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Saturday, October 21, 2006

"Why Daddy Is A Republican" by 2Truthy

Children's books are a delight to read and have a special way of enlightening even the most jaded. Now comes the Spoon to "Why Mommy Is A Democrat" by Jeremy Zilber

Here is an excerpt of 2Truthy's latest oeuvre, "Why Daddy Is A Republican"...

Buffy: "Daddy, what is a Republican?"

Republican Daddy: "Well now, Buffy, the most important thing to remember about Republicans is that a Republican is somebody who knows how to make people know how important they are. Remember last Spring when Mommy got kicked out of the PTA because she refused to stop parking in the Principal's parking space during all those PTA meetings?"

Buffy: "Oh yes Daddy, I do remember. Mommy said she had to park in the Principal's space since the Hummer was too hard to park in the littler spaces. And then she said some bad words.."

R. Daddy: "Yes indeed, she did. What she said to the Principal, and I quote, was "You can take your brand spanking new shiny red Prius and shove it up your big, fat ass because not only am I a Platinum donor to this school but my husband is Chairman of the Board of the law firm 'Dubious & Shark' so as far as I am concerned, I OWN the motherf****** space!" Now honey, after that little verbal exchange, Mommy continues to park in the Principal's space to this very day without one single reprimand from the Principal -- NOT ONE!!"

Buffy: "Oh Daddy, my favorite part of the story is when Mommy told the Principal about your job! I felt so proud that she made sure to mention you, too, Daddy!"

R.Daddy: (warmly smiling) "Your Mommy is a quite a pistol, yes siree. Remind me to tell you about the time when Mommy gave Chip Thurston's Ferrari a jump start when Daddy was away in Orlando last month for a financial accounting seminar."

Buffy: "Daddy, what is a financial accounting seminar?"

R. Daddy: "Oh that's just where you learn how to instruct your CFO to make it look like you have a big pile of money, even when you don't! It is like when you and Peyton play "make believe" or when you help Mommy bake cookies. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that money is nothing but cookie dough -- sometimes you make it, and sometimes you don't.

Now, imagine that you and Mommy take out the KitchenAid but then discover that there are not enough ingredients in the pantry for cookie dough. What do you do? Well, you have two choices: you can make the cookies out of different ingredients, like say, cornflakes and salt -- which would of course make very, very icky cookies which you would of course never have to really eat -- OR -- you could just sack the whole idea and make the cookies some other day after Mommy goes shopping to get all of the right ingredients. So you see, at Daddy's financial seminars, we all get to learn ways to sort of make believe that we have lots and lots of money that will make us a nice, big, delicious pantry full of vanilla shortbread cookies with enough to go around for five hundred years just for you, Mommy and me!"

Buffy: "Ohhh, that's why Mommy always says that you are "the best" and that your company cooks books better than Martha Stewart and that is why Mr. Thurston hired your employees to handle his divorce from Mrs. Thurston which was the whole reason Mrs. Thurston had to move away to the Tenderloin."

R. Daddy: "There there, now, enough praise for your Daddy for one night. Let's just close our eyes and I'll tell you the story about the Sandman."

Buffy: (sleepily) "Ok Daddy, only this time when you tell it, don't forget the part about how the Sandman's pants get torn on the fence when Mr. Farqhuar chases him with his shotgun...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

R. Daddy: "And so a Republican is somebody who knows how to make people know how important they are."

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

All Is Not Well In The Castle

"In a false quarrel, there is no true valour." -William Shakespeare

Here in the leafy Kingdom of California, you might say that All is not well in the Castle.

The subjects are being injected with daily doses of Arnold's MSM opiates, provided for free by Arnold and Big Money. Arnold is an anti-intellectual celluloid candidate, marketed to us as a brand -- packaged and bundled for us with a shiny gold ribbon provided by his wife, Maria, and Big Money.

