Monday, April 28, 2008

Bowling with Barack Obama

Why I'd Rather go Bowling with Barry

It’s not that I dislike Obama… In fact, I would prefer to go bowling with Barry any day over Hillary or McCain, albeit because he’s a lousy bowler and I’d get to beat him -- which is not saying much, since yours truly, legendary non-bowler, has got to be the world’s most notorious bowling spazz…and not only does he live in my old Chicago Hyde Park neighborhood, but Barry is left handed -- which immediately spurs a sense of camaraderie as every lefty such as yours truly knows who holds the superior hand.

Oh – and that pastor disaster thing? Fuggedabowdit. Dismissing Barry over the pastor’s sermon is like telling your Anglican aunt she’s not qualified to run for City Council because her church secretary regularly takes an occasional two hour martini lunch with the attractive new female vicar. I mean, come on.

Plus, I’d be comfortable bowling with Obama also since he’s probably gay and wouldn't have to worry about him trying to hit on me. Besides, gay guys are always more fun to hang out with, anyway. And come to think about, Barry’s really been remarkably above board when it comes to remaining civil while leveling criticisms at the Bush administration which certainly lines him up to inherit the legacy of Dubya’s decent blow connection where an Eight ball (not to be confused with Skee ball) is known by Chicago South Side bowling masters to improve one’s chances of rolling a perfect 300 with no warm up required.

Whatsmore, since some of the nation’s leading blowhards have hailed from a certain Ivy in Cambridge, MA, the fact that Obama is a Haahvaad man is no doubt a handicap - so who in their right minds would actually think the man knows diddly about bowling?

And how about that Mayhill Fowler? Obama is who he is, a hybrid or composite of a rich and diverse backround (emphasis rich) and not merely some dime-store “elitist” with an even more elitist following, some with huge checkbooks. The elitism sticker or “brand” can be put to good use or bad use, whichever way he chooses to play it. That’s the problem: we just don’t know what “believing in hope” is going to get us once he’s elected, and the more he talks about, the less je ne sais quois we feel…

To all of those Clinton and McCain supporters, Fowler sure was in the wrong place at the right time, as the taped recording proves. Sure, Barry had the right to tell his SF peeps at the wine infused real estate developer’s castle/fundraiser how (in so many words) the race card has got to be played by insinuating that all of those downscale white PA losers don’t want to hear a black guy talking about stuff that up until now, only white candidates got to talk about. Sure. He’s got that down, and the truth is, he and his supporters will play on that through November, should he win the nomination (and beyond) should he win the election. This is inevitable, and the fact that otherwise respectable journos won’t hold his feet (equally as well as the other candidates) to the fire ON THE ISSUES like disappearing white collar jobs, universal or single payer healthcare, Iraq/Iran and the rapid erosion of our civil liberties is a failure on the part of all voters. And is Obama the only mumbling something about capital gains tax cuts?

Like the two other candidates, if Barry really wants to live in that Pennsylvania Ave. DC mansion, doesn’t he owe every voter the promise to stick it to the man?

At the very least, this is what I hope for. Now to believe any of it, much less “hope to believe” it...


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Does Bill Gates Own the Department of Homeland of Security?

Herr Gates Leading the War on America's Educated White Collar Professionals

Fascist Leader Bill Gates
Enlists Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff to Lead War on U.S. White Collar Professionals

Special Report: What do we do about the millions of deadbeat enablers of fascism?
by W. Christopher Epler

In a union, they're called scabs. In a dysfunctional family, they're called enablers.

The core tragedy of America (and the world) is that deadbeats far outnumber progressives, independents, and moderates. They are the rotten core of the now poisonous American apple. The illusion is that elite fascists are powerful because of their strength and cleverness. Utterly false! The reality is that they are default powerful because of scabs, enablers, and deadbeats. Read entire article here.

Bill Gates is a very wealthy man who can afford to buy anything and anyone he wants. Now that Microsoft reported disappointing quarterly earnings is it any coincidence that the accelerated push to allow MORE cheap labor into this country is being handled by the head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)?

The DHS and Bill Gates have bypassed Congress to accelerate the biggest white collar job killer citizens of this country have yet to see: a backdoor increase to H-1B visas by a fascist ruling that “extends the time period for non-immigrant students graduating with technical degrees in the U.S. in the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program.”

Since when did it become the job of the DHS to rid this country of professional white collar job opportunities for its own citizens? Fox guarding chicken coop doesn’t begin to describe this treasonous act against citizens of this country. What exactly IS the job of DHS?

Let’s see now…after 9-11, a special department was formed to go git bin Laden which of course, never happened. Then, a bunch of thugs called the TSA (Taking Stuff Away) was formed to harass and steal personal possessions from airline passengers. And now, the head of the department, Michael Chertoff, has signed on to kick America’s white collar workers to the curb. Splendid!

Feeling SAFE now, everybody?

The most cynical twist of the knife into the backs of millions of American white collar professionals is that the greedy Gates & Crew (Tech Lobby) have succeeded to co-opt and hijack our government organizations, turning the tables by sicking the one organization (DHS) against the very people that it was dubiously conceived to “protect”, lulling the country into a woefully false sense of security as Michael Chertoff struts around like Rhode Island Red, Head Rooster, guarding the chicken coop. Why is Mr. Chertoff’s DHS not protecting American white collar workers?

Isn’t the DHS supposed to protect us all from all those bearded, bad-guy terrorists so we can have a better life here at home and keep us safe when natural disasters strike and flood us out of our homes? Oh, right. Chertoff and Gates are clearly talking about somebody else’s “homeland”, the one in Southeast Asia that is laughing their asses off at our collectively inert population who enable these fascists to take away our jobs, healthcare, and grind our constitution to shreds.

