Monday, January 28, 2008

Ted Kennedy Endorses Barack Obama

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Friday: Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building
Happy Friday, Loserettes!

Squirrels will do anything for their next meal - even figuring out complicated, insane obstacle courses! This squirrel had no problem navigating the extremely complicated apparatus, maneuvering the indirect and convoluted channels with simplicity. The most horrible instances of such corporate team building challenges include the anticipation factor, as the squirrel makes slow but steady progress toward its goal.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chicago Sun-Times Lays off Reporters

Organizations like suck.

Here’s why. According to its website, Compete America believes it is “fundamental to the United States’ innovation and economic leadership to provide world-class education and job training, and establish a secure and efficient employment-based immigration system that welcomes highly educated and talented professionals to our nation” at the expense of our working professionals and college graduates who, during this recession, are either being laid off or watching their compensation and benefits packages and wages decline as the corporate shitheads behind Compete America run the biggest “Great American Labor Shortage” scam past the citizens of this country under the banner of ‘globalization’ and ‘free-trade.’
In addition, Compete America is a veritable breeding ground of “Who’s Screwing Who” in this race to the bottom, with a surprising cast of characters from the Tech Lobby (TechNet) supporting this war on the middle class. In reality, Compete America serves as a world-class marketing arm or bullshitter for CEO’s to drive down wages.
In this recent article by Rob Sanchez entitled "Claims that U.S. future depends on immigrants puts ‘con’ in Silicon Valley", Craig Barrett, CEO of Intel, claims that the company can't find enough talented workers and yet "is eliminating thousands of jobs in locations such as New Mexico, California and Oregon. If Intel is having such a tough time finding qualified workers, why are they firing so many workers already in their employ?"

Where are all the journalists to report this news front and center? I know, I know. It’s hard work to get the latest on Britney’s bipolar disorder and somebody has to do it… But while media consolidation continues to drive more and more writers to the unemployment line or to lesser skilled jobs in the service economy like bartending or Macy’s concierge, what’s left of MSM reporting and the legions of blogger wannabes is a vacuum in reporting who’s screwing who for fear of being the cheese who stands alone when it comes time for that book endorsement from on-high or worse, a non-invite to the latest private Sundance screening.

Today the Chicago Sun-Times announced a hefty layoff of journalists from its pool.
According to the Chicago Tribune article,

“Seventeen Chicago Sun-Times union newsroom employees were laid off in a flurry of phone calls Wednesday, while another two accepted buyouts, according to union officials, bringing the final total of union and non-union reporters, editors and others in the editorial department shed in this reduction to 36.”

Phone Calls! They were fired ON THE PHONE! Were these journos called at 7:00 am in their homes? Or were they phoned at their desks and told they were being shitcanned? Oh, and the 55 and over crowd gets to look forward to

“assistance on health care coverage for up to five years”, while the package “offered younger staffers included a minimum of three months of health care and up to one year
for those with 15 years at the paper. One break for those involuntarily let go is their termination date officially will be in February, extending their health care coverage till the end of that month.”

WOW! This is America! 'Mercans don't get sick after 55 anyway, you bunch of EU socialized medicine, pansy pantywaists! We just tough it out...I am so glad we have Democratic candidates like Hillary but especially Barry H. “Hope” Obama, who believe in the power of Insurance Industry Lobbyists, Big Pharma, The Tech Lobby frat boys, Al Gore, Compete America, and Ronald Reagan’s trickle-down economics. Who needs a Social Contract when Oprah can personally bankroll you for a thousand lifetimes and provide all the Blackwater security detail to keep the angry mobs off your gated, moated McMansion property line? The ‘Party of Ideas’ has merged into 'One Big, Fat Fucking Party of Ideas' and has media consolidation, mega-mogul Rupert Murdoch written all over it. Guess who’s been playing kissy face with that guy?
Oh, Democratic Party, where art thou?


Suzanne Pleshette R.I.P.

Suzanne Pleshette 1937-2008

The talented and versatile stage, film, and TV actress Suzanne Pleshette died of lung cancer over the weekend in Los Angeles.

