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Bailout Nation: Americans Losing to Outsourcing, Globalization

-Choking on Globalist Propaganda-
Bailout Nation: Americans Losing to Outsourcing, Globalization

Is America Losing at Globalization?

Daniel Gross of Newsweek asks this week whether America’s “ownership society” has allowed itself to sink into the “bailout nation” that citizens across this country -- on both the Right and the Left --- are complicit in as they embrace all the glorious hoo-ha under the elitist banner of the woefully hyped up sell out of jobs, access to affordable college tuition and healthcare under the banner of “globalization.” While this cold war on America's middle class wages on, corporate gatekeeping journalists are never too far away from reminding us that we can continue to eat cake as long as we continue to put up with it.

Despite the fact that even MSM rags like Newsweek produce titles such as the one above that touch upon how the American citizen is screwed by globalization, will Americans still remain committed to vote for the two-headed, bipartisan corporate welfare punk, McBama, who represent this wholesale global sell out of America? And what of the crying plebes on the Left who continue to blame the MSM for not dealing the inside straight and not reporting on all the right stuff? The Left is partially correct, as this particular article demonstrates the power of what a corporate gatekeeping journalist can do with teaser titles (such as the one above) that begs answers to a legitimate question only to substitute global, one world propaganda expressly architected to loot the American middle class.

According to Gross, The United States has now “lost its capacity to determine the direction of the global economy.” The direction? Which one would that be? As in, straight down to hell? As is the case with all journalists whose livelihoods rely upon corporate overlord gatekeeping so as not to unduly incite the plebes, Gross at least begs the question in this Sunday’s news headline format of an MSM rag, eight weeks prior to a presidential election which begs the Kool-Aid addled to take a reality check on why McBama is the final dealth knell to American middle class survivability, civility and national security.

As global natural resources dwindle while the world’s population grows unsustainably, American corporate elites, in complicity with a few Congress critters and State Department officials, have negotiated secret trade deals (that MSM rags are not typically wont to report on) with India and China to sell out white collar jobs and with it, the means for affordable college educations for our kids to the third world. Why the Left is down with this is all about the global groupthink. Assistant U.S. trade representative, Sean Spicer, cites the “diffusion of economic power” as being partially to blame:

"The World Trade Organization now has 153 members," he said. "Ten years ago it had 80. And China and India obviously now have bigger seats at the table." Russia's recent actions in the Caucasus have revealed that the United States no longer has the ability to use economic power as a tool of statecraft. How can the Bush administration impose economic sanctions on a government that owns hundreds of billions of dollars of U.S. debt?”

Well, here’s a novel idea: just for starters, why not stop handing off our jobs to the third world, stop subsiding third world students’ educations and start subsidizing our own students and start innovating (anything and everything) here again? According to this Economic Populist article China is enjoying a surge of unity and prosperity as they have become the manufacturing capital of the world. But would we, for instance, be called “racist” for demanding to innovate once again in the USA? And if so, what would we innovate? Surely, there are all kinds of alternative energy solutions. But have overinflated, redundant information technology companies like Google peaked and reached a plateau?

Citizen Carrie of Carrie's Nation takes a closer look at a little known business process invention called Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) which apparently educated white collar Americans are again, considered either too stupid or retarded to do here. With so much global information overload, mismanagement and over-management going around, will the economic Holy Grail for the masses, after all, not be found in last ditch land grabs by cloying Indians "cooking up" even more dubious KPO flim-flam "solutions" but rather, in a broader, more balanced participation of making the world’s widgets and innovative technologies here at home?

How bad can things get for white collar Americans, how did they get this way in the first place and who are the culprits? According to Jeffrey Garten, professor of international trade and finance at the Yale School of Management,

“in the year 2000, the world's wealthiest countries accounted for about 70 percent of the global economy, compared with 30 percent for developing economies. "At the midpoint of the 21st century, those percentages are going to be reversed.”

That is a firm, confident estimate, but what is it based upon? The only way the above percentages are going to be reversed is if we continue on this trajectory of allowing our corrupt politicians and corporate overlords to sell us out. Without a radical change from the electorate or masses of both parties to demand these changes from the candidates in this upcoming election, little can be done to stop the bleeding of our economic and national security. Short of seeing the unlikely spector of a third party candidate winning the presidency, like Nancy Pelosi so famously declared, “the American public gets the leaders they deserve.” Hear that, Left?

Sins of journalistic omissions. Gross declares that globalization “doesn't have to be a winner-take-all, zero-sum game” as he references a study by Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody's, noting that exports—up 13.2 percent in the second quarter—have created hundreds of thousands of jobs this year. So why is it that for ninety five percent of Americans during this same time, more food prices are skyrocketing, more white collar jobs are disappearing, more Americans have lost their homes, can’t afford college tuition for their kids and don’t have healthcare? Unfortunately, after corporate MSM gatekeeping journalists entice us with attractive headlines such as Gross does with this article, only to resort to the old bait and switch technique of hyping up Wall Street with useless GDP numbers based on bad trade deals that involve selling out American jobs while Main Street goes to hell.

Gross breathlessly reports:

“There are still plenty of economic events in which the United States sweeps the medals: farming, high tech, higher education, branded goods.”

Without naming names, dates, or other relevant, investigative journalism tidbits that might otherwise raise the bar on credibility at Newsweek and to be fair, so-called progressive blogs and "new media" climbers that pine to be the new corporate gatekeepers, the author of this article and other gatekeeping wannabes stop short of telling the whole story. As is the case of this article, Zandi’s quarterly “growth” statistic alone fails to connect the dots for the gross disconnect between the downward spiral in the quality of living for Americans by withholding those pesky details about the back room deals between our Congress, State Department officials and the India lobby (courtesy those lovely Dems, Hillary and Joe Biden) to trade our American jobs and university seats to third world foreign nationals in exchange for lucrative nuclear proliferation deals responsible for this unprecedented wholesale sell out of the American citizen.

Eight separate boats with teams or one boat with eight disparate nations? In his Olympian attempt to conclude the Newsweek article and reinforce the Global, One World Theme, Gross parts with this splashing tribute to corporate overlords everywhere:

“The global economy is no longer an individual event. Now it's more like the eight-person crew. That's an event in which several powerful strokers propel the boat forward through choppy waters. It's also an event in which the American women nudged out furious international competition to win gold.”

