Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Ralph Nader

“…there’s never a doubt, just who’s pulling the strings.”
-Sandie Shaw

Today is Ralph Nader’s 74th birthday. Best wishes, Ralph! I HOPE against all hopelessly impossible odds that your campaign can and will positively influence Obama and his corporate backers as it looks like after last night’s debate, Hillz is goin’ down, down…

I watched part of the debate between Our Lady of the Pink, Hillary, and the Man in Black, last night, and it became clear to me that the more I watch Hillary, the more she reminds me A LOT of the dean of girls at my former high school and that Barry, by comparison, just seems nicer... But enough about superficial observations as it’s substance we are after, yes?

Unfortunately, this Siamese twin, otherwise known as HilBama, once again failed to separate themselves at the hip from each other and their corporate masters, predictably avoiding meaningful conversation on issues that affect the majority in this country. How horribly boring is that?

Here I tuned into the beauty contest fully expecting my Democratic candidates to have a substantive conversation about (among so many other things) all that toxic crap we are supposed to eat and get sick or die from courtesy an out to lunch FDA that has been bought off by corrupt corporate elites and all HilBama could do was basically admit (Hillary did a candid and honest job here) that they are NOT in fact running for Congress but for President and that means they have to do what their corporate masters tell them to do.

After watching this debate, I got the sense that Hillary really and truly actually believes all this ruse about the GREAT LABOR SHORTAGE MYTH that has been systematically pounded by greedy corporate elites from Google, Oracle, Microsoft etc. and PR media outlets in their struggle to drive down wages and eliminate jobs for our citizens here while Barry may actually question it. Now, I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be a hoot if Obama turned out to be the skunk at the garden party on this issue or that I believe he has the cahones to stand up to the Sand Hill Road Klan, but check out the very subtle distinctions in rhetoric between the two candidate’s positions from their respective websites described in this Ephraim Schwartz Infoworld article below:

Hillary: "I also want to reaffirm my commitment to the H-1B visa program and to increase the current cap. Foreign skilled workers contribute greatly to our technological development. That is well understood in Silicon Valley."

Barrack: "We can do better than that and go a long way toward meeting industry’s need for skilled workers with Americans. Until we have achieved that, I will support a temporary increase in the H-1B visa program as a stopgap measure until we can reform our immigration system comprehensively."

For Hillary to actually believe this propaganda is to in essence “ease her pain’ by personally profiting from these gatekeepers on this race to the trough, whereas with Barry, I’m not so sure that he might not get it. Whether he gives a hoot is the question.

I especially like Barry’s “We can do better…” pitch that hints at “change” although for anyone to take him seriously on this issue (among others), he is going to have to be specific about what jobs (low end, minimum wage, “green jobs”) he is talking about as “legal immigration” is the crux of the issue that is driving down wages and eliminating white collar jobs.
Rinse and repeat: “We do NOT have a white collar labor shortage.”

Turn on any progressive radio station in the SF bay area and you will hear advertisements about the dire state of nursing and how there is a “nursing shortage.” I have a couple of friends who are R.N.s who haven’t worked in the field for over ten years as they describe how the pay is too lousy for the less than optimal working conditions created by bloated hospital administrative management hellbent to drive down wages in this field via immigration.

For anyone who questions just how determined a few greedy corporate elites are in driving down white collar wages, here is a must read article:

Who is demanding that these candidates supply answers to questions? Questions like who exactly is backing Obama and what is he getting out of it? When insulated, fabulously wealthy regulators like Alan Greenspan get away with telling white collar workers that earning a whopping eighty grand a year may be “too much money” while costs of living soar and when liberal organizations that are funded by the same corporate elites backing the candidates, where are the investigative journalists to tell us who they are? More important, where is the “progressive” voice behind the Democrats to unite and make them accountable?