I had the privilege of working with Suzanne on the set of the made for television drama
Flesh and Blood starring Ms. Pleshette, John Cassavetes and Tom Berenger. Not only was the beautiful, razor thin Suzanne a remarkably disciplined actor with incredible posture, (poster girl for the Alexander Technique) but she chainsmoked and cussed like a longshorman docked at a Shanghai jack shack.

It’s true.

When we had meal breaks (the food was great), I would sit with Tom Beringer. He was a nice guy -- a little quiet, and both of us being from Chicago, we had a few things to talk about. But Suzanne would opt out of the meals, preferring to sit ringside and smoke. When she was down to end of her cigarette, she would keep staring at the ring, reach down for the pack of cigarettes, stub the cigarette out, flick her lighter and deeply inhale the next one. Continuously.

I never saw anybody chainsmoke like that, or at least, not in person. Nor have I ever seen another actress concentrate so intensely in my life.

R.I.P., Suzanne.


Gum Swallowers Beware

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Friday, January 18, 2008

"Free Lunch: How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at YOUR Expense"

“Nothin’s happenin’ on Shakedown Street…it used to be the heart of town.”
-The Grateful Dead-

Happy Friday, Loserettes!

Did the boss pick up the tab for lunch today? I HOPE so.

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez from Democracy Now interview Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston as he discusses his new book, Free Lunch : How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense (And Stick “You” with the Bill).

Johnston reveals how government subsidies and new regulations have quietly funneled money from the poor and the middle class to the rich and politically connected.

Like frogs sitting in a pot of slowly boiling water, I’d say the sheeple are “quietly” down with that. And if the GOP is the party of Big Daddy, then the Democrats are the party of Big Pimps.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Mod Squad: Three Hip Democratic Senators on a Soul Beat

One Black. One White. One Blonde…

I knew there was something familiar about seeing the three Democratic frontrunners together. Then it hit me. Now, if Hillary would only use the theme music from THE MOD SQUAD (watch video) instead of that saccharine Celine Dion crap...

Only instead of fighting crime, these three senators are fighting Republican high crimes and misdemeanors one crooked, square thug at a time.

“This Bush cat man, that’s one bad trip!” Howls the action trio who vow to send Bush & Cheney’s sorry ass reality show into syndicated reruns for good!
Groovy, man. I can’t wait!


Osama bin Laden's Son Hits the Beauty Scene?

Osama bin Laden's son
-Photo Courtesy Mel Toast-

We can’t say where those dreadlocks have been, but what we DO know is that OBL’s son is not only a poster child catch for THE HAIR CLUB FOR MEN but looks like he's got the chops to open  an upscale beauty salon somewhere!


Obama and Hillary Rehearse Their Vegas Dance Steps

“Come on Baby We’re Gonna Paint the Town…”
All That Jazz from the movie ‘Chicago’
-Photo courtesy Mel Toast-

Don’t these two look just like Catherine Zeta Jones and Renee Zellwegger in the movie CHICAGO? Could these two be the best performers in the history of the Democratic Party?

What gender card? What race card? Could the two sort of Chicago natives (Hills is really from a north suburban Chi-town subdivision too boring to name and Barry is really from Honolulu with a swanky residence in Hyde Park) be secretly engaging in race and gender defying dance lessons for their upcoming appearance at the Bellagio this week? LTWOH has learned that Hillary is seducing Obama by deftly employing the art of political Jiu-Jitsu on him by playing the “entertainment” card and HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW IT!

Amidst rumors surrounding allegations of Hillary launching an “attack” on Obama, this picture puts the kibosh on speculation that the Chicago star-crossed candidates are anything but BFFs. “This is an unfortunate story line the Obama campaign has pushed very successfully," Hillary said on NBC's Meet the Press. “I don’t think this campaign is about gender, and I sure hope it’s not about race.” Since HOPE is what Barry is all about, he secretly believes the race IS about race and maybe gender, too, since Hillary is of the opposite gender and as far as we know, Barry isn’t of that other gender and so far, race has been working out just fine for Barry.

Hillary even brought up the subject herself and then falsely accused Obama of having raised it so that she could deftly "respond" and perhaps neutralize his presumed race advantage with Democratic voters, thus employing a sneaky, pro-active tactic known as political Jiu-Jitsu. Oh, the webs we weave.