The pride we all felt here, indeed, when those American women won fairly and squarely through their commitment to the home team they played on and represented, and these talented athletes took home the gold. For whose team? No, it wasn't a "global" team. It was Team America. Will Americans rekindle the passion for rugged individualism (no, no, not the gun toting "I got mine" variety but pride in the neighborhood) that made this place great by uniting as a country to put our own people in our own neighborhoods first again? Or will Americans continue to fold, and waffle and cave and sink to this losing proposition that global elites love, called globalization?
Oh well. As long as there is a rainbow...


Friday, August 29, 2008

Cindy McCain's Mission to Georgia: Turn up the Volume!

Rumored philanthropist Cindy McCain was abruptly dispatched by her other half to get out of dodge this week on a “humanitarian mission” to “the little country of Georgia” which coincidentally happens to sit on plenty of oil pipeline revenue. Will the Chanel-clad beer heiress wife of the GOP nominee be able to solve a "whole morass of problems" over there?

John McCain’s Ode to Wife Cindy

Who's peekin' out from under a stairway
Who's bending down to give John a dropkick
Everyone knows it's Cindy.

Who's tripping down the streets of Tbilisi
Smilin' at every Georgian she sees
Who's helpin’ Mikheil blow up some Russians
Everyone knows it's Cindy.
And Cindy has scary eyes
And uses too much hair dye
And Cindy has ca$h to buy
All those pipelines (all those pipelines)
All those pipelines (all those pipelines)
And Cindy has scary eyes
And uses too much hair dye
And Cindy has ca$h to buy
All those pipelines (all those pipelines)
All those pipelines (all those pipelines)

Who's tripping down the streets of Tbilisi
Smilin' at every Georgian she sees
Who's helpin’ Mikheil blow up some Russians
Everyone knows it's Cindy.
[Repeat and fade]

Happy Friday, Loserettes!


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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama bin-Biden: Will they Lead this War on America's Middle Class?

Obama bin-Biden

2Truthy’s Cahones/Charisma DNC Speaker Rating (click on speeches of note links.)

Michelle Obama spoke. 0 = meh.
Hillary spoke. 6 = killer orange pantsuit and blue backdrop. Was she planning on prison time?
Joe Biden spoke. 7.5 = smooth as a tumbler of Courvoisier.
Jill Biden spoke. 5 = who knew Biden’s wife was so hot?
Dennis Kucinich spoke. 9.5 = should have been the frontrunner.
The Big Dog spoke. 10 = everybody loves Bill. Stay tuned for the reality TV show.
Tonight, The Illinois Enema Bandit speaks!

Wake up, America! It’s that exciting election time of year again, when all good Democrats suspend their better judgment to actually believe the stupefying lies and bullshit their chosen candidates spew in order to shore up the voting bloc of the poor, tired, disenfranchised and huddled masses. (If it weren’t so hilarious, it would be cynical.) And what better way to shore them up by creating MORE of them! Genius!

So forget about the war on terror and come back to this war on America’s middle class. You know the one, where white collar jobs are disappearing along with the blue collar ones, and you no longer have access (much less affordable) to healthcare, your phones and computers are prey and delightful folly for a slew of horribly overpaid, smug and unattractive losers who hawk useless technology and have nothing better to do than look into your shorts and actually gossip about it. Oh yes, spacefans, the Democrats are angling for the top job to seal the deal on taking you down in this race to the bottom. I know. An “Independent” candidate will only mess things up but hey, since Ralph Nader is set to be on the ballot nationwide for the first time, these times are changing, baby. (I will be posting separately on Ralph Nader and Sean Penn’s great speech.)

Did anyone catch Bill Clinton’s terrific humanity speech? The man has got to be the best political and public speaker this country every served up. But oh boy, back to the Democratic agenda: Who cares if this country can’t sustain its current population with great paying jobs and healthcare in a prosperous, humane way? In other words, the Democrats are committed to expanding corporate welfare programs just as much, if not more -- than Republicans. One. Big. Money. Party. Period.

The Democratic Party relies upon a huge pool of poor people in order to gain support. So far, the Democrats have done a great job at siding with corporate welfare policies that sell out our white collar jobs, limit access to healthcare, and erode our civil liberties. To learn more about how committed the Democrats are to selling out this nation’s citizens to the third world, visit and read Rob Oak’s excellent article today on Joe Biden’s betrayal of his blue collar roots and how he will add to the Democratic ticket to sell out American professionals. Never mind Barack Obama’s caving on FISA, supporting the expansion of immigration during a time when jobs (white and blue collar) are disappearing and his flimsy healthcare plan…Democratic voters like to forget, much like driving with their eyes closed.

This week in Denver, amidst plenty of 24/7 news coverage and 25/7 private security and law enforcement, the Democrats are proving to the nation once again (as they do every four years) that they are the other half of the One Party of Big Money, comprised of bipartisan Republicans and Democrats. According to this ABC News article, wealthy members of what is described as the "Pelosi 100" attended a “private, lavish party Monday night in the penthouse suite of the Denver Performing Arts Center, featuring Tony Bennett, John Legend and James Taylor.” Tony Bennett? Hmm. I wonder if Alec Baldwin made it…At any rate, beyond the ring of the Pelosi 100, lies an extended family of corporate welfare sponsors who are giving it their best shot to make sure that you, dear plebey reader, will have even less access to a well paying white collar job or single payer healthcare. And all kinds of other good stuff.

Yes, it’s true. The Democrats dig this whole elitist have and have not scene even more than the Republicans and NEED the lesser haves to support their pyramid scheme. As Ellen Miller of the Sunlight Foundation describes the chosen ones in Denver this week:

"It feels very elitist," said Ellen Miller of the Sunlight Foundation, a non-profit group that pushes for openness in politics. "To flaunt the fact that there is a higher elite class of people who are big political donors, who have reached that status because they have more money, feels fundamentally undemocratic," she said.

And how about that arrested ABC News producer? Make sure to click on that link where you get to watch Asa Eslocker get assaulted by police for standing on a public sidewalk attempting to take photos of Democratic senators and VIP donors if front of the Brown Palace Hotel. Don’t forget to click that link and watch what your corporate sponsored Democratic Convention masterminds think of what it means to live in a Democratic society. Suckas. Meanwhile, the best that Democratic supporters can do is bleat and smear intelligent third party candidates like Ralph Nader who is the only one standing up for them. Oh, the allure of jumping off a cliff because everyone else is…Then again, isn’t that the definition of politics?