Let them eat sludge! What a team, Gates and Chertoff -- to lead the extinction of America’s educated white collar professionals.



Cheap Labor Junkies are Killing US

"I've Seen the Needle and the Damage Done"
-Very Special thanks to the Timeless Neil Young-

Why are hospital administrators, corporate executives, State Department officials, and academic provosts so addicted to profits over people? When will Americans demand them all to put down the crackpipe?

While catching up on a backlog of always must-read posts at Carrie’s Nation, I came across this article that Citizen Carrie referenced in her excellent post Decisions, Decisions by my fellow Chicago native James Carlini entitled Financial Collapse: Student Loans, Hospitals, and Cars.

James Carlini describes how the lack of white collar jobs for American citizens is interrelated to this country’s economic collapse as perpetrated by the “false premise of cheap labor.” Carlini cites how the flood of cheap labor has led to the recent closing of suburban Chicago's St. Francis Hospital, which strikes a personal chord with yours truly. This was a hospital that prided itself on never turning anyone away without ability to pay. Now, this hospital community once defined by highly competent doctors and nurses has been kicked to the curb by a greedy consortium of hospital administrators and local politicians who are hellbent on flooding this community with cheap labor and one less hospital for neighborhood residents to go to when they get sick or injured…After all, they’re only people, or to the hospital CFO, irritating red numbers on spreadsheets...

I grew up on the South side of Chicago and a close family friend and dear neighbor (an RN) saved my little brother’s life (literally) when he got hit in the head with a hockey puck during practice at the park ice skating rink one block from our house. Luckily, this wonderful RN happened to be home that afternoon after school when my adorable eight-year old little brother came staggering into our house with a gash on his forehead, slurring his words, flailing his arms and foaming at the mouth while my parents were at work. I didn’t’ know what the hell to do but first try calling our RN next door neighbor, Marge, who ran right over and correctly diagnosed that he was having a seizure, rushing him to the emergency room with my mother who had just pulled into the driveway.

Our neighbor Marge was the ultimate, competent quintessential nurse -- always caring about everyone. She loved nursing, and worked as an RN at St. Francis for many, many years until reluctantly leaving the profession only a few years ago. She was a highly regarded O.R. nurse but eventually quit the profession as hospital administrators, under the auspices of the Great Nursing Shortage Myth reduced her compensation and increased her workload because they refused to hire more competent nurses like herself -- NOT because they were not available, but because the Hospital refused to pay wages adjustable to cost of living and inflation. Thirty five years ago, she made more money than she would now and like millions of highly trained O.R. nurses across the country with husbands to support them, the abiding sentiment for these highly stressed, overworked and underpaid professionals is "who needs this abuse?"

In his article, Carlini explains how corporations that import cheap labor are directly responsible for driving up costs by putting “a strain on schools, hospitals and other institutions that require more funding to handle the increased demands.” He offers a compelling example of the recent closing of suburban Chicago’s St. Francis Hospital where over 1,400 healthcare professionals lost their jobs and how immigration damages the economy by negatively impacting the balance of what he describes as Alpha, Beta, and Gamma consumers.

Carlini explains:

“The erosion of alpha consumers has been happening for at least the last eight years. To me, this clearly fuels the acceleration of credit indebtedness.”

Carlini continues that Beta consumers can’t buy into the full American dream hierarchy, but this assertion is only accurate if Beta consumers can’t pool their resources. I keep thinking of Alan Greenspan's INCOME EQUALITY manifesto …Beta consumer mobility could actually “work” if master planners increased immigration numbers of impoverished “skilled workers” from the third world who will work for slave wages here, thus driving down wages across the board and handing over the jobs currently one American could do to say three or four "skilled cheap foreign workers." Essentially, these immigrants would recreate their former, cramped dwellings here by living in small, overcrowded housing, lumping two and three families per household as urban residential master planners appear to be doing. “Big ticket” items such as housing, automobiles and plasma TV’s would be purchased by households with increased head count, each contributing their whopping $45K-$65K annual salaries as IT workers, nurses and financial analysts that Americans formerly did for twice/triple the salary. This would, of course, be an improvement for them but clearly erode the quality of living for Americans but so far, it is highly doubtful that quality of life – or anything --- is what the master planners have in mind for the growing non-elite class, better known as the rising “have-not” dying class.

Carlini’s description of how the flood of cheap labor led to the closing of suburban Chicago's St. Francis Hospital strikes a personal chord. Sadly, this is happening to hospitals all across the country while the flood of "legal" immigration continues to erode our communities as the author describes. What can be done about this erosion of quality of life?

To summarize with a wise “Carlinism"

“Cheap labor is not cheap. Their benefits have to be picked up by others.”

But every junkie’s like a setting sun, and so far, the complacent plebes who refuse to hold our presidental candidates' Ferragamo encased feet to the fire on this issue are their enablers.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tom Friedman Gets Pie Thrown in Face

Flatworlder Tom Friedman's Ship Comes In

-Tom "Billionairre Blowhard" Friedman Holds Court -

Well that was rich!

America’s not-so-favorite douchebag extraordinaire to the political one-world-flatworld stars, Tom “Billionairre Blowhard” Friedman, got a pie thrown in his face yesterday at Brown University!

Why? Does shilling and stomping and whoring around with a few get rich quick green-startup elites who see green $$$$ at the expense of ravaging the planet of dwindling, precious resources and some savvy environmentalist groups having his number bring good company and porfolio returns?

