Friday, June 29, 2007

Bend over, MoveOn: GOP's a-comin'

-The Bull Didn't Even Buy Him Dinner First-'s Mike Allen reports today in a story entitled Move over, MoveOn: GOP's a-comin' that Veteran Republicans say they have quietly raised millions of dollars for a pair of nonprofit organizations that will launch this fall with the ambitious aim of providing a conservative counterweight to the liberal

In an attempt to REAM the wildly successful netroots and level the playing field, rumor has it that the bullish, Dim and Brutal Giants otherwise known as the GOP want a piece of the netroots action and have announced the launch of their new alleged new 'nonprofit', which promises to anesthetize and cleanse its participants through an online forum of 'fair and balanced', bloated news and fundraising efforts via their new website, (under construction).

Although we have yet to confirm our sources, it is thought that the stealth sponsors of the "pair of supposed 'nonprofit' organizations that are behind are two wealthy, recently discharged gastroenterologists from Baltimore who seek to profit from this nonprofit operation. One of the doctors had this enthusiastic comment:

"We're going to have an absolute 'gas' rendering the liberal Left to little more than the unpleasant side-effects of a barium enema...leaving them to forever twist in the wind, like polyps without an alimentary canal."

Keep it clean!


Dying To See SiCKO: Happy Friday and Turn Up The Volume

"Doctor Doctor...Give Me The News..."
-Robert Palmer

Michael Moore's new movie 'SiCKO' opens today at a theatre near you and is receiving rave reviews. For the growing numbers of Americans who have been denied health insurance due to pre-existing conditions like cancer such as Yours truly, this is a movie not to be missed. And even for the invinceable who are healthy as lumberjacks or upstanding, square-jawed Dudley-Do-Right 'Captains of Industry' with divine rights to health insurance coverage, maybe seeing this movie might spark a jolt of conscience and perhaps even dialogue over what it means to live in a society where common decency for the human condition is the cornerstone of any civil society.

As a citizen of the United States with U.K. dual citizenship, I have seen the stark differences in the way that citizens of the U.K. treat each other when it comes to the subject of health care and most important, how their healthcare system values human life in the spirit of compassion, dignity and respect for one another. After elbowing their way to the trough, it is truly amazing to note the many ceos of this country who are immigrants from the U.K. who are now content with the mean-spirited "let them eat cake" philosophy behind the growing divide between rich and poor here.

I applaud Michael Moore for once again -- like he did so well in Bowling for Columbine --- speaking truth to the ugly power of greed and the sociopathy that motivates it from the feudal 'leaders' of this fractured country.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Scooter Libby Gets a Prison Number

"Scooter Libby deliberately poured poison into the drinking water of democracy by lying to federal investigators."
-Bill Moyers

WASHINGTON - For years he was known as chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney and assistant to President Bush. On Wednesday, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby became federal inmate No. 283-01016

Hey Scooter: We hear the quality of the sushi is pretty lousy in minimum security lockup...
you just don't know WHERE that tuna's been...Anyway, here's a good book recommendation:
"Liar Liar Pants on Fire" and a little song from Fitz to send you on your way!
Bah Bah! We'll call youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..................

Click here to listen to Tommy Tutone's Jenny 867-5309 and sing along with the lyrics below!

Patrick Fitzgerald's "Ode to Scooter Libby"

Scooter Scooter who can I turn to
You got a sentence that you gotta go and do

I know you think I'm like other prosecutors before
Who watched crooked Bush officials just walk out the door.

Scooter I got your number
I need to to make you mine
Scooter don't change your number

283-01016 283-01016 283-01016 283-01016

Scooter Scooter you're the one for me
You know your sentence it makes me so happy
I tried to lock you up sooner but they lost their nerve
I tried to stop the damn conviction from being overturned

Scooter I got your number
I need to make you mine
Scooter dont change your number

283-01016 283-01016 283-01016 283-01016

I got it I got I'll write your number on a wall
I got it got it for a good time for a good time call

283-01016 2 83-01016 283-01016 283-01016

Scooter don't change you number
I need to make you mine
Scooter dont change you number

Scooter Scooter who can I turn to
For the guy to do time it's not Cheney it is you

283-01016 283-01016 283-01016 283-01016


Ann Coulter Blows Lines And Flushes Her Reputation: Again

Ann Coulter Makes Imus Look Like Howdy Doody
Elizabeth Edwards ripped Ann Coulter (big line blower) a new one today on Chris Matthew's Hardball as Coulter hit an all time new low. If that's possible. Just three months after she called Elizabeth's husband John Edwards a "faggot", will somebody please impound this creature?
In front of a Republican-leaning crowd on Chris Matthew's "Hardball" Tuesday, Ann Coulter received an unexpected phone call from Elizabeth Edwards, wife of presidential candidate John Edwards, asking the "journalist" (sputtering Anti-Christ) to raise the level of public discourse in America above personal attacks (this sick, unforgivable shit).
If they can throw Imus off the air, what hold on whose media cajones does Coulter have to keep her around on the media circuit after this?


"Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day"

-Theodore Roosevelt, April 19, 1906

The Claim That Global Warming Is Junk Science is Junk Politics

"The Claim That Global Warming Is Junk Science Is Junk Politics." -2Truthy

Below is an excellent Cato Institute article entitled "What is Happening to Science?"

The article is about the assault on scientific proof on global warming, needless to say, a subject that the former vice president is passionate about. Many friends and associates of mine who are passionate about Al Gore are asking me lately why I seem "a little harsh" when I write about his secret Silicon Valley meetings and stuff, so I want to take a moment to clear the ozone. It is no secret that I am not the most politically correct person so if I have written anything that has offended anyone (other than that mean tramp, Ann Coulter and the insensitive Katie Couric who both poorly treated the lovely Elizabeth Edwards) then I apologize.

