Friday, May 14, 2010

Obama Buffalo Billboard Plea: I Need a Freakin' Job. Period.

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Dear Mr. Heat Flash,

A New York state LWOH operative has tipped us about your new organization and website, INAFJ.ORG where I viewed an image of your Buffalo billboard and the stated jobs plea mission statement along with the above video. On the face of it, good stuff, this I need a freakin' job meme.

Why, just in the course of one week, the ever so humble, pro-American worker (haha) Businessweek rolled out an 'alert' article America's New Anti-India Backlash while Sam Stein over at the all things groupthink HuffPo appears to have oh so predictably incited a venerable, divide and conquer based riot with his promotional piece entitled Group Sends Racially-Tinged Mailer Targeting Bill Halter in Arkansas Senate Race. Oh, the manufactured, entertaining hijinx that ensues between pro-outsourcing/insourcing loving Blanche Lincoln and Bill Halter! And don't miss the "racially tinged" commercial featuring Indians, either. Isn't it brilliant how the above article titles suggest that Americans are "anti-Indian" and racist for wanting their jobs? This latest anti-American  worker marketing roll out makes you wonder how many rupees the Indian lobby put up for that one and how loud the cash registers rang over at Billy and Blanche's banks, eh? (Note that whenever the subject of American jobs going to Indians appears in the parasitic insider media, they demonize non-insider Americans who need jobs by cheaply deploying the freakin' race card.) Now, YOU come along with a billboard, video and website that scream "I NEED A FREAKIN' JOB".

Did the heavens line up or has Hell's Kool-Aid stand enlisted new recruits?

We don't know, but maybe you, Mr. Heat Flash, can tell us a little more about your timely entrance into the American jobs messaging fray. (BTW, the site says you have a petition but we couldn't find any place to actually sign it on your site so please let us know.) Also, although your website's "common sense" bullets reference jobs being shipped to China, there is no reference - none at all -- to the massive funneling of white collar jobs to India via offshoring and insourcing. How, Mr. Heat Flash, did you miss that one?  (Isn't it funny how the Israel-India alliance is all about advancing the anti-American, pro-Indian outsourcing/insourcing agenda and bashing China?) I mean, really.  As long as we're talking about millions and millions of stolen jobs from Americans, why not just bash both?

Another tipster has even suggested that your organization might be driven by Neo-Frat Boy corporate welfare sponsored, group-thinky evil-doers and lobbyists who are promoting the backshoring agenda blueprint to import even more guest workers from India (does 'H-1B' and TATA, WIPRO or Infosys ring a bell?) to further diminish jobs for educated American workers - a lucrative practice that fattens corporate America's secret Cash Cow.  Have you also noticed how another new site called  Americans For Job Security appears to have NO interest whatsoever about stopping the flood of cheap imported (note the emphasis upon 'imported') Indian workers either? Haha, what a deceptive name - Americans for Job Security -- for an organization that wouldn't say NO to imported foreign labor! Imagine such a corporate owned organization that would pay  and or be the media to criticize job "outsourcing" while corporations start "backshoring" and  keep IMPORTING more Indian workers to take MORE American jobs? No, really, Mr. Heat Flash. What do you think? Is that too cynical?

Anyway, if you didn't know about Indian outsourcing, insourcing and backshoring, don't worry.  Yours truly is available to step aboard your nascent media platform and offer professional instruction in accurately framing a truthful INAFJ.ORG pro-American worker message to ensure overwhelming success for any mid-term election candidates riding on the jobs issue (like Ohio's Ted Strickland OR his opponent, for example) not to mention their corporate sugar daddies. And if you're paying the big bucks, of course you'll want to contact me ASAP.

Yes, Mr. Heat Flash. Educated Americans need freakin' jobs and it's time to stop freakin' exporting them and importing foreign workers. In the meantime, we at LWOH will continue our years long mission to educate the clueless plebes and expose the hubris soaked, greedy man-crushed perps complicit in the wholesale giveaway of American white collar jobs to our beloved Indian brethren who should, by now, be weaned off of the withering, bankrupted and dried-up teat known as America, where exported jobs  and imported labor are unsustainable.

Standing by for your response regarding my inquiry into this shout-out "I NEED A FREAKIN' JOB" endeavor of yours, INAFJ.ORG.

Most truly yours,


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2Truthy said...

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Tunnel Rat said...

Any group that mentions "free markets and free trade" like AJS is just shilling for the slave trade. What is so free about perverting the laws of supply and demand by flooding the labor market with cheap imports?

BTW, your blogroll needs updating. And it is a shame to see so many insurgents (GWF, Carrie's, etc.) shut down by high-tech junta and the outsourcing regime.

2Truthy said...

Shilling, indeed, that org is.

Blogroll update? Oh yeah. If only I'd quit spending so much time on my poetry site about not having written anything in the past six months... That'll do it.

2Truthy said...

...and I STILL haven't heard a thing from Mr. Heat Flash...