Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Empire State Building Turns Red-Yellow for China's 60th Communist Anniversary

The Empire State Building


New York – Well, I guess it's all over now . . . Will King Kong be donning a Red Army cap as well? Jesus Christ . . .


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Obama's Plan to Bankrupt Middle Class: The Nitty Gritty

(Very special thanks to the fabulous Shirley Ellis)
Obama's Health Insurance/Tech Giveaway Bankrupts America's Middle Class
As Obama clings to his sushi, insurance and tech BFF's, his frenzied summons today We cannot wait on healthcare reveals a soulless determination to destroy this country's middle class as he panders to his welfare base at the bottom and at the corporate welfare top. The middle? Who needs 'em? Is his “health” plan to bankrupt America's educated middle class (h/t Matt Taibbi) with a health insurance/tech industry giveaway the bold “transparency” he promised? In Obamaspeak, if America's educated middle class won't “get over themselves”, then he'll just wipe 'em out for 'em. Get on down with that? It's time for middle class America – everyone, from tea partiers to deluded proggy bloggers to independents to get right down to the real nitty gritty about this Bush 2.0 soulless, Middle Class Destroyer In-Chief and the One Big Party of Money he rode in on. Before Sarah Palin does - who already got the middle class Third Party memo.
The Obama (Pretty Shitty) Nitty Gritty
Yeah, mmm, yeah
Do you know that some folks know about it, some don't
Some will learn to shout it, some won't
But sooner or later Barry, here's a ditty
Say your insurance plan is “health care” that LIE is pretty shitty

Now let's get right on down that it's pretty shitty
Now one, two PRETTY SHITTY
Now yeah, mmm, pretty shitty now
Ooooowee, your INSURANCE plan is really pretty shitty.

Ooooowee, your plan bankrupts the middle class, I keep repeatin'
Get right down that it's REAL pretty shitty
Say MIDDLE CLASS gets a double beatin'
Get on down, bankrupting the middle class is REAL pretty shitty.

Let's get, let's get right on down that it's REAL pretty shitty.
One, two pretty shitty

You are tight, you are tight
With Big Pharma, you'll get karma
Your zipper's down and that's REAL pretty shitty
Listen to me now
Oooowee, ooowee

Come on and see the middle class toll
While the insurance thugs plug your soul
Double beatin', keep repeatin'
Your insurance plan sucks big-time and it's REAL pretty shitty
Your zipper's down, get outta town
Talkin' about your plan is shitty
Get on down, GET OUTTA TOWN!

Sing out loud!
Baucus and his American job outsourcing gang of insurance/tech thugs have whipped up one helluva towel snapping formula for bankrupting the educated middle class with Obama's urgent “health care” reform plan. This “health care” plan will give away American middle class IT/EHR jobs to India and mandates unaffordable policy premiums to reward insurance thugs instead of paying directly to doctors and hospitals while it downgrades care delivery. Let's not forget about the tax czar's mandatory insurance fines...
Party on, plebes!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Top Ten Questions to Ask Sarah Palin Before Blowing $63,500 on Dinner

(Palin Fan Springs $63,500 for Dinner with Ex-Governor)

Top Ten Questions for Sarah Palin
Before Blowing $63.5 K on Dinner

Cathy Maples, a fan of Sarah Palin's recently paid $63,500 to dine with the ex-governor of Alaska. Here are 2Truthy's top ten questions:

  1. Will you be having the arugula moose or the hot dogs?

  2. How many moose will you be having?

  3. Have you returned your campaign wardrobe yet?

  4. If I order the baked Alaska, will you get me some meth from Levi's mom to work off the calories?

  5. What kind of car could I have bought for $63,500 dollars?

  6. Is $63,500 dollars enough for a down payment on Russia?

  7. After dining on $63,500 dollars worth of food, does the constitution guarantee the right to bear fat arms?

  8. Will Tina Fey and the SNL cast & crew be joining us along with the rest of the lower forty-eight?

  9. You think I'm the one who's gonna leave a tip???

  10. Could $63,500 buy you a nose job and full body lipo?


School Children Dear Leader Song: "Barack Hussein Obama"

(School children hail “Barack Hussein Obama”h/t Cannonfire)


Burlington, NJ – LWOH hails Joseph Cannon who has masterfully taken liberties with the lyrics to this popular children's song making the rounds (watch video) which uncovers how the blind allegiance of our nation's youth is exploited.

Shamelessly, we resurrect the content from Cannon's post Children hail Glorious Leader below for you to enjoy. ( As a teacher of music and theatre, yours truly understands the ease with which reverent youngsters readily embrace a tune – even one written by subversive teachers, whether or not they question authority...)

Make sure to turn up the volume and sing along, out loud!