The immigration bill in the Senate this week has the potential to unemploy millions of our best and brightest programmers and to further drive down wages, and while discussing this with a few people recently who asked me to "reread some of the things I have written" about Gore and then ask myself if I thought I "sounded like a Democrat", I now think it might be possible for my intentions to be misconstrued. Now, I actually feel bad for mentioning the 'serfing the net' thing (I thought it was funny) in context with those shithead lawyers in PA who are providing seminars to not hire U.S. programmers

I care very much for the many smart programmers who I have personally known and know with families and livliehoods that were or about to be be ruined by outsourcing based upon the profiteering of a few greedy execs and politicians. The fact that many on the Left have no compassion for their fellow neighbors on this issue and could care less is the very same mean spritited behavior that the Right is so often accused of and ironically, on this issue, the Right has actually shown more conscience (except for the predjudiced among them) for these professionals. So:

First, I do not dislike Gore. As a matter of fact, I don't dislike anybody who has, such as 2Truthy, also hung out backstage at Grateful Dead concerts. This act alone implies not only a high IQ but demonstrates excellent taste in music and all things culturally superior. Since he is on the board of Google, do you think that he could positively influence the Senate to put our programmers first? What is his position on displacing our programmers to replace their jobs?

With so much speculation about him running for office again, these are unanswered questions which many people would want to know.

Second, I am a former voter of Gore and have always been a supporter of his valiant efforts to lead the fight on global warming, even in the earlier days when it was unfashionable. When Mary Matalin labelled him OZONE MAN, I plotzed on that unfair moniker right along with everyone else on the Left. I just wish Gore would channel that same passion by using his Beltway ties to fight the war on our educated middle class and start kicking ass around Google who is a major outsourcer. Just because I am not holding my breath on this does not make him any less valiant when it comes to leading the fight on global warming... who knows, maybe he will surprise us by championing the middle class. So far, I have heard him say nothing of the kind.

Third, the Right has been mindlessly and unfairly bashing him for his weight and his fight against global warming and just about anything to the extent that this low road brand of political media has nowhere else to go but straight to hell, in my book. I don't suffer stupidity nor incivility lightly...Those who know me understand my passion for wanting to see our leaders do the right thing for our programmers on this bill, and if it is possible that the slant I have taken when writing on it has offended anyone, consider this your apology. The world is filled with so many people without consciences, that I even have a mean people suck bumper sticker.

Fourth, his green business dealings are of course a natural extension of his interests in working with innovative minds to develop crucial solutions needed to avoid impending climate change disasters which will not only help us breath a little easier but, providing the solutions are viable and don't erode our the topsoil (ethanol is in question: read my friend Alice Friedemann's article who is well versed on the subject, will create alternative energy markets that will boost our economy. Hopefully, once the Bush regime is out, we will have elected a president who will work to reverse the disastrous effects that outsourcing has had on our upwardly mobile middle class. I would like to believe that Gore would work with the corporate sector (whether he runs and is elected or remains in the private sector) to reverse outsourcing and foster civility and fairness once again to our working citizens. If he would do this much, you're damn straight he would get my vote should he run.

Fifth, it is no secret that Silicon Valley has its share of a few insufferable, Important People like anywhere else that Yours truly finds impossible to address with a straight face or the actual respect that these hubris stuffed pants demand. They're like a room full of "Monopoly Guys" out of Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. While so many ceos here support outsourcing at the expense of our residents -- fathers and mothers and people I know who deserve fairness from their government, it would be great to know a guy like Al would not be on the darkside.

Sixth, some of you have mentioned that if I write anything "negative" about a Democrat (which I am one) it is a score for the Repubs but again, I do not write anything "negative", I raise questions about motivations of a few candidates and those realities as they affect real people. My brother bristles at the thought that Al could be any less than the perfect candidate and really wants him to run, as I would if I had answers to these questions. Should people stop expecting civility and just stop questioning potential candidates on the issues? To do anything less is to echo the chamber of a me-too status quo (which I am not one) blowhard.

So this is 2Truthy's "Come Clean on Gore" Manifesto that I hope clears up a few holes in the Ozone.

Ooops...that last sentence is precisely what gets me in trouble with some of my friends on the Left (which I am one) who often confuse humor with ridicule. That last reference to 'ozone' was not intended to ridicule the guy who has brought the issue of global warming front and center.


The Mod Squad: Three Hip Senators On A Soul Beat

One Black. One White. One Blonde.
I knew there was something familiar about seeing the three Democratic frontrunners together. Then it hit me. Now, if Hillary would only use the theme music from THE MOD SQUAD (watch video) instead of that saccharine Celine Dion crap...

Only instead of fighting crime, these three senators are fighting Republican high crimes and misdemeanors one crooked, square thug at a time.

“This Bush cat man, that’s one bad trip!” Howls the action trio who vow to send Bush & Cheney’s sick, sorry ass reality show into syndicated reruns for good!

Groovy, man. I can’t wait!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

San Francisco Gay Pride Parade: Quincy Live at the Castro

Reporting Live from the Castro

San Francisco, CA Clad in leather chops and army fatigues, I covered The San Francisco Gay Pride Parade today, where a fabulous turn out of thousands and thousands of people showed up in support of Gay rights and I am bursting with news that you will not even believe!