As usual, some of the comments are the best part of articles. Here’s my favorite:

If you're going to be throwing pies in the faces of notable people at public events, then you're going to need practice. And don't even bother trying a pie assault if you're not willing to get close enough to your target to risk apprehension. These were obviously amateurs.” -Liam


Hillary "Maneater" Clinton: Will She Ever Go Away?

Hillary Delivers Victory Speech in Pennsylvania

Tuesday night didn’t turn out so well for Obama, and now he is feeling a little frustrated. Today, Maureen Dowd explains Barry's inertia:

“Despite all his incandescent gifts, Obama has missed several opportunities to smash the ball over the net and end the game. Again and again, he has seemed stuck at deuce. He complains about the politics of scoring points, but to win, you've got to score points.
He knew he tanked in the Philadelphia debate, but he was so irritated by the moderators - and by having to stand next to Hillary again - that he couldn't summon a single merry dart.”

But don’t worry, the fabulously connected, quick-change and hope elite forces behind this puppet on a string who still pledges (just like McCain and Hillary) to open the floodgates for more immigration to sell out white collar jobs and continued lower wages through an organized Mafioso of immigration attorneys pushing a“legal” influx of insourcing can always fall back on his army of "thought leaders" to prop him back up. At a time when there are not enough white collar jobs for our own citizens, any thinking person wonders whether Obama’s “Campaign of Hope” is the final drink of Kool-Aid the otherwise hopeless plebes thirst for before their demise to the slaughterhouse…At the end of the day, what the Murdochs and the Soros’s and the US /UK War Exchange want is for the United States to be King of a nice, big, fat one world corporation with a docile, slave-wage labor pool to be “led” by a president committed to gate-keep it through laws and policies that do not protect the interests of our citizens but instead those a few power elites.

Not to say Hillary, as Dowd refers to as the “50 foot woman” hasn’t taken the same pledge --which she has --- as evinced by her role as Co-Chair of the Senate India Caucus. These two (HilBama) are racing against race (pink and black state intrigue) as well as a race to the bottom, scrambling to the finish line to sell-out our jobs to the Indian lobby. Only in America, are politicians rewarded by their own victims when they blindly and/or mindlessly go to the voting booth and pull levers for their favorite butcher.

Just because Hillary won the hillbilly vote in Pennsylvania Tuesday night and has succeeded in taking every one of the “Big States” doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll win the nomination since all of those delegates and superdelegates and super, super-duper delegates will decide for the plebes (POPULAR VOTE) who the better corporate welfare Dem gate keeper (POTUS) will be. Phew. Who wants a candidate or a press who would actually dare raise the issues -- issues like disappearing jobs, healthcare and the obliteration of an outdated, uncool social contract that once defined civil society? The more that issues are not discussed by the press and the candidates, the more the sheeple embrace them. Go figure.

It doesn’t matter which one of the triad McClob is elected as Head Gatekeeper. The only thing that does matter in this race to the bottom is which power elites will sell out the citizens of this country and what the sheeple care to do about it.

So what’s it really like to have a waffle with Barry on the campaign trail? Maureen Dowd illustrates Barry’s bitter, however earnest moment about not getting to choke down the token, artery clogging breakfast he was eating for the sake of blending in with the loathsome locals at the Glider Diner in Scranton earlier this week:

“In the final days in Pennsylvania, he dutifully logged time at diners and force-fed himself waffles, pancakes, sausage and a Philly cheese steak. He split the pancakes with Michelle, left some of the waffle and sausage behind, and gave away the French fries that came with the cheese steak.
But this is clearly a man who can't wait to get back to his organic scrambled egg whites. That was made plain with his cri de coeur at the Glider Diner in Scranton, P.A., when a reporter asked him about Jimmy Carter and Hamas.
"Why," he pleaded, sounding a bit, dare we say, bitter, "can't I just eat my waffle?"
His subtext was obvious: Why can't I just be president? Why do I have to keep eating these gooey waffles and answering these gotcha questions and debating this gonzo woman?”

And so, in the end, Obama just wants Hillary to go away so he can get on with the grand plan of selling out more white collar jobs and "uniting" (code for lulling us into a Kumbaya fest) while his corporate welfare buddies loot what's left of this dying country. Until Obama or Hillary or McCain "just say no", asleep at the wheel citizens of this country will indeed get the "leadership" they deserve. After all, who needs a social contract when the new, 21st Century groupthink mantra is "I Got Mine"? Ommmm. Repeat.
2Truthy’s Dr. Seussian Tribute to Barry’s Struggle

“If only I might
If only I may
For once in my life
Be President someday.”

“Smart people want jobs
They want healthcare, too
If it were MY life
I’d want some of that, too.”

“Too bad for those losers
Whose friends are not mine
If only they knew
How they’ll twist on the vine…”

“I know I can do it
My hope and my dream
Is to be King of One World
And lead this grand scheme.”

“It’s not about them
It’s all about me
And my wealthy enablers
Who they'll never see.”

“They want slaves and serfs
So what’s the big deal?
I got mine first
I don’t care how they feel.”

“Put all the Mayhill Fowlers
On a slow boat to hell
While my backers end run them
With the Liberty Bell.”

“I won’t catch diseases
Like the plebians will
Because I’ll be protected
And live on the Hill.”

“With forty more days
And a good PR firm
There’s more states to conquer
Before my first term.”

“I know that I’ll get there
I’ll change and I’ll hope
Because if Hillary beats me
I’ll look like a dope.”

“Since I have a big house
And the Pritzgers’s checkbook
Why won’t she leave
And let me off the hook?”