From Cannonfire:

The right-wing sites are having a fine time with this video, taken at an elementary school in New Jersey on June 19. Go here if you need help deciphering the lyrics. I have to admit that this sequence is almost as hard to stomach as the scene in Jesus Camp where the kids worship a cardboard cut-out of Dubya.

I'd love to know the name of the idiot teacher who just handed Obama's enemies a perfect propaganda opportunity.”

Barack Hussein Obama
Folks on Wall Street tell him "Thanks!"
He gave our money to the banks
Mmm mmm mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
Lefties loved the things they heard
And now he acts like Bush the Third.
Mmm mmm mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
He lied on FISA, NAFTA too
You like his faces? He has two!
Mmm mmm mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
We thought he'd bring our soldiers back
So why are they still in Iraq?
Mmm mmm mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
He played the race card without shame
Then screwed us all on Wilson/Plame.
Mmm mmm mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
His health insurance giveaway
Mandates that we all must pay.
Mmm mmm mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
First he murdered single payer.
Now he's the public option slayer.
Mmm mmm mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
When we thought he couldn't shock us
He embraced the rites of Baucus.
Mmm mmm mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
thinks California should drop dead
Next election they'll go red.
Mmm mmm mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
Choose between a sell-out clutz
or those drooling right-wing nuts
Mmm mmm mmm!

Mmm mmm mmm!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Berlusconi's Eyes Shag First Lady at G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh

-Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Eyes Shag First Lady on G-20 Red Carpet, POTUS Ready to Deck Him -


Pittsburgh, PA – 'O Sole Mio! Did the fabulously wealthy and powerful playboy to the oligarchs, Silvio “Come to Padre” Berlusconi want to have sexy time with Michelle Obama?

Judging from the snapshot, Berlusconi didn't hold back on the G-20 carpet as his eyes did all of the 'splainin. The horribly brazen act left an incredulous Barry not only mad as hell but to wonder how long it will take for him to work that kind of mojo on somebody else's old lady. Or, was Obama sore and confused that the Italian lothario flirted with the POTUS last year by calling him “young, handsome and even suntanned”?

Berlusconi is the longest-serving Prime Minister of the Italian Republic (President of the Council of Ministers of Italy), a position he has held on three separate occasions: from 1994 to 1995, from 2001 to 2006 and currently since 2008.[1] (Wikipedia.)

Outside the gilded G-20 Summit gates, the peasants braved tear gas spraying militia as they tried very hard to revolt while the Economic Royalty ate cake and God only knows what else.

Party on, plebes!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

How Well-Educated, Hard-Working Americans are Treated in America

We should, if we have the time and the ability, make our way to Pittsburgh for the meeting of the G-20 this week rather than do what the power elite is hoping we will do—stay home. Complacency comes at a horrible price.”

-Chris Hedges

How Well-Educated, Hard-Working Americans are Treated in America

(Click here for Rennie Sawade's heartbreaking article at WashTech)

Pittsburgh, PA – As Globalization Goes Bankrupt, Chris Hedges explains how elite power brokers at the G-20 Summit this week are hoping that Americans will just stay home and not protest the for-profit, wholesale sell out of our jobs. “Our global economy, like our political system, has been hijacked by a tiny oligarchy, composed mostly of wealthy white men who serve corporations”, and Hedges says we are running out of time. America's hubris-diseased corporate “thought leaders” and their go-to politicians with their go-to donors wildly profit from the legalized hiring of H-1B visa and green card holders designed to discriminate against educated Americans under the Great Labor Shortage Lie. It is the American middle-upper middle class demographic that these smug, self-defined “best and brightest” are threatened by both for professional and financial reasons. After all, why in the world would a smug executive want to be one-upped in a meeting by some dreadfully smart peer who understands the nature of the work, how the option printing press/accounting works and the language? Why not labor arbitrage American white collar compensation down to third world levels here by just kicking these excessive and overeducated locals to the curb and import cheap, dubiously skilled labor from abroad, instead?

As WashTech's Rennie Sawade notes:

Many American IT workers are being forced out of their careers, while corporations continue to offshore jobs and hire non-immigrant guest workers on corporate Visas, such as the H-1B and L-1.”

Where is the liberal Left to protest? Two recent age discrimination suits against AT&T and Hillary Clinton highlight America's corporate and political anti-local educated worker cleansing program that has been sanctioned and enabled by some of the most high-profile and beloved Democratic politicians who, to the disappointment of many - have along the way pledged their support for such disastrous visa programs from the Clintons to Gore to Obama. How could this be? Isn't the Democratic party supposed to be the party that cherishes the welfare of our citizens? YES! Corporate welfare, that is, as one need look no further than the ream job this current Democratic POTUS is hustling for his insurance and tech lobby cronies and donors under the banner of “health care reform.” Obama's health insurance “reform” is nothing but an insurance and tech industry pay day for these medical leeches that forces a fine (tax) on this endangered species known as America's educated middle class.