Why was there such a heavy police/security presence with police telling reporters "no media is allowed," although observers on the balcony of a nearby apartment building could view the scene? Was it because the unwashed masses are only in town for window dressing to validate greedy media and corporate insiders? Was it because this convention is NOT really about stopping job outsourcing to legal and illegal immigrants or providing single payer health care at all or demanding a stop to illegal wiretapping? Was it because economic justice and our freedoms spell disaster for the insiders who stand to gain with a heavily invested Obama/Biden ticket?
Oh no, you sillies. It was all about a beauty pagent.

But aren’t Democrats supposed to be the People’s Party? Hahahahahha. How quickly Democrats forget and forgive that is was Joe Biden who championed a bill that is responsible for hundreds of thousands of Americans losing their homes. …

Oh, Joe, Joe, Joe… Beltway insider Joe "Bankruptcy Bill" Biden is smooth, and no doubt an addition to the Obama financial/tech/AIPAC lobby backed agenda. Yet it was Democrat Joe Biden – who has reportedly enjoyed hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from credit industry executives – who endorsed the measure early on and worked to gather Democratic support for it.

Way to go, Democrats. And what of our white collar jobs disappearing faster than you can say tandoori? Who do you suppose is minding the store on that front? The Democrats?? HA! With any luck at all, maybe the Democratic voters will figure out that this hopeless band of thugs – some with awesome speaking abilities -- called the Democratic candidates are not down with them after all.

I would like to believe as much as any other Democrat that this Democratic ticket has our citizen's best interests at heart and will put the brakes on outsourcing and display a middle finger to the lobbyists (tech, banking, insurance, AIPAC and big pharma) who currently sit in their back pockets. With the One Big Party of Money? When pigs fly.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Food Fight! Viva La Tomatina!

(Photo courtesy Fernando Bustamante -Associated Press)

Splattering News

BUNOL, Spain (AP) — Tens of thousands of warriors for a day hurled tons of ripe tomatoes at each other to create a “human gazpacho” on Wednesday in an annual food fight that transforms this Spanish town into a sea of red mush.

Is there still time for all of them to book a flight to this Minnesota town for a certain upcoming convention?

Throughout Spain and Europe, “LA Tomatina” draws revelers from all over the world including Japan, Australia and the United States. An estimated 40,000 people took part this year.

Do you remember your first food fight?


Monday, August 25, 2008

Sheryl Crow Rocks the Unwiped Asses of the Unwashed Masses at the DNC in Red Rocks

All I Wanna do is Wipe My Buns

All I wanna do
Is wipe my buns
I gotta feelin’
I’m not the only one.”


Sheryl Crow’s least favorite mistake?

The ‘tear only one square’ joke Sheryl Crow made last year that backed up from here to Burma which caused the press to forget to flush over the singer’s remark she made while cruising the East Coast on her Climate Change Tour with Laurie David has all been forgotten.

Sheryl took a lot of sh*t for that crack, she’s back in top form as she stumps for Obama at the Democratic National Convention in Red Rocks.

Who can blame Sheryl for requesting that the ‘unwiped asses’ of the unwashed masses should go without that extra roll of toilet paper when BOTH presidential candidates are all for job outsourcing and before long, they won’t even be able to afford one roll anyway? (NEVER MIND the fact that Sheryl can afford to TP the whole country for the next ten thousand years…)

Rock On, Sheryl!


Friday, August 22, 2008

Joe and BO a "Go"?

Joe and BO: Are they a “Go”?
(Photo courtesy Huffington Post)

Read more in today's HuffPo headline Prediction Market Bets on Biden Here.

But how about this bet for veep?


That could work.
“He just has to swallow hard and do what JFK did in picking rival Lyndon Johnson in 1960”
said one liberal activist and maverick presidential candidate. Obama may indeed dislike Hillary, but does he have little choice but to “get over it” in hopes of leaving Denver next week with a unified Democratic party and a winner’s shot against John McCain? “The polls show a whopping 25 percent of Hillary’s supporters are NOT yet on board.

Read more here.

Happy Friday, Loserettes!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nellie McKay for Nader/Gonzalez 2008

(Some) Feminists Don’t Have a Sense of Humor…

LWOH confirms today that New York’s young and uber-talented musician and crooner, Nellie McKay has joined the growing ranks of anti-corporate welfare citizens and celebrities including Sean Penn, Val Kilmer, Cindy Sheehan, Patti Smith and others in support of the Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzales 2008 presidential campaign.

See you in Denver and Minneapolis, bitches…


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Joe Biden Bags Veep Spot

"I'm clean, I'm articulate, and I'm looking for a warm place to shit." -t.t.
(I’m Joe Biden and I approve this message.)

(Old) Ladies Man Joe Biden to Run as Obama’s VP

Dream ticket: Joe and BO have only this election to blow…

It’s true! Joe "He’s Clean and Articulate" Biden is the clear frontrunner veep! Read more here.

Oh, that Axelrod sure knows how to stuff the hoop in the last three minutes of the game, and running Joe Biden on the ticket as Obama’s veep is one hell of a way to herd the blue haired Hillary ladies all back in the program!

What is Biden’s certain je ne sais quoi?

We don’t know, but the real question is: Who would you rather have a tumbler of Courvoisier with?

Imagine what Joe Biden --had he have been the frontrunner --- could have done to connect with all those popular voters in places like Ohio and Florida and Michigan. But there are at least two hints as to why a lot of blue-collar men and ladies might find Joe appealing.

Maybe it’s because he rides the train home to Delaware every night and knows all the conductors by name. Maybe it has something to do with his “hard-scrabble” Scranton, PA roots. Wait a minute…isn’t Scranton the same place that has the upscale deli where Barry ate the $99.00 lb. fancy Iberian ham? Who cares! Slam-dunk, Axelrod! (Show that other white-haired dude how the game is played.) The only important thing to remember about the Obama campaign’s “Iberian Ham incident” is

People want change back from their C-Spots. Even if it’s only one dollar.

