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Does Silicon Valley Need More Visas for Foreigners?

Rajas on Elephants: The Third World's Equivalent to GM's Denali
On any given day I walk past my neighbor's driveway which has a huge SUV parked on it. As one small boy and his mother climb into it, I see them fastening up and pulling out, riding high, like Rajas on Elephants. And as I watch this mighty vessel lumbering down the street, I can't help but wonder about what MOTIVATES people to desire excess...
Like Rajas on Elephants, enter Silicon Valley's ruling elite or a group of ceos and venture capitalists who, with the complicity of Democratic politicians like Nancy Pelosi who should know better and elitist, pro-tech lobby businessmen with ties to the beltway like Gore who are creating the caste system that defines India by selling out millions of our jobs to the third world.
Technology companies' recruitment of foreign workers for jobs in the U.S. continues to create a great deal of tension within the industry. Central to the issue are H-1B visas, which allow U.S. companies to hire dubiously screened college-educated foreign workers in fields like engineering, journalism and physical sciences. The federal government currently awards these work permits but American employers are NOW lobbying Congress to lift the cap entirely. Technology companies' recruitment of foreign workers for highly skilled jobs in the U.S. continues to create a great deal of tension within the industry READ WSJ ARTICLE BELOW
In this article, Ron Hira, an engineer and a professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, discusses the problems of the H1b visa scam:
"We all agree Americans must be hired first. The facts are clear that current law doesn't even come close to meeting this principle -- H-1B workers can be preferred over U.S. workers and can even displace U.S. workers. Hopefully, the immigration reform bills that will soon be introduced will follow the straightforward principle that Americans should be hired first. Following this principle could lead to sensible reform of the H-1B program, something that Robert's organization, Compete America, has rigorously fought against. And unfortunately Compete America has been successful since this reform was not included in last year's immigration bill that passed the Senate."

With the growing numbers of unemployed and underemployed educated, white collar middle class, fifty something computer scientitsts and journalists casting their votes for sleazy politicians with their noses stuck squarely in the trough, who will stand up to the Silicon Valley frat boys who, in the same mode of colonial masters want nothing more than to have legions of serfs festooning their companies so they can feel superior and pay them only a fraction of cost of living/inflation adjusted wages? Still relying on our politicians to stop the looting from these corporate bandits who are backing the wholesale sell-out of our jobs, healthcare and infrastructures?
After reading this article, you know, the part about hiring Americans first --- I have to wonder how that will ever happen without a complete overhaul of this current system and our society, where discrimination against our own has been keeping America's colonial masters knee-deep in profits for far too long.
-2Truthy (writing on vaction)

Bill Gates Can't Get Enough Burnt Fries: McKennedy Bill is a Bust

Senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy, respectively

**(reposted from March 8, 2007 by popular demand) and submitted by QUINCY

Memo to Bill Gates et al: Like the fast food junkies your companies have become, your hiring binges of plenty of cheap, dubiously skilled foreign workers bring comfort to you because there are so many of them and they cost so little! Like a fast food container brimming full of cheap, overcooked french fries, you prefer them to a smaller portion of high quality restaurant fries that cost more becauase you feel you are getting such a good deal when you get more of them... Instead, you are making your companies unhealthy with poor quality products and choking the middle class at the same time. Ready to clean up your corporate hiring practices diet and do something good for the heart of your companies and America yet?

Bill Gates went through the motions today before the Senate, "asking" for an unlimited number of H1B visas in Washington DC today in a closed door session. Ted Kennedy, chair of the committee, apparently wasn't interested in hearing from anyone else so nobody else was invited besides Gates and his senatorial groupies. Sen. Orrin Hatch wasted no time getting on his knees
when addressing Gates:

"You've done so much with your wealth that is so good for mankind that I don't think anyone should fail to recognize that," Hatch said, adding: "I usually don't lavish praise on anyone, but I think you deserve it."

Gates suggested that there should be an "infinite" number of H-1B visas. As the last commentary included in this newsletter points out, while Bill Gates does everything possible to crush Microsoft's competition he thinks American workers should be forced to "compete" with cheap labor from abroad. When asked by Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) how many visas Congress should approve, Gates repeated a suggestion he made years ago: that there should be an "infinite" number. "Even though it might not be realistic," he said, "I don't think there should be any limit." Sen. Gregg wasn't willing to grant Gates a blank check, but what he put on the table must have brought joy to every greedy fiber in Bill Gates' body. Senator Judd Gregg, a New Hampshire Republican, said he agreed that Congress needed to raise the H-1B cap. He asked if an annual cap of 300,000 would be appropriate. "It'd be a fantastic improvement," Gates said. "My basic view is we should welcome as many of 'these people' as we can get."
Some Senators visibly wanted to avoid blaming H-1B for job losses.

Sherrod Brown, an Ohio Democrat, and Senator Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent, blamed outsourcing for the loss of jobs. They didn't even mention H-1B role in the job destruction! How convenient! Pay close attention to the way Brown dodges the issue: "Time and time again, local businesses told me that they just could not find the engineers or the computer scientists they needed to run their businesses," he said. "At the same time, skilled workers in my state are watching their jobs move overseas, not because foreign workers are more qualified, but because U.S. companies can get away with paying poverty wages to workers in other countries."