First, Elizabeth Edwards was on hand to deliver a breakfast speech in support of Gay Marriage at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, which I completely missed due to a nasty billing dispute with the hotel manager at the Fairmont (just around the corner) over their alleged barnyard animal ban. Let me tell you, if you think gays have it bad when it comes to discrimination, after you read the way I was treated in this upscale establishment, you might say that Pigs are the new Gays

According to the manager, ‘Andre’, he said that 2Truthy was required to pony up an eight thousand dollar barnyard pet room deposit for the bay view suite but when I went to check out, Mr. Andre had the staff do a thorough and complete room check to “make certain that the place did not smell like a chorizo stand.”

So then do you want to know what I did? I pulled out my super soaker filled with a little of the left over GAY BOMB aphrodisiac I snuck out of General Petraeus’s barracks while in Baghdad last week and opened fire and he didn’t even know what hit him. Last thing I saw, Mr. Andre was holding hands with a man who looked EXACTLY like Mayor Gavin Newsom as they pressed the "up" elevator button.

I then headed down to the Civic Center festivities and had a grand time. Everybody here is very happy and so nice -- kind of like sugar, kind of like spices.

But do you want to know what the best part of the whole day has been so far? When I got to listen to two original band members of THE OHIO EXPRESS perform YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY I GOT LOVE IN MY TUMMY (watch video) in back of the new Barney’s.

Anyway, I am rushing now to head over to a wine and slop reception at Miss Piggy’s Domestic Partners swanky stye in Pacific Heights.

I was excited by the prospect of finally getting to add Miss Piggy to my list of Celebrity Sow Sightings, but I just learned that this was not to be…It seems that she is in New York interviewing with Barbara Walters for Rosie O’Donnell’s old chair on THE VIEW.

Happy Gay Pride Day, Everybody!


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Arianna Does The Google: Will She Run As Al Gore's Veep?

Arianna Talks With Women at Google

Well, it's no secret that every candidate on the 2008 election circuit is making a pitstop at mega-zillion dollar Google, so this week, Arianna hopped on the bus and paid a visit, too! Is she serving as head PR agent for Gore and/or have her political aspirations resurfaced? Cool. 

But guess what? When you click on the link below to watch the video entitled mailto:Women@Google, there are hardly ANY women in the audience...but that's OK. This is Arianna Huffington, the fabulous, inspirational and undeniably charismatic writer and media darling, so she can do whatever she wants. And although she is currently running with an insufferable, blowsy crowd of vcs clad in bicycle shorts, if Arianna's post says she talked with women, well then dammit, she did! 

Arianna held court at Google this week, where she discussed her most recent book, "On Becoming Fearless" and declared that there are "three important issues we face: Iraq, Iraq, and Iraq." (Talk about covering your bases). So, I asked her what Google is doing about the number one problem over 45 million educated Americans are facing here: H1B labor imports, and I also mentioned that if anyone could make the problem of a starving Middle Class sexy, it would be her (click below Bill Grieder: A Globalization Offensive)

I did, however, forget to ask her if if the HuffPo will forfeit its "status quo" blog image in search of truth and justice and civility for the plebes, making jobs, healthcare and consumer protections the "top three" editorial pieces which are most important to our citizens. Next time.

But the billion dollar question that everybody wants to know is:

"With Arianna's close friendship with Al Gore and the Google execs and vcs, will she run as Al Gore's veep or hold off until 2012?"

Stay tuned.


Friday, June 22, 2007

2Truthy's Happy Friday Dance Clip

Groove Is In The Heart
-Dee Lite-

Obama's Peeps Rip Hillary Clinton

“So Sari, Hillary”
-Ralph Nader

Remember when Obama’s people recently released a memo about how chummy Hillary Clinton is with India and her lust for selling off our white collar jobs to the third world?

Anyway, Barack’s people must have been cruising 2Truthy’s notorious establishment, LOSING THE WAR ON HUMOR

And it is time to issue a hearty “thank you very much, only happy to help” to those campaign rogues over there who had the bravado to release the memo which was allegedly not supposed to be released and ended up at MOUTH OF THE POTOMAC.

Note that while they didn’t deny that they believed it, they just said that it wasn’t ‘supposed’ to be released….

Is Barack pulling out the Populist message? If so, what could he do to make the plebes actually believe he cares about our middle class professionals when he has corporate welfare backers?

This week Ralph Nader gave a hearty thumbs up to Mike Gravel and to Ron Paul and a swift kick in the sari to Hillary and, so, you know what that means coming from Nader: we are NOT seeing MSM or blogs ponying up the kind of PR and $$$$ yet for the best PEOPLE candidates to win. Much work yet to be done, all you Starbucks and Circuit City night managers with advanced degrees who have watched your jobs, healthcare and dashed hopes for upward mobility spiral downward to the third world.

Only thing is: Hillary and Barack always struck me as birds of a feather, so it will be interesting to see how Barack distances himself from DLCer, Corporate Welfare, Big Money People that back him

New lovers? Maybe Barack’s picture should be replaced with the former vice presidents? Hillary did, after all, send Gore a box of chocolates a few weeks ago…

My Sweet Lord! Just as George Harrison stole the music for his phenomenal hit from the Chiffons (who wrote “He’s So Fine”) who more than likely needed the $$$$ more than he did, any political candidates who want to rip off the People to fatten their largess can kiss my largess.

But hey, thanks again Obama’s people. This is the best read I’ve had all day!


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cohen & Grigsby: Serfing the Net?

