Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vatican Dogged by "Petty Rumors" of Pedophila During Holy Week

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. I have swiped this pic and post from the fabulous Elaine Meinel Supkis. Lord have mercy on my procumbent ass. soul.

Vatican City – So, it's Holy Week, where we find the Pope accusing the media of buggering him with “petty rumors” as he takes it up the keister for presiding over a religion whose priests and clergy have committed atrocious crimes against deaf children and others. Elaine Meinel Supkis at Culture of Life News has written an excellent, moving post entitled Catholic Church Pedophiles Should Apologize To All Honest Gays that illustrates the darkside of The Catholic Church's longstanding history of homosexuality and simultaneous self-hatred, self-denial and consequent child abuse/pedophilia crimes against innocent victims. Elaine's account is both well researched and personal, a must read from one of the best online journalists out there. Below are a few highlights:

The Catholic Church, like all religious organizations based on denial of the self, is instead, in self-denial.  For some very strange reason going very far back in time to the first sexual taboos of early human tribes, the gods always have a very big interest in our sex lives. This is due to our gods dwelling inside of that deepest part of our brains where our eating, drinking and panic attacks all jostle each other.  In the Stygian darkness of this innermost chamber, the religious impulses collide violently with basic human passions.”


The Pope seems to be changing gears from ‘the devil made me do it,’ to ‘the devil is conspiring against me.’  Unable to recognize that the sexual pull of the Church’s monastic communities was a magnet for homosexuality, the Church persecuted, tortured, RAPED and murdered homosexuals for over 1,000 years.  While being run by…homosexuals. When Popes and their minions were not homosexuals, they had wild sex with nuns, school girls and ‘witches’…which they tortured, raped and then murdered in massive numbers.”


The Church’s desire to protect pedophiles while at the same time, attacking all openly gay men and women, is extremely astonishing.”


These criminals worked very, very relentlessly to keep honest gay love illegal.  This is why I don’t want an apology from these sex-crazed religious devils, I want them to tell their followers to pass gay rights laws and to apologize to ALL gay people!  Now.”

Amen. Thank you, Elaine. Keep the faith!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Judge Deals Major Blow to U.S. Prosecution in H-1B Fraud Case

(Special Thanks to Weird Al Yankovic)

"What if Judge Pratt was one of us? Just a U.S. techie like one of us? Or is  he just yanking us? We're trying to pay for our homes."
-U.S. IT Workers

Iowa Judge Deals Major Blow to U.S. Prosecution in H-1B Fraud Case

Des Moines, IA – Patrick Thibodeau at Computerworld reports here that the United States government “has run into trouble with a judge” after he dismissed “a number of counts and suppressed some of the evidence” taken from Indian IT services firm Vision Systems Inc.'s computers as the U.S. seeks $4.9 million from the company in an indictment issued last year. The government alleges that the New Jersey company set up shell companies in Iowa so it could pay some of its H-1B visa workers the Iowa state's lower prevailing wage rates, but Judge Robert W. Pratt's 41-page ruling last week took the “highly reckless” Feds to the woodshed for the “over-inclusive” process used to acquire data in their seizure of electronic records.

Thibodeau reports what Judge Pratt describes as the Fed's “gross recklessness” below, with the judge citing two key problems:

The government transferred those images to a computer expert who then extracted all the files matching the search criteria established by the federal agent in charge of gathering the evidence. The judge said the search criteria used by the government was "over-inclusive" and not limited to the warrant. For instance, the computer expert was required to produce "all email files" and "Word (or Word type) documents opened/modified in the last year." The warrant also required the government to make its examination of the digital images within 60 days, which the government failed to do, according to the judge. Pratt termed the handling of the electronic search as "highly reckless" and "gross recklessness," but he did not suppress the paper files collected. The court also dismissed a number of counts related to charges involving mail fraud, knocking out eight of the 18 counts.”