So far, it looks like the birthday boy, Mr. Nader, takes the cake here as his is the only voice who dares to step away from the Kool-Aid stand and this time around, I truly HOPE Nader’s campaign does what it has always set out to do: to wake up the majority by addressing issues that underscore the welfare of citizens and not corporations.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ralph Nader to Run in 2008

R.I.P. Democratic Party

It's true. Democratic elites would much rather see McCain elected than a candidate who would stand up for the middle/upper middle class and risk upsetting the house of cards that works to their economic benefit while the neighborhoods around them go to hell, Blackwater moves in, neighbors move out and the winner takes all. It's a great game for "I Got Mine" pretentious, venial and greedy people -- a growing, twenty first century phenomenon that finds its voice in viral marketing and branding of everything from diet pills to presidential candidates, courtesy a few rabid blogs and online media outlets who are paid for by the status quo.
Honestly, I don't know why I bother. While the subprime mortgage mess and downward spiral in income and disappearing jobs does not directly affect me, what is it about the hubris drenched, arrogance from Democrats who wouldn't think about hopping on a bicycle without best-in-show bicycle shorts with matching, skin tight jerseys... These days, it's getting harder to differentiate between a Republican and a Democrat as elites of both parties have decided that circling the wagons against the plebes is the best way to fend off their whining about disappearing jobs, no access to healthcare, tainted food, deranged and snooping telecom execs, and a government, to quote the words of the legendary Chrissie Hynde, "that has no pride."

Thanks a lot, smug, arrogant Democrats who think the rhetoric of "hope" and "change" is gonna keep the greedy corporate elites from tossing you and/or your neighbors out of the house due to the subprime mortgage crisis and out of jobs due to the Great Labor Shortage Myth that is responsible for the disappearance of white collar jobs. Not that liberal elites ever cared about others. They are no different from the Reagan Republicans, as evinced by Barack Obama's keen affinity for Reagan, proof of the sham this two party system really is. Who is behind the fractured fairy tale of a Democratic Party on the ropes?

Income Equality? I think there should be income equality between ALL Federal Reserve Chairmen and their first floor maid. Alan Greenspan Thinks You Make Too Much Money. Alan Greenspan, with support from billionaires like Bill Gates, Al Gore, John Chambers and others who lobby to cut jobs and pay for Americans, are working hard to turn this country into a veritable half-way house for the third world while they tell citizens here to go to hell. The only thing worse than these predictable greedsters wanting to kick the collective white collar working ass to the curb are the liberal Democrats who support them with the "I GOT MINE" mentality responsible for killing off the Democratic party. Haven't you heard? Alan Greenspan says the only way to address the economic fallout he and his ilk put us into is for American white collar professionals is to EARN LESS MONEY despite the fact that costs are rising, layoffs are spiraling out of control and we are (loudly channel Sam Kinnison here) most likely FUCKING GOING INTO A DEPRESSION!!! Well guess what? All the viral "Yes We Can" youtube videos in the world can't bring change unless the two headed corporate shill, HilBama, gets out of the way and tells Congress to go fuck themselves and stand up for the majority in this country.

Note to candidates: HilBama, unless either one of you get's your shit together and just say "NO" to the corporate elites and the Indian lobby who loooooove so much killing off our jobs here, you can kiss this vote bah-byeeeeee...

Election Madness. In response to Howard Zinn's article "Election Madness" in the March issue of the Progressive, where exactly are any of these Democratic writers and journalists/columnists like Zinn, Chomsky, Klein, Thomm Hartmann, Amy Goodman etc. and other self-described Democratic blogger/columnist/book authors to talk about issues? While they occasionally promote the "populist" message while simultaneously aligning themselves with liberal corporate elites who quietly fund cultish, ANTI-POPULIST organizations who take their cues from Alan Greenspan, all of them, by omission, champion killing off our white collar jobs and cutting wages in order to keep importing cheap third world labor. We know the MSM won't touch real issues on this race to the bottom, but it's getting a little old, now, to see how the emergence of high profile, status quo puffed-up, online blogs like HuffPo brainwash an increasingly cultist crew of sheeple. If it weren't so transparent, it would be hilarious.