Recall Obama's health care speech, when he truly revealed his contempt for this educated middle class demographic. He said that his plan targeted middle-upper middle class Americans who “game the system” - by not purchasing bogus, unaffordable insurance plans with exorbitant out of pocket expenses that cap and deny them coverage anyway – plans that are responsible for forcing this demographic who have even bought insurance into bankruptcy, anyway! Who exactly does Obama represent?

All hail the hubris! Let's hope Obama's crooked insurance plan “reform” that includes mandatory purchases and fines also includes mandatory treatment to reform the diseased hubris class that defines this bipartisan, one big party of hustlers and their media sycophants hopped up on sociopathic, mean and gre$n scams.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Clinton Global Initiative Meets Gay Swami Global Grift Initiative

(Click on graphic to enlarge)

-Clinton Global Initiative Meets Gay Swami Global Grift Initiative-


-Towel Snapping with a Tantric Twist-

Welcome back to the Gay Swami Times Vol. 1 Issue 9. (Ignore the seamy looking, dog-eared page upper right that we couldn't get fixed. Our latest attempt to outsource the graphics work to a delightfully cheap shop in Hoboken was shut down by the Feds last week.)

Click here for previous issues.

In our last issue Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus (click above link) we explored the naked, climactic truth behind the glorious man lust that greases the skids for U.S. politicians and corporate “thought leaders” to receive our potent elixir of love in the form of PAYOLA by plying our downward doggy trade while bamboozling the U.S. taxpayers. Sometimes it is even criminal - but we don't care, HAHAHAAHA! We don't care because the U.S. voters are so stupid they KEEP voting for our back-sidling friends who will bend over forwards and backwards over and over and over again as long as we keep robbing Peter of U.S. jobs and money to save Vishnu! HAHAHAHA!

In this exciting issue, our adventure takes us to the Clinton Global Initiative in NYC this week, where we probe the depths of man-lust for money as we penetrate the high-priced, promiscuous, full-frontal desires of the State Department leader, BFF Hillary, and others. We examine (AGAIN) how it is so easy to enter the chambers of politicians' nether regions with a checkbook and stolen identities, as ONLY in the nocturnal and wonderful U.S. can the most flexible of crooks get away with buying U.S. elected leaders and “businessmen” - they call it campaign contributions, HAHAHAHA -- as we steal money and jobs from their U.S. taxpaying voters all at the same time!

Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmm, we should have named this issue Can't Nobody Do Me Like Allah.

Today, we feature the Clinton's steamy “businessman” from Iran, Hassan Nemazee who performs “favors” with theft, forgery and lies ALSO for Obama AND the biggest climate VC in the love grotto AL GORE - plus the GOP, too! with the Persian bagman's ponzi scheme that involved swindling several major banks out of hundreds of millions of dollars, and then using some of the proceeds to fund political candidates and PACs. He even performed identity theft!

Praise the god of lust, Kama!

The Persian “big donor” Nazeem shows up to “donor events” but they are really "boner events" that typically involve man lust and a big, fat checkbook. Hassan “Tantric Tango” Nemazee goes waaaay, waaaay back to the Big Doggy (who appointed Nemazee as “U.S. Ambassador to Argentina” HAHAHAHA!)

Then, we bare witness to the delightful job practices against American professionals as our BFF, Hillary Clinton, is being sued for age discrimination by a very nice American lady, Elizabeth Colton, whose U.S. Embassy job in Algeria was canned because Hillary thinks she is too old! (Doesn't this nice lady know that Hillary “the Bride of Bangalore's Brothel” Clinton says getting rid of American workers' jobs by discriminating against them in favor of Indians is “friendly competition”?) HAHAHAHAHA! Everybody in America is too old or too stupid to have good jobs (or any) because WE are busy performing fellatio and other slick tricks on the State Department, the POTUS, and all of those dewy CZARS and corporate “leaders” in tight bicycle shorts like dreamy carbon company mogul Al Gore, whom we service with a SMILE and the stolen U.S. taxpayer checkbook!

ONLY in America can we turn such tantric, money and job stealing tricks with blowjobs and stolen checkbooks and identities on these heavenly amoral U.S. political “leaders” and “businessmen” with pleasing, nocturnal odors and emissions who ALLOW us to destroy the American professional middle class people and their economy!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the immortal words of His Black-Holiness:

So many U.S. groins to grift, as the darkness in me blows out the light in you...


Friday, September 18, 2009

The Mod Squad: Three Hip Democratic Senators on a Soul Beat

One Black. One White. One Blonde…

Stepping back to the election...fast forwarding today:

Would Hillary (if POTUS) deliver universal healthcare?

From original 2007 post:

I knew there was something familiar about seeing the three Democratic frontrunners together. Then it hit me. Now, if Hillary would only use the theme music from THE MOD SQUAD (watch video) instead of that saccharine Celine Dion crap...