So, there's an over-zealous computer expert and federal agent collecting data. Is the problem that they took their jobs seriously or that the amount of data was off the charts? When it comes to visa fraud, there are lots of questions about the judge's ruling - like what was he smoking? Perhaps the most important one for U.S. IT workers being "Is Judge Pratt pro-corporation or pro-American worker?" One Computerworld comment in the link above even suggests the judge may be paid off to help deliver a positive outcome for this company accused of visa fraud. But a quick search on Judge Pratt shows a thoughtful judge, as this  Cannabis News article (see comments) suggests he rules favorably on behalf of both the welfare of individuals and the greater good for all U.S. taxpayers. In SENSELESS SENTENCING: A FEDERAL JUDGE SPEAKS OUT, Judge Pratt reveals a compassionate conviction to delivering justice by saving drug offenders and taxpayers the expense of “unnecessary lengthy incarceration of drug offenders" here in a senseless “war on drugs”:

I have only been a federal judge for a short time. In that time, however, I have learned that sentencing offenders under the guidelines is an emotionally draining experience that requires consideration of the crime and past conduct of the defendant. Consideration must also be given to the effect of guideline sentencing on our country. What have we done by creating a system that many federal judges have rejected as unfair, inefficient and, as a practical matter, ineffective in eliminating drug use and drug-related crime? As taxpayers, we might be willing to foot the enormous bill for the "war on drugs" if we had seen results, but as the explosion of meth crimes in Iowa illustrates, the guidelines have not helped to cut drug use or crime.”

Judge Pratt also offers the following accounts against the war on drugs:

A respected Iowa federal trial judge was required to sentence a 44-year-old illiterate Iowan to 21 years in prison. The offender had no previous serious criminal convictions, and, as Bright pointed out, was so "dangerous" that pending trial he was released on his own promise to appear for trial. He will be 65 when he emerges from federal prison. The other citizen in this case had grown up on an Iowa farm and, while he had a history of minor involvement with the law prior to this case, he, too, had been released before trial on his promise to appear. This 48-year-old person received a sentence of 19 years in prison. Both of these offenders deserved time in prison. But, as Bright pointed out, it is doubtful that any reasonable judge, who had not had his or her hands tied by the guidelines, would have sentenced these men to more than 10 years in prison.”

In his ruling on Vision Systems, Inc. at least the paper files were not suppressed. But how far will the Feds get in their prosecution without the digital goods to present as evidence? The case against Vision Systems, Inc. has been described as “the largest H-1B fraud case ever brought forward”, a visa fraud case that the then Bush appointee U.S. DOJ Southern District of Iowa Attorney Matthew G. Whitaker described as "just the tip of the iceberg" (who is now gone and replaced with Obama appointee Nicholas A. Klinefeldt who was also sworn in by Chief United States District Court Judge Robert W. Pratt). Kleinfeldt has a truly impressive legal rise, despite his father's prison sentence for a meth-related conviction as this article chronicles him clerking for Judge Robert W. Pratt from 2000 to 2002 along with his “strong ties” to Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, having worked for his 1996 reelection campaign and on his Senate staff before attending law school at the University of Iowa. Nothing new there – an ambitious law school bound student staffs for an Iowa Senator and then goes on to clerk for an Iowa judge who later swears him in for his new gig as and Obama appointed U.S. DOJ Attorney. So, what happens to Whitaker's take on this visa fraud case being “the tip of the iceberg”? Stay tuned.

Thibodeau also observed that Judge Pratt's ruling about the outcome of this case is “uncertain”.

Let's hope that during this neo-frat boy corporate state's War on America's Middle Class, the same inspiration that drives decision makers like Judge Pratt in his Judges Against the Drug War will guide future judges to rule fairly and squarely when it comes to protecting American jobs from being given away to imported, cheap workers under the ruse of a Great American Labor Shortage. As Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley said in eWeek:

 "We're closing loopholes that employers have exploited by requiring them to be more transparent about their hiring, and we're ensuring more oversight of these visa programs to reduce fraud and abuse. A little sunshine will go a long way to help the American worker."