Enablers of the nuevo status quo message are funding organizations like



which boast a cast of characters including high profile actors. Many of their stated goals are indeed noteworthy and yet, like any effective marketing department in any other industry with a mission statement that reads "Grow Goddammit", these orgs appeal to potential subscribers on the basis of a shared ideology and rely upon viral marketing programs targeted to brand specific messages such as "we can sacrifice our jobs and paychecks because we already got ours so now we need to sacrifice you, poor and philanthropic minded plebe, while the Royal We all just one stock tip away from another tidy haul..."

These orgs are staffed/supported by liberal elites or the "I Got Mine Circuit" who support outsourcing/insourcing jobs. Neither website touches the problem of white collar layoffs and both orgs have zero tolerance for anyone who dares question who the Grand Poohbahs are that pave the way in the Senate and Congress to promote the mass exodus of white collar jobs. Why is this? Neither one of the above organizations and the sycophants who subscribe to them represent the millions of educated, white collar citizens who are continuing to lose jobs and take home dwindling paychecks. Who is behind these Nuevo "shadow organizations" that are aiding the corporate welfare politicians and executives backed by executive politico cultists who represent the status quo? Whatsmore, these "liberal" and self-described progressive writers involved with organizations like the ones above deplore the masses just as much the corporate elites that funnel funds/opportunities their way. Why? Scarcity of resources. If everybody had a good job with good pay, nobody would feel desperate enough to want to read their gratuitous pandering. Should we protest? Absolutely. But against who? (Sorry, but I don't find anything "progressive" about an insider cult mentality of perfumed parlor snakes going around acting like it's cool to tell everybody else to fuck off. )

Note, Zinn, Chomsky, Klein (Naomi, Joe, it seems all Kleins are on the corporate welfare dole) and any of the above writers and their fans conveniently direct the masses against the political puppet candidates owned by the corporations. Instead of naming names of the real tyrants -- the corporate elites who don't want the middle class anywhere near their companies as they can outsource those jobs to the poor and less educated, third world people for a fraction of the pay ---, these writers continue to create the illusion that there is an "alternative" to the big, bad, MSM when they in fact pine for the same crumbs at this ham-fisted table.

Short of Hillary or Obama choosing Nader for a VP running mate, more than ever, Democrats MUST finally get their sh&# together and support the ONLY candidate now speaking up in support of the very issues that are killing off the middle/upper middle classes here.

Today, Ralph Nader announced on Meet the Press he is going to run for President. Check out his website and see where he stands on the issues compared to the two-headed corporate shill, HilBama.

A Nader 2008 presidential run, at the very least, is what is in order to nudge liberal Democrats to their senses to unify the party, NOT by going rabid and viral with empty, feel good rhetoric against fellow Dems but by finally realizing that American white collar citizens can no longer be offered up as the sacrificial cow to third world. If we don't collectively put our own house in order, what does this say about the country and the jerks who run it and support it? Oh wait. I just answered that.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Clinton's Version of "We Have a Dream"

" We Have a Dream."
by Hillary and Bill Clinton
(photo courtesy Mel Toast)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Clinton and Obama Divide Country into Pink States and Black States

Happy Presidents Day: What “Red” and “Blue” States?

For Immediate Release

Clinton's "Pink Alliance" and Obama's Cappuccino Coalition / "Espresso Entente"...

Hillary Clinton's (pink) coalition / clatch of women and downscale, working-class gay men has been locked in a struggle for the Democratic nomination with Obama's (black) army / coalition of African-Americans and liberal, college-educated "wiggaz".

Clinton’s Pink Posse scores big with the Alzheimer’s crowd, especially downscale dowagers, the Gray and the Gay, while Obama is big with the post-graduate set, the Ebony Egghead demographic...

But who’s going to be our next President? We don’t know! But what we DO know is that secrecy is the new black as Al Gore works in the shadows of the Democratic presidential nomination battle to ensure that Hillary and Barrack don't slog it out in public so that the party is not ripped apart by a bitterly divided convention on their race to the trough. According to the New York Times, Al Gore and a few senior Democratic leaders are “staying neutral” ( 2Truthy reveals that insiders already know Gore hearts Obama) in the race between Hillary and Barrack, because they're worried that a pre-convention fight for 795 superdelegates could be disastrous for the general election.