Only instead of fighting crime, these three senators are fighting Republican high crimes and misdemeanors one crooked, square thug at a time.

“This Bush cat man, that’s one bad trip!” Howls the action trio who vow to send Bush & Cheney’s sorry ass reality show into syndicated reruns for good!

Groovy, man. I can’t wait!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mary Travers Has Died

Mary Travers of Peter, Paul & Mary Fame has Died

Danbury, CT – Mary Travers has died from chemotherapy complications after battling leukemia. She was 72.

The highly spirited, beautiful singer and political activist began her career in Greenwich Village, where her agent introduced her to Peter Yarrow and Paul Stookey, shortly afterwards forging their trio to become stars of the 60's folk revival movement. Scoring such hits as “If I had a Hammer” and “Lemon Tree”, it was their version of Bob Dylan's “Blowin' in the Wind” which they performed at the 1963 March on Washington that served as the nation's folk anthem for peace and justice.

On March 19, 1998, I had the great opportunity to meet Mary, Peter & Paul at a party after their historic concert in Santa Cruz I attended to benefit the United Farm Workers' effort to organize strawberry pickers in the region. I still have the tee-shirt she signed, and will never forget her passionate conversation with me about the cruel conditions that farm workers were subjected to, and how, in her words “I know we can stop this if we all speak out" for she had a no-nonsense, uncynical belief in the ultimate human power to do good. The spirit of her civic dedication to worker and human rights issues will live on in the music she made and the progress she so fiercely contributed to by using her soundboard to unite people in harmony, peace and love.

Mary Travers leaves behind her loving family a proud, strong legacy, and her shining star will live on for us in this nation's cultural hall of fame.

R.I.P., Mary Travers.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Amtrak Forced to Adopt TSA-like Shakedown of Passengers

(Happy Passengers on Train)

River Laurel, WV

Fear and Loathing on the Rails

Bipartisan control freaks in American government are so obsessed with fear and violence that they can't seem to stop laying on fascist laws, rules, regulations and taxes on its citizenry. Who are these pilfering people, this lot of neurotic busy-bodies who leech off of US taxpayers?

From the fascism-fused, really, really bad Baucus B.S. Health Insurance bill that forces every American to subsidize the corrupt medical industrial complex of for-profit insurance providers and tech companies to the woeful Cap 'n Trade bill, if the Senate gets its way, be prepared to suffer the same indignities you currently do at the airport and wait in long lines the next time you want to catch a train.

This time, it's all about “safety” (ehm) as gun rights advocates won a legislative battle in the Senate today that passed an amendment which threatens Amtrak from receiving $1.6 billion in federal funds if it “prohibits customers from transporting their weapons.”

So what is the bill really about? This sneaky bill is about stripping away privacy rights for citizens who use public transportation, and is hardly a victory for rank and file gun rights advocates who ride the trains and pack heat anyway at their own discretion. When was the last time you hopped aboard an Amtrak train and got your body and your luggage frisked and x-rayed? This bill is a veritable gift to the manufacturers of guns and to the burgeoning Police State of the USA. If this bill passes, it will force Amtrak to harass its riders the same way the TSA do at the airports.

If this bill passes, Amtrak will be forced to quickly implement the “necessary infrastructure for proper screening.” Will we still be able to keep our shoes on? What will this do to the cost of tickets? Will Amtrak pass along the TSA salary and screening equipment costs to the consumer/passenger?

Once upon a time in America, rail travel (sans occasional delays) offered an efficient, relaxing and delightful way to see the many beautiful parts of this country. Unlike emissions polluting car travel, riding the train means not having to endure overcrowded city highways. Rail travel (pre-TSA) has so much to offer, where one can enjoy the freedom of reading a book, hitting up the dining car to catch a meal and even strike up an intriguing conversation with a complete stranger.

What will this bill do to discourage would be travelers from avoiding yet another downgraded form of public transportation? Just great. If this bill passes, riding Amtrak will never be the same. (Imagine a car load of passengers sitting around looking at each other, guessing which one is packing a Luger...)

Like Working Families Czar Joe Biden, I love riding the train as do millions of other Americans – some who prefer it to airline travel, which has degenerated into one of the most loathsome forms of human transport that assures discomfort and indignity on its under-privileged passengers not privy to the soaring private jet industry.

Where is a Passengers Rights Czar when you need one?


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Real" Norma Rae Dies of Cancer after Insurer Delays Vital Treatment

Sally Field in the film "Norma Rae"

Burlington, NC – The North Carolina union organizer who was the inspiration for the movie "Norma Rae" died on Friday of brain cancer after a battle with her insurance company, which delayed her treatment. She was 68.