And yeah, yeah loopholes ain't good, yeah yeah visa fraud is bad, yeah yeah yeah yeah...


We're Baaaaack! Happy Springtime

A Mel Toast Surf 'n Sand Vacation Snapshot Exclusive

"Beats swimming with the sharks, which is what her old man does for a living 344 days out of the year."
 -Mel Toast

Monday, March 22, 2010

Don't Want Obama's Mandated Insurance Industry Bill? Get Religion

Don't Want Obama's Mandated Insurance? There is a Cure

As LWOH has reported here, a Harvard Study concludes that nearly 45,000 U.S. deaths each year are linked to a lack of access to quality health care. This "historic" bill never should have passed, for many reasons we have explained here and here and here and here and here and here as we revisit what the plebes will really get under Obama's Top Ten Health Bill Items.

But none of this stopped Obama and the card carrying villains in the Democratic Congress yesterday, like Dennis “Kleptocracy” Kucinich – who I might add sure knows how to put the “K” Street in Kucinich – from betraying the American people by forcing this mandated evil insurance lobby written giveaway bill on millions of middle class citizens who simply can not afford the cost-prohibitive, insurance mandated mafia premiums, when we need Single Payer NOW.

Back to this stinky bill that passed mostly for political reasons. Here's a look at what's in the bill.

Don't like it? Don't worry! For all of you card carrying godless sodomites, now might be the time to get religion, according to this Christian Science Monitor article entitled Health care bill 101: Who must buy insurance? Well, the answer is NOT ME. Why is this, you wonder? The article explains there are exceptions to who is forced to buy the cost-prohibitive insurance:

There are exceptions. Certain people with religious objections would not have to get health insurance. Nor would American Indians, illegal immigrants, or people in prison.”

OK. I have to go now and say the Rosary.

Soooo, party on without me, plebes!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader on Obama's Deathcare Bill

Watch Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader: A Discussion on Healthcare, Politics and Reform

Congressman Kucinich’s points are not respected, either. There is no public choice or public option in order to keep prices down, so it’s an open sesame for these giant insurance companies that are concentrating more and more power, in violation of the antitrust laws, over the millions of American patients. And it doesn’t safeguard the states from the kind of litigation that’s heading toward Pennsylvania and California, that are now trying single payer.”
-Ralph Nader

I have doubts about the bill. I do not think it is a step toward anything I’ve supported in the past.”
-Dennis Kucinich

" But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”
-Nancy Pelosi

Cue up the soundtrack to Schindler's List.

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez discuss with Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader here this Orwellian, IRS enforced MANDATORY odious “death sentence” bill Dennis Kucinich sealed his frothy lips around yesterday that is genocide for America's middle class. It really is a death sentence, not in the sense that teapartiers incorrectly describe it but in the numbers of educated Americans who will die from not being able to afford the cost-prohibitive insurance mafia 'protection' money when the country needs Single Payer.  

Kucinich changed his “NO” to “YES” vote on this deadly bill, saying it's a dangerous moment. Haha. Dangerous, that is, for a bunch of already golden Democratic Congressvermin who are on their way out and need to firm up their new 'K' Street lobbyist gigs via their allegiance to this reprehensible bill that should be outlawed. Dennis offers this cowardly, leaderless, soulless explanation of his whoreishness:

But I believe that now we need to look to support the efforts at the state level for single payer, to really jump over this debate and not have all those who want to see transformative change in healthcare be blamed for this bill going down. I think that really it’s a dangerous moment. You know, the Clinton healthcare reforms, which I thought were very weak, it’s been sixteen years since we’ve had a discussion about healthcare reform because of the experience of the political maelstrom that hit Washington. And I saw—I came to the conclusion, Amy, that it was going to—it would be impossible to start a serious healthcare discussion in Washington if this bill goes down, despite the fact that I don’t like it at all. And every criticism I made still stands.”

