Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rahm's 4 Letter Word for Chicago: RAHM

Chicago Rahm Emanuel Reveals his Four Letter Word for Chicago

Rahm Emanuel Announces His Four Letter Word for Chicago: JOBS

Or is the four letter word RAHM? Kind of like REAM, only in a mysterious way?

As in to rahm off the people of Chicago who have earned pensions, worked for teacher tenure, paid into social security and medicare, and need good paying jobs for themselves and their children? We HOPE not. We really do want to get behind Rahm, so less than five minutes into the video, let's review some soundbites into his new jobs and budget plan:

Our city's economy is set up to support the economy of our fathers and grandfathers.”

We don't know, but Rahm immediately starts punching words like global and international this and that, so it looks like he's talking about fleecing those fathers and grandfathers using the code word New Economy that Neo-Frat Boy Corporate State CEO's, politicians and cheap labor lobbyists/shills use to steal jobs from Americans below:

We need a government that supports the 'New Economy' “.

(Define new economy: NASSCOM lobbyists who bribe U.S. politicians to essentially take necessary jobs from the city's fathers and grandfathers and their educated kids as mentioned above who built the fucking city of Chicago?)

Is Rahm talking about comparative advantage? It's not a FOUR letter word, but it may as well be. Plus it's synonymous with “new economy” which means LABOR ARBITRAGE which means drive down wages here to third world levels. And we know where he's going with the rest of his international third world labor arbitrage loving sales pitch here:

We are home to international companies with an international footprint with an international workforce with the ability to compete on a global stage.”

Rahm must be no stranger to investment banks who are notorious for pumping up “technology” startups and climate exchange bubbles either:

Chicago is home to giants like Groupon, young companies like Threadless and Brighttech...”

Support! Whenever you hear a politician utter the word “support”, can you say SUBSIDY SLUT? Note that Rahm says he wants to help support “established” businesses like the above grow, but last time we checked, Groupon is a fucking STARTUP from way way back in 2008 so how does it get an instant “established” definition? Maybe he's talking about the established deep venture capital pockets who heart subsidies lining this operation?

About 3 minutes in he says something about a company in his “old neighborhood” that wants to:

“...bring jobs from the suburbs to the city.”

HOW does all that commuting help suburbanites with their travel times and carbon footprint? Ah. Twenty somethings can all pile out of their parents' suburban basements and into the city to work and rent an exotically overpriced love shack loft from some of the City's finest slumlords? Now THAT is what I call a stimulus plan! Again, we don't know...

About that FOUR letter word thing Rahm promises called JOBS?

Whose jobs? For Americans or imported labor? What kind of jobs? Shitty ones? We need more splainin'! Unless Rahm is talking a good game for now to roll his wealthy donors for campaign contributions with a firm commitment to put the kibosh on dubiously skilled imported cheap “best and brightest” labor and their hustlers bribing city pols to steal jobs from U.S. citizens, Rahm offers no specific details here to favor unemployed/underemployed Americans with his particularly punchy new economy, global international, competitive jobs and budget plan.

NOPE. Nuthin' to see HERE.

Of course, I could be wrong, so WAKE me the FUCK up when RAHM wants to SHOW us the money by a plan to hires Americans first and stops age discrimination.

Enough already with the FOUR LETTER WORDS! 

But hey, we would prefer to see Rahm's success built upon doing the right thing by putting educated Americans back to work first instead of the same old corporate/politico cheap labor lobby BLOW JOBS mancrush machine that is wrecking the U.S. economy.

Until Rahm opens up his kimono and stands up for the educated Americans kicked to the curb by outsourcing and insourcing American JOBS,

Fuck. This. Shit.

Party on, plebes!




HizzRahminess is giving a pre-election day speech when he's already bagged it!


Anonymous said...

i just started with bing. my new project will be on 30 million computers by 2012. i am earning about the same wage as usual, $44/hr. try that in a protectionist state! - mcfnord

Anonymous said...


$44 an hour? Hahahahaha!

In your little dream world will you bing your way into BAGGING anything north of that in your pathetic subsistence world under your shopping cart, hahaha!

2Truthy said...

Rahm is the Man! Who better than to clean up the budget and waste redundancies in the Second City!

Where else can you go to find a tenacious mayor who's an artist WITH a fu*king sense of humor?