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Private Jet Profits and Demand Soar as TSA Rips Off Passengers

TSA Security Guards Examine Passenger Booty

Happy Skyjet Passengers and Crew

“In our world, success is measured by getting the smallest detail absolutely right and making sure that our clients are treated as individuals.”-Skyjet Manager

Is the convergence of record breaking private jet industry growth and the unprecedented decline of commercial aviation for the masses a mere coincidence or have global elites (haves) finally succeeded in pulling the rug out (flying carpet) from under the plebes (have not’s) in this escalating war on America’s middle class? As high oil prices and the global credit squeeze are affecting demand for new commercial aircraft production, demand for business jets such as Bombardier get a lift as company earnings soar. Toronto based Bombardier reported “better-than-expected fourth-quarter results” earlier this month, doubling its earnings year-over-year:

"Fiscal year 2008 has been excellent on all fronts," said Laurent Beaudoin, Bombardier's chief executive, in a conference call discussing the results.”

Who exactly is buying and leasing and chartering all of these private jets as this nation’s economy tanks, the subprime mortgage crisis rages, H-1B bills are “stacking up like cordwood” as white collar jobs are being handed over to cheap foreign workers to displace educated Americans faster than you can say “VISTA SUCKS” while an asleep at the switch Congress and State Department look the other away?

To anyone who has noticed, Business Class seating has become almost extinct in today’s airline industry as they scramble to “pool” resources to remain airborn. As the private jet industry is taking off, domestic and international air travel has never been more hellish for passengers and airline personnel alike. At a time when more and more business travelers are taking private and chartered flights and are availed ready access to those private jet companies for personal travel as well, the plebes are finding themselves on the opposite side of the growing divide of this chasm of corporate welfare backed greed. One need look no further to the deteriorating state of the airline industry for signs of the growing divide between the first ever, have and have not society that America’s corporate masters have designed. Through an economic prism, witness the historical decline of American civilization as we have known it.

Let Them Eat Honeywell 14 inch Primus Epic screens. Decline of Civilization 101. First, there were “people” who eventually evolved into “consumers” only to have ended up on the slagheap of the inevitable “peasant” heap in this have and have- not race to the bottom. Now, with an ever complicit American sheeple about to caste their ballots today in PA with a three-way, *tough decision* between the three-headed corporate welfare candidate, McClob who will ensure more pain and suffering for at least two hundred and fifty million Americans and others, we can momentarily be lulled into a false sense of “hope” as we all sit back and watch elites of this country loot what’s left from a dying middle class, hell-bent without conscience on replacing this country’s educated middle class head count with the third world’s “best and brightest” in order for a few to profit wildly.

As if the declining airline industry weren’t enough, enter TSA, otherwise known as “Taking Stuff Away” (from YOU, dear peasant traveler.) Weary flight travelers of the nation and the world: Tired of being shaken down, humiliated, and harassed by TSA under the auspices of “protecting your safety” yet? In a *shocking* revelation no one would have ever dreamed of, TSA can now also be credited for stealing or “ripping off” everything from your money, jewelry, designer sunglasses, shoes, perfume and electronic devices! And guess what? YOUR government is down with that!

Not to worry, because this Sunday’s edition of MSNBC offered a few helpful tips to ensure the TSA doesn't swipe your stuff. For all coach traveling, greyhound bus-of-the-skies-fliers who have no other choice but to book the unfriendly, increasingly dangerous and mercenary commercial skies of this global one world, losing a pair of designer sunglasses may be the least of your worries as global passengers are bringing over new, unregulated threat: tuberculosis. In this new, global one world, it will soon be considered a politically incorrect “hate crime” to dare insist that our legislators make it mandatory to test all immigrants traveling into this country for diseases like TB.

As Mike Swift reports in this San Jose Mercury News article New TB Threat: Global ties bring an ancient disease to Silicon Valley, the “ancient” disease of tuberculosis is being spread in this country while officials look the other way. Is it any wonder why private jet demand is soaring? Why don’t Americans demand that their elected officials enact laws which ensure the screening all passengers entering this country from the third world before stepping on aircraft? It’s not surprising that private jet/charter jetliners take pains to ensure the safety and comfort of their passengers.

Here is what one Skyjet manager had to say about the “insatiable growth” the private jet company is experiencing and how they take special care to ensure the safety and comfort of their passengers in this thriving industry:

“The sales team is doing an amazing job and signing new customers daily. Combine this with a great product and it's easy to see why business is booming! To give you some idea, in August 2007, we handled three times the number of trips that we did in August 2006”.


“The department is constantly busy and we are currently seeing new peaks in travel that have previously not existed. Traditional busy times were isolated to the summer months, the Cannes film festival and the winter ski season. New peaks include international property and art fairs and a number of important sporting and business events.”


“The varying workload versus the number of staff we have on duty. Skyjet believes in investing heavily in staff. Growth in the business was incredible last year and given that we will only recruit the best of the best it has been challenging to keep up with the demands upon us. We are blessed in having an experienced and instinctive human resources manager who actively fast tracks the recruitment processes and streamlines new appointments.”

Note in the above paragraph that Skyjet appears to be following the lowest bid, cheap labor arbitrage method as an attractive operating principle, as referenced by these quotes:

“We will only recruit the best of the best” and that it has been “challenging to keep up with the demands upon us” along with the “instinctive human resources manager” who “actively fastracks” recruitment.