Can this dream ticket pull it off and stitch back together the torn Democratic Party? Theda Skocpol’s excellent article “Partisan’s Progress” discusses Larry M. Bartels new book Unequal Democracy: The Political Economy of the New Gilded Age that seeks definitive answers on what Americans really want in 2008 as they go to the polls:

“The task Democrats face is to stitch together (often narrow) majorities in industrial states with victories on the coasts where ethnic minorities and upper-middle-class professionals weigh more heavily in their support base. Blue-collar unions have declined since the 1970s, while advocacy groups pushing minority and lifestyle issues have proliferated, reshaping public agendas. No wonder progressives have a hard time offering a clear set of compelling policies to economically struggling citizens.”

Hold onto your hats, spacefans! Joe just may be the RIGHT old-white haired dude the world's been waiting for to help make Barry realize his dreams of becoming the first black man ever elected to the White House.


Monday, August 18, 2008

(Secretive) Women for Obama Party Tonight

(Photo credits Getty Images/courtesy NY Magazine)

Women for Obama Party Tonight

Are you a woman for Obama?

Sherry Lansing is. That’s why confirmed rumors today confirmed that the ex-Paramount chief is allegedly hosting a Hollywood invitation only “unity-gathering and outreach to Hillary supporters shin-dig for women at her home tonight! And no, it is NOT being billed as a “fundraiser” which is, of course, doublespeak for anyone who hasn’t already ponied-up a few thousand bucks to the campaign can hit the road.

Guess who will be on hand, billed as the “very special guest” to party down with?


For more details on the exact time and directions to Sherry’s place, well, good luck. Although LWOH is hoping to hear back before sunrise tomorrow from a stealth West Hollywood Hills operative, we’re not holding our breath.


Michael Phelps Wins 8 Gold Medals: A Mel Toast Exclusive

“Our guy won 8 gold medals without the Chinese making him have a swim-sinker.”
-Mel Toast

Mel Toast, on citing the preposterousness behind the talented Chinese girl being replaced with the "cute” lip-syncher to sing ‘Ode to the Motherland.’
h/t to The Dark Wraith

After spending two weeks in China on his knees to an undisclosed gymnastics equipment client threatening to pull the plug if the Americans “win too much,” Chicago's own Mel Toast returns home after a “bleatingly painful” flight to “mostly” report on the Olympics “and maybe some other stuff.”

Rumored to be in one piece, Mel graciously spoke to yours truly live this morning, alternately removing his head from the bowl of ice water stashed next to the speaker phone in the auxiliary conference room reserved exclusively for those suffering from all-night benders as he sketched out the filthy, harrowing details surrounding his trip, where he was “too busy scoring cheap liquor and cab drivers who could pretend to speak English.”

In addition to sparing us "senseless" details of the time spent with the campy brunette he met in the empty bleacher stands who, Toasts claims, was in charge of entertaining the fans by freely distributing pirated copies of Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Mel revealed “DVD sales weren’t so good, but she did have a decent internet connection” which he confirmed by later spending the night over at her place only to end up “landing on my goddamned ass in the alley at 4:00 am Dragon time after some guy in a uniform claiming to be her husband threatened to “crean my crock.” Walking alone aimlessly for miles in the dark, cloudy streets pondering his fate in the eyes of a Supreme Being, Mel scrambled around the Forbidden City during the wee hours looking for coffee and a cigarette, instead stumbling into an ancestral temple with an empty bathroom where he “crashed on the floor for about six hours.”

Later that evening, Mel shyly posed for pictures with the high-profile client and an entourage of three other underlings while dining at Beijing’s exclusive Penis Restaurant, when their table was abruptly assailed by paparazzi clamoring for an exclusive of Mel with the undisclosed, bicep building billionaire wolfing down entrĂ©es of “dubiously delicious pieces of chewy dog cranks.” And a good night was had by all!

Mel did however, manage to salvage the gymnasium equipment account. After being interrupted by one notoriously suspicious and nosey office admin for his unusually “hang dog” expression, Mel signed off the conference call with this:

“Our greatest glory is not in ever falling, but in rising every time we fall after drinking too much unpasteurized beer from Shangdong Province and returning to the brass with a fucking check.”

Welcome back, Mel!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Give This Kid An Oscar: Bush Does the Olympics Proud

-An Important Message from Your Commander in Chief-

Ladies and Gentlemen,

How confusing. Is this the Oscars or the Olympics?

HA-hahahaha, oh, GWB makes an Oscar worthy ha-ha funny at the Chinese Olympics!

But srsly, all that the Commander of the Free World really wants to know is “why can’t Americans keep steroids of out T-Ball?”

Click above video and let's give this kid an Oscar!


Friday, August 15, 2008

Rush Limbaugh's Misogynistic Exploitation of Elizabeth Edwards

“God created man but did not have it patented, and so now any nitwit can copy him.”
-Jan Werich

As if We Need any More Reasons to Turn off Rush Limbaugh

Okay, that’s it. If it’s not one disgusting headline after another in the game of partisan “party politics” it is now unequivocally fair to say that after being exposed to Limbaugh’s misogynistic exploitation of Elizabeth Edwards’ misfortune over her husband’s affair by targeting the former presidential candidate’s wife with sleaze, Rush Limbaugh is living proof that there is no depth to the bowels of Hades and the road that leads to it.

Although I withdrew my support for John Edwards after he took the pledge to sell out white collar jobs, I was initially an ardent Edwards supporter and donor and, am in particular, impressed with his lovely wife, Elizabeth for her intelligence, stature, and successful legal career, professionalism and grace under fire as a loving wife and mother facing an incurable cancer sentence and a heartbreaking marital affair -- publicly, no less.

For anyone who has been diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer believe me, after feeling like you have just been punched in the stomach and will no longer breath, you do – only never in the same way again, as each new day is a gift to hold close, as dear as every single person in your life, as now you know that nothing and nobody on this earth is perfect, after all. To live a life of integrity and love, to give back to this world just a little more kindness, patience, and forgiveness than we came here with is to live a life of incredible strength.

Why is it that nitwit jerks (of all partisan stripes) take every opportunity to confuse kindness with weakness?

LWOH has chosen not to report on the Edwards’ affair in part, due to disappointment in John Edwards on how he ran his campaign platform choices but mostly out of respect for his lovely wife and their family. It is nobody else’s business, including my own, to judge, much less care about anyone else’s personal life. Unless of course, you are like Larry Craig and insist on being heterosexual but break the law by soliciting gay sex in the MSP mensroom which was later denied then admitted, sort of, even when you’re all for anti-gay legislation.