Crystal Lee Sutton, formerly Crystal Lee Jordan, was fired from her job folding towels at the J.P. Stevens textile plant in her hometown of Roanoke Rapids, N.C. for trying to organize a union in the early 1970s. Her last action at the plant -- writing the word "UNION" on a piece of cardboard and standing on her work table, leading her co-workers to turn off their machines in solidarity -- was memorialized in the 1979 film by actress Sally Field.

Several years ago, Sutton was diagnosed with meningioma, a type of cancer of the nervous system. While such cancers are typically slow-growing, Sutton's was not -- and she went two months without potentially life-saving medication because her insurance wouldn't cover it initially. Sutton told the Burlington (N.C.) Times-News last year that the insurer's behavior was an example of abuse of the working poor:

"How in the world can it take so long to find out [whether they would cover the medicine or not] when it could be a matter of life or death," she said. "It is almost like, in a way, committing murder."

So goes it for “death panels.” Single Payer Now.


Mel Toast on "Self-Loathing and Cowardly" Democrats

-A Mel Toast “Cowardly Democrats” Exclusive-

The longer the wars continue, the longer the members of our working class are transformed by corporate overlords into serfs, the more violence will dominate the landscape. The slide into chaos and a police state will become inevitable.”

-Chris Hedges

Had enough name calling and finger devouring yet? Chris Hedges lays it all out here.

Like clockwork, Democratic sheep predictably cry “racist” and “hater” accusations against anyone or group that would question the supreme corpofascist ruler while “teabaggers” take to the streets in protest against this war on America's middle class staged in Obama's pro-insurance lobby healthcare “debate” as he takes on the role of Insurance Industry Mob Boss to impose a $3,800 fine on Americans who fail to purchase health insurance.

As Paul Craig Roberts explains, Obama's “health care” bill is NOT about health care at all but about FOR PROFIT INSURANCE subsidies. It is about government control to increase the profits of insurance companies by making everyone without “insurance coverage” literally make his insurance executive cronies and patrons rich. The main feature of the so-called “health care” bill is the "individual mandate," which requires everyone in America to buy health insurance. Courtesy, Max Baucus, (D), a major recipient of insurance industry contributions.

But the Left's minions are duped not by MSM Fox media but by their own arrogance reinforced by a few self-promoting rogue blogs. These followers of the sacred 'D' are a serfy lot, surprisingly susceptible to the rube manipulators who bleat and actually donate their pittance crumb$ to John & Jane IQ challenged “fundraising for the cause” porcine sycophants with so-called “progressive” blogs that would sport a “paypal” button. These followers take the dumb and dumber cake for their groupthinky, self-flagellating roles in making themselves look even more beastly stupid than the “teabaggers” they project their self-loathing, guilt ridden hatred at.

As if the Left is not full of its own hillbilly, WalMart shoppers, its Sushi & Gucci inciters wish to brand ONLY the Right as the party of trailer trash...pathetic.

Enough, already.

I don't want to hear anymore “white guys suck” or “screw Jesus, I'm an elitist and we're all zombies now” savage tedium. It's a class war, baby.

In this post-manufacturing era, it is “we” who must demand health care (not “insurance coverage”) and that our white collar jobs stop being sold to Indian hustlers by US political crooks for profit. Hedges further explains that it is “we” - all of us -- who should unite the rage of the “right-wing”:

It is we who are guilty for failing to defy a Democratic Party that since 1994 has betrayed the working class by destroying our manufacturing base, slashing funds to assist the poor and cravenly doing the bidding of corporations. It is we who are guilty for refusing to mass on Washington and demand single-payer, not-for-profit health care for all Americans. It is we who are guilty for supporting Democrats while they funnel billions in taxpayer dollars to sustain speculative Wall Street interests. The rage of the confused and angry right-wing marchers, the ones fired up by trash-talking talk show hosts, the ones liberals belittle and maybe even laugh at, should be our rage. And if it is not our rage soon, if we continue to humiliate and debase ourselves by begging Obama to be Obama, we will see our open society dismantled not because of the shrewdness of the far right, but because of our moral cowardice.”


Melvin Toast

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ukrainians Fear Old, Rich and Gay Sir Elton John Can't Provide Good Home

(Sir Elton John and Adorable Ukrainian Orphan Seeking Loving Parents)

Ukraine – Sir Elton John has changed his mind on adoption after visiting a Ukrainian hospital for children infected with HIV.

Should uber wealthy musician of English royalty fame, Sir Elton John, be prohibited from adopting based upon his marital union sexuality? The report explains:

"Elton John married his partner David Furnish in 2005 in one of the UK's first legal civil unions, but the Ukraine is saying they don't recognize homosexual marriage. The country's Family, Youth and Sports Minister Yuriy Pavlenko told the Associated Press "...that adoptive parents must be married and Ukraine does not recognize homosexual unions as marriage."

What? He's not loving or rich enough to give this kid a great life?

Oh – he isn't heterosexual enough!