But Nader calls out the odious OBAMULATING O-dealer from Ohio AND the genocidal details of this COST-PROHIBITIVE, MANDATORY, Orwellian bill that is a nightmarish tax on middle class citizens architected to kill them if it doesn't bankrupt them first:

What we’re seeing here is a legislation that doesn’t even kick in until 2014, except for one or two items on staying with your parents’ insurance policy until you’re twenty-six. That means that there will be 180,000 Americans who will die between now and 2014 before any coverage expands, and hundreds of thousands of injuries and illnesses untreated. This bill does not provide universal, comprehensive or affordable care to the American people. It shovels hundreds and billions of dollars of taxpayer money into the worst corporations who’ve created this problem: the Aetnas, the CIGNAs, the health insurance companies. And it doesn’t require many contractual accountabilities and other accountabilities for people who are denied healthcare in this continuing pay-or-die system that is the disgrace of the Western world. For the drug companies, it’s a bonanza. It doesn’t require Uncle Sam to negotiate volume discounts. It allows these new biologic drugs, under patent, to fight off generic competition—that’s a terrible provision. And it doesn’t allow reimportation from countries like Canada to keep prices down.”

Nader, as always, steps in to prove to the Dems that a third party is overdue. But the incoherent, insufferable excuse Kucinich gives below about his support for this death sentence bill is that it's a “step” to state level single payer, only maybe, because he wants to see it that way:

I want to see this as a step. It’s not the step that I wanted to take, but a step so that after it passes, we can continue the discussion about comprehensive healthcare reform, about what needs to be done at the state level, because that’s really where we’re going to have to, I think, have a breakthrough in single payer, about diet, nutrition, comprehensive alternative medicine. There’s many things that we can do.”

Meanwhile, the schizophrenic talking points from two sides of the posterior continues about 1.) how it's a terrible, horrible, DREADFUL bill but we must 2.) loot and kill the middle class with it, anyway! Kucinich along with anyone else, including Michael Moore and the town sycophants across America who peddle this untruthful garbage are corporate entertainment tools. Yet, on and on Kucinich (as does Michael Moore) rambles, about how the Dems must pass this nightmarish bill they claim to loathe now or else it will be “twenty years” before Washington will ever address health care.

BULLSHIT. Dems, you are DONE. To think death wishing Democrats are so far up each others zippers to KO the middle class with this murderous and hateful bill again shows the need for third party leadership NOW.

What a REAL LEADER would say is “Scrap this steaming crap and do the right thing with affordable Single Payer, because we CAN and do DEFEAT shitty bills all the time and there is no reason to fucking STOP today, tomorrow, or for twenty years but in the meantime, START the fuck over now!” Jesus Christ - even the GOP will help sink it, you greedy moronic bastards, as at least they agree that this MANDATE is harmful and unconstitutional.

Oh, sure, if there is going to be a mandate in this bill, here it is: a mandate to force every corporate whore in this country to stop selling out our jobs to cheap imported third world labor to afford healthcare,  as yours truly previously reported that when Obama's "courageous" healthcare bill passes, jobs for American citizens are D.O.A.

Dennis Kucinich? What a con. You are the poster sleaze boy for “Kill 'em All, and Let God Sort 'Em Out/I Got Mine” and YOU SIR, are no  leader.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kucinich Sells Out: Dead Dem Skunks in the Middle of the Road

This Bill is a Sellout to Insurance Companies!”
 -Dennis Kucinich

Dead Dem Skunks in the Middle of the Road, Stinking to HIGH HEAVEN

Well, the plebes have been lied to once again. On March 15, two days ago – Dennis Kucinich correctly condemned Obamacare and said he would vote a firm “NO” on this odious bill. He explained “This bill is a sellout to insurance companies.” Today, it should come then, as no surprise, that being a politician and all – he LIED after going for a ride in AF One with that OTHER liar who “owns” the luxury skybus for another two more years who also once said he supported Single Payer!!!