Poem (dedicated to Elizabeth Edwards)
-by Piet Hein-

Problems worthy of attack

Prove thier worth by hitting back.

Put up in a place where it's easy to see

The cryptic admonishment


When you feel how depressingly

Slowly you climb,

It's well to remember that

Things Take Time.

Knowing what

Thou knowest not

Is in a sense


Our choicest plans have fallen through

Our airiest castles tumbled over,

Because of lines we neatly drew

And later neatly stumbled over.

Living is a thing you do

Now or never -- which do you?

He that lets the small things bind him

Leaves the great undone behind him.

To be brave is to behave

Bravely when your heart is faint.

So you can be really brave

Only when you really ain't.

A lifetime is more than sufficiently long

For people to get what there is of it wrong.

Happy Friday, Loserettes!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Corporate Welfare Enablers are the Real Terrorists

“The truth is that the campaigns of both Barack Obama and John McCain are being inundated with cash from more or less exactly the same gorgons of the corporate scene.”
-Matt Taibbi

In today’s news, Matt Taibbi and Alan Greenspan both say we are fucked. Really.

The two-party duopoly (McBama) is killing America in this escalating War on the Middle Class and during this election season, it’s politics as usual with the Left doing its pathetic, level best to emulate the GOP’s bidding in this race to sell out our white collar jobs, homes, and health to the third world. Surprisingly, during this election season, no one on the Left is asking “why are our jobs being handed over to third world immigrants? How will we pay for our homes? Why are our houses being foreclosed? Where are tuition scholarships for our kids – OUR “best and brightest”?”

Nooooo… so-called “progressive” Left and its culty megaphone mouthpieces and their cadre of preening blogger sycophants are using this war on the middle class as a stepping stone for self-promotion, ever-so-hopeful in befriending wealthy politicos and corporate enablers who are hell-bent in selling out America’s middle class to the third world. So far, these authors in-the-know are alive and well off, promoting the pro-corporate duopoly agenda as they stoke the faux message of “Left vs. Right” while their frat boy friends raid the pantry.

As these celebrity authors dig their hooves in further to promote the duopoly propaganda from their locker room of frat boy inspired hack journalists, talking heads and aspiring blogger/book authors, it is easy to see how the corporate mission statement’s duopoly class and their whole raison d’etre is to stick their snouts firmly into the trough on this whole “hate thy neighbor” culture of hubris and greed that is killing America’s middle class citizens. But with blogger/authors like these who change their “phony” party stripes as voraciously as their appetites for cheap formaggio, and never, ever, devote columns to support third party candidates who pledge to fight this war on America’s middle class, is what’s passing for “progressive” Left journalism these days nothing short of “phony” pro-duopoly propaganda pandering? The only thing worse than this is the stupefying complicity in which the plebes are down with it -- caught up in a perpetual state of Identification with the Agressor.

In Matt Taibbi’s recent article Big Business Is Making Sure It Wins the Presidency, the author describes this “Animal House-style party” and takes welcome tips from yours truly to pin the tail on the Corporate Neo-Frat Boy Donkey that is selling out the jobs and homes and health of middle-upper class Americans:

“The Animal House-style party of the last eight years that made almost all of them rich with bonuses, government contracts and bubble profits is about to come to an end, and someone is going to have to pay to clean up the mess. They want that someone to be you, not them, and they've spared no expense to make sure both presidential candidates will be there to bail them out next year.”

So what kind things do the corporate frat boys want the duopoly (McBama) to do in order to ensure that these inner circle elites blow around town in those stupid, black Cadillac Escalades like rajas on elephants while the rest of the plebes are asked to go without their pesky old jobs that can be outsourced to third world immigrants and homes that these immigrants can move in and take off their hands?

Let’s count the ways… as Taibbi notes,

“in layman's terms, we've gone from being screwed to being fucked.”

Taibbi’s article begs America to start looking for answers in the RIGHT places by investigating WHO exactly these “gorgons” of the corporate scene are in this war on America’s middle class. Hint: start asking everyone’s favorite former vice president where his corporate investments and allegiances lie and how he *intends* to lend his political influence to expose this Great Labor Shortage Myth and say “no more” to greedy, global inspired corporate looting to stop the bleeding of disappearing white collar jobs for America’s middle class citizens. And who exactly are the corporate welfare enabler friends of Obama?

But everyone wants a messiah, with their Chosen One and fawning acolytes dressed up to the nines. And the media will keep putting lipstick on that Pig with such deft precision as to make the heads of voters squeal not only mindlessly but with utter delight.

As one commenter, “maxpayne” summarizes the lost Democratic Party:

“The Democrats should vote for the people’s interests and not for the corporate interests. If they would ever try that, the party hacks wouldn’t have to beg people to simply vote Democrat because the Democrats would have been more appealing to the voters naturally than is the case. Sorry Obama hacks but like Gore and Kerry, people are sick and tired of being begged upon to accept artificial BULLSHIT. Either force your Democratic Party to come clean and quit letting the conservatives in the party have their say or just let the party die as we’re already stuck with a one party system that just so happens to have 2 names, Democrat and Republican !!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

George Clooney Learns Barack Obama teh Body Language!

-George Demonstrates Body Language by Repeatedly Tapping Barack’s Shoe-

Screwy and Laughy? Oh, boys will be boys…

But is Barack Obama receiving private body language lessons from alleged, new BFF George Clooney? “NO, no, no!” cries Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt, who called a recent story that appeared in the (London) Daily Mail) “an inaccurate report.”

According to the Daily Mail, Clooney and Obama “regularly chat on e-mail and via text message, and speak by phone at least twice a week.” In addition to citing the pair as being “extremely close” many Hollywood starlets and heavy hitters in this exclusive, metrosexual community including Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, offered to “help raise funds for Barack” but it was with George, in particular, that Obama struck up this very special, “amazing affinity,” according to one Democratic source.

“The source reportedly told the newspaper that in addition to speaking and body language advice, Clooney — a pro-Palestinian advocate — is informally advising Obama on Middle East issues, including advocating unconditional withdrawal from Iraq should Obama win office.”

Is Obama so full of bullets that he’s lit up like a Christmas tree? Meanwhile, this Los Angeles Times article Obama Without His Script suggests that Obama looks a little lost without a teleprompter or presidential scripts. Bang! Bang!
Why won't those hunters leave him alone?