Al Gore Sits on the Board of Google..."Serfing the Net"***

***2Truthy clarifies that the former V.P. has nothing to do with Cohen & Grigsby. Can he reform the system?

2Truthy has been telling you all along that Congress has sold out our jobs for America's educated middle class to greedy corporate executives at Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Google and most every corporation through outsourcing and H1bs. Oh, but then a Democratic Congress was going to make everything better, and Madame Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, friend of the tech lobby, would do everything in her power to make millions of educated Americans lose their jobs and become replaced by cheap workers from the third world because, after all, those tech CEOS and venture capitalists could reward her and her children handsomely in stocks, especially those hush hush green tech stocks that high profile board members with ties to the Beltway are 'dabbling' in, no? It's a lot like the Sopranos, only a little more incestuous.

But many, surprisingly on the Left -- looked away, showing disdain for their fellow pink-slipped neighbors while pitying the poor of the third world and doing nothing about the mass exodus of our job and civil liberties due to the corrupt marriage of corporations and beltway lobbyists. Worse, when guys like Lou Dobbs have to pick up the message because the Left sits on their hands sucking up to corporate cool, well, that's nothing short of whacked.

Now, a couple of lightbulb attorneys at Cohen & Grigsby came up with a GREAT idea: to make a video based upon their seminars where they instruct corporate HR (abbreviation for whore) departments by stating:

"The clear goal is to NOT hire a qualifed American worker."

Perfect Storm. This is gonna piss off the right wing, the left wing, the bat wing plus red and blue states, and one thing's for sure: you don't mess with an American's job and then laugh about it.


Watch the video and READ all the comments.

Immigration attorneys from Cohen & Grigsby explains how they assist employers in running classified ads with the goal of NOT finding any qualified applicants, and the steps they go through to disqualify even the most qualified Americans in order to secure green cards for H-1b workers. See what Bush and Congress really mean by a "shortage of skilled U.S. workers."

And then, write to Al Gore and ask him while he is sitting around on the board of Google, if he can please make Google the FIRST corporation to apply a HIRE an AMERICAN FIRST corporate responsibility act and start cleaning house. (We do not have a labor shortage, only a shortage of citizens who can not afford to be unemployed or paid substandard wages.) You know, to set an example. Will we sit back while over 45 millions Americans and more become a nation of serfs? Maybe it will help his approval rating since he hasn't ruled out a 2008 run. Tell him:

"Hey Al, we want green, alright. $$$$. When you sit on the board of Google who is a major H1B/outsourcer, is this what you mean by "serfing" the net"?

**The Former V.P. has nothing to do with Cohen & Grigsby

Crappy Days Are Here Again

"How to Save the Middle Class from Extinction”
by Paul Krugman
The below link includes an article entitled "How to Save the Middle Class from Extinction” by Paul Krugman. It's four pages long and basically says, in so many words, that the race to the bottom won't stop until our society demands "disciplining insider behavior by executives and so on down the line." It also says that Republican administrations always fuck things up for the People. But we knew that.

Needless to say, 2Truthy's blog is dedicated to smoking out the truth behind insider self-dealing in corporate business and political media. Oh-- wait a minute --- Did I forget to mention "New Media"? Let's do a quick refresh on definitions: New Media is an offshoot of Old Media, which is an extension of public relations for Old Money and Nouveau Riche. There.

Anyway, have you ever noticed how much "popular blogs" are starting to look and act JUST LIKE Old Media gate keepers? What it all boils down to is, as soon as blogs start taking advertising $$$$ from corporate sponsors, well, the truth can be colored, crumpled, exaggerated, or hidden or ANYTHING the media or corporate schmoozing bloggers wants it to be! Then again, when was truth ever not subjective? It doesn't really matter, but the race to the bottom does.

Here is a great ‘Republican moment’ comment that one guy in Goshen wrote to Krugman about this article.

Crappy Days Are Here Again

It's amazing, is it not? You can actually pinpoint the moment when the American middle class began its 180 degree shift from being a vital force in American society to just barely hanging on. I'll place the marker on January 20, 1981. That was the day the American people stupidly sent a half-witted, feeble-minded and failed B movie actor by the name of Ronald Reagan to the White House. The damage that dirty old bastard did to this once-great nation is so immense, it will never be accurately assessed - It is incalculable.
And yet poll after poll puts Reagan at the top of the people's list of the greatest presidents in history (just below Washington and Lincoln). What does that say about the intelligence of the American people - or, should I say, their jaw-dropping stupidity? There is a very good reason (or very bad reason - depending on your politics) why, upon taking the oath of office in 2001, that the First Fool signed an executive order that sealed the Gripper's papers indefinitely: they don't want posterity to know the truth about the Reagan presidency.The Republican Party has moved so far to the right in the last quarter of a century that it's in serious danger of falling off the face of the earth. Think about if for a minute: The three top contenders for the GOP nomination next year (Romney, Giuliani and McCain) although traditional conservatives in the strictest sense of the word, are viewed by the assholes who control the so-called "party of Lincoln" as hard core lefties.
I mean just how ridiculous is that?? Barry Goldwater, the man who literally founded the modern conservative movement would not be able to get their nomination today. He would be dismissed as a "maverick liberal". Indeed, at the end of his life he was working on a book with John Dean about the extremist shift the Republicans had taken in recent years. Dean completed the book last year. Called "Conservatives Without Conscience", it is a must-read any way you slice it.
Pray for peace.
Tom Degan
Goshen, NY

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Stephen Colbert to Ron Paul: I'd Rather Be Alive, Than Free And Dead"

"I'd rather be alive, than free and dead" -Stephen Colbert

Anti-Bush, anti-war, anti-patriot act, anti-NAFTA, anti-WTO Republican candidate Ron Paul sat down with his long lost nephew, Stephen Colbert, as Colbert declared he is "passionately ambivalent" about Ron PAUL! With exception of the war and Patriot Act, these are two chips off the old block!

