India:

"Anoop Kumar Agarwal, a chartered accountant, was found dead on a railway track between K R Puram and Byappanahalli railway station. The railway police came across the body on the morning of December 23 last year."

The article noted that when asked to comment on the issue just today, Wipro stated “We cannot share any information on the employee for reasons of employee confidentiality.” It also stated that media reports about an employee committing fraud within Wipro’s finance department apparently appeared a few days ago after “speculation” on Agarwal's whereabouts began to surface:

Wipro officials maintained that they had managed to recover about half of the embezzled money ($2 million) through “persuasion”. The company had recently told this paper that it had decided not to file a case against the person, “who was from a respectable family”, based on a suggestion made by their internal committee that included external counsels. Wipro had hired investigative and legal agencies in the wake of the embezzlement.
Meanwhile, a PTI report citing unnamed sources in Wipro said the extent of the embezzlement was expected to be far more.”

So, here is a guy who embezzles millions from his employer, gets fired, no charges were filed, allegedly commits suicide December 23, and two months later it is revealed by Wipro's “internal committee” through something called a “group of external counsels” that the dead guy was from a “respectable family.” Could that high falutin' family ties thing have driven this man to kill himself? Or did he have some help being thrown onto the railroad tracks?

The 'good' news for Wipro is that at least they got about half of the stolen money back through “persuasion.”



Melvin Toast said...

This is how the bloody third world does business, as Steve Jobs found out when someone swiped one of his 32G iPhones in China.

The swiper wound up . . . committing suicide.

In even a nominally Christian culture, this is appalling, although most (Americans) would deny they are in thrall to any Christian sentiments. But in non-Christian cultures -- what's the problem? Whack the bad guy, make it look like an accident, and that all-important feature of Oriental culture -- saving "face" -- is preserved.

When will the West ever learn?

We had a good thing going. Then we gave it all away. And we still could have it once again, if we'd ever stand up and believe in ourselves again.

Foreigners have come to America for decades to become "Americans," not to live in isolated, politically correct ghettos where they wait for hand-outs from a balkanized federal government. The "good ones" want to learn English. Want to acculturate. Want to become an American, not a hyphenated American.

But we have for so long patronized these people that they have given up and said "What the hell" (or, perhaps they said "Vat in de hell?")

Why should they work, when free money is available just because they're foreign?


Hey, I gotcher diversity -- RIGHT HERE!

2Truthy said...


Time to dust off the old Mel T. classic (above link.)

You tell it, Mel. But do they really want to be on the dole or just simply take US jobs and put Americans on it, instead? You'd think by now that Stevie and other US CEO's would figure out a way to bypass this *culture* and get Americans back to work.

2Truthy said...

Oh - you don't suppose that at least one of the reasons no charges were filed might have had something to do with the fact that by the time they "persuaded" him to hand over part of the loot, he was already 'indisposed' and they didn't have to waste their time and expense?

Anonymous said...


The United States is now almost exclusively an imports based economy, which includes inferior goods along with the unfortunate importation of thieving, murderous cultures to add to our own unfortunate mix of Madoffs and mobsters. I do disagree with your assumption that immigrants today want to isolate themselves when they come here.

Aside from the typical neighborhood theme of sticking together that most immigrants initially follow, I've mostly seen the opposite with a desire to learn the language and participate in the community. By all indications, there is a tendency for this leadership to want to grow a permanent underclass, maybe a dole is the only (irrational) way to validate the privileged.

Wilton the Connecticut Wino said...

People lying, people dying. At what point do we stop importing fraudulent people and products and get our citizens back to good jobs?