Say "NO" to the Mc Cain-Kennedy immigration bill.


**2Truthy will return from vacation June 1.

http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&articleId=9012426Gates: U.S. risks losing technology leadership rolehttp://news.zdnet.com/2100-11153_22-6165166.html?tag=sas.emailGates calls for 'infinite' H-1Bs, better schoolshttp://www.infoworld.com/article/07/03/07/HNgatesimmigrantvisas_1.htmlGates: Tech needs more immigrant visas

Why Congress Threw the Anti-War Left Under the Bus

"Sayonara, Amigos! Wiedersein! Hit the Road!"
-Congressonal Democrats to their Base, May 2008-
**Submitted to LOSING THE WAR ON HUMOR by Victor L. Giancarlo, Los Angeles, CA
Why Congress caved to Bush
by Patrick J. Buchanan
My views and opinions are not often shared by one Patrick J. Buchanan but this article provides remarkable insight into the motivations that lured our Democratic Congress to flip us all off on pulling out of Iraq. In this article, Buchanan describes a cowardly lot of politically charged Democrats who never had any plans other than for our beleagured troops to stick around in Iraq indefinitely so that the Democrats would look TOUGH.
If there is any lesson to be learned from this, it would be for the Liberal Left to finally wake up and see that the War on Iraq is no different than the War on the Middle Class. It is time for the Left to start protesting the corrupt and greedy CEO's and their elitist friends at both the local and national levels for, after all, we always knew the Iraq war was never about anything else but control of the oil fields and profits READ
**2Truthy will return from vacation June 1.

Congress Votes to Outsource Presidency

Congressmen Luis Gutierrez and Jeff Flake
**Submitted to LOSING THE WAR ON HUMOR by Melvin Toast, Chicago, IL
May 10, 2007: Washington, DC (AP) -- Congress today announced that the office of President of the United States of America will be outsourced to India as of July 1, 2007. The move is being made in order to save the President's $500,000 yearly salary, and also a record $521 Billion in deficit expenditures and related overhead that the office has incurred during the last 5 years. "We believe this is a wise financial move. The cost savings are huge, " stated Congressman Thomas Reynolds (R-WA). "We cannot remain competitive on the world stage with the current level of cash outlay." Reynolds noted.Mr. Bush was informed by e-mail this morning of his termination.
Preparations for the job move have been underway for some time. Gurvinder Singh of Indus Teleservices, Mumbai, India will assume the office of President as of July 1, 2007. Mr. Singh was born in the United States while his Indian parents were vacationing at Niagara Falls, NY, thus making him eligible for the position. He will receive a salary of $320 (USD) a month but no health coverage or other benefits.It is believed that Mr. Singh will be able to handle his job responsibilities without a support staff.
Due to the time difference between the US and India, he will be working primarily at night, when few offices of the US Government will be open. "Working nights will allow me to keep my day job at the Dell Computer call center," stated Mr. Singh in an exclusive interview. "I am excited about this position. I always hoped I would be President." A Congressional spokesperson noted that while Mr. Singh may not be fully aware of all the issues involved in the office of President, this should not be a problem as President Bush had never been familiar with the issues either.
Mr. Singh will rely upon a script tree that will enable him to respond effectively to most topics of concern. Using these canned responses, he can address common concerns without having to understand the underlying issue at all. "We know these scripting tools work," stated the spokesperson. "President Bush has used them successfully for years, with the result that some people actually thought he knew what he was talking about."Bush will receive health coverage, expenses, and salary until his final day of employment. Following a two week waiting period, he will be eligible for $140 a week unemployment for 13 weeks. Unfortunately he will not be eligible for Medicaid, as his unemployment benefits will exceed the allowed limit.
Mr. Bush has been provided with the outplacement services of Manpower, Inc. to help him write a resume and prepare for his upcoming job transition. According to Manpower, Mr. Bush may have difficulties in securing a new position due to a lack of any successful work experience during his lifetime. A Greeter position at Wal-Mart was suggested due to Bush's extensive experience at shaking hands, as well as his special smile.
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Dennis Kucinich: "Privatizing Iraq's Oil is Theft!"

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich: "Privatizing Iraq's Oil is Theft!"

**Submitted to LOSING THE WAR ON HUMOR by Victor L. Giancarlo, Los Angeles, CA

Dennis Kucinich explains in the 7 minute video (click link below)


how the proposed bill, now pending before the U.S. Congress, via its benchmarks, will provide for the privatization of Iraqi oil. This bill requires the regime in Iraq to pass a law called, "The Hydrocarbon Act." (For more information about the bill, see below.)

As Kucinich explains, if they refuse to do so, over a billion dollars in reconstruction funds will be blocked by the Bush-Cheney administration. This measure, which he characterized as "blackmail," would permit multinational oil corporations---many based in the U.S.--to exercise control over the Iraqi oil. The Democratic leadership in the Congress is giving its explicit support to this legislative device. Unless the scheme is stopped, Rep. Kucinich predicted, we will be looking at an Iraqi War "going on forever!"

