Friday, September 10, 2010

Fire Up the Fury: Wrapping Up Flag Burning and Holy Book Burning

(Very Special Thanks to Our Beloved Jerry Garcia)

You know this Space is Getting Hot”

Firing Up the Fury

Grrr...We hate book burning... Gin up the zero tolerance! The creepy Florida Pastor's religious book burning described as a  cheap stunt  by President Obama has visibly (as in smack onto your roof, down the chimney, onto your plasma screen and straight into your lap) ignited a horrific fireball of hot, calculated and predictable media outrage.  Even the omniscient, pre-IPO all things global media queen Arianna Huffington had to be summoned to pipe up with expert, scholarly analysis. The Diva of Diversion hosed down the fiery hype as another mere “Balloon Boy” episode. Whew. What would we do without The Voice of Gravitas? Even in our worst nightmares, we'll always have the Balloon Boy...

The world needs people with integrity, not those willing to trade their lifetime's reputation for 15 minutes of fame. Imagine this guy's tombstone: 

Here lies the man of religion who once threatened to burn the Koran.

It should be crystal clear that anyone who condones book burning (of any kind) is an intolerant, illiterate Neanderthal slob and/or just plain scary nuts.  Flag burning  has been a symbol of protest since way before the Romans conquered Gaul, but book burning? Who was it that burned down the library at Alexandria around 400 A.D. and plunged the Western world into the Dark Ages for the following 1000 years?  

There is a lot of steep, moral high ground to climb in order to put out this fire on America's  middle class. And fanning the fundamentalist flames of race and religion are the media's match to corporate America's gasoline tank.

You know this space is getting hot.

Party on, plebes!


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