Heaven forbid that all private jet production come to a near-grinding halt and that the corporate world put that money back in to the commercial carriers, for somebody might break a nail tossing their pet carriers into the TSA screening bins or get their silk ascots stuck in the conveyor belts while reaching for their Blackberry or worse --- contract a deadly disease by breathing the SAME air that those dreadful beasts from the third world whom they’ve recruited here might kill them or their precious cargo. Oh, the places we can go when we finally realize the rewards of deregulation…

How does the end of that prayer go? “In a world without greed, Amen.”

Monday, April 21, 2008

Why Does Al Gore Trust John McCain?

Stop Pushing Pork for Corporate Polluters!

Aside from trying to make the guards laugh in front of Buckingham Palace or hanging around Soho watching Ola Onabule perform at Ronnie Scott’s, one of my favorite things to do in London is to ride around on the double-decker busses and smell the fumes because it smells just like French fries and do you know why? It smells like French fries because some of those busses use biofuels made from the old oil of potato chips grease. But did you know that a recent study suggests that the production of biofuel from cooking oils causes 70% more greenhouse gas than those caused by fossil fuels?

That’s right. I just read here that there is a ‘full cycle’ of new studies showing that biofuels actually cause more pollution than fossil fuel. Plus, once the oil is put into the fuel tanks, it’s no longer good to cook with. So what I want to know is “why”? Why is perfectly good food being used in our gas tanks that we could all be eating?

Everbody is trying to invent ways to run cars and trucks and busses because the planet is running out of oil but what I want to know is, why doesn’t everybody just start taking the train, riding their bikes and walking more and just say “NO” to food guzzling and intoxicated vechicles drunk on ethanol? ANOTHER highly suspicious problem -- perhaps the deepest of all --- is when politicians like John McCain want to reward offenders by pushing a lot – I mean A LOT of pork at corporate polluters! How this helps save the world’s bacon, I am not exactly sure………

And why does Al Gore say John McCain should be trusted on climate change? Could it be that he, too, has a special, unhealthy interest in PORK? Hmmmm.

Anyway, Soho is a wonderful place. I could always walk from 2Truthy’s aunt’s residence in Belgravia to Victoria Station and then take the tube to Leicester Square and get a little exercise but instead, I enjoy taking the bus because it’s more fun and then I don’t have to sweat. Besides, it rains a lot in England and I’d rather show up to the clubs au natural, sans a brolly and trenchcoat so walking is not always expedient.

Back to riding the double-decker busses. It’s all so delightful. Not only does the conductor let me run around and sing on the upper deck and hang my snout out the window, but the bus passengers are much friendlier and less cranky than all of those stuffy accountants and Versace clad carbon-cap traders who ride the tubes. But when I’m riding on the bus, it doesn’t really matter that most of the passengers don’t speak English, because when traveling, the universal language is the “smile” which, in my case, I have to be very careful about in order not to be misunderstood. One time, I smiled at an old lady who, I think, might have been a Croatian gypsy. Anyway, she thought I was smiling at her in order to take her seat so she slammed her handbag at my head and then her bottle of Scotch fell out. When I tried to pick it up and hand it to her, she screamed obscenities and then the driver pulled over and threw me right off the bus, shouting “pull that bloody hell again on my bus and next time I’ll drop you at the Tower of London and see you’re locked up!”

Now, whenever I ride the double-decker busses, I just pretend I don’t see old ladies (even when I do) and just keep staring out the window at all of the wonderful sights to see in London. But now, it appears we have bigger fish (NOT PORK) to fry back here in the States.

Here is a link for everybody to join the growing grassroots campaign for sensible global warming legislation. Take action now. Help keep the pork out of the greedy hands and gullets of those politicians who would rather feed French fries to vehicles than to the masses.



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Democratic Debate Tonight: Will Hillary Get Sweet Mental Revenge?

Pink States Vs. Black States: Will Hillary Get Sweet Mental Revenge on Obama?
(Special Eternal Thanks to the Late, So Great Waylon Jennings)

Get your mouse ears out, folks!

Disney Channel’s own ABC will be televising my “fellow” Chicago native, Crown Royal whiskey drinking Hillary Clinton and Barack "The Bitter" Obama's debate tonight!

Brace yourselves for an entertaining evening of two corporate welfare backed candidates duking it out for the last time live. And don’t worry about any prodding intellectual journalists to moderate the debate and ask horribly unstimulating questions most Americans want solutions to, like: the increasing number of disappearing white collar jobs due to “legal” immigration, lack of access to healthcare and housing, eroding infrastructures and civil liberties and the permanent occupation of troops in Iraq, because this made for TV Reality Show is being hosted by two ACTUAL television talking heads, George Stephanopoulos and Charles Gibson!

For all you undecided Dems, here's the real soul-searching question to help narrow down your pick:
“Who would you rather have a glass of Cristal with?”

I can’t wait!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Al Green

Al Green is Blues - One Woman

Oh sure. Reverend Al Green's great hits "Let's Stay Together" and "I'm Still in Love with You" were blockbusters.

Here's a little known gem (best song he ever did.) But don't take it from yours truly -- just like high school, if it's not popular, how can it shine?

Happy Birthday, Al!


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Is Hillary Clinton a Straight Shooter?

(Photo Special Thanks to

Read "Clinton Becomes a Gun Lover"


Obama Loses the Sympathy Vote

-Pompous Blowhards with their own Norwegian Seed Vaults-

"It's not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."
-Barack Obama at SF Fundraiser-

Barack Obama tipped his hand when he made the above comment last Sunday at a swank, wine infused San Francisco fundraiser. For the majority of America’s white collar citizens who didn’t get the invitation to this real estate developer’s castle, Barack spoke to a receptive jury of his peers here – a well-heeled “I Got Mine” crowd of about 300 who support Barack despite his pledge of helping the tech lobby, sleazy immigration law firms and the rest of corporate America to get away with outsourcing/insourcing and driving down wages… kind of like the Nazi sympathizers of Germany only this time, the target for death is America’s educated middle class -- that’s a lot of people who have invested heavily in their educations and communities. Everyone asked “why” when the genocide of Jews occurred under all of those Hinterland noses, but where are the so-called progressives here to wake up and smell the strudel?