Below is more information about the bill:

The Proposed Petrochemical Bill

When the "Draft Hydrocarbon Law" was finally delivered to the Iraqi Parliament on February 18, 2007, key provisions had already been leaked and immediately denounced by the full spectrum of the Iraqi opposition. Taking turns registering dismay were the majority of the Parliament, a wide range of government officials, the leadership of major Sunni political parties, the union of oil workers, the Sadrists -- the most powerful Shia grouping -- and the visible leadership of the insurgency. All this led to many changes in the law, including the removal of all mention of either privatization or Production Sharing Contracts, which would have given multinational oil companies 15-25 years of basically unregulated operational control over Iraqi oil facilities. The amended version in no way excluded the use of PSAs, but it removed the explosive designation from the actual wording of the law. It is worth reviewing the logic of PSAs to understand why the U.S. was so determined to make them a part of the law, and why many Iraqis were soferociously opposed. Production sharing agreements are generally applied in circumstances where there is a strong possibility that oil exploration will be extremely costly or even fail, and/or where extraction is likely to prove prohibitively expensive. To offset huge and risky investments, the contracting company is guaranteed a proportion of the profits, if and when oil is extracted and sold. In the most common of these agreements, the proportion remains very high until all development costs are amortized, allowing the investing company to recoup its investment expenditures (if oil is found), and then to be rewarded with a larger-than-normal profit margin for the remainder of the contract which, in the Iraqi case, could extend for up to 25 years.

THE ENTIRE ARTICLE : http://www.tomdispatch.com/index.mhtml?pid=192709

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

David Sirota Speaks Truth to Power: Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

Elitist Democrats Want to Bury Our Middle Class

“Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying.” –Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption, 1994

While the Democrats look more and more like Republicans every day as they allow bipartisan, elitist, Big Money People to destroy their own party, will this Party finally bury itself by backing the wrong horse in 2008? All Democrats have to do (left, right and center) is open their eyes to the elitist agendas and decide: do they want to dig their own grave with a candidate who is committed to burying the middle class? If you want answers to who’s selling out to who in the Party while, most recently, the immigration debate rages on, one need look no further than to David Sirota’s excellent blog http://davidsirota.com for answers.

While certain driven radio talk show hosts and otherwise admirable blogging divas who shall remain unnamed work fervently to interview and promote the corporate welfare, tech-lobby-supporting, former vice president Al Gore with almost cult like zeal is his undeclared presidential bid, Democratic journalists with integrity and conviction like David Sirota are cutting through the elitist wannabe bullshit and speaking truth to power.

In a speech he gave last week in Montana to the AFL/CIO entitled “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying”, he speaks of the corporate lobbying that “has become a multibillion-dollar industry” and goes on to explain to us that “at a time of war and deficit, we have upcoming federal tax cuts that will hand roughly a half-trillion dollars to the wealthiest 1 percent--tax cuts for millionaires are larger than the annual income of the average American household.”


Sirota describes the inspiration for the title came while he was watching the movie The Shawshank Redemption: “Knee-deep in economic data and stories about the recent legislative session, I heard Morgan Freeman's distinct baritone voice utter that haunting phrase: "Get busy living, or get busy dying."

Along with his impeccable and thorough research and investigative reporting, what is most impressive about Mr. Sirota is his intelligent, unassuming, humble and laser sharp wit with which he provides the facts and takes no prisoners. He reminds me of those unpopular kids in high school who I identified with…although they looked ‘normal’ and otherwise acted ‘cool’, they would steadfastly refuse to go along with the crowd even at the point of ridicule.
That’s what I call integrity. If only a mass epidemic of integrity would replace this massive onslaught of hubris from popular bloggers and elitist wannabes that has infected the Left, imagine how large the Democratic Party could start living!

“Get Busy Living, or Get Busy Dying.” –David Sirota, 2007


Friday, May 18, 2007

China To America: Eat That Shit Or We Shoot This Dog

Why U.S. Doesn't Stop Tainted Food from China

Wondering why (even just a little) all of those Ford Taurus driving “G” license plates wielding, grey pallored State Department trade policy wonks keep screaming wildly to China:

“Please, pleaaaaasssse, shove some more melamine tainted pet food and people food up our big, fat, super sized YING YANGS and we’ll forget all about the beef you have with our mad-cow beef, just keep buying our iPods and TRY not to pirate the intellectual property!! Yes, yes, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do it AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Tired of China laughing at us with our “insatiable” addiction to poisonous and tainted food and medicines from their country including “dried apples preserved with a cancer-causing chemical. Frozen catfish laden with banned antibiotics. Scallops and sardines coated with putrefying bacteria. Mushrooms laced with illegal pesticides” yet?

Good news and bad news: Noting that we humans in this country are nothing but a bunch of beastly whiners when it comes to our consumer protections, but nothing like a few pets keeling over to get the attention of the media and this excellent weekend WAPO article by Rick Weiss says it all


According to the article, the United States finds itself "kowtowing to China," Cassidy said, even as that country keeps sending American consumers adulterated and mislabeled foods.

“It's not just about cheap imports,” added Carol Tucker Foreman, a former assistant secretary of agriculture now at the Consumer Federation of America.
"Our farmers and food processors have drooled for years to be able to sell their food to that massive market," Foreman said. "The Chinese counterfeit. They have a serious piracy
problem. But we put up with it because we want to sell to them."

