Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Carol Bartz Channels Her Inner Sue Sylvester, Tells Arrington "F*ck Off"!

(TechCrunch Disrupt: Michael Arrington and Carol Bartz (22:58)

Carol “Sue Sylvester” Bartz Tells Michael Arrington to "F*ck Off!"

Disruptive News

New York City – So, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz just landed on my official party list.

Michael Arrington, blogging head of the “tiny little company” TechCrunch was ripped a new one today by Carol Bartz who channeled her inner Sue Sylvester by gleefully telling the arrogant and antagonistic interviewer to F*ck off. (Read the transcript here.) No siree, this woman is no Rebecca of Fu*king Sunnybrook Farm.

For readers not in-the-know, TechCrunch is a "tiny" little blog that appears to exist almost solely for the promotion of  “entrepreneurs” to pitch brilliant ideas like special-interest sectors and organizations like Code for America (Teach for America's controversial  kissing cousin) and for its failed attempt at producing a device after allegedly getting ripped off by another partnering “entrepreneur.”

Arrington's antagonistic, not so cl-assy MSP questions began with “How the f*ck are you” and yet she stuck through the whole interview, with very insightful answers. Bartz can talk the talk and walk it AND chew gum at the same time, Mikey. The woman is no BS and knows her way around the industry.

But a few commenters, like the one below, might still think a female CEO's place as a role model is all about channeling Shirley Fu*king Temple?

Well, so much for modeling for the young'uns, i,e,. taking the high road, showing your own good breeding and manners. I'm ashamed for business women everywhere. She's a graceless, snarky, fishmonger's wife. Think this is scary, think about having her Valkyrie twin, Whitman, for a governor...”

We beg to differ. You go, Carol!


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