Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Obama Speaks at Philly School While Hope Pisses Away for US Law Students

Nothing's going to have as great an impact on your success in life as your education.”

-President Obama

We're Giving Jobs to India But Go to School Anyway, Suckas!

Home of the Liberty Bell, PA – President Obama delivered a speech to an estimated 600 students at Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School in Philadelphia where he urged students to dream big, work hard, and focus on getting a good education. He rallied the youths with this time-honored, encouraging plea:

"Nothing's going to have as great an impact on your success in life as your education," Obama told the crowd of fifth through 12th-graders packing the auditorium, dozens of whom held cell phones, cameras and other PDAs aloft to record his remarks throughout the 17-minute speech. "More and more, the kinds of opportunities that are open to you are gonna be determined by how far you go in school. The farther you go in school, the farther you're gonna go in life."

What's this? Does Obama think these kids are a bunch of ding dongs? The rallying behind Obama's “My Future, My Education” branding message is short on facts and long on disingenuous, empty inspiration. His message does not explain why parents with college degrees from our nation's finest universities and their older brothers, sisters, cousins and uncles are facing the poor house as they watch the bleeding of U.S. white collar jobs needlessly go to Indian replacements both here and abroad. What kind of job “opportunities” will the Philly youths have? Janitor? Pimp? Ditch Digger? Bed pan wiper? (If nothing more, American schools will at least keep the young rabble off the streets.)

Maybe Jim Hightower can address the entire nation's students next year on the selling out of American legal profession jobs to India. In his article, Hightower explains that the greedy, looting corporate elite is moving to separate their “expanding fortunes” from the well-being of their educated middle class American neighbors and “from the well being of America itself” below:

Even though U.S. corporations have amassed record levels of profits and cash reserves, they are offshoring their legal work simply because it puts even more money in their pockets. They can pay Indian lawyers as little as a tenth of what they'd pay young American attorneys – and the 90-percent wage difference goes to the corporation, rather than being spread through our economy as family incomes.”

Remember, “offshoring” is the practice of shipping U.S. jobs overseas to cheap laborers and onshoring is the practice of shipping cheap laborers here under the temporary H-1b and L-1 student visa and green card programs. Both cause American worker displacement, labor arbitrage, and economic depression.

Aside from the  lack of quality concern, competence, cultural assimilation and shared community values associated with selling out U.S. white collar jobs, the practice of offshoring and onshoring is locally unsustainable and it is time to put the brakes on the neo-frat boy corporate state. Oh – and that security, privacy, and safety issues matter with U.S. legal work landing in the laps of those content with stealing jobs from American citizens? Stop clinging to your eroding civil rights or your dire need to have a job after you graduate. Soon, your parents and grandparents won't have social security or their pensions to fall back on, either. 

Obama is right to urge the Philly students to cherish their education and work hard, but his message is conflicting with his administration's policies that support an influx of guest workers when there are not enough jobs to employ our own. Wouldn't NOW be an excellent time for him to launch the Department of Homeland Jobs for Americans? 

So get over yourselves, aspiring American law students! Join the ethnically cleansed class of permanently unemployed/underemployed educated Americans like computer scientists, nurses, marketers and accountants - hey, that's just about everyone excluding hedge fund managers. As Hightower notes, these brilliant “legal beagles” of India basically want to piss on the fire hydrant that is your hijacked legal professional job. You are indebted to America's sociopathic “corporate elite” for their ethnic cleansing of America's educated middle class, so be sure to send them and their go-to congress people a warm and sincere thank-you note.

Party on, plebes!



Missouri Drool said...

I am a flag waving Democrat and mighty proud of it.I don't ever want anybody telling me to stop being a grifter welfare queen in Missouri.

2Truthy said...

Drool, Pride is a wonderful thing. Whether it's corporate welfare or plain old welfare, the one big money party panders to both. As do the teabaggy R's, D's need their good mob mentality, fleabaggy group thinkers, too.