What does this tell us? Our corporations can keep shoving billions of iPods at China and we the People in return have to bite the bullet – or take the bullet with whatever they can pull out of their YING YANG under the guise of “free-trade.” Now THAT’S progress, I tell ya.

It is time for the People of this country to stop pretending that our government is working for us and change our M.O.


Liars and Spinners and Big Money People

"You're a Pedantic, Pontificating, Pretentious Bastard. And a Worthless, Steaming Pile of Cow Dung."
-Jim Carrey, LIAR LIAR

Senate Negotiators Announce Immigration Deal
Anyone on the Left feeling a little righteous indignation and ready to stand up to the corporate welfare Big Money People yet? Not sure what to say? (Watch video)
While the Senate and Big Business have the last laugh as they keep the immigration debate focused on the poor of neighboring Mexico seeking legal immigration as they work to sell out millions of our professional white collar jobs in tech and journalism, a bipartisan group of Senate negotiators announced yesterday that they had reached "broad agreement" on comprehensive immigration reform, clearing the way for floor debate to begin Monday.
See you in Cannes!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Maria Shriver Does the Google AND Goes on Oprah

Maria Shriver Does the Google AND Goes on Oprah
“You can never be too rich or too thin.” –Nan Kempner

This is so sweet. Just when Arnold Schwarzenegger (wearing Governor’s hat) plans to kill prison inmates on death row in a kinder, gentler manner


his wife, Maria Shriver, (who makes more claims to JFK than his humble daughter Caroline) made an appearance yesterday to Google. Who ever said business, “popping out” kids and politics don’t mix? Read


What IS the job description, anyway, of the First Lady? By the looks of things, it is to fly via private jet to Google HQ in Mountain View.

Here is something exciting…Are you a multi-talented and wealthy, high profile mom? Even if you’re not, our 21st century MSM will have you believing it, as you too can participate (however passively) in a special Mother’s Day interview with California’s First Lady, Maria Shriver and Demi Moore on Oprah! Pull up a chair, pretend you're there and click below:


Now watch real multimillionaire Hollywood moms stare into the camera and prove to us their invincibility while Maria Shriver interviews Demi Moore, who reveals in an electrifying moment that she never wanted to be like her mother! Indeed, you can never be too rich or too thin.


A Sad State of Affairs: War on the Middle Class

Iraq War and War on the Middle Class
Descendents - Sad State of Affairs
War on Iraq? On the Middle Class? What's the difference? When were we ever consulted on either one? Read more on secret, BACKROOM DEALS
Meanwhile, Senator Harry Reid continues to promote Hagel's S 1348 bill which includes the "SKIL Bill."
Do the Democrats really care about the growing millions of our lost jobs? Ask Nancy Pelosi. The bipartisan War on the professional Middle Class is being obscurred by border security zealots and Harry Reid's push for Hagel's S 1348 which includes the SKIL Bill. It seems that liberal Democrats have it half right, when recognizing that a police state to control immigration (legal and illegal) from the poor of Mexico is counterproductive.
But where is that same liberal Democratic support to stop the tech lobby from selling out jobs of our educated, upwardly mobile middle class for millions of journalists, healthcare and tech professionals?
Where are those organized protesters who took on the Iraq war? While the current debate is on illegal immigration from Mexico, the millions of lost professional jobs in media and technology to H1B's from India will continue en masse unless the Democrats unite against this myth of a labor shortage and "free trade" race to the bottom that is only "free" for the increasingly powerful ruling class and "fucked" for over 50 M educated Americans. Read a great post on this issue from Barbara Ehrenreich
"Your Local News -Dateline Delhi"
"No, I don't resent the Indians for moving in on the kind of work I do. I just wish the next time some managers get the idea of cost-saving through outsourcing they'd go for the CEO's job. That's where the big bucks are, and there's no reason to think a Chinese or Indian person couldn't do a CEO's work, whatever it may be, perfectly adequately, and at less than a tenth of the price. As for me, I'm retraining as a massage therapist, at least until they figure out how to do that from Mumbai."
So much for 'community'. No matter how educated and qualified we are, is our community welcome to kick us to the curb -- degrees in hand --- and reduce its own citizens to "massage therapist" status rather than putting the brakes on this out of control outsourcing vehicle that is running over the country?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Bush Administration Goes After SiCKO

-Michael Moore posts his diary on Daily Kos-

Very interesting...right before Moore is ready to debut his new movie "SiCKO" about the disastrous state of our nation's healthcare in Cannes, the Bush adminstration decides to hassle him. (click on Daily Kos link below for full story) Here is a letter he wrote today in response.

May 11, 2007

Secretary Paulson,

I am contacting you in light of the document sent to me dated May 2, 2007, which was received May 7, 2007 indicating that an investigation has been opened up with regards to a trip I took to Cuba with a group of Americans that included some 9/11 heroes in March 2007 related to the filming of my next documentary, on the American Healthcare system. SiCKO, which will be seen in theaters this summer, will expose the health care industry’s greed and control over America’s political processes.