If this isn't the final curtain call to vote a firm “NO” on any more Party of Big Money politicians, dunno what else is. Is anyone surprised? As a two election cycle Nader donor and supporter, yours truly wrote off the ineffectual, smiling egghead Kucinich a long time ago as the party's jovial Humpty Dumpty who could be trotted out to entertain and instill 'hope' (ooh, there's that word again) to the faithful.

Well, Dems, your party's favorite suspendered clown PREDICTABLY suspended his “morals” and “integrity” and just shattered your hopium glass crackpipe today by saying “YES” to this abortion of a “health care bill” that is designed to loot every last American without a portfolios and a good job.

R.I.P. American middle class, and to this dead Dem party of skunks. Skanks for the memories! AND for handing upcoming votes to your weasel GOP kissing cousins.

Party on, plebes! Raise a green glass this St. Patrick's Day to your gullibility!


Happy St. Patrick's Day! Michael Moore on The Green They Steal, The Greed They Wear

Happy St. Patrick's Day, my friends - Celtic and other and cyber!  We tip our hats today to fellow fighting Irishman Michael Moore for his mighty manifesto The Green They Steal, The Greed They Wear. May the spirit of the Irish move us all to unite and take back this country from the thieves and sociopaths that would, like the arrogant, bloody British, glory in pitting green against green. -t.t.

from "The Roses Are Red Diaries"
by 2Truthy

Roses Are Red 
On St. Patrick's Day 
I Dye Them All Green
And Give Them Away

To Friends With an Accent
Oh, Irish for One or 
Another Who's Polish
Like Pat, Just for Fun

But When We All Gather
For Corned Beef and Cabbage 
With Noses Pinched Tightly
We'll Toast Charlie Babbage

To Whom We Are Grateful
For A Model Invention
A Kind of Computer
That Luddites Don't Mention

Yet With It/Without It
Should We Be In Awe
Is The Modern Computer
The Best Thing We

Ah Yes, Back To Cabbage -- 
And Old Charlie Babbage
For Without Chuck I trust
This Poem Is A Bust!

If We Make it Alive
With This Shuck and Jive
And The Green Beer Starts Flowing 
Then This We'll Be Knowing

On St. Paddie's Day
 While Your Heart's Are All Gay---
 And the Emerald Isle Glows 
Singing Magical Prose

And Others Around You
That Mean Something Dear
And The One's Who Have Left
Who You Still Wish Were Here...

T'is A Cyberspace Jingle
And A Best Thought Or Two
For The Luck O' The Irish 
To Find And Keep You!!!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cursed Bread and Evil Circus Masters

Le Pain Maudit (Cursed Bread)

Paris – They say the French know something about revolts, which might explain (although never absolve) the horrific weird scenes inside the goldmine squared with one unforgivable, bad, bad trip against humanity that allegedly the CIA and a leading Swiss drug manufacturer inflicted upon a French town and are responsible for.

In this shocking report, an investigative journalist claims to have uncovered the culprits behind the LSD tainted French bread outbreak known as the mystery of Le Pain Maudit (Cursed Bread) that still haunts the inhabitants of Pont-Saint-Esprit, in the Gard, southeast France that occurred on August 16, 1951. The town's people were “suddenly racked with frightful hallucinations of terrifying beasts and fire” that killed at least five and left hundreds afflicted.
How and why did this horrible event happen and who was behind it? From the Telegraph:

It resulted from a covert experiment directed by the CIA and the US Army's top-secret Special Operations Division (SOD) at Fort Detrick, Maryland. The scientists who produced both alternative explanations, he writes, worked for the Swiss-based Sandoz Pharmaceutical Company, which was then secretly supplying both the Army and CIA with LSD.”

The article mentions that French nationals who worked for the CIA may have also been involved, and the real "smoking gun" was said to be a “White House document sent to members of the Rockefeller Commission formed in 1975 to investigate CIA abuses.” (When it comes to investigating CIA abuses, surely no one could ever not accuse the fox of guarding the hen house?)

