Thursday, December 6, 2007

George W. Bush: First MBA President and Why (most) MBA’s Suck

George W. Bush: First MBA President and Why (most) MBA’s Suck

Here’s a little Country song I wrote today. Imagine the late, great Waylon Jennings sing:

George Bush he’s dumb and mean
George Bush there just ain’t been
A president when shove comes to push
That’s half as dumb as ol’ George Bush.

Just keep singing it over and over…

"Only the educated are free." -- Epictetus - (ca 55-135 A.D.)
“Only the educated in America are headed for annihilation –2Truthy- (ca 2007 and forever)

Not all MBA’s suck. Just most of them. Why, some of my best friends are MBA’s…

Fundamentally, most MBA’s are a bunch of freeloading pimps. They are jerks who seek out the company of other jerks in mutual admiration societies where they are most comfortable in their global hangout otherwise known as the seventh circle of hell. Most MBA’s don’t deliver any useful products or services themselves, so in order to get rich they have to find somebody else to “do the job that they can’t do.”

This week, “manipulating the facts (a term some of our mothers called “lying”) soared to new heights when the National Intelligence Estimate concluded that Iran poses no nuclear threat to the United States, despite the fact that Dubya has been tellin’ us otherwise. Never mind the fact that the two-term duo MBA Dubya and former CEO of Halliburton, Dick Cheney, are trying to make the world “safer” for oil executives and have been running the country. But hey, who needs credibility when you’re the official Dictator of the Free World whose citizens actually believe that this is the supreme land of the American Dream?

Whose American Dream is it? Management versus Labor has been an enduring economic theme in this country for as long as there’s been this country. But when it comes to lying to this country about Saddam having weapons of mass destruction and Iran being a nuclear threat and outing Valerie Plame, this administration – true to form ---has lied and cheated the American public beyond disgrace. The only thing worse than a lying and cheating Republican administration is a Democratic loathsome pack of presidential frontrunners, who, during this week’s NPR Iowa debate, have taken the official low road “Google Oath” of selling out America’s white collar jobs. It is known that Hillary and Barack are Indian lobby whores (pledging to raise the H-1b cap for “infinite” immigrants to take our white collar jobs) but to the disappointment of many, John Edwards sided with them when asked about the GREAT LABOR SHORTAGE AND EDUCATION MYTH during the NPR debate (see transcript above.)

The problem these days is when you to listen to both political parties, you would think that they all believe it’s every American’s birthright to have been promoted into management by now. Although not everyone can be a “manager”, it is possible for the educated and talented among us to work in capacities where human rights and civility in the workplace are not merely courtesies but mandatory conditions in fields like computer science and engineering where it has been proven there is a shortage AND NOT A SURPLUS of jobs. For this reason, there is no excuse for greedy executives here to lobby for MORE cheap labor from India when there aren’t enough jobs to go around for our own citizens.

It’s precisely that smug, asinine, I GOT MINE attitude that screams “if you don’t have an eight figure portfolio by the time you’re fifty, you’re a fucking retard.”

That slogan is evinced by certain self-absorbed “progressive” blogs that are using the Democratic candidates as tools for their hungry asses to get street cred at the MSM trough while they attack and wipe out their very Democratic base. Stupid is as stupid does…As long as you can get a photo op with the Big Dog, who the fuck cares who gets elected? That’s the elitist golden mantra. Where is the civility and respect for intelligence and art and science and, in particular, originality among the people of this country that has outsourced the health and wealth and integrity that those of us with decent ancestors worked so hard to create?

Back to MBA’s. In general, since most MBA’s are typically unoriginal and lack expertise in anything other a thoroughly tainted view of economics, their only path to success is to intimidate the competition. From the beltway to the boardroom, victory through intimidation as opposed to the smartest people in the room is what sells in this country. Go to other culture-rich cities abroad like Dublin, Tehran or Istanbul or Berlin and you will find that the people there are genuinely interesting and unique and humane. But here, the Ugly American and their corporate welfare enablers are unique in their ability to worship the biggest asshole in the room and this can be seen in our journalism and a couple of so-called progressive blogs that are in fact obnoxious and indistinguishable from the same MSM rags they purport to rail against. Do these inarticulate bloggers actually think they are the next Barbara Waters or Katie Couric or Diane Sawyer? What’s the fucking deal here?

Presidents are hired and not voted into office. The problem with hiring MBA’s like Bush and Cheney for president is that they think the way you win is by being the biggest jerk and asshole in the room and by vanishing your competition….kind of like the way they handled the Valerie Plame outing. For them, the mere words “compromise” and “negotiate” and “compassion” mean stand in front of a moving train going 90 mph…

Think of it this way: J.R. Ewing would have made a lousy president and he was smart.

See, if I was looking for someone to run an automobile dealership in Ft. Worth, then Bush might be the kind of guy I could count on not to let the customers screw him out of my money.

But if I were looking to vote for a presidential candidate who was committed to the welfare of America’s educated, white collar middle class, then I would, like the rest of the thinking public have to take a pass on any one of these pre-ordained, One Big Money Party keepers of the corporate welfare castle gate and either not vote at all or vote for an Independent candidate in 2008.

Who that would be is anyone’s guess. Either that, or maybe a vote for a Republican would be the best and final solution, after all?



Citizen Carrie said...

"The problem these days is when you to listen to both political parties, you would think that they all believe it’s every American’s birthright to have been promoted into management by now."


"It’s precisely that smug, asinine, I GOT MINE attitude that screams 'if you don’t have an eight figure portfolio by the time you’re fifty, you’re a fucking retard.' "

You're in good form 2Truthy! So true!

Check out this Bristol-Myers Squibb case study, and let me know how Americans are supposed to benefit from this model. (Besides the three new "Global Management" positions created.)

2Truthy said...

Hey CC,

Would you mind emailing the Bristol-Myers Squibb link? (I tried it and also did a search but couldn't come up with it.)

At the heart of all things political and social during this era is the erosion of civility in our society as our culture degenerates under the weight of global elites who set out to destroy it for personal profit.
This one big party of money, the Repub and Dem machine -- is gettin' old.

It is this branded behavior of global elitism cultists that dictates:

"You will be an absolute asshole to others around you so that you can preach the global gospel of *helping* those from other third world countries via exploiting them at the expense of your neighbors. Hell with anything so trite as *goodwill* or *consideration* of your peers who get in the way of the 'Master Plan'....bwahahahahahah.
Or something to that effect:)

Citizen Carrie said...

The Bristol-Myers article is from the Global Technology Forum archive at A quick look at the home page shows me this article's impossible to find without a direct link. I'll e-mail the link to you, 2Truthy. Also, you can Google "Randy Myers Offshoring Benefits Too Good To Pass Up." The article is dated May 1, 2007, and it's reprinted from Randy's "Going Away" article at CFO Magazine.

2Truthy said...

Thnx for this article link, CC! Looks very interesting and will get around to it....