I believe that the decision to conduct this investigation represents the latest example of the Bush Administration abusing the federal government for raw, crass, political purposes. Over the last seven years of the Bush Presidency, we have seen the abuse of government to promote a political agenda designed to benefit the conservative base of the Republican Party, special interests and major financial contributors. From holding secret meetings for the energy industry to re-writing science findings to cooking the books on intelligence to the firing of U.S. Attorneys, this Administration has shown time and time again that it will abuse its power and authority.

There are a number of specific facts that have led me to conclude that politics could very well be driving this Bush Administration investigation of me and my film.

First, the Bush Administration has been aware of this matter for months (since October 2006) and never took any action until less than two weeks before SiCKO is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and a little more than a month before it is scheduled to open in the United States.

Second, the health care and insurance industry, which is exposed in the movie and has expressed concerns about the impact of the movie on their industries, is a major corporate underwriter of President George W. Bush and the Republican Party, having contributed over $13 million to the Bush presidential campaign in 2004 and more than $180 million to Republican candidates over the last two campaign cycles. It is well documented that the industry is very concerned about the impact of SiCKO. They have threatened their employees if they talk to me. They have set up special internal crises lines should I show up at their headquarters. Employees have been warned about the consequences of participating in SiCKO. Despite this, some employees, at great risk to themselves, have gone on camera to tell the American people the truth about the health care industry. I can understand why that industry's main recipient of its contributions -- President Bush -- would want to harass, intimidate and potentially prevent this film from having its widest possible audience.

And, third, this investigation is being opened in the wake of misleading attacks on the purpose of the Cuba trip from a possible leading Republican candidate for president, Fred Thompson, a major conservative newspaper, The New York Post, and various right wing blogs.
For five and a half years, the Bush administration has ignored and neglected the heroes of the 9/11 community. These heroic first responders have been left to fend for themselves, without coverage and without care. I understand why the Bush administration is coming after me -- I have tried to help the very people they refuse to help, but until George W. Bush outlaws helping your fellow man, I have broken no laws and I have nothing to hide.

I demand that the Bush Administration immediately end this investigation and spend its time and resources trying to support some of the real heroes of 9/11.


Michael Moore

--Unfortunately, I won't be able to stick around to answer questions this time (SiCKO premieres at Cannes next Saturday and my schedule is crazy) but I want to be sure you know where I stand. I hope you will stand with me. Thank you for your support and I promise to return again soon for a more involved chat. MM


Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Prince of Perfume: Quincy Rates The Former Purple One's New Scent "3121"


The 411 On Prince’s New Perfume “3121”

Hello Everybody, It’s me, QUINCY.

PRINCE THE PERFUMER? That’s right. If the former Purple One otherwise known as PRINCE can become a Jehovah’s Witness, then I suppose that ANYTHING is possible. And guess what? It is, because Prince the Performer is now Prince the Perfumer so I am going to buy some just as soon as it comes out on July 7th because that will complete my new IMAGE that was inspired by Rudy Giuliani (see above photo).
I snorted a sample of "3121" when I had lunch with one of the Police roadies and it was so exciting...it smelled just like a cross between Fritos and barbecue sauce mixed in with a little Lemon Pledge!


What do you think of the pearls? Anyway, have you ever noticed how much Rudy is just like Prince? They are really a lot alike. Prince is basically a very versatile entertainer, just like Rudy, when he changes his mind about looking and dressing like a lady and gets in big trouble over oxycontin and blow and things


and most of all, like everybody else, they both want to smell good after they get sweaty after a long night of interviews and performances.
Yeah Prince!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buy the perfume, everybody!


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Eliot Spitzer Hearts Hillary: Gangs of New York

"I've Got the Power"

New York's Head Homey Hearts Hillary! (Watch this "Must See" Video)

Eliot "The King" Spitzer has thrown down the gauntlet and is going for New York's Lady of the Senate. Other top New York Dems, including state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, Lt. Gov. David Paterson and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown are expected to be at the event as well, AP and Politico say

Senate Blocks Affordable Prescription Drugs

How Many Senators Can Dance on the Head of the Big Money Party Pin?

Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy: Prince of the Big Money Party?

When people want to express total pointlessness, they sometimes say a thing is as silly as "arguing over how many angels could dance on the head of a pin." It is pointless to argue over the motivation of a group of Senators who will resort to new lows by using the recent food and drug scandals to yet again screw millions of American out of affordable prescription drugs


Big Pharma win. $$$$$$$$$$ As rising healthcare costs soar and the price of prescription drugs become prohibitive for most Americans, the Senate voted Monday to prevent the importation of affordable prescription drugs from Canada and other countries, citing a fear of “risk to consumers”, despite the fact that the FDA is cutting costs and corners while tainted foods and medicines continue to harm and kill consumers as they enter our food and drug supply chains. Health officials in both the Bush and Clinton administrations have repeatedly blocked such efforts to make drugs affordable, saying they cannot guarantee the safety of such drugs. Senators Byron L. Dorgan, Democrat of North Dakota, and Olympia J. Snowe, Republican of Maine, were the chief sponsors of the original proposal, which would allow imports with the goal to reduce consumer costs and increase trade, which, if executed properly, would be a win-win scenario.