Scientists at Fort Detrick said agents had sprayed LSD into the air and also contaminated “local foot products” (is that supposed to read “food”?) But today, the locals of Pont-Saint-Esprit want to know exactly WHY they were targeted by such “apocalyptic scenes”. "At the time, some posed that the cruel, deliberate poisoning was an “experiment aimed at controlling a popular revolt," said one 71 year old survivor:

"I almost kicked the bucket," he told the weekly French magazine Les Inrockuptibles. "I'd like to know why."


Monday, March 8, 2010

RhamBama Drama Panorama! Watch Rahm Emanuel on SNL

And now, you come after me on Facebook? What are you, fourteen? WTF?”
-White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel

The Rahm 'F' bomber, “son of the devil's own spawn” (h/t Eric Massa), 'R' word apologist and ultimate get-it-done insider's cred as the leading practitioner of the dark arts of the Potomac is on the ropes. Hey, somebody has to take the heat for Obama's neo-frat boy, feudal serfdom, delusional (non) 'jobs' bill and the so-called 'health care reform' bill to loot middle class taxpayers - both bills that a majority of Americans are now seeing through like the Emperor's New Jockstraps.

Chicago schooled politico Rahm Emanuel is getting poked 24/7, and the three-way between the mighty two who brung Obama, Axelrod and Emanuel are providing more White House palace intrigue.

So, what's behind all the RhamBama chatter? The Hill asks here, and receives several hints, the most notable from Hal Lewis, professor of Physics at UC Santa Barbara, who said:

It's SOP in a weak White House. At the root of it is the fact that Obama himself has no substance, though he fooled a lot of people for a long time, and everything else flows from that. It's been a long time since we have had a strong and capable president; our system works against it. (I call it the Archimedes theory of politics: other things being equal, the lightweights rise to the top.)

Meanwhile, if RhamBama succeeds at forcing Rahm's placebo health care bullet - this cruel hoax of an insurance/pharma lobby giveaway called a “health care” bill on Americans that Rahm's brother Dr. Zeke supports yet a majority of Americans don't want  (Single Payer is the most cost effective) and can't pay for, the Democrats will have no shortages of mid-term election fiascoes to look forward to. Death wish? Who ever said a Chief of Staff's job would be easy? “Rahm Emanuel: I wake up some mornings hating me too."


Friday, March 5, 2010

Anti-Gay Gay Roy Ashburn Arrest and Larry Craig Bathroom GOP Sting Revisited

(Click HERE to Sing Along to G-a-y GAY!)

Very Special Thanks to The Village People

Sacramento – Let's go for a drive down GOP Hypocrisy Lane. This week's bust of the married, father of four California State Sen. Roy Ashburn for a DUI after leaving a Sacramento gay nightclub during the wee hours with an unidentified boy toy takes us back to LWOH's GOP annals of the Larry Craig School of anti-gay gay history. Ashburn, a family values man – also fought against gay marriage "for the future of our children".

Certainly, no one can accuse the Republicans of 'not having their shit together' when it comes to amassing a voting bloc of hypocrites—especially anti-gay gay, repressed voters and elected officials.

Turn up the volume, and sing along!

G-a-y GAY!

Young man, there's no need to sit here
I said, young man, to drink beer and be queer.
I said, young man, let's go ditch this gay bar
And felate in the car.

Young man, there's a place you can go
I said, young man, it's my Chevy Tahoe.
While I'm driving shitfaced all over the place
You can get down and give me a blow.

It's fun to say that your g-a-y GAY
It's fun to say that your g-a-y GAY

Gays do everything that straight men can enjoy
You can hang out with all the boy toys...

It's fun to say that your g-a-y GAY
It's fun to say that your g-a-y GAY

You can get yourself clean, after banging a fag
You can even dress up in drag...