Can Ron Paul pull the Democratic vote and revolutionize this upcoming election? Which Democratic candidate (declared or otherwise) comes close to standing up to the corporate welfare machine that has outsourced our jobs and our freedoms?

Watch the video interview below link


Thursday, June 14, 2007

California State GOP H1B Politicians Pull a Paris Hilton

"When are Californians going to wake up and smell the weinerschnitzel?"

"To do a Paris Hilton": Any outrageous behavior that possibly requires, among other things, bribery, plastic surgery, a few grams of Bolivian marching power, a chihuahua and Governor Schwarzenegger's home phone number.
Deputy Chief of Staff to California Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez, Steven Maviglio writes in today's California Majority Report about the California Republican Party outsourcing for a new political director. And he was hired by an Australian who has been working at the party for one year
Read more on today's SF Chronicle article by Carla Marinucci
"Someone should ask whether or not the Canadian hired by the state Republican party (referenced in Carla’s story today) got special treatment by the federal government in obtaining an H1B work visa", Steve says. But the zillion dollar question that Marinucci neglected to ask is how is it that this guy gets a visa reserved for specialists to "do work that no American is qualified to do?"
Political hack. How many 'highly skilled', educated American engineers are underemployed or unemployed while some "political hack" sailed through this process?" And "did Grover Norquist pull strings to get the Canadian the visa?"
Carla’s story today is an indictment against the state of the Republican Party in California but also against the Bush Administration for frivolously handing out a coveted work visa. Looks like he's gotten the Paris Hilton treatment from the Bush Administration.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Farm Subsidies For The Rich: Taxpayers Get Shucked

The Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor Farm Subsidies Award Goes to…

Some needy billionaire no one has ever heard of!!!!

WASHINGTON - From Texas billionaires to Washington lobbyists, it's no secret that wealthy people can get federal farm subsidies. Meredith Vierra spills the beans and declares “Enough is enough” as farm subsidy programs set up to provide a safety net for needy family farms get shucked!

Don’t worry, elected officials are spreading around bushel baskets of tax dollars to the best in show including basketball player Scotty Pippin, John Letterman, J.D. Rockefeller, Former Secretary of State Baker, 82 Beverly Hills residents and scores of others on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, among others. Long live the plebes!


Gay Bomb: Quincy Reports from Baghdad

-Quincy Uncovers the Full Monty-

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Quincy, the savant journalist turned special war correspondent from North Carolina has been tapped by State Department officials over the weekend to root out the full story behind the so-called “Gay Bomb” and to confirm a report by a Berkeley watchdog organization that the Pentagon sought to build a bomb that could turn enemy soldiers into homosexuals.

The prohibition on eating pork played "a significant role" in Quincy’s decision to accept this stealth mission where members of a private security firm rushed to escort him into the Green Zone where he cheerfully added “I am walking around Baghdad wearing this goddamned burqa and am thinking about converting to Islam.”

According to intelligence reports, Quincy has uncovered that the bomb in question would deliver a payload of aphrodisiacs to unsuspecting enemy combatants, rendering them receptive “in more ways than one” to the American troops. Greeted by an “overenthusiastic” group of soldiers, Quincy revealed how the Pentagon’s plan known as “Operation One-Eyed Trouser Snake” went woefully awry.

Lt. Col Will Barrow, an Army munitions officer, told Quincy that he had received unofficial orders from General David Petraeus to detonate the bomb outside enemy barracks under windy conditions when it exploded prematurely, releasing a cloud of “puffy smoke” emitting a “distinct, pleasing nocturnal odor.”

But problems mounted when the local Sunni camels caught the downdraft scent and pursued, with a vengeance – the troops, capturing the General whose whereabouts are still undisclosed. The latest ambush has stirred up chaos and forced the American troops into hiding.

“If there was ever a good time to pull out of Iraq, it would be RIGHT NOW”, exclaimed Quincy.

U.S. military engineers, using bulldozers and other heavy equipment, are reportedly taking several hours to clear the highway to the barracks, which was partially blocked by debris from the camel stampede.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

2Truthy's Weekly Roundup Award Goes To.............


Those bad boys and others over at Wonkette have outdone themselves this week with their hilarious send-up of the Paris Hilton and Scooter Libby Slammer sentences. These guys make the South Park writers look like girls scouts.


Click here


Thursday, June 7, 2007

Paris Hilton: "Oooh-la-la! Le jailez-vous n'est pour moi!"

Paris Hilton and Scooter Libby: What do they share in common?

Ummm...Let's see here...They both wear a size four and look fabulous in tight, black and white-striped jumpsuits?

In a previous post, I discussed all the gross indignities poor Scooter had to endure while his friends tried to get the plebes to foot the bill for his defense fund on criminal counts against him for complcity in outing a former CIA agent and her family. (What a bunch of party poopers... to have actually put the grand old boy through such an embarrassing charade of a trial over such trivia.)

and then during this week, Judge Reggie Walton threw the book at Scooter with his

THIRTY MONTHS IN THE HOLE sentencing hearing

Looks like Paris is going to have to haul her gold-plated derriere BACK to court tomorrow after being released from the Joint after doing an exhausting four day stint.


special thanks to Daryl Cagle and anyone else who I continue to derive such fantastic inspiration from.