Even if he were heterosexual, the Ukrainian law also states that the age difference between the adopter and the child cannot be more than 45 years, an age gap he and his partner couldn't bridge. Despite the fact that sixty-something Sir Elton John is holding up well, David Furnish is is a spring chicken at the age of 47 (two years past the Ukrainian adoption age limit). But 47 is also an age where many heterosexuals begin having families via the turkey baster, adoption or other immaculate forms of conception. When it comes to gender adoption rights, such is progress.

One can never be too old, rich, kind, or too gay.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Simple Health-Care Solution: Medicare for Everyone

George S. McGovern

The Washington Post

For many years, a handful of American political leaders -- including the late senator Ted Kennedy and now President Obama -- have been trying to gain passage of comprehensive health care for all Americans. As far back as President Harry Truman they have urged Congress to act on this national need. In a presentation before a joint session of Congress last week, Obama offered his view of the best way forward. 


2Truthy's Happy Friday Dance: Turn Up the Volume

Groove Is In The Heart

Back! By popular request. Time to pump up the volume and jump on the furniture.

Happy Friday, Loserettes!


Charlie Sheen 9/11 Exclusive

(Special Thanks to Emilio Estevez in Repo Man)

9/11 Remembered: Two and a Half Theories (maybe three or four)

Breaking Charlie Sheen 9/11 Exclusive

NYC – Today, Pinchy Sulzberger remembers the horror of a bright blue morning on this mortifying and terrifying day eight years ago when Muslim hijackers rammed planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. As we remember the survivors and mourn the victims of this unprecedented attack on the nation's civilian population, many questions remain unanswered surrounding the events of that bright, blue morning, which have spawned theories ranging from sane to wacko.

Here are a few generalized categories from which to choose from:

  1. The tragic and deadly 9/11 massacre was a one of a kind aberration that nobody in our government and intelligence community knew was coming

  2. Ditto the above only some in our government and intelligence community knew it was coming

  3. Ditto the above only some in our government and intelligence community planned it with rogues of rogue nations

  4. #2 and #3 PLUS controlled demolition of the towers

Today, we also remember the Sheen dynasty, as Charlie Sheen weighs in at Infowars with Alex Jones who talks with the Two and Half Men leading man about his widely covered article "20 Minutes with the President" and his call for a new 9/11 investigation.

Click HERE to watch Charlie Sheen challenge mainstream media, Meghan McCain discrediting the brother of our beloved Otto 'Mobile' Maddox (Emilio Estevez) for patronizing prostitutes, and Bill O'Lielly calling Charile a “pinhead” and much, much more!

For a real page turner, don't miss Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars to really keep you guessing!

Just to get you started, here's a couple of reasonable questions: Why did Max Cleland resign from the 9/11 “Omission Commission” as dubbed by Dr. David Ray Griffin? Was it “set up” to fail? John Farmer, Senior Counsel to the Commission, writes in an upcoming book “at some level of the government, at some point in time…there was an agreement not to tell the truth about what happened.”

For the controlled demo theory conspirators (CD'ers), why did the Commission not mention the total destruction of the third skyscraper? And last, but not least, what do Obama's mentor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger the Bilderbergers know about 9/11 and their One World Order agenda coordinated to bleed America's middle class?

We may (likely) never know. But a 9/11 “cover-up” might be nothing more than business as usual from a screwed up, uncoordinated band of government and intelligence units looking to dodge a nasty PR bullet tht would expose their inefficiencies and other horribly sloppy and careless activities to “protect” the nation – activities spawned by the Bush/Cheney War on Terra that required the public's Islamophboia buy-in to pillage Iraq. No cold comfort for the families of 9/11 victims who we remember today but hey, when did our 'leaders' ever have our best interest at heart?

Well, good for Charlie to ask a few questions, given the fact that we still have some kind of free speech left around here to debate the wide range of 9/11 theories. And if Martin Sheen were still POTUS, would he level with the country and spill whatever beans exist to be spilled about the alleged 9/11 inside job?


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09/09/09: Obama's Healthcare Speech

-Public Option, OBO-

(Special thanks to the talented and healthcareless father, Lee Stranahan)

If the Lord wanted everybody to have health coverage, he would not have outsourced all their jobs.”

-President Obama, National “Truth Serum” Healthcare Speech-


Nein. nein, nein...No smart, cost effective/quality delivery healthcare for you, plebes! Obama is the Sales Guy in Chief responsible for selling YOUR health care and YOUR jobs out to the highest bidder.

In America, it's eBay, baby! ALL the time.

No safety nets for you, college educated, middle class plebes! The formula? Easy peasy. Jobs get outsourced (sold), you get sick, go broke, live under bridge. Kapiche? Comprende? Versteht?

Here are a few health care reform questions, anyway, for the VSP TV heads to ask the nation's leader tonight:

  1. Where DID all that insurance/tech/pharma campaign contribution cash that you, Ben Nelson, Max Baucus et.al got from the insurance lobby go? Are you building bunkers in Paraguay?Dubai? (Sorry for the long question.)