Here’s an idea: Why not overhaul the FDA to include stringent safety measures and consumer accountability and regulate the pharmaceutical industry to REDUCE outrageously over inflated costs of prescriptions drugs?

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts, was a pivotal figure in negating Dorgan’s proposal to allow affordable, imported prescription drugs. Although he is the chief author of the bill overhauling the FDA, he encouraged others as well in the Senate to also vote “no” and stated that “he feared that it would sink the overall bill granting new powers to the food and drug agency.” ‘New Powers’? What would those be? If the Senate is so concerned about the health and safety of the consumer, let it prove itself by passing legislation that supports the consumer with an accountable FDA and affordable drug pricing. In the past, Mr. Kennedy has voted to allow drug imports, recognizing consumer’s inability to pay for the over priced drugs and he is a co-sponsor of a bill to do just that.

Consumer champion and smart trade? While Dorgan’s proposal would have allowed consumers, pharmacists, drug wholesalers and distributors to import prescription drugs from Canada, Japan, Australia and European countries found to have regulatory requirements comparable to those in the United States, the consumer once again has been delivered a blow by the bipartisan party of Big Money as demonstrated with this Big Pharma win.


Sunday, May 6, 2007

'Cocaine' Drink Yanked From Shelves

"She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie...cocaine!"
-Eric Clapton
It's the REAL THING, I tell ya...
So much for truth in adverstising. Listen to the Master tell it like it is -- Watch Eric Clapton perform live 'Cocaine."
This is justice. The FDA told a beverage company that it was illegal to name a beverage after a popular recreational drug otherwise known as 'cocaine' when......... gasp!!! It doesn't even contain one ounce of the real thing! (Throw them in the slammer...)
An energy drink called Cocaine has been from pulled from stores nationwide amid concerns about its name. The company, Redux Beverages LLC of Las Vegas, said they plan to issue a NEW name for the the drink due to an FDA warning that said the companyt was illegally marketing the drink as a street drug alternative and a dietary supplement.
NEW name? What could that be? 'Kibbles & Bits'?

Toxic Medicine in Panama Traced to China

“Bullshit is the Opiate of the People”

Forget about the poppies, Lunesta, or a decent line of coke…This country is down to recreational bullshit. Consumer protections are now a luxury -- the new diamond and rose gold Rolex in this War on the Middle Class.

How do We the People wean ourselves from our sleep-induced addiction to corrupt government and legions of greedy corporate executives who sell us out under the banner of “Free-Trade” and “Globalization”?

A sack of poisoned pet food here, a sprinkling of toxic medicine there and voila! Recipe for eradication of ehm, “free-trade super-power undesirables” without even pulling a trigger. As a Beijing business sold counterfeit chemical that killed dozens of people in Panana


after it was used in medicine, Sunday’s NY Times reports that a Chinese factory was the source of a counterfeit chemical that killed dozens of people in Panama after it was used in human medications. The Times said investigators in four countries identified Taixing Glycerine Factory as the maker of the poison. Meanwhile, the FDA believes that the pet food melamine poisoning was intentional (watch video)

COUNTERFEIT chemical? WTF? Under what conditions, pray tell, would a Chinese company manufacture a chemical that would earn the honorable distinction of being “counterfeit”? Never mind. Too much thinking. Best to take it up with my local representatives…maybe at the next Town hall meeting? Oh wait – where is my Town hall? I’ve got it! Our captains of industry who have already built their own bunkers and employ their own taste testers, like Nero before each meal, can arrange a special food and medicine pass for We the People to purchase (at a premium of course, like the special Airport Security bypass the TSA hassle upgrade) that will guarantee an “extra level” of security to make us all feel safe, as we sleepily chant the mantra “profits over people.”

Consumer protections are now a luxury, the new diamond and rose gold Rolex in this War on the Middle Class.


Thursday, May 3, 2007

Flights of Sycophancy and the Diseased Body Politic

Flights of Sycophancy and the Diseased Body Politic

PAGING DR. SAWBONES: Emergency session or emergency room, we need to start certifying and reviewing self-described Big Money "leaders" like Terry McGraw (McGraw-Hill Publishing) just as we do surgeons.

"Emergency special session?" More shouts of "isolationism?" Sociopaths like McGraw are role models for the rest of the Entitlement Class here in Silicon Valley, Wall St. and the Beltway, where the tech lobby is all over Congress and Nancy Pelosi to sell out millions of our middle class professional jobs to the third world. Why the liberal Democratic support from the average person for Pelosi and Congress while non-Democrats like Lou Dobbs and - ready for this WTF--- Phyllis Schlafly have actually become the leading vocal proponents of populism?

David Sirota recently attended the International Economic Summit held in Butte, Montana last week where he describes the “sheen of hypocrisy” of a few corporate greedsters in action as it relates to the impending class warfare to come


Just when you thought Big Money was Big Daddy, think again, because lawmakers and Big Business “have used special tribunals to force American taxpayers to hand over $1.8 billion."
During the summit, Sirota describes asking McGraw a question, which drew a rambling response that favored Big Money over the People Party. During McGraw's "incoherent" gurglings he muttered " "some people want to use trade policy as foreign policy" which is just more frat -boy sociopath-speak for “we can make it up as we go along and get the average taxpayers to keep funding our tidy scam.” This flim-flam, hack response is the uncertified surgeon's equivalent of not amputating and leaving the gangrene to 'save' the torso...an unacceptable response, leaving only a catastrophic outcome for the whole body.