Unless you’ve been passed over for a promotion at a Hedge Fund, were out-bidded on prime real estate in Napa, weren’t invited to the RSA after-party at Coco 500 or just took a hit on your GE shares, Barack Obama simply doesn’t feel your pain. It’s not that he’s a bad guy…he was simply being brutally honest in his elitist view of the unwashed masses which includes just about everybody who doesn’t have at least a seven figure portfolio.

Memo to Barry: read Harold Meyerson’s lips: TRADE POLICY SHOULD PUT U.S. WORKERS FIRST. Repeat.

Let’s break Obama’s unabashed “Us vs. Them” sentence down:

1.) They get bitter. “Bitter”? Does Barack Obama seriously equate the legalized, orchestrated collusion of Corporate America and Academia to force millions of educated white collar citizens out the workforce with some kind of a tea garden spat? “Bitter”? When millions of educated Americans are waking up to smell the latte about their jobs disappearing, their kids’ college education costs skyrocketing along with food, housing and oil with no access to healthcare, “bitter” doesn’t begin to describe the state of mind most Americans are in.
2.) They cling to guns or religion. Let’s start with the guns part. Is Obama revealing the angst his handlers have about what the plebes with guns will do when they all collectively and finally “get” the fact that a few wealthy elites have sucked this economy dry and are now laying down the Biggest Brother surveillance program civilization has ever known?
3.) Now for the religion part. Has anyone noticed this recent and peculiar, orchestrated Judeo-Christian angst or bashing of anyone who attends a house of worship? Yours truly is not exactly the church lady and is as against fundamentalism as the next normal person, but hey, come on -- this whole “one world anti-religion” kick distinctly and specifically reeks of Jonestown. Is the Obama campaign with it’s “hope and change” mantra supposed to lull us all into this false sense of security while the Tom Friedeman Flatworlder elites loot what’s left of this sorry ass country? For most non-whack jobs, religion is a personal and individual choice – which is something groupthink CAN NOT tolerate.
4.) Antipathy to people who aren’t like them. “Antipathy”? Tell us, Barack, who exactly are “these people” who aren’t like “them”? Here, Obama is trying to mask his hubris soaked, profound and blatant “Us versus them” thinking by turning the tables on millions of taxpaying Americans whose freedoms are being eroded so that a few elites can profit. No, Barack. Americans have “antipathy” toward hijacked government officials and greedy, arrogant corporate executives for promoting corporate welfare policies at the expense of civil community. Let’s not insult the intelligence of the smartest people in the room by insinuating that educated Americans have “antipathy” against immigrants, which is the cheapest shot undermining the civility of this discourse. American citizens should be treated with respect, consideration and pride when it comes to their right to labor policies. Americans have a right to work in their country and when a crooked and corrupt DHS changes the rules to profit the tech lobby to flood an already overcrowded job market, you can shove this whole bogus accusation of “antipathy” straight up your insufferable, Harvard Hawaiian Hasting Pudding!!! The fact that you and your moonies want to stuff this country with the dubious “best and brightest” from abroad for a fraction of what our citizens should be earning makes the dyin’ grandpa in the Grapes of Wrath look like a Roman holiday. (IMHO, David Sirota back in the day would summarize this phenomenon better than anyone.)
5.) Anti-immigrant or anti-trade sentiment. At no time in this county’s history has there been such an amoral, incivil and traitorous government as this current band of bipartisan thugs who conspire with the sycophant Corporate America to raise and eliminate the H-1B cap, hand out green cards like they were candy, and to cut deals with sleazy body shops like Infosys and Wipro and Tata etc. (Hillary is co-Chair of the Senate India Caucus) and overpopulate the country with cheap foreign labor while there are not enough jobs to employ our own college graduates and middle aged citizens.

As Harold Meyerson writes:

"What's been missing in America's trade policy is a preference for Americans. The object of trade in China is to help the Chinese nation. German trade is designed to help Germany; Scandinavian, to help the Scandinavian nations. The U.S. government has never taken on the mission of defending the American economy, or the American people, in the global economy.
In the absence of such a national economic strategy, is it any wonder that by a ratio of better than 2-to-1, Americans now oppose free trade? Even the relatively few editorialists who acknowledge the nation needs to do more to help our economically beleaguered populace insist that new trade deals should be consummated before governmental measures that might augment the power and income of actual Americans. Why? Why not first develop a coherent national strategy to foster better and more rewarding jobs here at home, and only then return to the regimen of trade pacts with other nations? Why, in the rush to cut these deals, do the American people amount to no more than an afterthought?"

Barack Obama’s SF fundraiser comment nailed it: that is, the final nail in his own coffin of character on the altar of greed and incivility targeted at America’s educated white collar citizen. Obama’s American Hater comment reflects everything he believes in: the power and money behind the few wealthy elites backing his campaign at the expense of everyone else not a member of Corporate America Club Sycophant.

For the Haahvaad grad who grew up in Hawaii and hates the whole idea of an educated American getting a white collar job that can instead by handed off to an imported worker instead, he is merely proving to his shadow organization of handlers, the Tech Lobby and Corporate America that he can “out smug” any crowd by being completely honest in his allegiance to outsource American jobs, make Joe Taxpayer foot the bill for foreign students to take their kids’ seats in our universities AND make U.S. citizens pay for that, too.