George Clooney: Exceedingly Hammy? Quincy Smokes out Christopher Kelly


Dear Mister Christopher Kelly,

Today I read your review of Ocean’s Thirteen in the Star-Telegram and in the part where you said “the actors don't really play characters so much as they play exceedingly hammy versions of themselves”, well, that was not a very nice thing to say, especially since it has been barely six months since George’s beloved Max passed on.

"What kind of reviewer could be so thoughtless?" I said to myself. “What a windbag…” I thought. “...Next thing you know, he’s going to threaten to huff and puff and blow George’s house down!”

My father used to tell me “those who live by the skewer will die by the skewer” and I just can’t resist asking you if you ever even stopped to think about the innocent bystanders that you offended while you roasted – I mean absolutely SKEWERED ON A PITT – not only George Clooney but the entire cast and crew, including the director Steve Soderbergh.

Last month, I vacationed in Cabo where I had my gastric bypass operation which was a success… until I read your article this morning where you talked about how

“we start to get a little sick to our stomachs”,

well, I did. Only in a way that has had me holed up in the bathroom with my laptop and bromides for the past few hours.

You said

“how many monuments to the glories of Clooney, Pitt, Damon, et al. can we endure before we start to get a little sick to our stomachs?”

Well let me tell you, Mister Christopher, that was just NOT very nice.

Even if you yourself don’t have George’s “million dollar smile” and your smile is only around a twenty or twenty-one dollar smile, that still does not make it right to say mean things like that when everyone is so excited about seeing the movie, like me.

Did you know that 2Truthy said that she would not take me to see Ocean’s Thirteen if George Clooney voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger? This means that I will have to rent it on DVD and then have to sneak it into the house to watch it – while 2Truthy is at her pilates class or out someplace fundraising.

How would you like it if you were prevented from seeing George and the Ocean’s cast in their new sequel? Easy for you to get to see them (I really wanted to read about how good Ellen was!) but then when you said that Ellen’s scene ended with

“Barkin humiliating herself for the audience's amusement”,

Well let me tell you, Mister Christopher, that was just NOT very nice...and that’s why I decided to get my plump little cloven hooves typing as fast as they could to saves George’s bacon after reading your review.

In the name of Max, please print a retraction and SAVE OCEAN’S THIRTEEN from smoked-butt status at the box office!

Hurray Ocean’s Thirteen!


Journalists and Politicians do the Hussle

"The most consistent and ultimately damaging failure of political journalism in America (is that it) has its roots in the clubby/cocktail personal relationships that inevitably develop between politicians and journalists." -Hunter S. Thompson

-From "Fear and Loathing On the Campaign Trail '72" -
Have you ever noticed how business jocks control media outlets and how journalists write about what business wants the 'masses' (that would be you and me and everybody else who does not define themselves as 'elitist') to know and to omit what they don't want us to know?
Today's San Jose Mercury News has another story slanted to the tech lobby's (TechNet) agenda to replace local, educated professionals with imported, cheap labor, most often with dubious skills and unverifiable degrees
The article is all about insufferable sociopaths or "leaders" who are determined to drive out our best and brightest and is written by an employee who was NOT laid off during the 60 people newsroom clean sweep layoff at the SJ Mercury News last week. Wonder why?
"Leaders"? What kind of a 'leader' pushes to "make headway" to replace their own educated peers to create a third world setting with lowered quality and reduced wages to neighbors in their community? Does "king of the hill' come to mind here?
And what kind of a community allows it?
Hunter Thompson got the scoop. We get news of backroom deals that are paid for by business jocks with with elitist aspirations, too much money and too little conscience to care about our own society.
Look to who is schmoozing who in business and media and ask who in alternative media is reporting truth about the war on the middle class.
Forget about the puppet politicians, we need a new paradigm shift from politics to socialtics to change the national debate and prioritize our interests FDR style.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Helllllo Friends in Los Angeles!

I Love L.A.! Just not the driving...
Friends Old and New: I will be in Los Angeles for three days next week. -2Truthy

Schwarzenegger Declares War on the Educated, Upwardly Mobile Middle Class

Hasta la Vista, You Educated American Technology Professionals - And You Hardworking Immigrants from Mexico who Want Drivers Licenses! All of You without Invitations (Most of You) to the Ruling Class of the United States of Serfdom!
-The Governator

It seems that former immigrant-turned actor-turned bipartisan, big money party, one world order promoting Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has little time for non-elitist citizens, confirming all speculations that he is really into this have and have-not, caste system society thing.

This week, he sent a letter to the U.S. Senate, stating his support for an H-1b quota increase and reduced administrative hassles - e.g., attempting to first recruit qualified Americans. What a hassle! When it is sooo much easier to just kick the educated middle class professionals to the curb (and anyone else who is not deemed fit for the ruling class club) when you've got high profile politicians on both sides of the aisle and corporate hacks on the team!
Kim Berry, President of the Programmers Guild, is fighting back with a letter in response.


On June 6th by 10am the Programmers Guild will hand-deliver an objection to his office. Read the letter below.
Oh, and don't forget to call him up and rip him a new one!

Here’s his number: 916-445-2841


Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

Among your key campaign promises was that you would represent the People of California rather than bowing to special interests.

But yesterday in your letter advocating for an increase in H-1b visas you violated that promise. I challenge you to disclose the source of that letter, which is a clear promotion of the special interests of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, foreign consulting firms, and billionaire CEOs.

1. By advocating for retention of "an employment-based application process" you are supporting the current flawed system where employers are able to hold H-1b workers as indentured servants while they sponsor the workers' green card applications. I witnessed NEC Roseville IT department specifically seek out H-1b candidates after two of their DBAs left for better opportunities at Intel Folsom. Do you support freedom or indentured servitude?