For now, Hillary and Barrack will unfortunately have to play nice if either one of them wants to beat McCain—a shame, really, when you think about it. If they can’t drag each other into the mud like normal politicians, what does this say about our electoral system?
Oh, and if it’s issues you are after in a candidate, visit their respective websites for the latest spin on how these two candidates promise the moon for their dream job of being President of the Corporate Elite States of the Whole Wide World.

purveyor of equal opportunity crassness


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Polish Priest's Exorcism Theme Park

Exorcism Theme Park in Poland

POCZERNIN, Poland –Since Satan seems to be hanging around POLAND a lot these days and everybody over fourteen including the French totally loathe EuroDisney and are exhibiting a growing, sophisticated mistrust of all things Mickey Mouse, Europe needs to radically entertain its depraved and sinful population – both young and old --- by confronting “and bracing for” an impending invasion of demons by a PRIEST from POLAND who is going to TOTALLY KICK Satan’s (yes, THAT Satan) ass! Exorcism is all the rage in Europe, I tell ya!!!

It's true. Polish priest Rev. Andrzej Trojanowski, a soft-spoken Pole, plans to build a "spiritual oasis" that will “serve as Europe's only center dedicated to performing exorcisms.” EXORCISMS! With the blessing of the local Catholic archbishop and theological support from the Vatican, the center will aid a growing number of "Poles possessed by evil forces or the devil himself,” he said.

"This is my task, this is my purpose -- I want to help these people," said Trojanowski, who has allegedly worked as an exorcist for four years! This exclusive cleansing service would be especially great for young women who would be otherwise forced to work in Warsaw’s massage parlor district for substandard wages. He added “there is a group of people who cannot get relief through any other practices and who need peace." Thank you , Father!

Trojanowski believes he can defeat Satan, with unconfirmed rumors depicting the practice to involve a combination of hypnosis, plenty of liquor, prayer, rosary beads, a crucifix, a dime bag, white powder and a glass pipe, nudity and old Lon Chaney DVS’s.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Hillary's "It Takes a Miracle" Campaign Revival

“I have five loaves and two fishes for you!
Really! It’s enough. I promise!”

Hillary’s 2008 “I Need a Miracle” Campaign Revival

Quick! Hillary needs a song! Just like Obama’s hopelessly boring yet inspiring “Yes We Can” video to help fuel her chugging, sacrilegious, sagging campaign along. Cue up the Grateful Dead’s “I Need a Miracle” (above video) and go viral…it may take dynamite to keep her up…………..

Ok. So things are not looking so good for Hillary. Even Dick "the Toe-lick" Morris predicts that after losing diverse states like Washington State, Louisiana, Nebraska, and Maine, Hillary's inability to win in states without large immigrant and Latino populations means she has completely lost the coveted hillbilly vote to a black man and that nothing short of a miracle to resurrect a campaign which has otherwise gone south is in order...

Morris further confirms his analysis:

“don't bet on all the super delegates staying hitched to Hillary. These folks are politicians, half of them public office holders who are really good at reading the handwriting on the wall and really bad at gratitude for past favors.”

But not to worry, Hillary fans. Newly appointed campaign manager Maggie Williams has stepped in to steer this lost ship out of the doldrums, help change water into wine and maybe, maybe, help deliver a miracle.


Sharia Law in Texas?

Texas & Sharia Law: Soup & Sandwich?

Will integration of church and state soon be coming to a town near you? Well Jackass Texas Jake is down with that, as he and the Archbishop of Canterbury share the sentiment "that people should approach Islamic law with an open mind. " Break out the bangers and mash! Sheezam!

The Archbishop of Canterbury recently came under fierce attack "from the Government, his own Church and other religions after he advocated the adoption of parts of Sharia, or Islamic law, in Britain" and people are freaking out, suggesting heads should roll if it's adopted to existing laws on the books. But if what happens across the pond can happen in Texas, I, along with hundreds of other Feminists including talented author Annie LaMott may well err with General Sherman.