What’s the big deal here? Barack is simply demonstrating that he can embrace this disturbing neo-patriotism of HATE AMERICANS FIRST instead of HIRE AMERICANS FIRST better than Hillary! That’s his job – to best Hillary when it comes time to proving to his corporate masters that he can kick an American white collar worker down better than some girl! After all, Hillary took the same oath at Google HQ-- to turn the United States into a halfway house of imported workers by offing America’s white collar middle class.

In his excellent and timely article which I have referenced above, Howard Meyerson asks, “What about us”?

Well Barack, What about us? According to you and your corporate welfare pals, there no longer is an “Us” or a “We” in America. Only “Have” and “Have Not” and you look like you can indeed lead that charge in this war on America’s educated middle class!

Is the Obama campaign taking a page from Social Darwinism and the "survival of the fittest" once espoused by the Nazi elite? According to Adolph Hitler, democracy undermined the natural selection of ruling elites and was 'nothing other than the systematic cultivation of human failure. Joseph Goebbels who was Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda for the German Third Reich under Hitler maintained that the people never rule themselves and claimed that every history-making epoch had been created by aristocrats. The transformation of Germany into a totalitarian nation ruled by elites was supported by the propaganda system managed by Joseph Goebbels.

Noam Chomsky explained how the Nazi propaganda system worked and how the US advertising model was used for that purpose. These horrific sentiments guiding our current political system and culture have led us into this aristocratic plutocracy and so far, the Dems are down with that.

Congratulations, Barry. You finally succeeded in besting Hillary.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Power of the Purse: Dems Plan $100 Billion MORE in Iraq Spending

- Underused Democratic Versace Handbag-
Why won’t Democratic lawmakers finally deploy several legislative options to bring home U.S. troops from Iraq, expressly, the power of the purse?

“Despite posing some tougher-than-usual questions at hearings on George W. Bush’s open-ended Iraq War strategy, congressional Democrats have signaled they will give the President $100 billion more in war spending without insisting on timetables for bringing U.S. troops home.”


Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy "Al Franken" Friday: Al Franken for U.S. Senate

-Al Franken backstage at Grateful Dead Concert-
(photo special thanks to

-Minnesota Democratic Senator -to-be Al Franken-
Help Al Franken kick Norm Coleman's ass by donating at to his campaign like I did! Don't worry if you don't live in Minnesota, they'll still take your money!

Happy Friday!


Obama Refuses to Veto the Pork

Pigsnout with Truffle Sauce


Why Obama Will Never Veto the Pork

Obama Eats Fancy Spanish Pig at Philadelphia Italian Deli

For Immediate Release

PHILADELPHIA – Oh Boy. Obama told a lie about eating a fancy Spanish pig in Philly.

The Washington Post smoked out Sen. Barack Obama as he ate the flesh of an innocent, well-heeled, black hoofed Iberian pig for lunch at the upscale ITALIAN MARKET in Philadelphia this week and everybody is asking “why” since he made a speech in Altoona about how he was a vegan! And how come Barack discriminated against populist pigs and only prefers the premium, fancy pantanegra with black hooves? Well, just because MY bacon may have been saved is little consolation. Now the question on everyone's minds is : "If Barack ever gets elected president, how could anybody expect him to tell the truth or to veto all the pork?"

Why Barack, couldn’t you have stopped at the salami or the goat cheese? It’s time to call Pastor Wright on Barack because here is the big, fat fib he told:

"Yes, I am now a vegan. From a personal perspective, it doesn't hurt that people of African descent are invariably lactose intolerant. I have long been an advocate of the less fortunate among us, of those who life has handed a crooked deck, the short end of the stick, an unfair deal. There are no Americans for who this is more true than the populations of our feedlots and industrial farms. It is time to end the exploitation of farmed animals on American soil. It is time to give up hamburgers as we have given up slave-holding. It is time for us to end our dependence on milkshakes as we must end our dependence on foreign oil. It is time to acknowledge that the fishing industry does damage to our oceans far beyond that of emissions from our coal burning power plants. I invite all Americans to join me in a bright future free of cruelty and exploitation, free of the blood of innocents killed only for our pleasure”.

I just returned from Spain where I traveled to the countryside of Salamanca, only to be chased by a scout from a well-known Iberian ham and sausage factory. My hosts, Armando and Dieter, were able to talk down the impertinent yet persistent badger so I managed to dodge that bullet.

If only everybody knew how much Iberian pig is overrated! They only get to eat acorns before they are mercilessly slaughtered and then sold for $99.00 lb. !!! But on the North Carolina pig farm where I grew up, we had a wonderful, varied and balanced diet because the farmer’s twins, Edith and Patsy, snuck us baloney sandwiches and Pringles and made sure our feed bags were NEVER without plenty of lemonheads. They say the montanera method (a diet of ‘acorns only’) creates less superfluous concentrated liquids and therefore more glucogen but I say “what a load of hooey.” Just because the black-hoofed Iberico wild pig wanders around eating only acorns, how is that supposed to be healthy? How would YOU like to spend your life eating only acorns?

Where is George Clooney? Why can’t he take up our plight to STOP the senseless bloodletting of our most intelligent, domesticated barnyard animal? It seems like nothing ever changes for the better until a famous actor like Angelina or George steps up to the plate.

Pigs are the new beef jerky and it’s time for everyone to unite and stop the madness.
Click on the above youtube video and watch how Bella was saved and visit to learn how you can help.

