Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Black Holes: The Deadliest Force on the Planet

Eat up, drink up and suck it up, California. And remember: for every big star, there are millions more little stars.

Scientists say that if a "rogue black hole ever closed in on our solar system and crept up next to Earth," that our "home planet would be ripped apart and swallowed whole." http://abcnews.go.com/2020/Science/story?id=2365372&page=1
Two real life rogue black holes come to mind. Think of an "invisible cosmic vacuum cleaner" -- like the giant, sucking sound G.W. Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger are making in the State of California right now as we speak, as they wield their Republican Hoover like light sabers all over the State's Democratic lawmakers during this pre-election showdown over health insurance (SB 840). Yesterday, the Assembly approved a universal health care bill that the Republican governor, with the support of Bush and the insurance company lobby, is most likely to veto.

Senate Bill 840 http://www.sacbee.com/content/politics/story/14311233p-15211104c.html would allow the state to run a single-payer health care system that would cover all Californians, doing away with the role of private insurance companies. Private medical groups and hospitals would continue to provide care as usual, but they would be paid through the state system. Will the democrats (real and faux) prevail over the greedy, vapid and ethically challenged citizens of California this November and finally remove this rogue black hole from the State Capitol? Arnold has also declared September "wine month" as his campaign coffers have received 'some bubbly' from the industry too: $1,298,188 from wineries, vineyards and vino distributors.

According to the cosmos law of averages, it is a commonly held belief that at least one star dies every day. Why not raise our glasses and toast the rogues? Who cares if almost half the nation can not get health insurance? The sad truth is that the apathetic -- just like the obese -- make excuses for not taking stands, believing that, after all, it is only the REAL STARS, like Arnold and his mentor G.W., that will shine on and prevail. Only this time, we can do something and vote for Phil Angelides in the upcoming November election.

"It would be a bad day for the solar system if we got visited by a black hole," says Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of New York's Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History. Well folks, the rogue black hole, otherwise known as the republican party and its "bipartisan ilk" have locked onto the state of California. Its deceptive gravitational pull is honed to implode and suck up civility, jobs, homes, clean air and every last Humvee -- still think gas prices at the pump are the biggest problem facing the 33,871,648 little stars of California?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Ann Coulter to Boycott Muslim Immigrants

Ann Coulter needs a new cause celebre.

Godless? Not unless you can fathom the holy trinity comprised of Ann Coulter, Dick Cheney and DRACULA blowing through the Beltway with a brand new makeover... like Mistress of All-Things-Muslim. Now is the time for America to offer up our biggest literary bat in the belfry, Ann Coulter, as the new IMAM MAMA to the Muslim world -- America's token tit-for-tat sacrifice for all the things we have done wrong to incur Islamic wrath.

On the news that British officials uncovered a terrorist plot to blow up ten American bound airliners last week, Ms. Coulter is primed to take on a new cause: boycotting Muslim immigrants from entering the United States. Single-handedly -- and she doesn't even need Tom Friedman's help.

After years of terrorizing the collective American psyche with her book titles that make a mockery of all things literary, even Ann Coulter, with the backing of the current administration, can hardly dispute that there has never been a better time for the Republican party to heap on new immigration reforms that would prohibit corporations, universities and every 7-Eleven from Tonawanda to Tijuana from recruiting Muslim immigrants until worldwide Islamic fundamentalism is eradicated. Let's support Ann Coulter in her bold attempts to rid the world of terrorism by halting Muslim immigration and deporting all suspected terrorists. Even if it means deporting Ms. Coulter, we can all agree that would not be such a bad thing because after all, we are sacrificing America's best-of-battiest to a new cause celebre.


Friday, August 11, 2006

The Monster In The Basement

Winning the hearts and minds of democratic voters in the upcoming November 2006 California Gubernatorial Election one would think, should be easy. So what's wrong with Kansas -- er, California? Here exists the distubing trend of groupthink -- when a number of educated, upwardly mobile executives who, at one time voted democratic are jumping ship to the dark side. Here in Silicon Valley, voting for corporate welfare policies has never been more en vogue. The Republicans are focused on doing what they do best: that ol' sleight of hand. It is corporate welfare they are peddling, and it can't be good. But the majority of voters have grown weary of this Monster in the Basement -- otherwise known as corporate welfare -- and like the Connecticut voters embracing the new patriotism of change, we too, know that it is time for a change and place our full support behind Phil Angelides for Governor.