So what's all the hoopla? There are nearly 1.6 million Muslims in Britain, representing 2.7 per cent of the total population. Sharia courts do exist, but they have no "legal standing and their decisions are not binding. " The Archbishop of Canterbury said:

“It seems unavoidable and, as a matter of fact, certain conditions of Sharia are already recognised in our society.”

However, a spokesman for the Prime Minister acknowledged that the Archbishop is just making a feel good play at wanting to accommodate the world's fastest growing religion that is still known for barbaric practices against women, kids and dogs around the world. Kind of like in Texas. Or West Virginia. Anyway, the Prime Minister said that British law must be based on British values.

“Sharia cannot be used as a justification for committing breaches of English law, nor should the principles of Sharia be included in a civil court for resolving contractual disputes,” he said.

Hmmm. He said he said?


Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Friday Hour with The Howlin' Wolf: Smokestack Lightning (1964)

- 'Howlin' Wolf' Chester Arthur Burnett-

Among his many accomplishments in music and in life, the anti-pretentious Howlin' Wolf chose to drive a Pontiac station wagon instead of an expensive car even when he could have afforded several.

Howlin' Wolf on war:

“Somebody has been cashing checks and they’ve been bouncing back on us. And these people, the poor class of Negroes and the poor class or white people, they’re getting tired of it. And sooner or later it’s going to bring on a disease on this country, a disease that’s going to spring from mid-air, and it’s going to be bad. It’s like a spirit from some dark valley, something that sprung up from the ocean—like Lucifer is on the earth telling people these obvious things, causing a lot of the people to get irritated. But we can’t afford what’s going to happen. A lot of innocent people is going to get killed unless they get some kind of satisfaction...The black people fighting in Vietnam now, when they come back they ain’t going to settle for these little offers and these back-door handouts like they been doing. They ain’t going to take it ’cause they realize they been cheated. We’re going to have to make a sacrifice to stop what’s going to come to this country. Somebody has got to get up and try to drive this into people’s head. They’re going to have to hand things out or we’re going to take ’em. They’ll bring in some kind of persuader and get some kind of satisfaction.”

—Interviewed in 1968 at the Ash Grove, Los Angeles


McCain and the Party of Hate

“If I had a rocker launcher, some son of a bitch would die.”
-Bruce Cockburn

Happy Friday, Loserettes!

Is John “One Hundreds Years of War” McCain and the rest of the blow-em’ all up Republican platform starting to piss off a few Democrats yet? If not, Justin Logan provides some ammo in his article McCain: Straight Talk and Militarist Madness.

If elected, McCain acknowledges that his policies

“Would help ensure that when our grandchildren sign up for military service, some of them will deploy to Iraq. More broadly than Iraq, Senator McCain has a clear track record of supporting war and militarism, and if elected, there’s every reason–from his twitchy statements on the campaign trail to his actions in Congress–to believe that Senator McCain is the all-war-all-the-time candidate. “

Logan provides disturbing insights into the lockdown outcome of a McCain presidency that would ensure a militaristic state not only abroad but here at home:

“In a 2001 article in the Washington Monthly, after lamenting that it was “not currently politically practical to revive the draft,” McCain went on to praise and argue for the expansion of the National Civilian Community Corps, a federally-administered program where volunteers “wear uniforms, work in teams, learn public speaking skills, and gather together for daily calisthenics, often in highly public places such as in front of city hall. McCain glowed at the fact that the participants “not only wear uniforms and work in teams…but actually live together in barracks on former military bases.” There is already a place where young people wear federal uniforms, live in military barracks, and gather for calisthenics in front of government buildings: It’s called North Korea.”