Oh, and don’t forget to ask yourself when you go vote in November: how much pork do we really need and why won’t Barack veto it all?

Adios Amigos!


Thursday, April 3, 2008



Strangelove's Wet Dream or How I Learned to Loathe Elitism

“You would think that the way Americans love ironic, sarcastic humor, the majority would eagerly join us over here in the alternative media, to share our fascination with the hypocritical stage theater now being performed for our national amusement, which masquerades as politics and foreign policy.”
–Peter Chamberlain

Indeed. As Peter Chamberlain suggests in his quote above, Americans are a peculiar, passive and complicit lot when it comes to holding our "free press" accountable to in turn hold our corporate welfare backed political candidates accountable in this Cold War on the Middle Class. What possibly can American “progressives” be thinking when they allow all three political candidates a free pass as they pledge to continue selling out white collar jobs as the country heads into a Depression?

In his compelling essay entitled "Strangelove’s Wet Dream" Chamberlain implores American citizens to “become their own press in order to get around the main obstacle to freedom” and to “defend itself against an administration of deadly lies when the truth is so easily buried.” While Chamberlain makes the undisputable case for the U.S. to stop supporting Zionism, the parallels between the organized genocide of Palestinians and the American middle class by elites are striking:

“The highest form of government ever produced by man is putting the final stages of planning on freedom's demise, and yet the freest people in the history of the world believe that they are powerless to change anything, as they watch excitedly from the sidelines, screaming patriotic hymns to Clinton and McCain.”

HilBama and McCain have promised the Tech Lobby and corporate America to increase the wholesale sell-out of white collar jobs to third-world workers while a recession/depression ensues. On top of this, during the middle of the housing collapse, soaring food prices, contaminated and poisonous food/products, and no practical plans for universal health coverage or access to healthcare, one has to wonder why it is so hard for Americans, especially Democrats or so-called progressives -- to hold the presidential candidates’ feet to the fire. Chamberlain explains:

“The American government, in bed with the magnates of big business (the dictionary definition of "fascism"), have been at war with the American people for a very long time. Fat cat Republicans, who regularly bankroll both parties, have long plotted to replace democracy with a fascist dictatorship. (SEE: THE PLOT TO SEIZE THE WHITE HOUSE) Corporations have invested billions in foundations to study the people, in order to make more efficient war upon their minds.”

How does the truth get buried? In a previous post, yours truly quotes the master, Hunter Thompson, who perfectly summarized the phenomena here .

When Thompson said
"The most consistent and ultimately damaging failure of political journalism in America (is that it) has its roots in the clubby/cocktail personal relationships that inevitably develop between politicians and journalists”,
one would think, like Chamberlain suggests, that a smart, “alternative media” or blogosphere would in fact become the vehicle or conduit for the masses to link in a socially constructive way to mobilize against corporate fascists at the local level. Just as the national debate against the war on the middle class has been strangled by a “news blackout”, Americans continue to allow themselves to be “distracted” by war and hunger abroad while the quiet war on their own livelihoods and freedoms take place right under their noses.

Peter Chamberlain offers this excellent explanation of how “egotistical attempts” by elitists to replace civility with the “inhumane law of parasitic capitalist Darwinism” who seek to turn Americans into a third world caste system of slaves applies to the elites of both parties -- Republican and Democrat equally --- as it does to Zionist-sanctioned political correctness:

“The war on terrorism uses our beliefs against us. It has been exposed as a holy war between Christianity and Islam, at least that is evidently what the Jewish neocon authors of the war want it to be. It is only a matter of time before it becomes obvious to everyone that the war of the new world order is a war against all religion. Religious belief and basic human morality must be allowed to serve as the basis for the fight against this war, because it is a war on life itself. The inherent evil of the whole operation must become the rallying point for the people to oppose the war. It is nothing less than an egotistical human attempt to overthrow the moral basis of international law, replacing it with the inhumane law of parasitic capitalist Darwinism. Kill everyone who refuses to be made into a slave!”

I agree with Peter Chamberlain. “It is wrong to allow a new holocaust of one people to fulfill the territorial ambitions of the descendents of the survivors of the last holocaust.”

While this “perfect storm” of Iraq, lack of healthcare, dwindling global resources and disappearing American white collar jobs escalate, here’s a thought: Why doesn’t the Left get the newly minted venture capitalist Al Gore to lead the fight against corporate fascists like Bill Gates who want to increase and eliminate the H-1B visa cap and other forms of immigration at a time when there are not enough jobs for our own citizens? How does it make sense to continue an antiquated immigration system that allows people to take the jobs Americans can do? All labor arbitrage and plummeting wages aside, but where is the Left to start asking “what’s wrong with this picture?”

When will the Left get it right?

Sigh. Like Hunter Thompson surmised, the wine and cheese fests plus easy access to the boss’s liquor and women must be worth the price of admission.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hillary Clinton: "I'm Like Jim Carrey Beating Himself Up in the Bathroom in LIAR LIAR!"

"Let Me at Him" -Hillary

"I Kept the Gloves on the Whole Time" -Rocky Balboa

April 1, 2008 The Huffington Post today features the following blockbuster headline: Clinton Compares Herself to Rocky Balboa: "We Have A Lot In Common"

But the way things are going with the sagging Clinton campaign, I can't help but see a thoroughly frustrated Hillary excusing herself from the campaign to go into the bathroom and start beating herself up like Jim Carrey did in LIAR LIAR.

Watch above video where Carrey excuses himself in front of the judge. (Too bad the video stops short of the hilarious bathroom scene...)