Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Clinton/Bush: One Too Many Sleepovers

GHWB: Thanks for coming over again, Bill.

BC: I really don't know whether it was the quadruple heart bypass surgery or just all this quality time I have been spending with you lately, George, but I feel like a million fucking bucks these days...real peaceful. Content. Spinning around thoughts on how to get the PLEBES to dig down into their wallets even when the well's gone dry is so darn invigorating. Who'd a thought it would be so cozy doin' it with a republican bwana like you..................

GHWB: Well now, they ALL know it's all about the oil, so now whatta we do next? Can you go on Jon Stewart and tell them that you feel their pain but we gotta stay the course or all hell's gonna break loose...?

BC: Well George...Say, can I call you 'Dad'? It's more complicated than that. I mean, they used to think that YOU were the asshole but now they're beginning to smell a rat on MY front porch; now I'm not saying that I shouldn't make every attempt to explain to the majority of the people in the United States that they really are screwed four ways for Sunday and there ain't a damn thing they can do about it, but what I WILL say is that if -- IF they believe that they are better off today than they were yesterday -- and I can tell you, they ain't gonna buy THAT baloney sandwich again since many of them can't even AFFORD one now...but if the people of the United States don't want our troops over there and want healthcare and jobs, then they have to believe that they actually CAN make a difference -- even though you and I both know that is hilarious -- and so, I'll give it my best shot with this philanthropic Global Initiative move. We just gotta get em' to buy that we really do give a good goddamn and then the rest will follow; you'll see.

GHWB: Right! A thousand points of light! Whenever you tell them that they can make the world a better place, dog gone it they actually BELIEVE you! You know, son, it always amazes me how so many people with so little dig into their pockets and donate money for organizations like the Global Initiative. Don't they ever wonder where the money goes and why it doesn't change anything at home? Couldn't they use it for a nice Christmas goose or a trip to the lake or something?

BC: You and I both know that being President don't mean diddly... Look at George Junior...All you gotta do is take one look at his sorry ass and wonder why he ever quit takin' all that cocaine, but maybe that's because he didn't know any of the right dealers and it was just real lousy (hehehehe....:) OR you just didn't raise him right. Oh- I really want to apologize for that last comment, DAD, I must be getting sleepy....................

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