2. By advocating that the H-1b quota "must be based on the demands of the market" you are driving California workers and consulting firms out of business: The largest users of H-1b are Indian consulting firms. Last fall Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) boasted, "Our wage per employee is 20-25 percent less than US wages for a similar employee," explaining that the underpayment gave them their competitive advantage over American workers and the American firms who employ them. Do you support more H-1b for Indian consulting firms that displace Americans with $38,000 wages?

3. H-1b allows employers to hire foreigners even when qualified Americans are available. The California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) has sponsored dozens of H-1b workers, even as U.S. Citizens were waiting and reachable on the civil service list. Do you support hiring foreign workers for state jobs when Americans are reachable on lists?

4. CEO Larry Ellison is worth $20 billion dollars. Oracle is lobbying against a $1200 annual fee on H-1b that would be used to fund scholarships of up to $15,000 so that Americans can pursue science and engineering degrees. Do you share Oracle and Compete America’s opposition to scholarships for Americans?

5. You state, "I am concerned that the current bill may make the H-1B program harder to administer." The only material change is that, under the Durbin/Grassley amendment, employers would first have advertise the position, make a good faith effort to hire Americans, and attest that no Americans were being displaced. Do you believe that Americans should be displaced from their careers because employers find it an administrative hassle to run help wanted ads and conduct interviews?

6. You cite "between 2004 and 2014 there will be nearly one million new jobs in math and computer sciences," but ignore that more than 100,000 Americans graduate with degrees in these fields each year. Please explain why you support industry’s call for an H-1b influx that would fill every job and then some.

7. You claim that there is a shortage of tech workers in California. So can you explain why on the day you sent your letter there were ZERO classified ads for Computer Programmers in the Sacramento Bee.

I look forward to hearing an acknowledgement that you have considered these points, and hope that upon further consideration you will withdraw your letter in support of an H-1b increase.


Mr. Kim Berry Sacramento, California President -

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor Countries Out of Trillions

“We must get the corporations to redefine themselves, and I think it’s very realistic that we can do so.”-John Perkins

John Perkins, author of the bestseller “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” has a new book out entitled "The Secret History of the American Empire: Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and the Truth about Global Corruption".

Yesterday, Amy Goodman interviewed the author to discuss his background as a highly paid economic consultant “hired to strong-arm leaders into creating policy favorable to the U.S. government and corporations.”

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is one of my favorite books and required reading for anyone interested in learning about the corporatocracy merit system and the fraternity/sorority mindset running roughshod over the people of developing countries, and of course, our own. Why do the media saturate us with news of politicians when it is the corporate frat boys who set policy as our politicians auction off what’s left of our democracy to them?

Where are the cameras and the media when backroom deals to sell out our healthcare, jobs and infrastructures go down while the undeclared War on the Middle Class rages on?

When John Perkins says “We must get the corporations to redefine themselves, and I think it’s very realistic that we can do so”, I want to believe that this optimistic statement reflects a blueprint for change already in the works. Perhaps his new book will explore how our society, which values profits over people and enables media and mindless wannabe-msm-alternative-media who uphold the elitist, bipartisan, on big money party line go about doing that. One thing is certain: there will be no positive change for people of poor, developing countries and our own emerging third-world society unless we demand social civility from the corporate world and the media sycophants who emulate their values.

Read the transcript Listen to Segment Download Show mp3 Watch 128k stream Watch 256k stream


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Judge Walton to Scooter Libby: "30 Months in the Hole!"

Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?
WASHINGTON - Former White House aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby was sentenced to 2½ years in prison Tuesday for lying and obstructing the CIA leak investigation
Memo to Scooter: I don't know what the rest of the Swamp is thinking around there today but if it were up to me, I would have sentenced you to a punishment most fitting: being the Wilson's chauffeur, maid, dishwasher, garbage hauler, wall-paperer, housepainter, cook, plumber, chimney sweeper, pool boy and annual birthday clown to the twins. If I left anything out, drop me a line.
You'll have plenty of time in the slammer for correspondence -- and reflection.
Although Abu Ghraib and Gitmo are off the menu, I am sure your new diggs can be improved upon by a guest visit or two from that other high profile (former) convict Martha Stewart. Who knows, perhaps she will send you a Tiffany's diamond studded picture frame of Valerie, Joe and the twins as a housewarming gift!
Not to worry. You'll be rooming in a cozy all boys club just down the street from home and time will fly while you pound out a bestseller.
Like Martha Stewart used to always say, "It's a good thing."

Monday, June 4, 2007

Scarborough Asks: Does Fred Thompson's Wife Do The Pole?

"Does Fred Thompson's Wife Do the Pole?"
- Joe Scarborough

"I Didn't know Fred Thompson was Polish!" -2Truthy


Sunday, June 3, 2007

San Jose Mercury Newsroom Gets the Sack: Another One Bites the Dust

Can the Growing Hoards of Pink-Slipped Journalists Reinvent the Wheel?
"Another journalist hired is another scoop wired." -2Truthy

That giant sucking sound that some of us heard around here the other day was NOT the typical P-3 Orion Squadron sound of ageing jets without mufflers flying too close to the rooftops for comfort. Nor was it Valleywag throwing another kegger... Rather, The San Jose Mercury News laid off 60 newsroom reporters this week.

They must have laid off too many as apparently, there wasn’t even one staffer handy to report this breaking news on the front page (or anywhere that I could find) of their own newspaper!