Is it any wonder that faux Republican John McCain is telling the conservative base to shove it as he wants to grant millions of illegal Mexicans amnesty for all the wrong reasons? Oh yeah…McCain hearts the poor of Mexico. Right…After all, cannon fodder around here is on the decline and somebody has to fight an enemy and die even if we have to create them in order for the Military Industrial Complex to keep making weapons and float this sinking boat of a losing economy, even if it will only enrich a few elites…but hey, what do Republicans know or care about any of this?

Earlier this week, some asshat, anti-evolutionary cretan, jack-boot, hateful hillbilly MOFO Senator from South effing Carolina declared that the city of Berkeley, CA doesn’t deserve federal money and is pushing to pull $2.1 million in funding from programs established to help the poor. U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C wants to revoke funding from the city of Berkeley because the city voted to boot the Marines from an annoying recruiting station they set up in the city’s downtown area. Helllllooo…Anyone who knows Berkeley knows that this is home to the U.of California, a town known for its pacifism and home to Alice Waters’s magical culinary classic restaurant, Chez Panisse. What is extraordinarily cruel (and not unusual) is that this bully wants to stick it to a wonderful foundation established by Alice Waters to improve school lunch nutrition and improve wellness (see list below.)

DeMint said he will draft legislation to rescind any earmarks dedicated for the City of Berkeley in the recently passed appropriations bill — which his office tallied to value about $2.1 million. He said that any money taken back would be transferred to the Marines.

DeMint's office provided a preliminary list of items that would be subject to his proposal:

— $975,000 for the University of California at Berkeley, for the Matsui Center for Politics and Public Service, which may include establishing an endowment, and for cataloguing the papers of Congressman Robert Matsui.
— $750,000 for the Berkeley/Albana ferry service.
— $243,000 for the Chez Panisse Foundation, for a school lunch initiative to integrate lessons about wellness, sustainability and nutrition into the academic curriculum.
— $94,000 for a Berkeley public safety interoperability program.
— $87,000 for the Berkeley Unified School District, nutrition education program.

When we say that there are differences -- however subtle and often indistinguishable between the two parties --- the GOP still takes the prize for earning the deplorable distinction as the Party of Hate.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Campaign Romance Reform: Yes We Can-Can


What is it about that sappy "Yes We Can" youtube video from the campaign of HOPE that makes you want to listen to the real deal?

(Special Thanks to the amazing Pointer Sisters)


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday Voter Guide for Democrats

Democrats Super Tuesday Voting Guide
(Photo Special Thanks to Douglas A. Sonders / WireImage; Splash News Online)

Jack Nicholson Endorses Hillary Clinton

If the dean of the nuthouse in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest says it’s cool to vote for Nurse Ratched, then so be it…

Basically, if you are a white woman or a white man and you vote for the very first woman candidate ever, Hillary, that implicitly makes you a racist since you didn’t vote for the very first black candidate ever, Obama. Never before in our voting history, has the white voter been faced with the white man’s burden of having to decide whether to cast a feminist, racist, misogynist, or elitist (or some combination of all them) vote in the history of these United States. The question becomes “what happens if white people don’t vote for the first black president?”

Such diverse choices also strain black voters equally in the struggle between choosing the right Democratic candidate and being able to answer “what happens if I don’t vote for the first woman president?” with a clean conscience.

Decisions, decisions! Below is a handy cheat-sheet to help clarify all of the confusing and complicated terminology that you can take to the polls.

Go ahead. Copy it. Memorize it. Just remember, do the right thing.


If you are a NON-BLACK FEMINIST, vote for Hillary unless you are an ANTI-RACIST, then vote for Obama.

If you are a BLACK FEMINIST and a RACIST, vote for Obama.

If you are a BLACK FEMINIST and a NON-RACIST, then vote for Hillary OR Obama.

If you are of diverse sexual orientation and/or fall into the following categories: transsexual, gay, lesbian or bi-sexual, go ahead and vote for any one of the two because you’re still gonna get reamed along with everybody else (except if you are an ELITIST) anyway and your vote doesn’t mean shit.


If you are a NON-BLACK RACIST, you better not vote for Obama but instead, vote for Hillary unless you are a FEMINIST.