What California's citizens -- Republicans, Democrats and a few Independents want most of all is to be 'hip'. The Republican Party traditionally attracts anti-intellectual, pragmatic and pious voters that quite literally copy and emulate the intellectual mindshare of their intellectual, stylish and culturally innovative and creative Democratic opponents. In this case, Phil Angelides has outclassed his opponent in every area with one exception: he is not a famous actor with mainstream media support that pounds us daily with pro-Arnold PR. California reluctantly has its King and Queen, Arnold and Maria, in the Sacramento Capitol who want nothing more than to bang together all the democratic and republican heads in the Kingdom until there is nothing left but one big, fat powerful party of Big Money with a gilded drawbridge to drop down over the huge moat that protects them from the unsightly plebes.

The crux of the problem in California lies with voters' identification with the aggressor. In the school of psychology's parlance, Identification with the Aggressor is what happens when a captive victim's sense of self becomes so overwhelmed by the captor's aggression that he/she must imitate the captor in order to survive. Arianna's "Fearless" book tour is a nobile exercise in addressing it at the local level.The mainstream media with the financial backing of its uber wealthy corporate and entertainment zeitgeist have decided California's gubernatorial election outcome. I applaud Barbra Streisand, Warren Beatty, Laurie David and all of the many successful entertainment figures who refuse to mistake 'nobility' for 'complicity.'


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Our Doublewide Democracy

Our Doublewide Democracy

"Democracy? Get over it. If we can't shop for it at Wal-Mart, then we just can't afford it."-
Schwarzenegger ahead in a blue state? I now understand why my Dad, along with the majority of Americans stopped bothering to vote after the gargantuan wheels of the Nixon era demolition truck started the engine of its great ride to tear down our bill of rights. We the People are screwed. The pursuit of liberty and justice is now exclusively confined to the corridors of Washington's beltway and the upstairs crowd of business executives who together, craft the corporate tax loopholes and deficient infrastructure policies that erode our safety and freedoms to create the have and have not society that we now have today. The scraps that fall downstairs to the Plebes are getting harder and harder to find.

Whores to the Establishment like Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote the book on "cross-over voting", which is actually a euphemism for The Big Money Party (BMP). The BMP is the emerging party of wealth that has resulted in the GOP machine devouring the DLC and its Dem supporters. Together, these lobbyists, greedy multinational corporate executives and elected welfare policy makers work to eradicate the middle class. And let's not forget the role of the mainstream media, which orchestrates the message to the masses in such a way that even trailertrash foolishly believe that by identifying with wealthy white guys in Hollywood, they too, can have it all. The MSM is the new church for the masses, replacing religion with a daily dose of magazines like "People" and TV shows like "Entertainment Tonight" as the number one Opiate of the People. Entertainment and Governtainment go hand in hand. It's all about consolidation...a two-headed monster just like the consolidation of repubulicans and democrats which is now one party of Big Money.

Although I like to think that my doublewide is the finest on the lot, my gut level instincts tell me that I might be slumming...that I ought to think about finally doing something about the lime green living room shag carpeting covering up the cigarette burns and the gunshot hole in the floor. Hey, I can afford to update my place. I've got a little money -- unless I don't get fired or laid off again (I can't afford to go without health insurance since I had cancer and if I don't have a job, I can't get insurance). Anyway, I also have a little money so I can take that vacation to upstate Idaho and rent a little a cabin in the woods for a couple of weeks and smoke all the cigarettes I want -- I'll even take the dogs with me to keep me company and by the time I get back, the midterm elections will be all over and then everybody will remember why it didn't really matter if they even voted at all, because our corrupt political system these days is stacked so that the biggest bullshitter always wins.

Well ok. So I don't really live in a trailer at all and don't smoke and do live in a bucolic town which is described as one of the most affluent communities in the state. But I would give my zip code to any politician who would, if they could, enact policies that would provide a single payer health care plan for all, create just employment policies that benefit our citizens and not imported or outsourced cheap, inefficient white collar labor, and commitment to the creation and execution (Arnold won't execute) of pro-environmental bills that will improve life for everyone Oh well. One can dream...