So guess what? I found out first by reading the Huffpo, brought to us by the indefatigable Arianna Huffington, who with her infamous blog has mastered the art of disseminating influence: societal influence, which is not for sale, and commercial influence, which is. Now that this newsworthy outlet has signed on a few Daddy Warbucks for advertisers and is playing in the Big Leagues, wouldn’t it be something if they picked up half of these MN pink-slipped guys to have scooped the hit job first? Just a thought.

Like 2Truthy always says, “another journalist hired is another scoop wired!”

While “mums the word” is the party line around the MN executive suite on commenting who got the axe with and without parachutes, the following remark describes the prevailing mood:

"Sixty is huge; oh my God!" Mercury News business reporter Elise Ackerman exclaimed.

I guess this means Elise is still sticking around for now, but they had some fine reporters, like Dan Gillmor who, in my humble opinion, was the MN’s top dog and after he bailed, the whole rag has been more or less floating down the River Styx.

To other favorites like Mike Cassidy and Sue Hutchison, who hopefully managed to dodge the bullet this time -- best of luck to you all!


Friday, June 1, 2007

Are The Media Out to Get John Edwards?

Are Media Out to Get John Edwards?
by Jeff Cohen

Give me a break about John Edwards' pricey haircut, mansion, lecture fees, and the rest. The focus on these topics tells us two things about corporate media. One we've long known -- that they elevate personal stuff above issues. The other is now becoming clear -- that they have a special animosity toward Edwards.
Is it hypocritical for the former Senator to base a presidential campaign on alleviating poverty while building himself a sprawling mansion? Perhaps. But isn't that preferable to all the millionaire candidates who neither talk about nor care about the poor? Elite media seem more comfortable with millionaire politicians who identify with their class - and half of all U.S. senators are millionaires.
Trust me when I say I don't know many millionaires. Of course I don't know many presidential candidates either (except my friend Dennis Kucinich, whose net worth in 2004 was reported to be below $32,000.)
But I'm growing quite suspicious about the media barrage against Edwards, who got his wealth as a trial lawyer suing hospitals and corporations. Among "top-tier" presidential candidates, Edwards is alone in convincingly criticizing corporate-drafted trade treaties and talking about workers' rights and the poor and higher taxes on the rich. He's the candidate who set up a university research center on poverty. Of the front-runners in presidential polls, he's pushing the hardest to withdraw from Iraq, and pushing the hardest on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to follow suit.
Given a national media elite that worships "free trade" and disparages Democrats for catering to "extremists" such as on Iraq withdrawal, the media's rather obsessive focus on Edwards' alleged hypocrisy should not surprise us.
Nor should it surprise us that we've been shown aerial pictures of Edwards' mansion in North Carolina, but not of the mansions of the other well-off candidates. Or that a snob such as Brit Hume of Fox News is chortling: "What Would Jesus Do with John Edwards' Mansion?" Or that we've heard so much about Edwards' connection to one Wall Street firm, but relatively little about the fact that other candidates, including Democrats, are so heavily funded by Wall Street interests. Or that Juan Williams and NPR this weekend teed off on Edwards for saying he's "so concerned about poverty" while pocketing hedge fund profits and $55,000 for a lecture at University of California, Davis. NPR emphasized that the Davis fee was for a "speech on poverty" -- but didn't mention that Davis paid other politicians the same or more for lectures. Or that Rudy Giuliani gets many times as much for speeches.
You see, those other pols aren't hypocrites: They don't lecture about poverty. What's really behind the media animus toward Edwards is his "all-out courting of the liberal left-wing base" (ABC News) or his "looking for some steam from the left" (CNN). One of the wise men of mainstream punditry, Stuart Rothenberg, said it clearest in a Roll Call column complaining of Edwards' "class warfare message" and his "seeming insatiable desire to run to the left"; the column pointed fingers of blame at Edwards' progressive campaign co-chair David Bonior; consultant Joe Trippi; groups such as and Democracy for America; and a bring-our-troops-home message "imitating either Jimmy Stewart or Cindy Sheehan."
Leave it to Fox's Bill O'Reilly to take the mainstream current over the cliff - bellowing Tuesday that Edwards has "sold his soul to the far left... MoveOn's running him... His support on the Internet is coming from the far left, which is telling him what to do."
What seems to worry pundits -- whether centrist or rightist -- is that Edwards is leading in polls in Iowa, where the first caucuses vote next January.
Indeed, current media coverage of Edwards bears an eerie resemblance to the scary reporting on the Democratic frontrunner four years ago, Howard Dean. If Edwards is still ahead as the Iowa balloting nears, expect coverage to get far nastier. The media barrage against Dean in the weeks before Iowa -- "too far left" and "unelectable" with a high "unfavorable" rating -- helped defeat him. (I write those words as someone who was with Kucinich at the time.)
Today, elite media are doing their best to raise Edwards' unfavorable rating. But the independent media and the Netroots are four years stronger -- and have more clout vis-à-vis corporate media -- than during Dean's rise and fall. And it's hard for mainstream pundits to paint Edwards as "unelectable."
Polls suggest he has wide appeal to non-liberals and swing voters. After years of pontificating about how Southern white candidates are the most electable Democrats for president, it'd be ironic for even nimble Beltway pundits to flip-flop and declare that this particular white Southerner is a bad bet simply because he talks about class issues.

A BUZZFLASH GUEST CONTRIBUTION with Special thanks to Jeff Cohen and to the Fabulous O'Jays!
Jeff Cohen is a media critic, recovering TV pundit, a consultant for Progressive Democrats of America, and author of "Cable News Confidential: My Misadventures in Corporate Media." He was communications director of the Kucinich for President Campaign in 2003.