Monday, August 11, 2008

See You in the Breadlines, Sista!

See You in the Breadlines, Sister!

Drumroll please…and the Corporate Welfare Queen Advocate of the week winner is:

Schenectady New York’s Daily Gazette!!!

Oh lookie here! Two fights against the American white collar worker going on all at the same time!

While a certain immigration law firm known as Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, is being audited by a certain government body known as the Department of Labor for
"possibly giving too much assistance" to corporate clients that seek green cards for foreign workers while posting questionable job ads, the law firm has fired back with a suit claiming that some of the department’s rules are unconstitutional. Could the Constitution actually have provisions to protect American workers? As one commenter explained,

“Law firms like this are one reason why America is becoming a low wage society.
Big business wants to flood the market with foreign labor to increase their profits. They want all the money and employees to be their slaves. Other countries are going to have to grow their own markets to employ their people and not leach off the US job market.”

In other news: Like many gate-keeping inspired corporate welfare queen advocates, some contributors to local newspaper editorials such as the Schenectady New York Daily Gazette appear to be the kind of writers who, by their own admission, take offense at any critiques of their writing styles and, as reflected by it, might appear happy to push their own mothers down a flight of stairs out of desperation for the chance to prove to the brass that they are one of them in order to cling to their jobs as staff writers during this escalating wholesale sell out of American white collar jobs (which includes journalists) for cheap, third world labor.

Last week, the Great Labor Shortage Myth reared its ugly head in upstate New York, where the Daily Gazette published a pro-corporate, pro-outsourcing series of articles by writer Sara Foss, whose August 7 piece "See you in the breadlines, sister" drew the ire of many with one angry e-mail comparing her to Tokyo Rose. Foss writes:

“The angry e-mails also suggested that I would soon be unemployed, because an immigrant with a H1B visa would arrive to take my job at the Gazette, and these e-mails marked the first time angry readers have exulted in my future unemployment. “Pretty darn soon you too will be out of job,” one person wrote. “Newspapers are failing across the country. Maybe that’s what it will take to get across to you morons who can’t see beyond the end of your nose. Your repeated efforts to undermine your own country and fellow citizens are disgraceful. You don’t mind giving your own job away to foreigners ... do you? See you in the breadlines Sister!”

Yours truly has a friend who is a journalist. She has managed to keep her job at ANOTHER Daily News Gazette in another state for the past twenty five years and would not know what to do with herself should she, like Sara worries, ever get the sack.

The stark difference between my friend, the journalist, and Sara, is that my friend would have made it a point to interview the locals and question why so many unemployed and underemployed educated Americans are being passed over for cheap foreign labor where Sara appears to have choked down the party line and offers no counterpoint in an area of the state where local citizens have been hit hard by job outsourcing. After all, if a journalist from a “Big 3” journalism school like my friend, can’t get the scoop, who can? Whether Foss chooses to admit (to herself or in print) that there is a war on the middle class or not -- her August 3 article in particular clearly succeeded in channeling the innocuous, tired media corporate welfare agenda pitch to the extent that one might even envision a gun to her head. (There is a tragedy in all of this denial -- not to mention denial’s ugly twin, censorship, which is what happened when Zazona’s Rob Sanchez’s comments were deleted. Thank you, Rob, for these links.) That surviving journalists these days, after all, are forced to churn out such blatant lies by omission surrounding the Great American Labor Shortage Myth from our Department of Propaganda is now commonplace. Even the blogosphere has shaken out the real McCoys from the Suckups, leaving only a handful of writers left with the mettle to research anything novel, intelligent, and cutting edge to offer in this increasingly incivil war on the middle class.

And what will happen to Sara Foss? Based upon her admitted obsession for repetition, she obviously would be thrilled – and luckier than most white collar Americans – to keep her job another threee-five years. But for now, Sara seems quite pleased with herself as her “See you in the breadlines, sister” slogan is at least keeping her on her toes. Who knows? maybe she’s working on a fictional novel with the same working title to tide her over through the dark days. Either that or she may indeed have friends in high places.

Remember: Don’t ask, don’t tell and don’t stop acting stupid and for Godsakes, don’t forget to party on, plebes! The Overlords love your blind faith. Suckas.


Obama's Healthcare Plan is Worse than McCain's

Obama’s Health Insurance Plan is Worse than McCain’s

Many questions surround the health care crisis in America. The biggest question facing the “health care for all” coverage dilemma is answering the questions: And who will pay for it? Does America want to be just another welfare nation state or shall it persist in being the world’s premiere corporate welfare imperial nation?

Isn’t it supposed to be the job of the GOP to expand corporate welfare programs? When will “O” find the balls to break rank with the “Party of Let them Eat Cake”? During this critical time prior to the Democratic convention when Obama needs to prove to the Democrats that he is seriously the candidate that will best represent the needs of the people, why is Obama instead the poster boy the for the tech lobby sponsored white collar job giveaway? Solving the problem of middle class health care access can not be addressed without solving the problem of American labor practices that refuse to put American workers first. When it comes to solving America’s healthcare accessibility crisis, to say that overdue labor reforms in tandem with healthcare reforms must happen simultaneously would be an understatement.

Obama and McCain offer insurance plans that are more corporate welfare giveaways to benefit corporations (insurance and technology companies), but after reading this article in the by Laura Unger and Patrick Howington with this comparison of the two plans, Obama’s plan is a greater expansion of wasteful technology subsidies that will still leave millions of Americans with little or no access to quality healthcare.

Are you one of the seventy five million people in America without health insurance? It is estimated that over 47 million American citizens and approximately 30 million immigrants are without access to healthcare coverage in the United States. As both duopoly candidates, McCain and Obama, support corporate America in their pledge to hand over white collar jobs to cheap foreign workers by raising or eliminating the H-1b cap, millions of educated middle/upper middle class Americans who are unemployed and underemployed due to this program are now forced to make critical decisions affecting life or death health issues facing themselves and their families, such as cancer, as they are unable to pay for costly health care insurance premiums or are denied coverage altogether. As increasing numbers of middle class citizens are laid off and downsized to Obama backed tech lobby programs, his plan only offers mandatory health coverage for children – but not their parents. This also raises the question: if Obama supports the tech lobby’s H-1b program responsible for millions of lost white collar middle class jobs, how are these middle class Americans supposed to pay for the insurance premiums?