Young man, are you listening to me?
I said, young man, what do you want to be?
I said, young man, I get blown then it's weird
That I go home to my beard.

No man does it all by himself.
I said, young man, put it back in your pants
And just DON'T say that I'm g-a-y.
I'm sure you can help me today.

It's fun to say that your g-a-y GAY
It's fun to say that your g-a-y GAY

Gays do everything that straight men can enjoy
You can hang out with all the boy toys...

It's fun to say that your g-a-y GAY
It's fun to say that your g-a-y GAY

You can get yourself clean, after banging a fag
After that you go home to your hag...

Young man, put yourself in my shoes
That I got busted for too much booze.
When THE MAN watched me swerve
I felt he knew I was a perve...

That's when my the cop came up to me,
And said, you sir, take a walk up the street.
Then I wobbled and lied that I'm g-a-y.
They booked me then I went on my way.

It's fun to say that your g-a-y GAY
It's fun to say that your g-a-y GAY

Gays do everything that straight men can enjoy
You can hang out with all the boy toys...

G-a-y GAY! You'll find you'll hide being G-a-y- GAY!

Young man. There's no need to feel down
I said young man, about going downtown.
I said young man you can HOOK-UP here at Faces
In the parking spaces.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chinese Factory Worker Can't Believe The Shit He Makes For Americans: The Onion

A Mel Toast “Poach” Exclusive

So, it's pile on China day. Here's a ripped off, shamelessly, all of it exposé from our friends at the ONION. 

FENGHUA, CHINA—Chen Hsien, an employee of Fenghua Ningbo Plastic Works Ltd., a plastics factory that manufactures lightweight household items for Western markets, expressed his disbelief Monday over the "sheer amount of shit Americans will buy."

"Often, when we're assigned a new order for, say, 'salad shooters,' I will say to myself, 'There's no way that anyone will ever buy these,'" Chen said during his lunch break in an open-air courtyard. "One month later, we will receive an order for the same product, but three times the quantity. How can anyone have a need for such useless shit?"

Chen, 23, who has worked as an injection-mold operator at the factory since it opened in 1996, said he frequently asks himself these questions during his workweek, which exceeds 60 hours and earns him the equivalent of $21.


Mel Toast

Google China Hackers Stole Source Code: The Gay Rickshaw Times EXCLUSIVE

(Click on Images to Enlarge)
It's time to get nasty on the sons of the celestial empire . . . What are they waiting for?” -TGS

Welcome back to The Gay Swami Times which we have renamed today The Gay Rickshaw Times Vol. 1 Issue 1. Click here for previous issues. Our newly expanded feature takes us to balmy mainland China, where all sorts of heavenly security breaches, bribery, balcony plunges and theft occur ALL THE TIME!

This exciting, new report reveals that the hackers behind attacks on Google Inc. and DOZENS of other companies operating in China “stole valuable computer source code by breaking into the personal computers of employees with privileged access” according to the world's No. 2 security software maker. The Chinese are stealing SOURCE CODE! And, since “source code” is to software what “the family jewels” are to man-crush pleasure trysts, you can bet that somebody down at the Mountain View dump (Googleville) is feeling a bit steamed...

HAHA! They're not the ONLY ones who steal and cheat Americans and then LIE about it, either:

The Chinese government has said that Google's claim that it was attacked by hackers based in China was "groundless."

They were GROUNDLESS, American fools! Muahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Whirlpool Gets $19M Stimulus THEN Outsources the Jobs as IBM Fires More Americans

We Are the World (Job Stealers)

Rob Oak at the Economic Populist writes Whirlpool gets $19 million in Taxpayer Stimulus funds, and then offshore outsources the jobs. In addition, IBM is firing “any American they can find again” according to, reporting that “another 500 more U.S. workers are being canned by labor arbitrage agenda master IBM.” Democrats to the rescue, right? Wrong. Mayday at NS explains more here:

Remember all of the rhetoric from John Kerry about offshore outsourcing and Benedict Arnold corporations? Well, obviously that was just a ruse to win votes.
Kerry along with his corporate lobbyist puppet Republican counterpart {Luger} are introducing yet another foreign guest worker Visa into the Senate.”