But here in California, Arnold Schwarzenegger will -- and with gusto -- continue to support corporate welfare policies that have been gutting the people of California's services and infrastructure since the Reagan era. It is cynical to think that so many democrats are crossing over to vote republican -- the well-known party of hate -- because the democratic party is supposed to be party that cares. The terms "republican and democrat" don't mean jackshit. Schwarzenegger owes his success to his "cross-over" marriage with his bulimic "cross-over" wife Maria Shriver, a Big Money Party supporter. Like the Two-Headed Drunken Sailor that together they are, this country of 300 Million can look forward to permanent tax cuts for the wealthy, permanent tuition hikes for the Plebes, the shitty LNG plant along HWY 1 just north of Malibu that will destroy the pristine view and make Oxnard look like the Na Pali Coast, a trashed environment, prohibitive fuel costs, more outsourced white collar jobs, almost 100 MILLION people without health insurance, and a bunch of immigrants from certain countries that want to kill us. And like Dubya likes to say, we Americans have steely resolve. This is America, where endless opportunity meets the pavement of millions of parking lots all across the country. When the going gets tough, the tough get shopping. Maybe I can find a cross-over voter mask made in China just in time for Halloween! Hey, I can even buy a whole bunch, mark them up and then sell them on eBay and bring in enough cash to replace that lime green shag carpet...This business of "democracy" rocks.

Democracy? Get over it. If we can't shop for it at Wal-Mart, then we just can't afford it.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

2Truthy's Concession Speech for Ned Lamont

"Ask not who your country can screw for you, ask who you will screw for your country." -Joe Lieberman

Friends of Connecticut, Fellow Democrats and Independents,

I stand before you all today to tell you that I am conceding my nomination to my opponent, Senator Joe Lieberman. I promise to keep this short as I know that many of you have Pre-Halloween shopping to do at Wal-Mart, homework to help the kids with, and second jobs (if you're lucky to even have one) to keep the creditors off your backs. The sad fact is that my numbers are just not holding up in the polls. And although I had counted on each and every one of yours votes, I know in my heart -- that between the mainstream media and your fierce determination to identify with wealthy millionaires like me and guys like Tom Friedman, you have succumbed to the illusion that Big Money, with its legions of corporate lobbyists and executives, can float all boats and you will all be damned if you don't hop on board the Good Ship Lieberman.

I say to you, and with deep regret-- not for me -- but for you -- that the dark days are here with the darkest days yet to come. For the growing divide between rich and poor in our once great nation widens daily and even though you have the opportunity to cast your ballots for candidates like me who can work hard to make a difference in the lives of millions of Americans like you, it is a sad day in American history when political whores like Joe Lieberman rise up in the polls by lying and pandering to get to the top. You see, to be a politician these days means to deviate morally and sexually for voters to actually believe that you have balls. As you ask yourselves if you would be better off with Joe or me, think about what the late, great JFK meant when he so poignantly implored every single citizen in this great nation:

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." -JFK

And although JFK was taken from us and the party of FDR much, much too soon, the essence of these immortal words still rings true; for each of you truly does have a voice in our democratic republic that when shouted out loudly and together can not be taken away -- not even by Big Money and the corporate whores to the establishment that perpetuate its solicitous pandering that has turned Beltway and Heartland politics into the hideous brothel of buggers our history has ever known.

Finally, I will be thinking of you all as I sail to the Caribbean on my Yacht November 7 as you cast your ballot for Joe but I know, that in my heart, I did my best to show you how we all could, together -- how we could change policy for the better, starting right here in our home state of Connecticut -- and to show the rest of this sorry ass of a country that we could and still can do much, much better.

Ned Lamont


Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Gropinator has the Most Spin

"Like the gropinator, the press spin for Arnold is an obscenely large mass of designer steroid muscle that has spun out of control." -2Truthy

Nice to see Phil Angelides in the news as he competes against Ahnuld for governor.