While Obama’s plan is equal to McCain’s in that they both include corporate welfare to the insurance companies, Obama’s plan goes one step further and offers a hefty $50 billion dollar subsidy to the technology industry. No wonder Obama is Google’s prima donna! And guess who gets to pay for all this medical record snoopability? Do you think technology companies will exclusively bootstrap and invent such cutting edge software that will all of a sudden make it possible for roughly one third of this nation’s population to magically have access to healthcare? Why should taxpayers subsidize $50 billion dollars for privacy violating technology that most doctors don't want to touch in order to fatten up an already bloated tech lobby while the rest of the economy goes to hell?

When Obama says he is going to “create a public health-insurance program”, most people stop and say “wow, I like the ‘public’ part” and ignore the fact that this has nothing to do with a single payer program as offered by third party candidate Ralph Nader that would guarantee universal coverage for all. Although McCain’s plan offers no public health-insurance program, Barack Obama’s plan is worse as it seeks to contain costs by subsidizing the technology industry with billions of taxpayer dollars for a wasteful electronic medical records program that many physicians robustly criticize as wasteful, time consuming and cumbersome. The vast majority of doctors aren't taking advantage of electronic medical records. In addition, medical records technology programs have been monitored by citizen privacy rights watchdog groups as an unabashed violation of patient privacy rights.

So it comes as no surprise that privacy rights may indeed not be high on the FISA flipping Obama’s agenda, as according to his plan, he would go beyond McCain’s insurance supporting lobby and also will provide

“$50 billion toward adoption of electronic medical records and related technology to reduce duplication of care, and allowing importation of U.S.-made drugs from other countries, such as Canada."

Bonus for a few Google and Microsoft insiders but what about the middle class white collar workers who are losing jobs and access to health care courtesy cozy corporate welfare arrangements disguised under the banner of healthcare? During this time of increasingly dubious technologies flooding the market that are subsidized by taxpayers offering big returns to only a few inner circle investors, Obama appears to be doing what the GOP does best: Keeping up with the Jones’ and sticking it to Joe Sixpack. So much for the middle class. When it comes to jobs and healthcare, the only “change” you can believe in is Obama’s plan to further eradicate the middle class by selling it out.

The last question to ask about Obama’s so-called healthcare plan is: “Why do“O” and his gatekeeping peeps hate America’s middle class?”


Friday, August 8, 2008

Sting Gets "Full Brazillian" Rumors During Last Performance Ever



NEW YORK - The Police ended one of Rock 'n' Roll's most anticipated and successful reunions in Madison Square Garden last night as Sting decided to do the burma shave thing onstage, LIVE, as part of the band’s final encore:

“Sting, now fetchingly bare-chested, stretched out in a backstage makeup chair while two women with electric clippers set about buzzing off the famous beard. Out front, the crowd watched in something like wonder. You could feel their hopes rise after the women reduced the foliage to a modest stubble and snicked off their trimmers; and you could feel them subside again when one of the amateur barbers slopped a large handful of shaving cream onto Sting's face and the process continued, this time with razors.”

Didn’t catch the concert? No problem! Click Here here and here and watch the Police play highlights of their final concert in New York City.

Happy Friday!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Robert Reich Resorts to the "P" Word

Modern Parable: GM vs. Toyota

This modern day parable below has been floating around for approx. one year now. (Hindsight is a terrible thing, unless you’re not an American middle class white collar citizen.) Fast forward to one year later, as the nation’s 22 Secretary of Labor, premiere Obama supporter and elitist gatekeeper extraordinaire, Robert Reich, has penned this thoroughly pistic, plundering piece brandishing the “p” word (protectionism) once again, at the plebes. Oh, those secretaries of labor… who are they working for, again? No matter. The white collar rabble (yes, even on the Left) are down with this whole divide and conquer, Reality TV Paris Hilton inspired “new media”hash in this have/have-not race to the bottom. (As if, disappearing jobs and healthcare were hot…) HA! Party on!

The Great Canoe Race

A Japanese company (Toyota) and an American company (General Motors) decided to have a Both teams practiced long and hard to reach their peak performance before the race.

On the big day, the Japanese won by a mile.The Americans, very discouraged and depressed, decided to investigate the reason for the crushing defeat. A management team made up of senior management was formed to investigate and recommend appropriate action.

Their conclusion was the Japanese had 8 people rowing and 1 person steering, while the American team had 8 people steering and 1 person rowing.Feeling a deeper study was in order, American management hired a consulting company and paid them a large amount of money for a second opinion.

They advised, of course, that too many people were steering the boat and not enough were rowing.

Not sure of how to utilize that information, but wanting to prevent another loss to the Japanese, the rowing team's management structure was totally reorganized to 4 steering supervisors, 3 area steering superintendents and 1 assistant superintendent steering manager.

They also implemented a new performance system that would give the 1 person rowing the boat greater incentive to work harder. It was called the 'Rowing Team Quality First Program,' with meetings, dinners and free pens for the rower. There was discussion of getting new paddles, canoes, new equipment and extra vacation days for practices and bonuses.

The next year the Japanese won by two miles.Humiliated, the American management laid off the rower for poor performance, halted development of a new canoe, sold the paddles, and canceled all capital investments for new equipment.

The money saved was distributed to the Senior Executives as bonuses and the next year's racing team was out-sourced to India.


The End.

Here's something else to think about:

Ford has spent the last thirty years moving all its factories OUTSIDE the UNITED STATES, claiming they can't make money paying American wages. TOYOTA has spent the last thirty years building more than a dozen plants INSIDE the UNITED STATES. Recent quarter's earning results:

TOYOTA makes 4 billion in PROFITS

FORD racked up 9 billion in LOSSES

If this weren’t true, it might be funny. Party on!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Riding the Rails

-Very special thanks to the awesome K.D. Lang-

Is it my imagination or does K.D. Lang resemble Wayne Newton, a whole lot?

In her excellent blog post GMAC Is Dead And Deals Vanish From Showrooms
New York State resident and Culture of Life News proprietress Elaine Meinel Supkis explains the decline of the automotive industry and why we need to resurrect the rail systems which are, in America, currently limited to thriving metro areas while millions outside of urban areas and various suburban corridors are exclusively restricted to the automobile.