Oak adds that Alan Tonelson points out the Obama administration puts another outsourcer in power. And we need one more imported worker again, for what? When one out of four American people are unemployed or underemployed, why are we allowing our jobs to be handed to third world workers? Sing along, suckaz!

We Are the World (Job Stealers)

There comes a time
When we heed a certain call
When U.S. jobs are going away one by one
There are Americans dying
Why should the Congress give them a hand
H-1B - The greatest rip-off of all

We can't go on
Pretending day by day
That someone, in Congress will soon make a change
We are being ripped-off by
The Cash Cow of Indian Outsourcing
And the truth, to get jobs back - is what we need

We'll take your jobs
And jobs from your children
We are the ones who take your jobs away
So just stop bitchin'
There's those jobs we're taking
And that's ruining your whole lives
It's true we'll take some more away
Just wait and see

Give us your jobs
Because no one in your Congress cares
And their lives will be richer and free
As God has shown them by turning U.S. jobs to ghee
So you all stick your heads in the sand

We'll take your jobs
And jobs from your children
We are the ones who take your jobs away
So just stop bitchin'
There's those jobs we're stealing
And that's ruining your whole lives
It's true we'll take some more away
Just wait and see

When you're down and out
There seems no hope at all
But if you just believe
There's no way you can fall
Well, Ha Ha Ha! Don't you realize
That a change will only come
When you stand together as one

We'll take your jobs
And jobs from your children
We are the ones who take your jobs away
So just stop bitchin'
There's those jobs we're stealing
And that's ruining your whole lives
It's true we'll take some more away
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EU Approves GMO "Amflora" Potato

Life is in Their Hands – Death is on Their Minds! It Explodes like 12 Angry GMO Potatoes!

BRUSSELS – A few bad sprouts within the European Commission  today approved the cultivation of genetically-modified potatoes, but environmentalists and European ministers slam the suspicious spud dubbed “Amflora” as a threat to human health - though the potatoes will not be for human consumption. So, if humans won't be consuming them, then let's mosey down the food-chain:

“Modified vegetables and cereals have long been a matter of fierce debate in Europe and the commission stressed that the Amflora would only be for "industrial use" including animal feed.”

Industrial use! OK, and then cows, chickens, goats and every other assortment of domestic animals and barnyard pets - some which inevitably end up on the human dinner table. While some dare call them “frankenfoods” (h/t, others within the EU Commission insist their decision is "based on a considerable volume of sound science” but critics cite the below health and environmental hazards:

“Amflora is also modified to produce pure amylopectin starch in technical applications. Conventional potatoes produce a mixture of amylopectin and amylose starch. But the potato also contains a marker gene resistant to antibiotics, fuelling environmentalists' fears over the risks of contamination for non GMO varieties. Friends of the Earth said the Amflora potato "carries a controversial antibiotic resistant gene which it cannot be guaranteed will not enter the food chain."

If the decision is based on “sound science”, some groups question the GMO industry's method. Foes of the Amflora potato include Friends of the Earth, an organization that claims the potato "carries a controversial antibiotic resistant gene which it cannot be guaranteed will not enter the food chain." Despite overwhelming global resistance to GMO foods, why the big EU potato push? Ka-ching! Something to do with “the world's biggest chemical company”, BASF, harvesting a new crop of moolah:

"The new commissioner whose job is to protect consumers has in one of his first decisions ignored public opinion and safety concerns to please the worlds biggest chemical company," said Heike Moldenhauer, the group's GMO spokesperson.”

The article also notes that BASF was "delighted" by the decision "after waiting for more than 13 years" for EU approval. How long will the sound science of producing money continue to trump human health and environmental safety standards?

Party on, potato heads plebes!