If you are a BLACK RACIST, you will want to vote for Obama.


This one’s easy: If you hate the opposite sex, that is, I guess, what this means. So if you are a FEMALE, then your choices will be limited to Obama and vice-versa for Hillary, should you be a MALE.


This one is like being a SEXIST only cubed: If you are a NON-BLACK MALE MISOGYNIST (a white dude) and absolutely hate FEMALES and you vote for Hillary, you are sorely confused and need to head over to the Obama station unless you are a RACIST.

If you are a BLACK MALE MISOGYNIST, Obama is your man, baby!

If you are a NON-BLACK FEMALE MISOGYNIST (white chick) then, (and note that this category is reserved for the totally deranged) -- you will probably want to vote for Obama since you have no other choice, bitch! (Ditto for BLACK FEMALE MISOGYNIST.)


If you have less than one car on your front lawn, a six-figure income, 401 K, at least an eight figure portfolio, a three car garage with and own at least three late model vehicles, a 5,000 (min.) sq. ft. home with detached guest house, health insurance, a timeshare in either Hawaii or Whistler, a boss you can blackmail AND still have your own teeth, you are probably an ELITIST and can throw a coin (heads) Hillary and (tails) Obama on who to vote for and it won’t make any fucking difference.

Happy voting!


Sunday, February 3, 2008

HilBama: Super Bluesday for a D.O.A. Democratic Party

HilBama kissing in a tree while Democratic elites gut the Party

Oh boy. Now that the two “issues candidates” (code for campaigning for labor rights, domestic jobs, healthcare and national infrastructure) Dennis Kucinich and John Edwards are out, the Democratic Party’s Beauty Contest is about to reach new breathtaking heights as the Empty Skirt, Hillary squares off with her rival, the Empty Suit Barry this Tuesday. Today’s San Jose Mercury News features an article entitled Our next president must embrace clean technology written by former DLC think tanker Will Marshall. The article is a shining example of tech industry public relations at its finest – a plea, a pitch, no wait --- a directive for the Democratic party faithful to vote for the candidate they consider to be ideally suited to pave the way for government subsidies to tech startups on the speculation of creating new jobs, despite the fact that this is the SAME group of powerful techno-elites who have bought the same politicians to open up the flood gates of cheap immigration from India to take our jobs at home. The authors certainly don’t hide the disdain that they and Democratic ruling class elites have for “Populist” or issues based voters, nor do they mistake defining “Progressive” voters as anyone else other than the smug, arrogant, and hubris driven inner circle of elites set to gain by dubious green tech start-ups. If you thought the bubble made a few wealthy insiders wealthier, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet when it comes time for insider options being passed around like candy at the expense of Joe Sixpack and Main Street. All.over.again. This is what the authors must really mean when they gallantly toss around the term “Progressive.”

February 5, or “Super Tuesday” is a day where gambling, sports and political-junkie enthusiasm converge, courtesy mainstream media where the plebes get to pretend to make a difference by casting ballots in a primary election designed to turn out one evil over the other. Roughly one year ago to this day, I wrote about Hillary and Obama kissing in a tree as they were alike as much then as they are now. Both Hillary and Barry have taken the Google pledge to sell out white collar jobs. The great labor shortage myth and more immigration at a time when our own professionals are kicked to the curb are intertwined to this industry’s plan to reap record profits with the cheapest labor possible at the very expense of the voters who will cast their ballots for either one of these two hos to the establishment this Tuesday. “See Ya, Suckers” wouldn’t be the half of it. And the Republicans are worse. So what about a third party candidate?

But like a new pair of hot Manolos or just the right Brazilian cherrywood flooring contractor, the choices between what the two will deliver on for your investment are endlessly questionable when you get right down to it.

That’s why yours truly has provided this marvelous VOTE CHOOSER to help ease any creeping anxiety over making a horribly wrong decision or “bet” come Super Tuesday.