While the rest of the nation's Republicans struggle to "blow off the stink" of their groping elected officials, California's Republicans and faux Dems are "just saying no" to honest, well educated and experienced politicians like Phil Angelides. Whether it's Foley or Arnold groping boys or women, California seems to have no problem with a GOP groper for Governor--even when he is of the party of pedophiles.

Over these past two weeks surrounding the Foley pedophilia page scandal, Republicans nationwide have been declaring "embarrassment" and have resigned themselves to either switching parties or staying away from the polls altogether. Funny thing. That a lewd body builder/ actor who has had harassment allegations involving groping and humiliating people -- not only women but girly men -- to get elected Governor in the first place shows how little power citizens really have at the hands of corporate welfare. How mindless and adept Hollywood has become at sucking up to gropers and pedophiles in exchange for the perception of "cool", even when Ahnuld is the son of a Nazi and friend of Kurt Waldheim (Memo to Meathead and Spielberg -- who ought to know way better.)

Where are the poll numbers that demonstrate that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Gropinator cum Governor of California, is going down in the polls as are other GOP candidates around the country?

Who is handling these polls? The MSM has continuously put slanted spin on poll numbers and, in particular, rhetoric which favors Arnold. Like the gropinator, the press spin for Arnold is an obscenely large mass of designer steroid muscle that has spun out of control.

Anyway, Angelides is too smart for Leno's show. He ought to go on Colbert. And Letterman. And Jon Stewart. I'd even buy the ticket.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Schwarzenegger Drives Humvee Through Mojave Desert

In a symbolic attempt to prove to Phil Angelides that "driving a hummvee through corporate interest tax loopholes" would be utterly impossible, Arnold Schwarzenegger set out yesterday from the Mojave desert in one of his humvees with three Exxon-Mobil lobbyists in tow for what the governor described as a "special off-road summit meeting where we got work done to navigate the (loop) holes." Under the starry skies, the governor and the lobbyists pitched a tent, grilled hotdogs, knocked back a bottle of Chateau Paulet Tres Grande Fine Cognac VSOP and puffed on Cuban cigars throughout the night while they all "got on the same page." (No, not THAT kind of page -- reportedly, they did not invite any "pages" to grope on this particular outing...)

Schwarzenegger later told one staffer via cellphone that he and the three lobbyists planned to return to the Sacramento State Capitol for an evening press conference to "show to the people just how really, really small and hard to find -- this loophole, you know, how hard it is to really see it."

Despite the large amount of gas consumed for this unusual lobbyist summit, the governor gave assurances that he is "all for the environment." He added "there are all kinds of different hummvees I can use to drive around in and the people can't really smell the gas and pollution around the desert anyway so you know, they can not see and smell it so -- so what?"

The message here? If "the people" can't see a tax loophole to drive a humvee through, then one must not exist, according to the GOP bible of logic.

Sunday, October 8, 2006


It's all part of Steve Schmidt's (Schwarzenegger's Campaign Manager and former chief advisor for Cheney) slick election year script. But why should Schwarzenegger's Bush/Cheney campaign team have all the fun designing their corporate owned Election-Year California Governor?

Now you too can get in the act and create your very own Governor Schwarzenegger! click on

Distributed by ROVE TOYS, there are three flip-flopping-fun Bush Buddy Arnolds you can make your own!

- Too Cool for School Arnold - Actually raises tuition and fees!
- Special Interest Arnold - Featuring money bag accessories!
- Too Healthy to Care Arnold - Kicks nurses' butts!

Bush Buddy Arnolds make the perfect election season gift for anyone who's been hurt by Arnold Schwarzenegger's corporate welfare policies.