Silicon Valley personifies the socio-economic divide as not so much "have and have-nots" but rather "wildly stock-optioned" and "simply or not-stock-optioned", with pronouned lifestyle differences between the two. The sticking point affecting the middle-class voting bloc here (Republican and Democrat) is the wholesale outsourcing and the downward spiral in compensation of high-technology positions; this critical issue is omitted or downplayed by the media in favor of immigration, healthcare and the environment -- not to underscore the importance of these issues.

Yet, as this Monster in the Basement (speaking of monsters in basements, here's a new title for a compelling children's book to exhibit alongside Maria Shriver's 'What's Wrong with Timmy' and 'What's Happening to Grandpa?' in the Sacramento Capitol bookstore) looms larger, the winds of change in this valley have swept up more status quo mindshare thanks in large part to the sitting Republican governor who, under the implicit banner of "bipartisanship", has managed to sway a growing percentage of registered democrat and independent voters by portraying himself as a friend of corporate business (which is the very hand that feeds us here). And, as key executive members of the corporate establishment, We the People have the choice to either identify and morph with the boardroom or, choices be damned and if we're lucky, find work at the neighborhood Home Depot.

The disavowment of corporate owned democracy and the prevailing system of legalized bribery is what the new patriotism is all about. Phil Angelides, with his policies and support of Props 87 and 89 is working to represent us and our children to put the State of California back on track toward health and economic prosperity.


Sunday, August 6, 2006

Phil Angelides for Governor


Phil Angelides will make a great governor of California, yet every Republican and faux Democrat I have talked to says the following of Phil Angelides: "We don't really know anything about him or what he stands for" and "the only thing he has been doing so far is bad mouthing our Governor" (that would be Arnold S. to those of you outside of California...)

Well California, here is Phil. Remeber him? He is the TREASURER of California and is working to make positive changes in lives of millions of people as our next Governor come November!Visit his website at angelides.com for details on where he stands on the issues.

Open Letter to Arianna about Angelides vs. Arnold

Dear Arianna,

Although I have not read any HuffPo posts to date (have I missed any?) about your insights and support of Phil Angleides for Governor, I look forward in the upcoming campaign days ahead to your expressed views and presumable support of your Greek California neighbor to the north in this challenging race.

Arianna, there are many wildly over-compensated faux Democrats here in Silicon Valley who breath new meaning into words like "hubris" and "self-serving", having nothing at all to do with the core values of the Democratic party and stand only to gain personally from profitable relationships with Republican politicians and policies. These over-served stock option carnivores manipulate the game with their mutual admiration society venture capital cronies and manage to move into the entertainment industry food chain which is where, and tragically of all places, their myopic, "bipartisan" politics seem to be ending up. Does the State of California really need more Arnold or does Arnold need more Arnold?

Phil Angelides is a person of integrity, who is working to help the eroding middle-class here in California with sound, intelligent policies and endorsements which will bolster our citizens and our economy. Visit his website at www.angelides.com. As Bill Clinton said at last weeks Angelides Beverly Hills Fundraiser, "Republican policies have left middle-class Americans struggling to pay for health care and education while wages have grown stagnant".

If Arnold wins, we get more Arnold not only in California, but for a future presidential bid. On the whole, self-service is the direction we are headed for here in America. Close down the capitol building. Who needs it. Turn it into a movie theatre with Terminator re-runs for years to come. It is a colossal waste of money to maintain and operate when Arnold can sit in his media room at home and televise his potent image and policies to us all any time he wants to. Now that the media is being snapped up by charlatans with too much money and are in full control of what the masses think and how they will vote, capital cities may as well be a thing of the past. Splendid for the self-serving, this devolution of politics. But what about this quaint notion called "society"?

Most truly yours,