Thursday, September 2, 2010

Harvey Keitel Eyed to Clean Up the "Office"

(Victor the Cleaner in Point of No Return)

Office” Producer Wants Harvey Keitel for New Boss to Replace Steve Carell

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Los Angeles – Producer Paul Lieberstein of the Office “insists he's serious” about having Harvey Keitel (a.k.a. "Victor the Cleaner” in Point of No Return) replace Steve Carell as the boss. We have no doubts that Harvey is THE MAN to get the job done cleaning up around the “Office”.

Should this excellent casting pick get the green light, you won't want to miss an episode. For readers who missed PONR, below is a precise review of Keitel in his finest role:

"A cameo by Harvey Keitel -- as a murderous trouble-shooter called Victor who cleans up botched murders and other sticky problems -- is almost worth the price of admission. In fact, he should star in a spinoff movie called "Victor the Cleaner." It would be exactly the kind of cult hit Warner Bros. is trying to crib. Perhaps they'd better wait for it to come out in France first. But until that time, give yourself a treat and rent the video of "La Femme Nikita."


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Zibo said...

Makes sense for Keitel to run the Office.Hard act to follow, with Carell leaving. Gotta bring in the high-priced problem solver.