After you create your Bush Buddy Arnold, be sure to send it on to your friends and family members so they can join in the fun too! Will it be the smooth-talking politician or the Governor that wanted to kick nurses' butts? The candidate who said he didn't need money from anyone, or the Governor who's taken more than $100 million in special interest cash?*

*Courtesy Cathy Calfo/Angelides Campaign 2006

Friday, October 6, 2006

Katherine Harris: Praise Jesus

Harris Plays The Faith Card: Says Her Opponent Doesn't Act Like A Christian...,0,7491785.story?coll=orl-news-headlines

Well, it certainly wasn't very Christian of that plastic surgeon of hers who transmogrified her face into a caricature of Edvard Munch's "The Scream".

Sweet Jesus...why does she now look like a befuddled senior citizen? With her newly distorted appearance, I think her plastic surgeon must be a gay democrat with a vengeance and an artistic eye for justice.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

ON BECOMING FEARLESS: Pedophiles Pursuing Pages

The Mark Foley pedophile scandal that broke last week has indeed got a few tongues wagging. And fingers, too, among other things.

The republicans have blown it big time and now that we have the lurid transcripts which some might argue we should never have been exposed to, it is time to do what the talented and amazing proprietress of the HuffPo, Arianna Huffington, would have us do: become FEARLESS against these out of control predators and take charge!

"On Becoming Fearless" shows us all how we can, through self examination of our own fears and weaknesses, develop the courage to overcome the daunting and often irrational fears in our heads that prevent us from getting what we want in our lives. There are so many things we can collectively do as a nation to affect positive change. In this specific instance of Mark Foley, we want him arrested by two gay 435 lb. Samoan Tongan parolees who decide to "adopt" him and then hijack him to an undisclosed location in the Ozarks where we never hear about him again.

"On Becoming Fearless" addresses the deep-seated fears which, when left unconquered, have the potential to wreak havoc not only on our own lives but the lives of those around us -- our neighbors, our communities and our country. We must all take responsibility and sense our civic duty to take the upper hand: we have just got to do better to help these people --these persistent national and international law breakers who are culturally, morally and spiritually as bankrupt as WorldCom floating down the River Styxx -- these REPUBLICANS and their faux democrat ilk who are incapable of behaviors suitable for holding government posts.

Come on! Ariannna didn't write this book fer nothin'! Let's mobilize and vote these bums out of office! And now that Foley is through, let's vote ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER out of office in November! Vote for Phil Angelides. Today, President Bush said in a news conference that "the Democrats are soft on war." Let's DE-FOLEYATE the Sacramento Capitol of gropers like Arnold.

We are not "soft" on war; we are only just beginning the long, hard won battle to victory which can be ours come November and 2008.

Monday, October 2, 2006

Schwarzenegger Woos the Black Preacher Vote

OK. It's time for a "Come to Jesus Meeting" in the state of California. As reported in yesterday's SF Chronicle by Carla Marinucci, Arnold is shaking down the State of California's black preachers to sing his praises -- or to buy their votes with that huge corporate campaign contribution War Chest?

Leave it to Arnold's Rovian handlers to 'whitewash' or paint a lousy picture over the democratic message to black preachers...why, even one Palo Alto preacher who lives right down the street from one of Arnold's biggest corporate donors, HP, has gone over to the dark side. Anyone smell HP money here?

But wouldn't Rosa Parks be spinning in her grave over this one? I am not surprised by yesterday's article. Will the October Surprise from the Angelides campaign be to unleash a big can of whoopass and mobilize the base? Aside from a few political consultants' posts on HuffPo, who is doing (writing, speaking, holding fundraisers, etc.) anything here to reel in the Silicon Valley Steve Westley faux democrat mob and the SF friends of Gavin Newsom and Willie "the Backstabber" Brown?

Well it's time for 2Truthy's grassroots efforts to kick in! If you will look beyond the outdated stereoptype -- But if every democrat in the state offers to take just ONE black preacher out to their neigborhood rib joint and have a COME TO JESUS MEETING with these disullioned preachers, then we will have salvaged a few votes AND saved a few souls!