The art of Jiu-Jitsu involves using an attacker's energy against him rather than directly opposing it. But Hillary modified the Jiu-Jitsu technique by fabricating her opponent's attack so that she could react and score points — on race. Onto the Bellagio!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bush Indebted to Saudis while Haunted by Visit to Egypt

Saudi’s Hail Conversion of President Bush to Islam

George W. Bush visited Saudi Arabia this week and Robert Scheer asks in his HuffPo article today entitled Those Ungrateful Saudis

“What more can this president do to curry favor with the Saudis? He forgave them for nurturing the Wahhabism that spawned al-Qaeda, and he never embarrasses them with the fact that bin Laden and 15 of the19 hijackers who attacked America on 9/11 were born and raised in the kingdom. Nor did Bush let the inconvenient fact that the Saudi government had backed the Taliban until 9/11 intruded on his cozy relations with the royal family. That warmth, displayed at ranching cookouts in both countries, has now been reinforced by $20 billion in U.S. arms sales to the Saudis and their Persian Gulf allies, officially announced by Bush on Monday.”

As one commenter aptly points out, the Bush/Cheney Crime Cartel has “decimated the U.S. Economy, Shredded the U.S. Constitution, awoken the Talibangelicals, gutted the U.S. Military, sold off the U.S. Real Estate, and embarrassed the U.S. Democratic Governance, so that THEY and the Saudi King and Sheiks (and several generations of their descendants)can have more money than God and live like Kings of the World.”

Now that Bush has given away the store, what is left? The Saudi government continues its official promotion of Wahhabism, (the fundamentalist strain of Islam that is intolerant of anyone who doesn't follow their teachings) and visitors to the Saudi Kingdom are not permitted to bring their religious books with them (got that, Huck?) or to practice their religion while on Saudi soil (like Bush gives a shit.)

Even when oil was selling for $20 per barrel, the Saudis were wealthy as Clampetts with fully vested Google stock. But a real president would have told the Saudi King - not asked him but TOLD him - to pump more oil and reduce the market price. But nooooo…as Scheer sums up,

“Things have gotten so tough here that even Halliburton's CEO moved his headquarters to Dubai. The bad news for the Saudis is that Bush broke the United States--but they own it.”

As oil hits $100 a barrel, wages plummet, layoffs continue, cost of living prices soar and record home foreclosures are the order of the day, we have an election coming up to spark some real participation where we get to actually choose a brand NEW sociopath from a pre-arranged menu to be the NEW tool of the elitist, one Big Money Party. Oh boy! Somebody, cue “My Country Tis’ of Thee”…

Meanwhile, Bush is visiting Egypt today. Three years ago, Bush made Egypt, the most populous Arab country with some 79 million people, a focus of a policy to “push for greater democracy”, hailing it as a "great and proud nation" that could lead the Middle East toward democracy. Bush pointed to its 1979 peace treaty with Israel which made Egypt a “test case” for the President’s experiment in forced democracy abroad.

But stalled reforms and bitterness over the jailing of hundreds of dissidents are haunting his visit here Wednesday where the Egyptian government has bristled over what it considers American interference, and ties between the longtime allies have cooled.
Read more here.

Everyone has their price. Our government has been hijacked, used and abused by elitist thugs who We the People elect into office while we whine our separate ways into captivity, hoping (got that HOPEbama) for a candidate every four years to be the real deal while the Empire crumbles... One would have thought the internet would have fixed that problem, uniting the unwashed masses with others collectively seeking truth to change (still with me, HOPEbama?) but the man behind the curtain controls that outlet, which may explain the odd rejection of populist issues on the Left at a time when it is clear that the economic state of the country is on the road to collapse.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Built to Last

Newsworthy notes, Loserettes…

Distinguished, debonair, anti-blowhard journalist and author David Sirota has written an excellent article today on gasbag Lawrence O’Donnell’s smear piece about John Edwards. I don’t know what was worse --- the smear piece or the fact that HuffPo ran it (as they are wont to do with negative Edwards spin…) So if you have a moment, drop Arianna a line about the perils of publishing such incivil articles and attempts to black out Edwards. The good news is that Edwards is surging in the Nevada polls…but like Sirota points out, the monied interests are not trusting Edwards and, uh, O’Donnell should know:

“We also saw self-anointed Democratic "expert" Lawrence O'Donnell pen a fulminating screed on the Huffington Post demanding Edwards get out of the race - not surprising coming from a man who made his name running the U.S. Senate Finance Committee - long the most corrupt, lobbyist-ravaged panel in all of Washington (somehow, running the U.S. Congress's version of a pay-to-play casino now makes people credible "experts" in campaign strategy and political morality).”