While a number of Democratic sycophants of this smug, mutual admiration society are in support of these sociopaths in exchange for the implicit ‘promise’ of jobs and social affiliation for themselves, the vast majority of American taxpayers are lined up on gurneys in preop, waiting for surgery by hack corporate 'leaders' who have been allowed to practice "business" without the proper license for the last thirty years.


What are Democratic voters doing about it? Name a populist Democratic candidate who is taking on trade issues and corporate governance reform and John Edwards comes to mind. Like other anti-war Democrats, I too applaud Pelosi's stand against the Bush administration's disastrous Iraq war which by now, has been declared DOA by both parties. But the praise stops there. While liberal Democrats choose to ignore this critical issue of economic trade and corporate tax loopholes at home, Democrats are handing over the car keys to Republicans like Dobbs and Schlafly to drive the populist voice over to the Republican platform. Is that what the average liberal Democrat wants? Of course not. But in their emulation of and determination to seek affiliation with the Entitlement Class, the Democratic party won't have a pulse come election time in 2008 because the American People have forked it over for too long, only to be fu**ed over by a few corporate Entitlement Class Democrats and Republicans who are hell-bent on outsourcing/H1B millions of our middle class jobs to the third world by “leaders” who have no conscience.

Like all MSM rags and blogs penned by journalists and bloggers who reap economic gain and derive political connection such as the NY Times and Arianna's tired, however justifiable one-note anti-Bush recycled HuffPo column (hint: pick up the populist message), these MSM media journalists serve no one but themselves and their corporate welfare supporting friends. It’s high time we jumped off the gurney of this broken government system and demand corporate reform and accountability as class warfare calls for us to exhume the Social Contract between the People and our corrupt government.



Schwarzenegger loses: Hasta la vista, baby!

Hello Arnold,

It’s me, Quincy.

The Republicans said today that they don’t want you to run for president because you weren’t born here and you must be saying “well, this is just not fair.”
Only I think the REAL reason they said it is because they are comparing your three Terminator movies to your Governator videos and are thinking “you know, Arnold’s only good movie was Terminator I because it had fewer special effects and pretension.” So then NOW they are all thinking that the first term – get it --- TERM, like in TERMINATOR, of office is the only one that is ever any good for anybody, just like in your movies. So they are probably saying everybody knows that when James Cameron directed Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Linda Hamilton stole all of the scenes, even if she did

But do want to know what my FAVORITE Terminator was Arnold? It was when director Jonathan Mostow made Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. That one was cool. 2Truthy even bought me the DVD and I watch it a lot.

Anyway, the Republicans probably don’t like your accent either, even though they probably pretend a whole lot like they do to your face but that’s why everybody says that
The Republican Party is the Party of Two Faces. Talk about two faces, but did Rudy get a facelift? He looks different now.

Hasta la Vista, baby,


Judge: Cleaner owes me $65 million for my pants

Jin Nam Chung and Ki Chung, taken to the cleaners
Frivolous lawsuit over a lost pair of pants? Read on. And then please consider making a donation to www.customcleanersdefensefund.com to aid their defense.
WASHINGTON - The Chungs, immigrants from South Korea, realized their American dream when they opened their dry-cleaning business seven years ago in the nation's capital.
For the past two years, however, they've been dealing with the nightmare of litigation: a $65 million lawsuit over a pair of missing pants. But a patron of the cleaners, Washington Judge Roy Pearson, has turned a $10 dry cleaning bill for a pair of trousers into a $67 million civil lawsuit.
Click link below to read about the elaborate computational formula he uses for justifying this outrageous claim

American Pets Getting as Fat as Their Owners

Sedentary lifestyle, overeating cause health problems
Could doggie salsa dancing Or "Curves for Fido" franchises be just around the corner? All around the world, Americans have earned a certain "Super-Size-Me" reputation that doesn't seem to quit. From SUV's to McMansions to Marie Callenders, the nation can't seem to get enough.
American pets are facing an obesity epidemic, underscoring the belief that pets and pet owners tend to resemble one another. One-third of dogs in this country are overweight or obese, according to a study published in the April issue of American Journal of Veterinary Research. Previous studies found a third of cats are overweight or obese, too.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Imus Seeks $40M for Being "Confrontational and Irreverent"

$40 M Shoot-Out With Imus Lawsuit Over Contract Balance:

Reward or Punishment after making racially insensitive remarks about the Rutgers University women’s basketball team?

A source told Fortune.com that Imus’ lawsuit will be based on language in the contract that "encouraged the radio host to be confrontational and irreverent on the air."

And what language in the contract would that be? "Don Imus will call the talented and athletic Rutgers University women's basketball team who never did anything to him 'nappy-headed hos'"...?