New York State resident and King of Clusterfuck Nation, author James Howard Kunstler, is also a fan of restoring the choo-choo trains. This week, he offers mindbending grist for the mill for “real American life in the real world” with his most insightful Batman movie critique.

In James Howard Kunstler's movie review (see August 4th Archive) Dark (K)night, the author sketches at once a hilarious and woefully futile comparison of how our own cartoonish, 21st Century sadomasochistic and nihilistic society mirrors soulless approval of the lifestyle of kazillionairre Bruce Wayne’s Gotham City, with all of its “foolish over- investments in complexity”:

“This is perhaps an interesting new form of dramaturgy -- instead of good-versus-evil you only get befuddlement-versus-evil. Goodness has lost its way in the dark night of the American psyche, as might be understandable considering the nation of louts, liars, grifters, bullies, meth freaks, harpies, and tattooed creeps we have become. The best we can bring to this predicament is the low-grade pop therapy that passes for thinking nowadays in educated circles. Any consideration of the heroic is off the menu here. We can't ask that much of ourselves. It's too difficult to imagine. Meanwhile, The People -- that is, the citizens of Gotham City -- literally banish even the possibility of heroism from town at the end of the movie -- they take an axe to it! -- perhaps indicating that they deserve whatever befalls them or, shall I say, "us."

On this note, there is no more “we” in America -- as the dark forces behind the ruling overlords know that what is best to sustain true, civil “community” is certain death to the eternally damned gravy train that sustains the Bruce Wayne’s of this One World Master Plan as the plebes chug along with the duopoly party line.


Monday, August 4, 2008

The Wrecking Ball

When Dimes Fly

If bad apples were dimes, then beggars would fly…and not ride the bus.

All it takes are a couple of bad apples. In his new book The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule, author Thomas Frank describes how a ruling coalition of conservatives has turned public policy into a private sector bidding war. Instead of enacting policies to reduce big government, which is the calling card of conservative ideology, it has instead simply sold it off -- deregulating some industries and defunding others. Frank’s new book highlights how our “misgovernment” has been brought to you by ideology, not incompetence.

Yours truly has written extensively on the hubris and arrogance that has defined American ruling class elites and wannabes across industries and government, particularly the gross bedfellows of sociopathic high tech “leaders” and the entertainment industry where in Silicon Valley, since 1992, venture capitalist backed technology start-ups got a leg up from Washington (oh, there’s gotta be at least one big, fat insufferable bad apple who made a killing in tech stock with family ties to the White House) as the floodgates of cheap foreign labor opened up courtesy H-1b visa legislation, resulting in millions of lost jobs for white collar Americans. In his book, Frank describes how the philosophy of such hubris minded frat-boys under the banner of entrepreneurship has “made a cult of outsourcing” in our government and how privatization has literally wrecked established federal operations. As these financial, entrepreneurial, and political elites personally amassed enormous wealth, Washington’s politicians and lobbyists took a cue from these corporate hucksters. Frank explains that this has been no accident:

“They deliberately piled up an Everest of debt in order to force the government into crisis. The ruination they have wrought has been thorough; it has been a professional job. Washington itself has been remade into a golden landscape of super-wealthy suburbs and gleaming lobbyist headquarters—the wages of government-by-entrepreneurship practiced so outrageously by figures such as Jack Abramoff. It is no coincidence, Frank argues, that the same politicians who guffaw at the idea of effective government have installed a regime in which incompetence is the rule. Nor will the country easily shake off the consequences of deliberate misgovernment through the usual election remedies. Obsessed with achieving a lasting victory, conservatives have taken pains to enshrine the free market as the permanent creed of state.”

The common misconception for many, particularly during this election season -- is that Democrats are somehow immune from the hubris disease and fail to look at how bipartisan pleas from both major candidates are indistinguishable sales pitches for more expanded government meant to benefit the ruling class:

“Democrats, for their part, have tried to explain the flood of misgovernment as part of a "culture of corruption," a phrase at once obviously true and yet so amorphous as to be quite worthless. Republicans have an even simpler answer: government failed, they tell us, because it is the nature of government enterprises to fail. As for the great corruption cases of recent years, they cluck, each is merely a one-of-a-kind moral lapse unconnected to any particular ideology -- an individual bad apple with no effect on the larger barrel.”

Frank describes the children’s story We Are the Government, generations of about the tale of a smiling dime whose wanderings were meant to introduce everyone to the government and all that it does for us: the miner who digs the ore for the dime has his "health and safety" supervised by one branch of the government; the bank in which the dime is stored enjoys the protection of a different branch, which "sees that banks are safe places for people to keep their money"; the dime gets paid in tax on a gasoline sale; it then lands in the pocket of a Coast Guard lieutenant, who takes it overseas and spends it on a parrot, which is "quarantined for ninety days" when the lieutenant brings it home. All of which is related with the blithest innocence, as though taxes on gasoline and quarantines on parrots were so obviously beneficial that they required little further explanation.

But will we follow the dime as it wends its way through our present-day, crumbling capital? The dime story now is actually the reverse of what it was in 1945:

“That old dime was all about service, about the things government could do for us. But the new dime is about profit -- about the superiority of private enterprise, about the huge sums that can be squeezed out of federal operations. Instead of symbolizing good government, the dime now shows us the wrecking crew in full swing.”

Where our government was once the Star of the Sea as American citizens took pride in knowing we once upon a time had built a “vast machinery” designed to protect our interests, safety and welfare, now we cringe at this retooled government vehicle, that has been “reengineered into a device for our exploitation.” Beware of the wolf in bipartisan clothing, one that wears green when the dress code calls for basic black. As Chris Hedges speculates below, the murky logic behind our corporate run, bipartisan government declaring a war on Iran would indeed hurt Americans:

There are huge corporations that make obscene profits from human misery. They run our health care industry. They run our oil and gas companies. They run our bloated weapons industry. They run Wall Street and the major investment firms. They run our manufacturing firms. They also, ominously, run our government.”

Meanwhile, citizens here, curiously on the Left – are riding along on this broken down highway, waving past the wrecking ball where everyone wants to be king, and nobody wants to fix the car. As smart and brave candidates like Ralph Nader continue to ask all the right questions but get shut out of National debates by the Democratic candidate, Senator "I'll drill to that" Obama a few of us are left to wonder,

…and who will help me make the bread?