Show me something BUILT TO LAST and can we stop buying all that stuff? Special thanks to Sista Doppelganger Jersey Cynic and Liz at Blondesense for their fine articles on what we gotta do…Read THE GREAT DANE here.

The Washington Alliance of Technology Workers (
is asking if H-1B Visa Reform will be talked about in the Presidential Debates and wants you to help make it happen! As you are well aware, report after report after report shows that there is no "shortage" of tech workers in the U.S. does not exist. Read Ron Hira’s latest article in InformationWeek here.

Click this link now and submit a question to be asked of the candidates at the CNN debates at the end of this month.A sample question:"Given the numerous reports showing there is no shortage of tech workers, would you agree to cut or eliminate the H-1B Visa program and to hiring Americans first?”

Which leads to Hire Americans First, a new site launched today in association with the Programmers Guild with the expressed goal to “build up a core of activists that will speak with the media, contact Congress, and be plaintiffs in Programmers Guild class actions (sharing in the damage awards). In order to reach out to as many U.S. tech workers as possible, we are doing this independent from the membership fee and other restrictions imposed by the Guild.”

Bob Oak at offers an inside view from Michigan on the campaign trail of John McCain and reminds us why we should never, ever vote for this douche who had the audacity to trot out Ms. No American has a God given right to a Job ex-CEO of Hewlett Packard Carly Fiorina (pronounced fee-whore-eena) in front of residents from the state with the highest unemployment rate.

Ok. Now get busy, spacefans, and go out in the streets and start making some noise. Remember,

“It’s Not the Economy, Stupid. IT’S YOUR JOB!”


Friday, January 11, 2008

Greek Orthodox Leaders Greet President Bush in Israel

Bush Diplomacy Lost in Translation
-Special thanks to Mel Toast-

After years of hopelessly covert inaction holed up in exotic jungles of the South Pacific and Saudi Arabia where he mastered the art of selling cackle bladders to undercover Greek counter-spies, Chicago’s own ‘Michigan Avenue Mel Toast’ offers his foreign language translation skills -- proving once again that the press these days cannot be taken seriously:

malaka = jerk
offfilese to = you kiss
kolo mou = my ass

Tel Aviv (AsiaNews) - United States president George Bush arrived in Israel this afternoon [local time] on a state visit. After a few days, he will also visit Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

Bush hopes to speed up the Israeli-Palestinian dialogue following the Annapolis conference. Visiting the Arab countries, he wants to reassure them about the security situation involving Iran.

Read more here.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Truth: What Happened in New Hampshire





Sunday, January 6, 2008

Why Obama Can't Save Us Because He is a Big, Fat Hypocrite

HOPEbama: In the Thrall of AIPAC

Barry Hussein HOPEbama says it’s time for a CHANGE in Washington and that if he gets elected, he is going to stop “all the anger and infighting.” Got that? Barry wants us to just stop being all mad about watching our jobs and healthcare disappear and our civil liberties thrown in the shitter while he tells us he will give us “hope and change.” For free, too!

Well guess what, Barry? We don’t WANT to stop being angry at the Bush thugs and their corporate enablers OR at any lying Democratic hypocrite like you who tell us one thing and mean another.

In her article “Why Obama Can’t Save Us”, Missy Beattie reveals the deep-seated hypocrisy of candidate Obama who has aligned himself with Israel:

“These are some of Obama's comments during a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC):
"Our job is to rebuild the road to real peace and lasting security throughout the region, "Our job is to do more than lay out another road map."
"That effort begins with a clear and strong commitment to the security of Israel: Our strongest ally in the region and its only established democracy. "That will always be my starting point."
And calling for sustained military support to Israel, Obama said: "We must preserve our total commitment to our unique defense relationship with Israel by fully funding military assistance and continuing work on the Arrow and related missile defense programs."
For Barack Obama to say that "our job is to lay out another road map" for peace while we are providing military support to Israel as the country launches attacks on Palestinians is hypocrisy. There is more than a conflict of interest for the US to go to the table, act as peace brokers, and make demands. But, then, that is what we do as self-appointed police officers to the world. We decry the violence in Kenya. Condi Rice has just made a statement that it must stop. But the violence perpetrated on the Iraqi and Afghan populations by her boss's policies continues without end. Our violence is good violence. Anyone else's is barbaric.
It matters little to me that Barack Obama says he was against invading Iraq. After all, he votes to continue funding it. If this presidential candidate wanted to mend relations with Muslims, he could start by voting against additional war funding.
And he could say no to AIPAC-but this would be political suicide.”

Change and Hope? The Politics of Dope is what Senator More of the Same, HOPEbama is smoking and wants you too, to join him in this hypocrisy hell ride to the bottom.


John Edwards is Underdog: Live from New Trampshire

John Edwards Flies Over New Trampshire in Search of those who Rob and Plunder America's Disappearing Middle Class

Sweet Polly Purebread!

I don't know about the rest of you, but if the Dems have another repeat of Iowa, I am going to really not like the State of New Hampshire...

Anyway, John Edwards says he is Underdog!

If John Edwards is Underdog, then where was Shoeshine Boy when HOPEbama trolled victoriously through the cornfields of Iowa, stealing all the speed of lightning and roar of the Edwards campaign thunder? Huh?

Edwards may be the Underdog fighting all who rob and plunder in this campaign, running against two candidates with more than $200 million between them – but the REAL underdogs, just like the REAL O.J. killer or killers -- are the middle class and those without a voice in America today. You know, the ones who are getting robbed and plundered. Like you.

But don’t take MY word for it. Here. Read the rest and watch Underdog here.


Ace TV Reporter Sweet Polly Purebread aka 2Truthy

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Iowa Caucus 2008: The Class Ceiling, Elites and Wannabes

Iowa Caucus 2008: Economy and Health Care Top Issues

Great Education Myth? Great Labor Shortage Myth? Have/Have-Not America?

DES MOINES — Adam Nagourney reports today in the New York Times that Democratic and Republican presidential candidates “are navigating a far different set of issues as they approach the Iowa caucuses on Thursday than when they first started campaigning here a year ago, and that is likely to change even more as the campaigns move to New Hampshire and across the country.” As 2Truthy has been reporting, disappearing jobs and healthcare are the number one issues facing Americans today as corrupt corporate and political elites and their media enablers flock the cornfields in a last ditch effort to convince innocent Iowans about the “merits” of the corporate welfare candidates vying for the Big House. Nagourney adds that all the candidates are hearing questions about immigration and trade deals at virtually every stop.

David Sirota has written extensively on what he has coined “The Great Education Myth” and “The Great Labor Shortage Myth” and reports today that U.S. News and World Report is the latest to “debunk” the Great Education Myth.

Sirota, author of the bible on this Hostile Takeover, concludes that although education is “certainly a good thing”, American citizens with college degrees and advanced degrees are victims in an economy “rigged by free trade policies that create an economic race to the bottom.” He couldn’t get that more right. So WHO IS RIGGING this great education myth and how does it tie into “legal” immigration, lowered wages, and disappearing jobs?

Answer: In her excellent post Help Wanted: High Tech Workers at the Kool-Aid Factory, Citizen Carrie of one of my favorite blogs, has researched the "formula behind the corporate and political fear-mongering"

Bad schools = bad workers = more American jobs being given away

And provides a partial list of what she refers to as a “Rogue’s Gallery” of organizations and foundations run by an inner circle of elites determined to kick America’s educated middle class to the curb:

Eli Broad, from the Broad Foundations, one of the organizations that keep producing flawed Skills Commission reports.

-Allan Golston from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations U.S. Program, yet another entity involved with those Skills Commission reports. Golston also represents a man who is hell-bent on producing a nation of ubermenschen who are not only willing, but eager, to work at slave wages to keep producing flawed software that nobody needs.