What? No issues left to choose from? Not to worry. Welcome to the mixed up, muffled up, 21st century shook up world of teevee/internet politics, where organizations like the Progressive Policy Institute, full of corporate backed, cult thought leaders from DLC think tanks take all the pesky *thought* out of thought-based vote decision making so YOU don’t have to…kind of like having your own personal, corporate owned vote shopper that you never have to leave home without. Problem is, organizations like the Progressive Policy Institute are pro-job outsourcing and want faithful Democrats to vote for the candidate who is loyal to the tech lobby, Obama and the “clean tech” revolution, the same technology players dedicated to kicking America’s educated scientists to the curb as they scream for more immigrants to replace middle/upper class Americans.

Should your vote actually TIE as did mine between Hillary and Obama, thank God the selection process becomes woefully or otherwise much simpler… just like it did back in 2000 during the Bush and Gore election when all anyone had to ask themselves was who they would rather have a beer with only THIS time, now we get to have even more fun thinking about who we’d rather shoot hoops with or go pantsuit shopping with at Lord & Taylortout les possibles!

But one thing is certain: in the absence of “issues candidates” like Kucinich and Edwards who campaigned for changes that would affect the lives of most people in this country as opposed to those who will benefit from the two corporate welfare candidates, HilBama.

The politics of hopelessness. How did these candidates get selected in the first place? Where was our input? Where did Barry H. Obama come from? How did Bill’s other half rise to the Senate and then on to the presidential campaign trail in such a short period of time? Why are we never able to vote on issues but instead on the lesser of two evils? Who are the corporate masters puling their strings?

I don’t know what is more cynical: the fact that the wealthy Democratic Dynasty is coming out in full force, the Kennedys – everyone from Ted to Caroline to Ethel and more as they pull on the heartstrings of Obama’s quest for HOPE, or that we the people never got the chance in the first place to vote on real issues that affect our own lives and not those of the gilded few set to wildly prosper at our expense over the false promise of a Democratic candidate delivering on anything but hope for our future in the days to come.

Here is what one black American has to say about the sham of this two-party system that has shoved the formerly hopeful Democratic base under the bus as elites of both parties sell out the middle class:

“The basic problem with American politics is that most white progressives think that people of color should just wait until white liberals are willing to take on the dimensions of the betrayal Al Gore participated in 2000. Several thousand black voters are disenfranchised, and most white liberals couldn’t give a bloody tinker’s damn. That’s where the real split is, baby. Because you’re not goin anywhere without us. You either pay attention to our issues, and the fact that political disenfranchisement of black people has reached such a turn of affairs that two national candidates chose to sweep it all under the carpet seven years ago, or you can just swing in the cold, cold, wind outside of political power. Too many of you white liberals think you’re dealing with a pseudo-fascist state because with Bush, you’re getting a little taste of what the rest of the world has dealt with for a long time now, that is to say, predatory investment patterns and disposession, police violence, military aggression overseas and massive political disenfranchisement here at home. Well, welcome to the United States of America the way a good many people of color and working class whites have always known this country to be. Bush is nothing but the same old shit cubed. You couldn’t say anything about it before, but now it’s biting you in the ass. Now you know the reality, but instead of learning from what the rest of us have known for a long time, you insist on your minimum program, and the stupid fantasy words you have coming out of a hypothetical Al Gore’s mouth instead of looking at the broader reality. Your democratic party is in this mess overseas up to its ears. They swallowed it hook, line and sinker, just as they do every side effect that comes out of it, for example, the massive collapse of domestic infrastructure that was made so plain by Katrina two years ago. And you “practical” people continue to drink that kool-aid. Well, fuck that shit. Those days are over with. Sit out on the curb outside the halls of boojwah power and weep all you want. A new kind of political organization is required, one that is willing to withstand all the hatred that is directed at a third party effort, hold its ground, and build a new political movement that actually will stand up for democracy, the working poor, and the environment. That isn’t the democrats, and hasn’t been for a long time, and it’s about time some of you “practical” people woke up and smelt the coffee, instead of insisting on dragging us off into the “democratic” party shithole for another four to eight years.”

Happy Superbowl,