  2. Blanch Lincoln's top health care advisor from 2000 to 2007 now works as the TOP Democratic lobbyist for Blue Cross Blue Shield which occupied a 75% market share in her native Arkansas.

Why is that legal?

  1. Why don't you just call it the “private option” overhaul and be done with it?

  2. Why did you oppose gay marriage? (question submitted by “The Gay Swami”)

  3. Single Payer is the most cost effective/quality delivery option, so why deep six it?

  4. Why must there by over 1,00+ pages to hold sleazy, for-profit insurance companies accountable?

  5. Who is going to pay for health care for over 320M people when you keep outsourcing our jobs?

  6. If people don't have jobs, why are you hellbent on creating a U.S. corporate welfare queen state?

  7. Is Max Baucus gay? (question submitted by “The Gay Swami”)

  8. Why can't you (the better speaker) start kicking Sarah Parah's ass with this “death panel” hooey?

  9. Why pretend there would even be reform “compromise” with Grassley or any Republican?

  10. Do you have balls?

  11. If so, can we please see them? (another question submitted by “The Gay Swami”)

  12. Without Single Payer, anything less is a taxpayer funded subsidy for the insurance/tech lobbies. Why are you a fascist?

  13. Why do you support war profiteering and no bid orgasms in the illegal 8 year Afghan real estate grab and why all the man lust in corporate America & Congress? (AGAIN – question submitted by “The Gay Swami”)

  14. Whose best side do we shove a garden hose up for that $3,800 mandatory healthcare insurance fine that I'm not paying? (FINAL and last question submitted by "The Gay Swami")

Citizens' health in America, like imported, human labor to take our jobs and drive down wages, is for sale to the most sociopathic, corporate and politico bidder. Whose government is this, anyway? Hos, hacks, and horribly, hopelessly, horrendously insulated members of Congress are circling the wagons to deliver a windfall victo$y to the insurance and tech lobbies. Be proud, bipartisan plebes, who keep voting for these One Big Party of Money hustlers. None of this could get done without your undying allegiance and support. And a few media sycophants.

Nein! Nein! Nein! We don't need to subsidize your stinkin' medical insurance complex.

Single Payer Now.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Post-Labor Day: Obama School Speech

I expect great things from you.”

-President Barack Obama's School Speech

Happy Day After Slave-Labor Day

And how was your (Slave) Labor Day weekend?

Are your college educated, twenty and thirty something kids living at home because for some reason, our corporations refuse to hire them? For that matter, how's that college degree thing working out for you?

President Obama gave an eloquent, moving and thought-provoking speech to the nation's students today, where he urged them to take “personal responsibility.” But what exactly is the president doing to take responsibility for the wholesale sell out of their parents' and family members' jobs to imported third world workers? It is a far cry from responsibility, or hypocritical at the very least, that this nation's president – despite his compelling, JFKesque tone – would inadvertently insult the intelligence of millions of kids across this country who, with eyes wide open, are watching the demise of their families under an administration that promotes policies that sell out American workers. Does this president honestly believe that these kids are so stupid to not see through his unwillingness to reverse this assault on America's workers? How does this anti-American worker policy bode for American students, for their own futures?

Participation vs. exploitation. When JFK delivered his graceful and infamous “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” address, this one heartfelt, monumental speech did more to unite the American people during a time of civil rights healing and economic growth than years of legislation ever would. This was a time when our Congress was not furiously cutting back-room deals with foreign nations to sell out U.S. jobs. His was a speech that moved even the hardest of cynics, for at its core, it was written to unequivocally include each and every American through participation in the work of building this country into the great nation it once was. Those were the days when Americans studied and then went on to participate in our workforce to contribute to our society.

Today, America is not governed by unifying leaders with the integrity and commitment to community as JFK once had and did. His one of a kind speech rang true of inclusiveness and participation as he chose to address everyone, all citizens young and old, where Obama's speech smoothly registered the all too familiar elitist aura of exclusivity that he has come to be known for. That he gave a speech to students is great. Nothing wrong with that...but on the heels of Labor Day, the sins of this president's omission today are glaring in his failure to stop corporate America from giving U.S. jobs to imported third world workers while he hypocritically preaches the gospel of responsibility and supports policies that loot the middle class America. This is in itself irresponsible. Where JFK did not prevent educated Americans from participating in the workforce, this president chooses to support outsourcing jobs to foreign nationals.

Surely, intelligent kids around the country especially worry that we are not being led by a person who cares about their livelihoods and is working on policies to support the middle class. Many of them must be wondering, “how will I survive if President Obama continues to not stand up for us, for Americans?” Sure, he can give a good speech to students about responsibility.

Speeches, like hope, are for free.