-John Engler, President of the National Association of Manufacturers and former Governor of Michigan, a man who suffers from the "Everyone's an idiot except me" syndrome, and who firmly believes that if we could cut unnecessary government regulations (you know, like the ones that gave us covered sewers, clean air and safe working conditions), we wouldn't need to continue offshoring our factories.

-Lou Gerstner, former CEO of IBM, notorious for bringing in boatloads of H-1B workers while slashing thousands from the payroll.

There are others.

Visit this website ( STRONG AMERICAN SCHOOLS (SAS). Now that we have taken a peek at the Rogue’s Gallery above, pay close attention to an organization that no one has heard of called Strong American Schools (SAS) and note the insulated cast of characters who tell us on their website

“America’s students are losing out. The world is changing, jobs are evolving, and far too many students are simply not being prepared to be successful adults.”

Guess what? These corporate fear mongers are in Iowa today as we speak influencing the candidates and the caucus goers. Carrie notes that Strong American Schools (SAS)

“will get their wish granted and make education a huge issue in the 2008 election. It might just be the opening we need in order to get the issues of corporate greed, phony skills shortages and depressed wages out in the forefront of the national news.”

Tech Lobby Ditches America’s Students and Computer Scientists. In a previous post, I point out just how much "we don’t need no education" to flip burgers… and yet, the collective zeitgeist of Tom Friedman inspired elites tells us that we don’t matter in this race to the bottom.

Come on, all you tractor pulling motherfuckers in Iowa! Play the game right and caucus your asses off tonight and vote for the candidate who gets it, John Edwards! (Who else does?)


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Huckabee to Iowans: "Hijack Your Church's Bus!"

What we need now are Bodies, and Plenty of ‘em…

DES MOINES, Iowa - Presidential candidates are making a final plea to Iowans: Turn out for tomorrow's caucuses, dead or alive. With the heft of a Dennis Kucinich endorsement, Barack Obama is telling Iowans that all they basically have to do is fog a mirror.

But just when you thought you’d seen Sandra Bullock save the bus in SPEED for the last time, rest assured that the rubber's hittin' the road in Iowa today as former Baptist minister turned Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee instructs Iowa’s flock to “hijack your church’s bus” to bring in a bunch of bodies! Bodies, I tell ya…we'll see how that goes.

At least 130,000 Democrats and 80,000 Republicans are expected to participate in nearly 1,800 neighborhood meetings across Iowa.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008


A Radio With Guts

it was on the 2nd floor on Coronado Street
I used to get drunk and throw the radio through the window
while it was playing, and, of course,
it would break the glass in the window
and the radio would sit there on the roof
still playing
and I'd tell my woman,
"Ah, what a marvelous radio!"
the next morning I'd take the window
off the hinges
and carry it down the street
to the glass man
who would put in another pane.
I kept throwing that radio through the window
each time I got drunk
and it would sit there on the roof
still playing-
a magic radio
a radio with guts,
and each morning I'd take the window
back to the glass man.
I don't remember how it ended exactly
though I do remember
we finally moved out.
there was a woman downstairs
who worked inthe garden in her bathing suit,
she really dug with that trowel
and she put her behind up in the air
and I used to sit in the window
and watch the sun shine all over that thing
while the music played.

-Charles Bukowski-
Happy New Year!
Out with the old and in with the new!
Time to put away the tinsel and ask yourselves, in the words of the late JFK's speechwriter, "ask what you can do for your country." I know, the truth is, not a whole helluva lot when change relies upon strength in numbers and that relies upon gleaning the truth from a corrput media and a kool-aid drunken, neo-lib/conservative journo pool which is, at best, asleep at the switch...a collective media with rabid tag-teams beholden to maintaining the status quo.
Hint: In the coming months ahead as big media consolidation, outsourcing (we're not talking about "the manufacturing" sector but the "high paying" jobs loserettes are pegged to), home foreclosures, disappearing dollar, disappearing paychecks and stock portfolios, disappearing FDA, disappearing CDC, disappearing solid infrastructures, disappearing affordable healthy food prices, in short, disappearing middle class --- this year,
ask what your fucking country can do for you
and who the hell these corporate shitheads are and their political enablers. Remember, in 2008
It's Not the Economy, Stupid. IT'S YOUR JOB!
So then, which will it be in 2008? Will this country work or settle for a new window, a new radio, or just another rear-end view?