"Nonsense Poopypants!" Duke Study Confirms Tech Industry Sells Out Educated Americans for Cheap Labor

NPR Reveals Duke Study

Burnt Fries? Who cares about product quality, when executives and investors can reap personal profits by replacing educated Americans with plenty of cheap, foreign workers by importing H1B's or outsourcing jobs
NPR's Morning Edition, April 30, 2007 · Why are so many engineering jobs being sent overseas and why are so many smart, educated Americans unemployed or underemployed? Leaders of tech companies say the United States does not produce enough engineers. But a Duke University study says the real issueis cheap labor. Click below to listen to Vivek Wadhwa discuss his study's findings
and blamed this downword spiral in quality on "the system." So why are we rewarding "the system" of journalists who fail to report on the backdoor deals between the tech lobby (TechNet) and the Beltway that are selling out America's educated middle class? What rewards do these journalists reap to continue to withhold frontpage headlines that reveal the truth about this economic disaster for tens of millions of our educated professionals? When will we hold our elected officials accountable over this smooch-fest between greedy executives and politicians?
MSM Journalists need to start framing this issue with headlines such as:
-What are those 17,000 laid off Citigroup employees up to now?
-Why are the Democrats handing the populist message over to Republican Lou Dobbs?
-WTF is Nancy Pelosi doing by selling out educated American computer scientists by schmoozing with the tech lobby?
-Why do Democrats hate unions and embrace "so called" Free Trade?
Just a start.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Joan Baez Banned from Walter Reed Hospital Performance

-Joan Baez Performed at Operation Ceasefire Concert in Washington D.C. 2005-

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

WASHINGTON- Folk singer and anti-war activist Joan Baez says she doesn't know why she was not allowed to perform last month for recovering soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center as she planned. But according to John Mellencamp, whose management invited Baez to perform in March,

"They didn't give me a reason why she couldn't come. We asked why and they said, 'She can't fit here, period.' "

In a letter to The Washington Post published Wednesday, she said rocker John Mellencamp had asked her to perform with him last Friday and that she accepted his invitation.

Joan Baez She had been banned from performing as planned at Walter Reed Hospital, despite the fact that she has always been an advocate of nonviolence. How 'fitting.'



Why There Was No Exit Plan

"Is the United States a democratic republic or an empire? History demonstrates that it's not possible to be both."
-Lewis Seiler and Dan Hamburg, Voice of the Environment

It's All About The Oil. So which is it? Does our government, like Pinky and the Brain, press on to take over the world by continuing to fight fire with hornets nests or do we seize the principles of this once great democratic republic to get us out of the Iraq quagmire?
To quote Chrissie Hynde, the American public has been betrayed by "a government that has no pride." And that's an understatement.
There is to be no withdrawal from Iraq, just as there has been no withdrawal from hundreds of places around the world that are outposts of the American empire. As UC San Diego professor emeritus Chalmers Johnson put it, "One of the reasons we had no exit plan from Iraq is that we didn't intend to leave."
Halliburton has also profited handsomely from no-bid government contracts awarded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the construction at the national embarrassment known as "Gitmo," and most recently, from the fiasco at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C.
Had enough? Read more

Quincy Celebrates May Day in Cabo: Hola!



It’s Me, El Quincy.


Just in times for Cannes, I decided to bite the bullet (I broke a tooth doing that so I hope nobody else ever tries this) and have a gastric bypass operation.

Sometimes you just have to get away from it all and go to Mexico and that’s why last week I flew to Cabo with Mr. and Mrs. Crisp on their fractional leased corporate jet. Mr. Crisp used to be a cargo pilot before he retired and you will never guess what happened.

Instead of flying in steerage, squeezed into a middle seat and sandwiched by appalled passengers who discriminate against pigs on either side of me and sometimes even worse -- in the cargo hold absolutely LOADED on Dramamine --- Mr. Crisp actually let me roam around in the cabin after take off and do you know what? I even got to steer the plane around for a whole hour while Mr. and Mrs. Crisp took a bathroom break (I’m not sure why they had to go in there at the same time because the bathroom is pretty small).

Anyway, Cabo is nice and warm and I can swim all I want and nobody seems to mind that I prefer to sunbathe au natural. Oh boy, was 2Truthy right when she told me to have my gastric bypass done in Cabo instead of San Francisco! It cost a whole lot less, plus I had the operation last Thursday and I already feel like a million bucks today. You can barely see the stitches and it didn’t even hurt because after Dr. Adolpho gave me a few tequila shots and put a gas mask over my entire snout, I didn’t know where I was for at least four days later. Viva fun Mexican doctors!

But since I have never, ever been to FRANCE (I vowed I would go to see Michael Moore’s new movie), my wardrobe choices are still American: Calvin Klein rules, but 2Truthy says I better take a serious look at finding a good pair of French rope cufflinks for my tux. Ooh-la-la!




Click on the link and Enjoy!


Cuban Pete

They call me Cuban Pete, I'm the king of the rumba beat

when I play my maracas I go

chick chicky boom, chick chicky boom

Yes sir I'm Cuban Pete, I'm the craze of my native

streetwhen I start to dance everything goes

chick chicky boom, chick chicky boom

The senorita, they sing and they swing with terampero

It's very nice, so full of spice

And when they dancin they bring a happy ring that era keros

singin a song, all the day long

so If you like the beat, take a lesson from Cuban Pete,

and I'll teach you to chick chicky boom, chick chicky boom

Senora or Senorita solo: (optional)