Where JFK fought for our citizenry and was the American people's president, Obama is King of the third world.

Let's look at how that jobs thing is going, Mr. President.

For elite members of our Congress and corpo-fascist elites, life couldn't get any better as this War on America's Middle Class is on a roll! With the exception of corporate welfare queens and mealy mouthed, civil servants of the mandarin variety, white collar Americans can look forward to more “change we can use” as Anna Turner at the Economic Policy Institute provide the numbers to explain the assault against U.S. workers here:


• New jobs needed per month to keep up with population growth: 127,000
• Jobs lost in August 2009: 216,000
• Jobs needed to regain pre-recession unemployment levels: 9.4 million...

In addition, Harold Meyerson further charts the wholesale sell-out of our middle-class citizenry at WaPo :

The first nation in human history to create a middle-class majority looks increasingly to be losing it. The economic security that was common, though by no means universal, in this country when the institutions created by the New Deal were strong, often provided by unionized corporations that felt compelled to offer insurance and pensions to their workers, is as dead as the dodo.”

While President Obama addressed the nation's pre-k through 12 students today about “personal responsibility”, labor – or the lack thereof – was on everybody's minds this weekend in record, unprecedented proportions. As American citizens across the country 'celebrated' their betrayal by our government's leaders who continue to sell out white collar jobs to imported workers -from tech to journalism to nursing to banking – if a mirror can be fogged, a cheap, dubiously “skilled” body can be imported by our nation's corporate “thought leaders” to kick your friends and families out of their jobs.

A series of pivotal changes we can't use have forced many to abandon all hope in the leadership of this country.

As this POTUS exhibits hypocrisy by caving to political whims over the resignation of Van Jones, works with the medical industrial complex to force millions of Americans without health care access to subsidize sleazy, private insurance and tech companies instead of enacting Single Payer OR ELSE BE FINED, continues to sell out American white collar jobs via outsourcing/insourcing, and addresses the nation's pre-K-12 students over the importance of “personal responsibility”, one can only ask where the personal responsibility lies in this Democratic administration with a Democratic majority whose reps continue to do everything contrary to the urgent needs of U.S. citizenry.

In order to rebuild the economy and security of this country, at least four converging points of domestic interest must be tackled which include:

  1. Universal health care for all (Single Payer)...Matt Taibbi thinks we will need a revolution

Obama wasn't the only big Democrat to mysteriously abandon his position on single-payer. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Henry Waxman, the influential chair of the House commerce committee, have both backed away from their longtime support of single-payer. Hell, even Max-freaking-Baucus once conceded the logic of single-payer...”

-Matt Taibbi

  1. Halting the bleeding of good paying U.S. jobs to imported third world workers and putting Americans back to work

  2. Public school funding and support for U.S. students and institutions

  3. Halting billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars funneled to Pakistan

At a moment when the U.S. government is scrambling to ratchet down tensions and preparing to invest billions of dollars to strengthen Pakistan's capacity to deliver for its people -- climate change could work so powerfully in the opposite direction.”

-John Kerry

It's time we started cleaning up our own backyard by putting the welfare of our citizenry first. It's time for “progressive movement” and right wing ideologues to unite against the corpo-fascists who are waging this war on America's white collar middle class.

If the so-called “progressive movement” continues to lay back like lazy weasels as this administration continues to steal our jobs without protest, let us at least have access to universal health care and not some flim-flam, mandated insurance company “coverage” that we will be forced to buy (haha, without jobs) under this neo-fascist administration.

As Bill Moyers so wondrously scolded Obama about how “we need a fighter” below:

This health care thing is make or break for your leadership, but for us, it's life and death. No more Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. President.

This means universal health care and not another corporate giveaway under the guise of “health care” that is in effect a multi-billion dollar U.S. taxpayer giveaway to insurance and tech cronies to develop unnecessary and wasteful electronic health records or “EHR” technology that does nothing to provide more doctors, nurses and health care professionals to help the sick and injured.

Today, Obama told the nation's students “I expect great things from you.” Well, I expect great things from my president as I did from JFK but so far, I'm looking at a guy shooting blanks. While I applaud Obama's otherwise worthy speech today, it unfortunately rings hollow under the reality that he does not represent the welfare and interests of the students and their parents, but instead those of corporate America.

It's too bad Obama can't seem to find the courage to fight for middle class Americans as did JFK, because it is ultimately the deeds, and not the words that matter. Unlike Obama, JFK was a very wealthy man - which might have explained why back-room deals to sell out American jobs to people from India didn't interest him. Obama and his cronies, however, would certainly have much to personally gain from such insider, human labor trading. And it is this that must stop if we expect to see civility and prosperity restored in our communities again.

It is ironic that the first black president in history will go down in the books as the man who presided over the death of our middle class through human trafficking in the form of this H-1B visa and green card visa scam. The first black president who firmly chose to defend it and not to stop it.